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New Genesis: Sunbeams - Ognyan Nikolov, Tenor


"New Genesis" is one of the most mystical musical works of the Master Beinsa Douno, created at the end of his earthly life. It is a cycle of seven solo songs, which portray the magnificent scenes of the seven days of Creation. Each of the seven songs has a corresponding Divine Day. In this way, Beinsa Douno presents through music and speech the spiritual mystery of the creation of the New Adam. This is the man of the New Age, created "in image of God" who will live according to the Laws of the Divine World.

The melody of each song begins and develops around each tone of the seven musical tones: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, occupying the musical space in the spiritual aspect. The number seven is sacred and reflects the divine realization of different levels. The original tune of Beinsa Douno is designed to be performed polyphonically - by choir and orchestra by the composer Peter Ganev. The orchestration enriches this work and develops its spiritual potential, presenting it in a form suitable for a stage performance. Musical images deeply move with their brightness, simplicity and spiritual force. They remind people of their Divine origin and show them the way of their future development.

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