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1916_10_01 You Know


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Note 5

You Know


„And he said to me: you, son of mankind, can these bones come back to life? And I said: God Jehovah, you know.” Ezekiel 37: 3


„Can these bones come back to life?” You may ask yourselves what secret is hidden in this sentence. You will say: „We know those bones, we have boiled them many times, we have seen them many times at the cemetery – it is a bone.” But the bones that I will tell you about you have never seen. What you think you see in the world, is as real as the state when someone is dreaming that he is rich for example and when he wakes up, there is nothing left from his wealth. God asked the prophet: „Can these bones come back to life?” the bones in this sense represent an obscene life, a life in a potential state; in the religious sense the dead bones mean life without motion. You will ask if life without motion is possible; in the metaphysical sense this means non-conscious life. Each bone lives a separate life and if someone moves it or sets it in motion, it will say: „Thanks God, that there is someone to move me.” The bones represent the Israeli people, disunited by the bad life and since there is no unity between the separate individuals, they are dead. The bones represent the man after his death. They are the only thing that is left unchanged; according to the occultists a new Life is hidden inside the bones and when the man returns to Earth, he will take what is hidden inside the bones – that is why we keep the bones of our friends and relatives. Some people say: „For me it doesn’t matter what will happen after my death”, but outside his bones man is nothing.


Now the man has to learn to think philosophically, to look at everything as something inevitable, necessary, and not just a mere chance. For example from geometry we know that the shortest distance between two points is the straight line, which is a movement in one direction; it is a sum of many points, i.e. of many movements that form it. Therefore our thought can move only along one straight line. If we imagine that we live in one point and our thought moves only in a straight line, then we would not have any notion of the world – the man would say that beyond the straight line nothing exists; therefore there are creatures on Earth that have the imagination for one thing only. But when the point moves, it forms a straight line, which is alive and if one day it decides to change its direction along its perpendicular, it will form a plane; the plane is formed of millions of straight lines. So, there are other creatures that understand that the world moves not only in one direction – along the length, but it also moves along its width; the snail for example, has the notion that only two dimensions exist. Of course, the plane is alive, too, because everything in Nature is alive; and if it moves it will find another dimension – height and in that way a cube will be formed. You are three-dimensional creatures and the philosophers think that beyond the three dimensions nothing exists. However there are creatures that move in even higher dimensions. If the cube moves into another, fourth direction, then the whole world will move and a tessaract will be formed; this fourth perpendicular moves in a direction that we cannot imagine.


So, before the man is able to understand things, he is like a dead bone, i.e. he is a one-dimension creature; God asks: „Can these creatures change and form creatures of two or three dimensions?” And God said: „Prophesy! – only when the man starts talking, does he begins to understand things. The first man was without bones, but the present creature has bones. Every man is one bone, the word bone means something that is essential and unchangeable in man, that can be put in action, to be organized. Moses said that initially God had made the man from soil – then the man was able to move only in one line; when the man was made of bones, he was given the ability to move in three dimensions, but then he was still dead; just after God breathed in his nose, then the man started to think – therefore today we breathe through the nose and only then we can think. For example a thought comes in the head of a woman that her husband does not love her, which means that she moves along a straight line; in this case she has to stop and form a plane in her thoughts – only then she will get along with her husband. Otherwise both the man and the woman will move along a straight line and they will not meet. When Moses wanted to see God, he told him: „My face you cannot see, but you will see only one piece of My clothing, otherwise you will burn out”; philosophically this means: since the man lives in the world, he cannot understand things; therefore he sees only one part of it.


So, to change their state, the bones must be destroyed. These bones were dead, but only God knows if they can acquire higher life. When someone starts to talk to them, they begin to fuse together, muscles and nerves are formed, but still they cannot think; in order to start thinking a Spirit of the four winds, of the four sides, must come, i.e. there must be a fourth dimension. Until man lives in three dimensions, he cannot understand the meaning of a spiritual life; the contemporary people think that the world ends with death – this is what the frog, the snail and the man think, too. If I go to the vineyard to dig, if I work a day or two and I do the work, this does not mean that the world will end. The world comes to an end means that Life comes to an end; these are the thoughts of a snail, of a dead bone – this is the contemporary philosophy. When these bones start moving, they say: „Our job is done”, i.e. our role in the field like bones is finished; but after that they deliberately start moving.


The contemporary people can compare themselves to the character in the following joke: a Bulgarian, named Stoyan, started out to a town to sell a donkey; the town was far and he stopped to have a rest; he tied the halter of the donkey to his wrist and fell asleep. Some naughty kids saw that he was asleep and untied the halter from the donkey’s head and took the animal. When he woke up with the halter in his hand and saw that the donkey was missing, the Bulgarian said to himself: „If I am Stoyan, I have lost the donkey; if I am not Stoyan, I have won the halter.” Life is the donkey, but if I am not, it is just a halter. The halter means that a man lives with a thought, inside which there is no existence.


God says: „These bones will come back to life.” When the Prophet speaks, this is the Spirit of Christ. Sometimes you might fall in such a state of stiffness, as when a man thinks, feels, but cannot give a sign that he is alive; the mind can exist outside the world, but to move means to live. When a man wakes up in the morning, he moves and starts living, but when a man talks discursively and absent-mindedly, he is a dead bone. This is a small analogy: our thoughts can be discursive like these bones, we can cry and say: „What is the sense of life?” – The man is in a position of the prophet, whose thoughts are like dead bones. And God says: „You son of mankind, can your thoughts live in the field?” – Then the man starts thinking about the sense of Life and answers: „You know, God!” When the man thinks that God knows, then He says: „Speak!” When God sent Moses to the Pharaoh, he did not want to talk, because he stammered; then God got angry and ordered his brother Aaron to come; and to make Moses talk, Aaron gave up his place to Moses. Everyone is Moses and Aaron, i.e. a soul and a Spirit – in that way man will save himself. Sometimes the soul gets discouraged; for example a young maid gets disappointed with a man, she falls into despair, throws away everything, becomes gloomy and says: „That is the end of my life”. Every one of us is a deceived maid or lad – this is the original sin. When the devil came, the people became infatuated with him and then the man stayed neither with the devil, nor with God. God asked the prophet: „Can these dead thoughts, desires and actions come back to life?” – The prophet answered: „You know, God.” And after the Spirit came, the bones turned into a great army.


Now, to make it possible to determine the things, they must possess certain features. The contemporary physicians say that electricity has two flows – though air and through earth: when there is a movement above, there must be a movement below. Hence, God’s thought cannot work in a man who has no bones. And since this is power is a Life in a hidden state, this movement must come from outside the bones. The human thought does not belong to the three-dimensional things; the feelings belong to the fourth dimension, the thoughts belong to the fifth dimension, and the mind – to the sixth dimension. One day when we will be among the Angels, they will teach us about these dimensions. We live in three worlds, and according to the cabalists there are ten worlds in total – the man lives in the third world, and God – in the tenth world; this is a great philosophical thought. After we have lived millions of years, we have come only to the third world, and still many years are necessary for us to come to the tenth world.


The charm of the world is that it is unlimited and there will never come a day when the man can say that he knows everything. From this point of view there is consciousness in everything; for example in a stone there is consciousness of a stone; a flower, a snail, an Angel – everything lives with its consciousness. The man understands this, but let’s try to communicate with a tree, for example; for us it is just a tree, but it has its own life – it stays still, does not talk, but it knows everything because it has learnt it when it was up in Heaven. That is why the trees point upwards – when a man goes up there, he will learn everything. The contemporary scientists investigate an apple, what chemical elements it is composed of, but there is something in it, which they cannot find out. Life does not consist only of these elements, but there is something else that has to be learnt. For example in the past people thought that electricity could be transferred only through wires, and today we know that this is possible without them.


There are two worlds – a physical and a Spiritual one; the man is in the Spiritual world, as he is in the physical life. People move from above downward. Today it is considered that culture goes from below upward, but I contest this and I say that the apple is nourished from the Sun, rather than from the saps; for example in the course of several years a tree grows in weight by twenty kilograms and all it has taken is from above, not from the Earth. We take everything from above, i.e. from inside – from a world much wider than the external one. We can compare it to a cone with the point down – the point is the external, and the base is the internal world; if the man is placed on the top, he would say that the internal world is smaller, but in fact it is not like that.


Those who have decided to study the religious matters philosophically must be very calm. At the time of one of the Turkish sultans there were a lot of sluggards; one day the sultan decided to see who is the laziest sluggard of all and ordered the building they were in to be set on fire. Frightened by the fire, all sluggards started running, but only two of them remained inside. When one of them saw the fire becoming bigger, he turned to his friend and asked him what to do; the other one answered: „How aren’t you lazy to talk?”


When it is destined for a man to die, he will die wherever he is. For example a rich Frenchman wanted to free his son from the front and by means of much money he managed to place him at the rear, but there too, although protected from the bullets, his son was killed by a shell that fell nearby. Very often people are afraid of epidemic outbreaks. The man must not be afraid of anything, because he may die of fear. For example, the plague started one day for Baghdad; a man met it and asked where it was going. – „I am going to Baghdad to take a thousand people.” The Plague arrived in Baghdad and twenty thousand people died. When it was on its way back, the same person met it again and asked it how many people it had taken. – „Twenty thousand” – replied the plague. – „And why did you tell me that you would take only a thousand?” – „The other nineteen thousand died of fear.”


The man must be careful in his life. A traveller was buying a train ticket to the town of Gorna Oriahovitsa, but he was short of thirty silver coins; he asked a lawyer to help him, but the lawyer refused and saw that the man had no choice but to walk. One day the same lawyer was in London and when he was on his way back he noticed that he was short of thirty silver coins and he could not buy a ticket - he was repaid in the same way. This is to show that whatever you do, it will come back to you. In this case the man is a dry bone and you have to open your purse widely and help everyone who needs help. And today, as many people are killed, some lay up wealth; God holds us responsible for that and says the money must enliven. Money means everything we can use to help – it is knowledge, it is a feeling, it is a desire. Our thoughts and feelings must enliven us, therefore God says: „Talk to yourself, talk to your dead thoughts, desires and actions!” – In that way gradually you can notice some kind of a movement, some kind of life. Is there a mother, carrying her child and not suffering? She suffers, but a new life is formed in her. When the Spirit comes, then the man will understand why he is here, on Earth, and he will see how good it is to live, to suffer and to die, to come out of this world and to live in another, where the people will live on good terms. We, the present-day people, are of first, second and third dimension, because in us we do not have eternal Love, it is only temporary. The Love in us must enliven our soul, must strengthen our heart and Soul. So says Christ: „If I am with God, I will feel well in hell, but if I am without Him in Heaven, then why do I need to be in Heaven?”


Let God be with us; and He is in us and with us. When God says: „Talk!”, we have to talk. We want to set the world straight, as we set ourselves straight, but only the Reasonable Life can straighten man. Every thought, even if it is a good one, is a bad thought if it cannot be used in a reasonable way, and vice versa. In the contemporary science there are many examples like that: for instance the carbon dioxide, which suffocates people, is pleasant and necessary for the plants – it gives them carbon for food, and oxygen is released. So, if one thing is harmful for us, for other things it is useful. Give your sins to the plants, and take the purity from them. Therefore the man should not complain. So says the Scripture: „Give your sins to God”; when God takes our sins, He asks: „Can these bones come back to life?”


So, everyone must say to himself: „God Jehovah says that all our thoughts and desires, all our purses must be open for our fellow-men.”(retranslated fragment!)


1st October 1916, Sofia



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