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1919_01_12 The Great Conditions of Life


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The Great Conditions of Life

“As the Father knows me and I also know the Father and I lay my soul for the sheep.” (John 10:15)

„As the Father knows me and I know the Father“ – one of the important verses in form, content and meaning. This verse should be placed away from the ordinary human consciousness in order to be understood. Only he can understand the inner meaning of the verse, who knows the language of the sun, the light and the warmth, the air and the water, the dew drop and the wind. The language of the sun is rich, beautiful and meaningful. Whoever knows this language can penetrate the inner meaning of life.


Father and son are common words, known not only to humans but also to animals. And the mammal knows his father; And the father knows his son and daughter. Observe the animals and you will become convinced of that. If the horse sees his daughter in a herd of horses, he pushes her out. Indeed, animals do not have the understanding and culture of modern humans, but they also have an inner sense of the Divine Order and obey it. Passing birds know exactly the time of their passage.The spider for example carries the art of spinning. He puts out such a thin and durable thread that the most modern spinners cannot achieve. It will be argued that man is created in the image and likeness of God. 


This vesre is related to the first man and not the one who has sinned. The man after the fall is said to be in a slavish image. And Christ humbled when he saw himself in this image. It follows that until a man humbles and knows his Father, he cannot think he is bearing the image of God. Why do people suffer? – In order to humble.  Why do animals suffer?- For the same reason. When the bull directs his horns towards his master, the latter onе goads him several times and humbles him.  Similarly, God directs his goad to the man who wants to punch, kick and bite. Whoever punches and kicks a lot passes as a big philosopher and critic, with particular views about life, who however often comes across the goad.

What is the cause for the suffering of the people of today?– The illusions which they live with. Everyone thinks what is not, everyone imagines things as they are not. The mother imagines she is an ideal mother and if she is not recognised as such, she suffers. The Father, sister, brother also think they are better than they actually are and when they are not recognised as such , they suffer. Which are the qualities of the mother and father? Which woman do we call a mother? Which man is a father? The woman is a mather while the man a father not only in shape. The concepts of ‚mother’ and ‚father’ are comprised of great content and meaning in themselves. The mother says the child has come out of her, i.e she has given birth to him and hence she is a mother. What would you then say for the pipe from which the water runs out? Therefore, not everything that comes from or follows from man is born by him.

Modern people have lost the inner meaning of language which is why they have confused the concepts about life. However, Christ says: „As the Father knows me and I know the Father“; and I lay my soul for the sheep.“ It is said in the Scripture: Father loves his Son.“ This means- God has put his life in Christ  and self-sacrificed through Him. Christ is a reflection of God, and therefore, God knows Him. God is love which manifests through the Son. The Father knows the love that he has embedded in his son. This is why Christ says: “As the Father knows me, I also know Him.“ It is impossible for the son to not know the love that his father has invested in him.


It is said in the Scripture: „God has loved the truth in man“. Whoever realises this, he is a beaerer of the truth, he never fails, never lies. The one who loves the truth lives in light. The one who denies the truth lives in shadow, darkness. This is the reason for the mistakes, which we constantly come across. It is impossible for a man to search for things in the darkness and find them.  It is impossible to move in the darkness and not to make mistakes. Everything is in its place in the Divine world. In the human world things are mixed up. This is the reason for which people have lost the meaning of their lives. Whoever wants to make sense of their life, needs to put  his thoughts and feelings in their designated places. Put your thoughts and feelings in a strictly defined mathematical  ratio and your life will be meaningful. Search for the meaning of all phenomena in nature and life in order to make sense of your life. Each phenomena has two sides: a positive or good side and a negative or bad one. The wind for example brings dust but simultaneously it purifies the air and revives the human thought. The wind moves the clouds at places and brings rain, while at other- draught. Water and wind cultivate the soil, but they can not age the sowed seeds themselves. 


The light and warmth should come in their aid in order that the life sowed in the earth gets ressurected or revived. Light brings striving while the warmth – movement, the light defines the direction and aim ,while the warmth gives power for the realisation of the aim; light directs life upward where it descends from while the heat impulses and expands it. The Word, i.e. the seed in life is Christ, because he says ’I know the One who gives me life and shows me the path. I see the light that shows me the goal, I feel the warmth that expands and moves me to the aim of my life. As I know the light, warmth and life, i also know my Father’. Christ also says: ‚I also lay my soul for the sheep“.

So, whatever  the attitude of the Christ soul to the human beings is, such is the  the attitude of the air, water, light and warmth to the plants. Christ has to water the soil of our life, to fill it with light and warmth in order for the Divine to be revived. Just as Love ressurrected Christ, it will also resurrect the human soul.This is why, knowledge of the Father and Son is necessary. Knowing means understanding and applying the great law of love, which saves and resurrects. Salvation will neither come from the water nor from the air or earth.  Salvation comes from the Sun of Life, who is bearer of the light and warmth. Water symbolises hope, while air- the faith. If you have water in yourself, you  will also have faith. Hope and faith exist in the world but people have not accepted and applied them. Faith develops the mind, while hope - the heart. Rejoyce in that water flows while air moves and forms winds for they urge people to think and feel. Why do tests and suffering come? – In order to increase the faith, hope and love of people.


Whatever the relationship between water, air and light is, such is the relationship  between faith, hope and love. Whoever wants to strengthen their faith, hope and love has to consciously work on themselves. Which fighter has acquired strength withought doing excercises and developing his mussels? The hero is a strong person but he has worked on his mussels for years. The philospher is characterised with strong mind and deep thought because he  constantly works with his brain. The virtuous man has a good heart because he is constantly excercising it. Water also gets purfied after it passes through a series of processes: precipitation, percolation and evaporation. Nothing is  achieved suddenly and completely. To many, efforts are seen as meaningless and stupid but it must be known that the wise and clever things lie in the seemingly stupid, while  the stupid - in the seemingly wise and smart ones.


When a man thinks he is very smart, he stops working and looses everything he has acquired. When the rich man thinks only about his fortune and relies on it, he gradually becomes impoverished. Such people go in and come out of their home without working and in the end do not acquire anything. They resemble the drones that buzz , come in and out of the hive without bringing a drop of honey. Today, in the Divine Hive, there are a lot of drones, which the bees themselves kill and throw out. Those drones that survive, go around the hive and buzz, they expect better conditions in order to go inside and eat from the ready made honey.

Christ says: „As the Father knows me , so do I also know the Father and I lay my soul for the sheep.“

Let everyone says: ‚As the Father knows me so do I also know Him“. The one that knows his Father, takes the plough and hoe and goes to plough and dig. As the child moves in order to find her mother and suckle, so does the man have to lift up and put the hoe in the earth- his suckling mother who feeds him. When the child grows teeth, she begins to chew. The mother is glad that the child chews bread, fruit and crushes them with her teeth withought thinking of the sacrifice which they make for her. After all this, people ask themselves why suffering and unhappiness come. The answer is simple.  – People suffer in order to learn the law of the sacrifice. Plants, fruit and animals sacrifice themselves for people, while poeple should sacrifice themselves for the beings that are higher than them.

„As the Father knows me “. Knowledge has something to do with the sacrifice. You can only sacrifice yourself for this one who you know. That is why, Christ says: As the Father sacrifices for me from love, so do I manifest His love“. The sacrifice is a Divine law, which has to penetrate into the minds and hearts of people, to make them strong. The sacrifice is related to love. Only the one who loves can sacrifice himself. Where love is absent, life looses its meaning and man relies on the people and not on God. He searches for light, warmth  and strength from outside and not from the Divine self within himself. The Divine is recognised according to the sacrifice and love. The power of man lies in love  not in words. Whoever talks only about love rather than manifests it is like an empty barrel that makes noise and does not give anything.


Words devoid of content and meaning  are like commercial adverts that aim at advertising the goods and increase their price. You will say that you love the wheat, fruit and vegetables. Who doesn’t love things they benefit from? You love the apple and pear but you will chew them with your teeth. You like the wheat but you will put it under the millstone. It will be argued that fruit and wheat sacrifice themselves for man. They sacrifice, but forcibly, not voluntarily. The true sacrifice is a voluntary, free act. The ripe fruit falls alone from the tree and sacrifices itself but if you pick it green you apply force on it. Therefore, the sacrifice takes place on time and voluntarily.

„As Father knows me“. By speaking of knowing the Father, people want to hear His voice, to speak to them. God can speak to men, but they must know His languge and understand Him. If they do not understand Him, they will always argue whether the Lord has spoken to man or not. The Lord has spoken and is speaking, but not to all people. If the king enters one of his stalls and caresses his best horse, it shows that he has spoken to him. This horse may say he has spoken to the king, but the others either have to believe his words or deny the truth that the king can talk to the horses. So God has spoken in the past, speaks in the present, and will speak in the future, but only to those who have love. Where there is no love, the word of God is not heard. If anyone says that God has spoken to him, I will ask him: Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for God, for mankind, for your people? – ‚I'm not ready yet. " If you're not ready for a sacrifice, and God can not talk to you. It is impossible for God to speak to a man, and the man not to be ready for a sacrifice. It is impossible for the stone to sit all day in the sun and not to warm up. If they are exposed in the sun,  both the stone and the tree become warm. God speaks to a man only under certain conditions, in certain relationships when He wishes, not when the man requires it. God alone sets the moment when He has to speak to one soul. Millions of wheat grains are in the barn, but they will not all be sown. Part of them will be thrown into the field, while the rest will become bread. Only the advanced souls will hear the voice of God and will recognise Him. - Who is advanced? – The one who is strong in mind, in heart and in soul; that is who carries within himself the faith, hope, and love. He who perceives and absorbs things, as the absorbent paper swallows water does not have a strong mind. Then it will come out that the photographic plate is strong too. It is enough to bring it to light in order to print the images that fall into its path. In fact, it is due to the light, not to it. Good comes out of light, and man combines the conditions in such way that allows the light to manifest itself. Man looks like his portrait, but the portrait is not a live photograph. The artist has painted your image well, has put the respective colours on the face, and has made you beautiful, but that is not real beauty. Do not be deluded by external things.

Many live in delusions which is why they have wrong perceptions about life. One looks at herself complacently in the mirror and says to herself: I am rounded, healthy, beautiful and also rich. – Don’t be misled, these are photgrpahes in your mind that can be replaced with new ones at any momentAny philosopher or scientist can break your happiness. It is enough to read a pessimistic book to say that life does not make sense and lose your happiness. If love has deeply penetrated the human soul, no force in the world can take away the peace that God has put into it; No power in the world is able to take away the light of the human mind and the warmth of his heart. That is, living in reality. When he comes out of this reality, man loses his peace and seeks help from outside. Faith is necessary to man: faith in God, in neighbor, and in himself.

„As Father knows me, so I know Father“. This verse implies son’s attitude. The son does this which the Father does; the father also does this which the son does. In other words said: as Father has put life into me, so can I put life into others. You will say that only Christ talks like this but not a man. If you are a photographic plate it is so, but if the light is within and outside you, you will do that which Christ does. Why should not everyone say like Christ that as Christ knows his Father so does he know Him and lays is soul for His sheep. Don’t think it is brave to compare with Christ. Christ came to the earth to show the man the path on which he has to go through. Due to Christ’s self-sacrifice, there are 500 million christians today whom Christ knows. Why should the Christians then not know their Savier? Which father does not know his son today and which son – his father? Which maid when she falls in love with a man does not love his father. The girl says to her beloved: ‚I am prepared to lay my life for you and follow your path.’  As soon as the ones in love understand and recognise eachother, they also know God. This happens every day in the ordinary life but as soon as a word about the spiritual is mentioned, everyone gets scared of it. There is something scary in life - these are the teeth of death. However, love is a powerful force that brings joy, happiness and activty to man. Love is necessary to the people of today so that when they are filled with it to say: We know Christ as he knows us and we lay our lives  for His sheep. This is the new tecahing that makes life meaningful and releases it from hardship and unnecessary suffering.


Why do people of today suffer? – Because they live in illsuions and delusions which are destroyed every day. There is no man in the world who is free from illsuions and delusions but this doesn’t mean that he needs to deal with them all day. The little girl plays with her doll, while the little boy- with his horse but this doesn’t mean that they have to give up eating because the doll and horse cannot eat with them. A man should eat, work and develop and the delusions will one by one abondon him. It will be objected that God should take the delusions, hardships and suffering away. If suffering is taken away, every activity and initiative of  the human being will be stopped. This is impossible. You will live, make mistakes, suffer and will rectify your mistakes on your own. Concsiously or subconsciously, you can break the leg of your brother, but God will teach you the art of curing broken legs. You will get your brother’s eye out but God will teach you to cure eyes, to put new eyes in the place of the ones that have been pulled out. You will kill someone but  you will become  a mother in another life, you will collect the requisite material  in order to build a new house for the murdered one. He will become your child in order to understand how much a man’s life is worth. This is how you will learn the law of addition and subtraction. – Giving birth is a scary thing. – It is scary but you need to learn to build. The more difficult a woman gives birth the more bills she has to pay.


When a woman is giving birth, she needs to turn to God with a request to be taught to fulfill His will. – Why does man suffer?– In order to learn something new, to understand the Divine will and realise it. What do people of today do? – When they are joyous, they are satisfied; when they suffer, they grumble  and search for the reason outside of them. There is someone at fault for people’s suffering but who is to blame? This is a task with three unknowns: The fault may be in God, your neighbour or yourselves. The most important is to understand who is the main culprit. In reality, the fault is in teh man who wants his doll or horse to eat with him. The son has made a series of crimes and the mother wants the Divine blessing to come upon him. I tell the mother: Do not expect this which your son cannot benefit from. Call the doctor to lay him in bed and massage him - his leg is dislocated and has to be adjusted before the Divine blessing comes upon him. The hearts of some people are dislocated while others – have dislocated minds. They have to be adjusted. What a bigger blessing one can expect than the adjustment of the dislocated body part in the human organism? This is a necessary phisiological process, which the whole humankind is going through. If your stomach is upset and cannot digest the food, it will be better if you spend a few days in deprivation  than burdening it with unncessary material or the food to rot in it and new complications to appear.

When will people get better?– When everyone says: „As Christ knows me, so do I know Him and lay my soul for His sheep.’ Many ask themselves how this verse is related to their life. Why is it necssary to know God and Christ? This verse is related to the human life, for every human being is a sheep in God’s flock. God has sacrificed His life because of him. It is enough for you to understand this thought in order to experience the Divine blessing on yourselves. As the sun energy does not reach you directly but passes through the etheral space first, so does the Divine Love reach to people through Christ Who is a mediator. A man is not what he externally manifests. From the outside, he is nothing else but a small poor little house. A day will come when he will leave his small house and will start working consciously on himslef in order to prepare a new, hygenetic one. A day will come when the human being will make a new, healthy body which he will become the master of. However, only this one can become a master, who has been a slave. Christ has been a master in the Heavens, a Divine Son but with his descending to the Earth, He put on the image and accepted the status of a slave. So he showed to people how to serve. Even today, people still serve one another, torture eachother, grumble and do not know how to get rid of this situation. One thing is needed from the people of today: humility and knowledge of God and Christ. When you leave for the other world, the first question you will be asked is: Did you sacrifice your life for Christ’s sheep?

Therefore, humility, knowledge and self-sacrifice are the first qualities that the man of today needs. Only in this way, he will make his life better and will head towards the greatest purpose of his existence - the immortality.  

Why do people fail in their lives? Because they do not aim at pleasing God; they want to please eachother This is impossible. You can be polite, kind and helpful to people but you can never satisfy them. If you meet a hungry person feed him. If you meet a thursty one, give him water. In both cases, however, do not expect from them to be satisfied and grateful to you - there will always be something about which they will be unhappy with you. Even now God is trying to please and satisfy people but He has not achieved any result. It is a great science to satisfy the man.  First, God will apply this science and then people. Even to this day, no person has be found who can satisfy people in order that they can be grateful to him. A mother thinks that she has satisfied her child. Let her leave her child hungry for a few hours to see how much she has satisfied him. And the man is happy with his wife when he is fed. As soon as he gets hungry, he becomes unhappy. Only the light remains loyal to people. It cannot change, or manifest as both light and darkness. The Light always remains light. It reveals things as they are. Nothing remains hidden before it. Light  is related to the Truth. As the light reveals all hidden things so does the truth touch everyone regardless of where it passes by. The truth reveals man in all his nakedness.  You will say that the truth is scary. – Why is it scary?- because it undresses the man. What’s wrong with nudity? Thinking that nudity is a bad thing, shows the tarnished and perverted human thought. The animal essence of the human can be neither cultivated nor ennobled. Regardless of how much he is being cultivated, he will ultimately manifest his nature.

An Englishman found a small tiger somewhere in India and took it with him in order to tame it. One day, caught up in his thoughts, he dozed off.

His already tamed and grown up tiger who had constantly been leeking his hand out of gratitude was sitting near his feet. However, the skin of his hand got rubbed sore from the sharp tongue of the animal and started to bleed. The smell of the blood awoke the wild instinct of the animal, which was preparing to throw itself over its master. If he does not consciously work on himself, a man always comes across unwanted manifestations of his nature, which destroy the good and beautiful in him. Often when in good spirit, a negative thought that starts to strungle and torture him, appears in man’s mind. If a negative state of mind takes hold of you, turn to Christ in your thought, without talking to Him, and he will transform your state. The Light visits you without you talking to it. It suffice that you open for it in order that it enlightens and shines upon you.

It is said in the Scripture that many words lead to a sin. Some religious people think that they can put their affairs to right only through prayers.  It is not the case. If you want to put your affairs to right  and be healthy, lie down on the heated earth and direct your look upwards where the light comes from. When the earth is cold, turn your back to the sun while you look to the earth. Many men of the world are rich, scientists and healthy because they expose their backs to the sun in order to benefit from its light and warmth.  The religious people who think that they are connected with Christ do not expose themselves to the sun  and therefore they gradullay become poor. It is a law: if you want to be rich, a scientist and healthy expose your back to the sun. In this way, you will know God and Christ. If you are angry or hate someone expose your back to the sun, direct your sight to the earth and it will take the poison that has penetrated your blood. The sun and earth are people’s best healers and teachers. Someone wants God to talk to him. Before talking to people, He has talked  to  the earth - their mother. Your mother is beautiful and good but when you don’t know her you find her black and rough. The earth is black and rough because it works for its children. It looks after the small grass, all plants and trees and all living creatures that crawl on it. Doesn’t the mother do the same? She works the whole day for her children in order to feed and bring them up. Her hands are black and rough but she lifts and puts the hoe down while her daughter is sitting in the shade at home with a white face and soft hands, but in the end, the soul of the mother becomes beautiful and noble while the one of the daughter remains rough and crude.

Often you meet cultural people, christians with smooth faces and hands, and a noble look but outwardly only, in form. Their deeds are not pious. In cotrast to them, you meet a rough peasant, with a burnt face but a noble soul. He has drunk a little bit more than he has to do, he could hardly walk, but when he sees an honest person, he becomes immediately sobre and says: ‚Apologies brother but I got drunk as a donkey.’ With this he wants to say that he has done something that is not in accordance with the Divine laws. In fact, he hasn’t got drunk as a donkey because the donkey does not drink anything else but pure water . The words ’ got drunk as a donkey’ mean one of the qualities of the donkey - its genuineness. A man becomes genuine and willing to speak the truth only when he gets drunk. When he is sobre, he thinks, beats about the bush, filtrates his words so that he first could swim above the water like butter.

„As my Lord knows me, so do I know the Lord, and I lay my soul for the sheep’. A day will come when all people will know their Father, will be ready to speak the truth and sacrifice their lives for His sheep. This means an attitude of a son towards his father and one of the father towards his son. God is great because he has first sacrificed His life for His children; He has looked after them and is constantly doing so without asking for anything in return. One is people’s duty towards their Father - to fulfill His will. If they don’t fulfill it, He does not judge them but searches for the reason about that and helps them. He sees the people’s helplessness and does not judge it but He teaches and helps them.

What differentiates the human manifestations from the Divine ones? The former are devoid of truth and love, while the latter are penetrated with truth and love. The Divine manifests light and joy. As soon as this light goes into the man, it manifests as intelligence. Everything in the world moves around the light. It is the end goal of the Genesis. The meaning of life is when a man merges with the light that comes from God. A few  acquire such light. Christ carried the Divine light within Himself and manifested it as wisdom and knowledge. He came among people in ordert o show them how to live in order to achieve the idea of their souls. He went through such suffering that to this day noone has ever known of. People have gone through and are still passing through different suffering, big and small but have not yet come to the Christ suffering. That is why, Christ sits above all people.  Many times, man will come back to the Earth until he acquires the light which will take him to God.

When a man is being born and reincarnated, as well as works consciously on himself, he sculptures his face until he presents himself to God as a completed and perfect picture. A human face is full of many shortcomings and uncultivated features, but the human must work and move forward. Everyone must say to himself: I know God as He knows me; I love Him as He loves me; I will sacrifice myself for him as he sacrifices Himself for me. Tell this to yourselves, begin to work quietly and calmly without discouraging yourselves. Whoever rushes and wants to achieve something soon, he only discourages himself. The rushed things do not lead to good results.

A young man has visited a famous German professor in philosphy in order for the latter to recommend a short course to him - to study philosphy in short amount of time. The professor thought for a shortwhile and responded to him: When God wants to create a pumpkin, He uses only six months; when He wants to create an Oak tree, He needs tens of years.

Therefore, if you want to lead a Christian life with the requirements of the pumpkin, you will spend little time on working on yourselves. If you live with the requirements of the oak tree, you will work consciously on yourselves for decades; if you want to perfect and purify yourselves like the diamond you will work even more. Lots of work is required from a man in order to harmonise his mind, heart and will. A man’s look and movements need to be harmonious. In this way, he influences his close ones and elevates them. As the harmonious movements affect people and elevate them so do the dishramonious movements affect them and lower their mood.  Be careful with yourselves and your close ones. As the sun light comes through the windows of the houses so does the Divine light have to come through a man’s eyes to light up his way. It is enough that one candle illuminates one’s path in order for one to understand where  he is going. The Light is a live serman that everyone needs. – Why people should be preached to?– This is a necessity for the one who preaches and for that one who is preached to. – Why the mother has to give birth? – this is a necessity for herself and her close ones. This is so necessary as is necessary for the man to eat, drink, breathe, think, feel and act. To preach to people it means to give an opportunity to God to manifest as light and warmth and in order to light up people’s paths and warm them.– Is it possible without preaching? - No it is not. People are preached in many ways: through talking and silence, through the light, warmth and air. Often nature is silent, quite, but one perceives its vibrations without any contradiction or confusion. A man needs a bright mind in order to perceive love without hate, the truth without lie, the wisdom without stupidity. This is what it means the man to know his Father and say as Christ: ‚As my Father knows me and so do I know Him and I am ready to sacrifice myself for His sheep.“

What are the sheep which Christ is talking about? They are Divine souls who go through a process of development. They are compared with the sheep and not the goats because the first ones are meak and unevil, ready to sacrifice voluntarily. All animals, plants, insects and butterflies are a symbol of something Divine. For example, the butterfly with its beautiful colours and  patterns manifests something Divine. God talks throught it too. Nature is alive. God talks through it and preaches to people. Look how and what the butterfly eats.  It sucks the sweet nectar of the flowers and shows a way of eating to people that is more pure than the one they follow nowadays. Whoever wants to protect themselves from mistakes and crimes should study the life of butterflies. Study the colours, patterns which they are filled with in order to understand the great philosophy that is hiden in them. The book of life is great  and so is its language.  Every little grass and insect are a letter of this language. Combine the letters of nature in syllables, and the syllables in words, the words- in whole sentences in order to compose the great thoughts of life. Put love and truth as foundation of the eternal life while the wisdom as decoration! Only in this way will you know your Father and sacrifice your life for His sheep. Only in this way will you understand and apply the Christ teaching which echo is carried away in the whole nature and enlivens it and makes it spiritual.


I wish you to know God and Christ and to rejoyce in the light future which is expecting you.

Sunday Lectures

12.01.1919 Sunday, Sofia


Превод от Пролетина Жонес

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