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 Like yourself


 Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy mind, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with thy neighbour as thyself." (Matthew 22:37, 38, 39) 


Everyone knows the truth that people do not like the old stuff. When the mother and father get old, their son and daughter are dissatisfied with them; they want to be left free as soon as possible. They look upon the old people as an obstacle in their lives. In fact, the old people are in their place. One Bulgarian proverb says: ‚From an old Goat goatling’. At all, the old people carry within themselves all conditions under which a child can be born and brought up. In the original language the word ‚old’ has had quite a different meaning than this, which nowadays is given to it. In order to develop properly, the young person has to serve two great laws: love for God and love for the neighbour. Nothing is born without love. Love drives the human soul to movement and creation. To talk about love does not mean that we envisage the human love that leads to disappointments. We talk about the love of which Apostle Paul says „we know partly, we prophesy in part, but when the perfect comes, what is partly will cease.’ The perfect is love. The Absolute, Divine truth manifests through perfect knowledge, through love.


Christ says that love is manifested by two great laws: To love the Lord your God with all your heart, with your entire mind, with all your soul, with all your strength, while your neighbour like yourself.’ When it is talked about love to God, some think that He is out of them, invisible. Therefore, it is said that no one has seen Him. Whoever wants to find God needs to search for Him in his brother, i.e. his neighbour? How would you love God if you do not love your neighbour who you see? Whoever loves, he sees God. That is why, it is said: ‚God is Love ‘This verse expresses the external and internal meaning of the concept God.  Love cannot be seen but can be felt, this is why God is accessible for all minds, hearts and souls. It is enough for a man to open himself for love in order to know it. Life without love does not exist. There is no heart, mind and soul that have not experienced love. Where love penetrates there is warmth. Therefore, all beings carry it within themselves to a little or great extent, as a low and high manifestation.


It is said, "To love the Lord with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all you might." Where the heart manifests, there are feelings and desires.i.e. a material through which love works. Whoever gives expression of his feelings and desires, without working with them, he soon gets replete with love and says that it doesn’t make sense to love. It makes sense to always love but rightly. The body temperature of a man is between 36-37 degrees. If it increases above 37 he starts to get sick. The higher the temperature is the bigger the complications that take place in the body are. If it reaches 40, 41 degrees, the ill one departs for the other world. Therefore, in the physical world, love can reach the highest temperature up to 41 degrees. The same law is also relevant to the public life. While the public man has a temperature between 36-37 degrees, everyone considers him as a normal person. If his temperature is raised, he starts to ramble, talk unconnected things and is immediately taken to the madhouse.-Why?-Because he has had such manifestations that are out of the physical world. In fact, it is difficult to draw a line as to where the normal and abnormal life reach. When you feed the pig you consider this as normal. You say that the pig needs to be fed in order to have more fat. Let the same pig free in the forest in natural conditions, and see what will happen with its fat. It will melt and the pig will come to its normal self.  Therefore, the terms normal and abnormal are relative. What was the man of the past, what is he today and what should he be in the future are three different things, three realities. True Real life is this one that includes the past, present and future. Whoever carries within himself the three lives together, we call a man of love. He is guided by three great laws: the law of necessity, the law of freedom, and the law of nature.


The law of necessity solves 25 percent of human misery, the law of freedom resolves also 25 percent of the difficulties, while the law of nature - 50 percent. The three laws together solve 100 percent the life difficulties. If the sick one applies the three laws 100 percent he will get better soon. According to the first law he is his own doctor, therefore he will help himself 25 percent; according to the second law he will recourse to a doctor who will help him another 25 percent. At last, when he leaves himself to nature, it will cure him 50/100.In this way, he will completely heal. If the ill one leaves it to himself or only to the doctor, he will heal in part. However, both the ill one and the doctor need to also call nature for help; then the healing is 100 % rational.


The same law is relevant to the family, social and general human life. When the two young people get married, the young man needs to participate for a good life with 25% from his strength and abilities, the girl also 25 percent. After that, they both need to turn to God, to ask for His participation in their life. He will help them with 50 percent from His power and their life will be a 100 percent normal. The contemporary families do not rest on a solid foundation because one of the young ones gives 25 percent from himself, while he expects 75 percent from the other. Every human being can give 25 percent from themselves. The rest to one hundred they need to expect from their neighbour and God. If neither the family nor the social life is based on this principle, there will always be a lack of something because of which people will get disappointed with one another. Apply the three laws in order to try their power. If you only use either the one or only both, you will always be dissatisfied. The cause of mortality in homes, sickness, and childlessness is due to the application of the law of necessity and freedom, but to the denial of the participation of the Divine principle in life or of the reasonable nature. 


„Love God with all your soul“. Under „soul “Christ understands a path, condition for the movement of love. There is a movement in the whole nature. All lakes, rivers, sees move. Where there is a growth everything is moving. It is a condition for the development of the soul. Therefore, we say that the movement is necessary in the human, angelic and in the Divine love. If the movement stops, then life stops to exist and from there love too. Because there is a movement in love, a man should love all life beings that cross his path. Only in this way does he provide the opportunity to God in himself to manifest. This means to feel the pulse of life. This means to feel the greatness and beauty of nature as well as the greatness of the Creator. Only in this way, can a man understand and apply the verse in which Christ says how we should love God. Without an aim for the beauty, love cannot manifest.


Love the Lord with all your might.“ The might presupposes intensity. This means to love the Lord in this way so that to be ready to overcome all difficulties and obstacles. Love, which gives way to the obstacles is not a true love; the self-interest driven love is not true. Love requires great sacrifices. All great people have given a sacrifice first for love.  Many doubt whether, indeed, there existed or there still exist people ready for full self-sacrifice for love. They can be in doubt but doubt does not answer the questions. One thing you will deny, another your will maintain and prove. How would you deny light? How would you deny life? Life is proved through death; while death - with life. If there is a life, there is a death; if there is a death, there is a life. It is said in the Scripture that we live and move in God. Therefore, while you are connected with God, you will always live regardless you are in this or the other world. The departure of the human soul for the other world is called death; however in the absolute sense of the word, death does not exist. That a man dies and disappears, this is a wrong view that has remained from predecessors and pre-predecessors - In fact, death is a shadow of life. In the hot summer days, a man hides in the shade of the trees. Has he died? No, he has only hidden in a shade. It is said in the holy books that death is a rest. Therefore, whoever has worked and is still working has the right to sit down under the shade of a tree and rest.


If it is said that someone has died this implies that he has hidden in the shade in order to rest. According to many, death is a convulsion, writhe, agony, torture, etc. These are fictitious things. The physical garment of a man is separated from the spiritual one but this is not death. You can suggest to a man that he is dying and he will experience all manifestations of agonisation without dying in reality. When he frees himself from the others’ thought, he will alone convince himself that he is alive and healthy. After that, can it be thought that he has ascended? This shows that death is a process of the human thought. When he came to Earth and realised that everything that surrounded him is a Divine creature, the man desired to do something and in conclusion, he worked for the creation of death that is of the rest. The contemporary man fears death without thinking about it as his invention. How can a man fear his own invention? He says that suffering, fire and eternal torture come after death. Who has gone to the other world and come back from there in order to describe what is there and what one is expected. Let the scientists and philosophers who talk about the other world come in order to understand between each other and see what language they write in and explain the truth.


In the distant past, in India somewhere, a prominent philosopher who lived in the house of the then shah studied the secrets of nature. Through the great philosophical knowledge, he learned the art of talking with hand movements. The Shah was interested in this art and in order to see how people could only understand each other with the movements of the hands, had told the philosopher to find a connoisseur of this art to talk to.


 The philosopher did not know such a person, so the shah commissioned this task to one of his Brahmin scientists, by telling him: "I want you to find a man who can talk with a handshake as the philosopher. If you do not, you will leave my palace.’ The Brahmin was startled by the command of the shah. He sought such a man, but he did not find him. Thoughtful and sad, he left the palace and fell into himself. One day he met his barber who asked him: Why are you so conceited? I cannot tell you. You cannot help me. "Tell me, what's the trouble, I'll find some solution to your sorrow. – The shah gave me the task to find a man who can talk through hand movements but I could not find anywhere such a person. As I could not satisfy his desire, I left his castle. Don’t worry, I know this art. I will talk to the philosopher in the presence of the shah in order to also demonstrate my art.


The shah fixed the date of the session and the conversation began. The philosopher raised one of his hands and fingers, while the barber both hands and two fingers; the philosopher lowered one hand from above, with his fingers open, while the barber held out his hand, with his fingers open pointing upwards. The shah asked the philosopher what conversation he had with the barber, and he replied: With the raising of my hand and one finger, I said that only one being rules the world - God. The barber raised two hands and two fingers, telling me that two beings were ruling the world - God and King. By taking my hand down, with my fingers open, I wanted to say that it would rain soon. The barber opposed my hand with his hand in the same way, which meant that after this rain would come a great fertility. Afterwards, the shah asked the barber what he had learned from his conversation with the philosopher. The barber replied: When the philosopher lifted one finger up, he wanted to say he would take one of my eyes out. I lifted my two fingers to prove to him that I was stronger; I would pull out both his eyes. When he stretched his hand in the air, he wanted to say that he would come up against me with five people to punish me. And I stretched out my hand in the air to prove that he would be opposed by five people stronger than his. The Shah smiled and said, "That is called understanding!" This is how many modern religious and secular people understand eachother. That is how people in families and societies understand each other due to which the misfortunes and sufferings come.  


Christ talked about the eternal life. By this, He excludes death. The eternal life implies knowledge of God and Christ. The knowledge is founded upon a true, inner understanding.  Whoever loves God with all his heart, mind, soul and might, while his neighbour as himself, he has acquired the eternal life and is not afraid of death. For many, the term‚ eternal life’ is abducted. Many things, many terms are abducted. The word ‚abducted’ has a double meaning: external and internal. It is said that something is abducted, i.e. lifted. Young people often complain that their love has been abducted, taken away. The lad weeps, suffers that someone has kidnapped, i.e. taken away his beloved. While she was with him, he was happy. As soon as they take her away, he becomes unhappy. This is a misunderstanding. No one can take the love of a man apart from him alone. As soon as he doubts his love, it leaves him. Therefore, the doubt, suspicion in man becomes the reason for his beautiful and higher ideas, his love to be taken away. He loses his inner peace and searches for the reason of his unhappiness outside him. The reason for everything is him alone. A man determines his life as well as the life of the family and society. Whatever the state of the individual is so is the state of the whole society. Individuals form societies; societies form nations, and nations - all mankind.  The humankind on the other hand, has a connection with the angelic world. Therefore, everything depends on the individual. He builds the humankind and not vice versa. By ‚an individual’ I understand the Divine beginning in a man - his soul.


For many, it is a contradiction to talk about an individual and a soul as identical terms. It is a contradiction to say that 10 equal 1. However, you buy one kilogramme of apples, you count them and you establish that they are 10 in total. In this case, 1 equals 10, or 10 equals 1. In this sense, the individual, whom the soul lives in is one- all conditions and opportunities for the creation of the whole humankind are hidden in it. The wheat grain hides in itself the conditions for the creation of one hundred wheat grains.


This is a philosophical understanding of things. This is how people should understand each other and not like the philosopher and the barber. The thought of the one who considers himself as nothing, as a sinner and who searches for the reason in his mother and father is not right. The master who has built your house may not have known the laws of construction and instead of a big and healthy house, he has built you a small one but you need to know that the little house and you are two different things. Your contemporary house may be small, unhygienic but despite that you can manifest yourself; you can let the light shine in your small house and manifest your love. My love is small. Though little, manifest it, do not close your heart for God and your neighbour.  Pave way to your love in order to expand. Do not be afraid of the changes in life. Life and death are two states, which a man goes through inevitably. They are changes that lead to the reality. You will live and build, and will expand your house in order to express the love of This One who has created you. You will die and carry with you that which doesn’t rot and die. In this way, you will grow and develop until you reach to the perfection, which Christ says for: ‚I and my Father are one’.


„Love your neighbour as yourself." That is, to love every soul outside of yourself. Your neighbour was in you, and has come out of you. If in this case, you can love him as yourself, then you have fulfilled the second great law of love. You will argue that you do not remember your neighbour being in you and coming out. That does not mean anything. And the wheat grain does not know that all grains of the class have come out of it. 


Therefore, you must love your neighbour like a child of yours that has lived and is still living in you. As God lives in a man so does his (the man’s) neighbour live in him (the man). The neighbour who lives like a soul in every man has not manifested yet because he hasn’t been given any conditions. Give him conditions and he will manifest. No matter how small, something beautiful will come out of him. Everyone strives for the beautiful and perfect. This is a natural law. The people of today cannot yet show off with that beauty and freedom that they strive for. The free man endures all trials.  It is talked about freedom, about love but if you are subject to hunger for a few days you will immediately give up the idea you are following.  With such love and freedom, immortality cannot be achieved. Only he can talk about freedom that has broken the chains of death. Until he is her slave, neither his freedom is freedom nor is his love-love.


The contemporary, religious and secular people talk about love but apply hatred and envy more. How can the hatred between a mother and a daughter, father and a son, between friends can be explained? It is not enough to provide a scientific explanation to the question.  Every doctor knows how to treat the different illnesses but cannot cure all people. Therefore, the true explanation of the hatred is that which can turn it into love.  Hatred is the leprosy of the human heart. If today you can cure this leprosy at least 25 percent, you have achieved a lot. That is, to bring peace and joy to the homes. However, work is expected by a man - an inner, conscious work. So we say: Do not wait for the help to come from the outside! Harness all work! All people, families, societies and nations expect outside help from above to help them. Power and prosperity is in the individual. If the parts of a whole are in good working order, and the whole will work fine. The parts have to rely on those goods that nature provides, and not on transient, temporary things. 


What culture will come if it is not raining and the sun is not shining? – What is common between the rain, sun and the human culture? – There is something in common, which the inhabitants of the sun know about. It is enough for you to reach the sun for a moment and go to the sun inhabitants to see how much they are interested in the Earth. It will be opposed that the Earth is dead.  Earth is live. It loves people - its children and is constantly looking after them. The Earth sends its love to the people every moment but the love of the sun is even bigger. If the sun takes its love away from the people only for a moment, they will immediately understand where life, development and culture come from.


Christ talks about the two great laws of love as something real. The love manifests in the smallest particles too as energy or an impulse. The scientists call this energy ‘attraction, magnetism, draws’. Regardless of how they call it, it is one and the same - love of the particles and love of the whole. There is no atom, ion, molecule that do not comprise the energy of love. The atom is small but it conceals the whole universe in a miniature.

 Whoever knows the qualities and composition of the atom, he knows the whole universe. It is therefore said in the spiritual mathematics that the part is equal to the whole. This is the law of evolution according to which the little one aspires to the great. However, according to the Divine law, the great one strives for the little one. Therefore, two laws act in nature: The law of expansion and the law of diminishment. In the diminishment, the human soul penetrates into the deepest secrets of nature. The humbled and meek and not the proud one diminish. Therefore, Christ says: ‘It is easy for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.’ This verse is related to the sacrifice. Only that one can enter the Divine Kingdom who is ready to deny himself and self-sacrifice himself. To love God that is to humble yourself; to love your neighbour that is to expand.  It follows that a man needs to simultaneously diminish and expand himself, that is to become small like the atom and big like the universe. Whoever loves, he becomes great; whoever does not love he suffers. When you know this does not ask why you are ill.  The illnesses are signs of lack of love or of small love in the human heart. If you want to be healthy, put love into your mind, heart, soul and in the whole body. Where there is love there are no misunderstandings, hatred, jealousy, diseases and suffering. Without love in your heart, you will resemble a man who walks in water, is thirsty; carries bread but is hungry. Love wants deeds and not words. Too much talking leads to suffering. In general, strive for the small quantities, but well understood and applied.


Today, a lot is being talked about love but despite that, the results are still weak. –Why? - Because it is not spoken in a corresponding language. You will talk to people in three ways: either in the language of air, or in the language of water or in the language of the sun. The language of the air is related to the breathing, i.e. the purification of blood. You will talk in this language and will be thinking of the pure air, the oxygen, of the whole respiratory system. When one talks in the language of the air, he should think right, to reconcile his thought with the Divine one. If he doesn’t synchronise his thought with the Divine one he will imminently suffer. When he thinks right a man transforms his mental energy into an electric and magnetic one and in this way he creates conditions within himself for a healthy, normal life.


To talk in the language of water means to manifest its qualities, i.e. to be agile, energetic, and pure like it - whichever place you go through, to water and irrigate everything, while at the same time, to dissolve and forward the hard substances as food juices for all life beings. The language of water is correlated to the digestive system.


To talk in the language of the sunrise. The language of the light means to transform the lower energy into a higher one and to send it straight to the brain like a dynamic, creative energy. The more light penetrates the human mind, the cleaner and lighter the life of a man is and the purer and higher his deeds are. The language of the light is related to the arterial blood, which is spread through man’s whole body and feeds him. The love towards God is related to the venous blood, while the love to the neighbour - to the arterial one. Therefore, if you get bored of your life and your blood becomes impure, search for your neighbour. As soon as you love him, you expand and your blood becomes purified. The stronger your faith is the stronger your love and hope are.


What are love, faith and hope? Love is God, faith - the angels, while hope - the whole humankind. Dress in the garments of love, faith and hope. Only in this way will you put your lives to right.  How would society be better? – By not infringing the Divine plan. If you would like to heal the wound of your hand, clean it, bandage it and do not touch it anymore. The more you are picking it up the slower it will heal. Do not interfere with the Divine affairs. As all conditions of healing are hidden in the body, so are all conditions for putting the whole humankind to right envisaged in the Divine plan. Everything that takes place in life is envisaged, there is nothing accidental. Steps have been taken to remedy the messy things. After 1945, the affairs of whole Europe will get better but until then, the passengers will be vomiting like those ones that cross the Atlantic Ocean by a steamer. Have you seen how the passengers who will cruise on sea embark on travelling and how they descend from the ports?  Their close ones send them off and give them bouquets, all are happy. Once they board the ship and enter the sea, their location is lost.  They become pale and start vomiting and one after another lie down on the beds. On the secod day, their condition deteriorates; they don’t feel like eating or talking. On the thrid day, their situation is even worse, but their hope for improvement is amplified as they approach a port. As soon as they are on land, all smile, become cheerful and in good mood and start talking as though they have not gone through anything. Everyone asks them how they have passed through sea and they respond about their sea sickness with cheerful faces. .


And so, whatever the passengers go through in the sea so do people on Earth. While a man is young, he is cheerful and happy, he loves everyone.  He boards the ship and his close ones send him off. The more he enters life, I. e. in the sea, the more serious and thoughtful he becomes. When he gets married, he becomes even more thoughtful - the ship goes deeper in the sea waters. Children are born that do not respect him and he gets completely confused, he cannot play his role anymore. His son and daughter are unsatisfied by him, they find him fallen behind, he cannot comprehend the new. When he sees himself in this situation, he comes down the stage and gives the way to the new actors. The audience gives him a bouquet and asks him whether he is happy with his situation.


„To love God and your neighbour’. This means a man to pass safely through the ocean and sea. Whoever has love in himself, he will choose such time for travelling when the sea or ocean are quiet and calm. There is no success without love.  You must love at least one person. Modern people suffer from love accompanied by jealousy. You meet a good, scientist girl but her face is disfigured. – Why? - Someone has loved her and has poured vitriol on her face from jealousy. This is not love. You will say that both the girl and the boy should not cheat on their love. This is another question. I blame neither the young nor the old people, but the people need to go back, to rectify their mistakes and to rejuvenate.  The contemporary people have become prematurely old. They talk about old age without understanding what the old age represents. Only God is old. Old age without wisdom is not an old age. Millions of years will still go by until the old man appears on the Earth. In the Revelation, it is talked about 24 old men that are sitting around God’s throne. The Theosophists provide different explanations about these old men. In fact, they symbolise the time, i.e. the epochs, which the humankind has gone through. Time is within God who carries the beginning and end of things. When Christ says that you need to become like the children, He means that the old one cannot enter the Divine Kingdom.


It is time for a man to give up the wrong idea about old age and to rejuvenate. Otherwise, he will always excuse himself that he is old, he cannot work, study, love, etc. In Sanskrit language, under the word ‚old’ it is understood a being that has manifested itself, has studied the laws of nature and immortality. Only now do the modern people study these laws. You will say that the old one can be recognised by his white hair. – This is not a sign for an old age. See how the actors disguise on the stage. There the young one becomes old, while the old one - young without being so in reality. It is enough for you to turn to the pages of your past life in order to see how many times you have got on and off the stage and what roles you have played. You have been in a situation of a king and slave, a stupid man and scientist, a poor and rich. When you complete your role you get off the stage, you remain with the unchangeable in yourselves. Everything in life changes, but for the Divine in the human being that remains unchangeable and eternal. Whoever doesn’t know the law of reincarnation he wonders why someone hates him. Very simple - you have caused some harm to him in the past. Turn one of the pages of your past life and you will see that you have taken unfairly the house of this person. Now you will rectify your mistake. In order for him to love and forgive you, you must not only return his house to him but you should even furnish it. This means to live according to the law of love.


The modern people live in two ways: some of them talk about God but act in a human way, while others do not talk about God but act in a divine way. It is preferable that a man lives in the second way. To live like that means to constantly be joyful and cheerful. Love rejuvenates, refreshes the man and gives him strength to put up with the misfortunes and contradictions in life. Love rectifies all misunderstandings. Love sees in all human beings its neighbour whom it has something in common with, in eating, breathing and living.  Exactly here all people resemble. All live, breathe and eat. The difference is in that how they live, what air they breathe and what food they satisfy themselves with. One thing is important: All people need to live reasonably, to breathe clear air and to eat clean and healthy food. Only in this way will a person complete the job he has come to the Earth for. Every living creature moves and works. There are ten million cells in the human stomach that work for the purification of the blood. There is a certain harmony between all cells and therefore they do their job so well. What would happen to the man if the cells refuse to do their job? A man ceases to exist. The disharmony leads to destruction and death.


Many do not succeed in their lives because they live with their past greatness. Instead of looking realistically upon the present they say: Do you know what I was in the past? - The past is not important; it is important what you are now. The past and future are only conditions, while the reality is in the present. When he passes through the past and present, a man comes to the law of necessity and freedom that lead to love. It (love) is a path to good and reasonableness. Where there is love there is right thought and reasoning. Not loving leads to pervert views and reasoning.


One day the fox was talking to herself. People chase me unfairly. They blame me that I attack the chickens and hence they kill me. There is something right in this but they forget that I deal with the chickens better than a cat with mice. At least, I undress the garment of the chicken while the cat eats the mouse with its garment together. Here is one pervert reasoning. It is pervert because it is devoid of love. The situation of the chicken and mouse is the same. As soon as they go in the mouth of the enemy, they do not care whether their garment is kept or not. It is important that in either case the life of the chicken and the mouse is taken. A day will come when the fox will realise its mistake and will rectify its life. There are many plucked chickens today whose life will be restored in the future. The plucked chickens are the poor people whose situation will improve.


Remember: nature uses symbols that have to be studied. The rivers, flowers, trees, fish, mammals, people are symbols, which nature expresses its secrets with. Whoever understands the language of nature will read the past, present and future history of humankind in its book. And when the doctor puts his hand on the pulse of the ill one he immediately defines his condition. Therefore, the pulse of a man is the language by which the doctor identifies the health condition of the ill person. Then he opens the eyes and mouth of the ill person in order to see what condition his/ her stomach and liver are in. You see that someone is silent and you say he is thinking. Things from the outside determine the inner disposition of a man. What is the thinking expressed in? A man thinks while the ox ruminates. Therefore, the way the ox needs food in order to ruminate, so does a man need thoughts in order to think. What does a man think about? - How to preserve his wife’s love. And the woman thinks how to preserve her husband’s love. This is a difficult tusk but there is a solution. You will say that it can be solved in the Heavens. Where is the Heavens? The Heavens is on the Earth. It depends on you to live simultaneously on both the Heavens and the Earth. - Is this possible? It is possible. How do the caterpillar and butterfly live together on the Earth? The butterfly feeds with the nectar of the flowers, i. e. with good thoughts and desires, and the caterpillar - with leaves, i.e. with lower thoughts and desires. When is a man like a butterfly? - When he gives place to the Spirit, i.e. the Master in himself. He is called the "servant of love”.


What is required from a man in order to serve love? – Complete self-denial. In the distant past, a big crime has been committed in a Russian village but the offender could not be found. They blamed a poor widow with four children instead of him. The Court decided to send her to Siberia in exile. The verdict had to be executed within 24 hours. A young man from the same village heard of the widow’s verdict and got horrified by the thought of whom the four little children would be left with. He told himself: I have no mother and father, I pass for a waster and noone needs me. I will go to the court and say that I have committed the crime.’ The same day, he appeared before the court and told the prosecutor and judge that the crime was his deed and not the widow’s. In this way, he released the unfortunate mother from prison and took her destiny on himself. Ten years later, a priest gave confession to a dying man. The latter revealed the secret that he had carried on his consciousness for ten years: he confessed that he was the real offender of the crime he had committed before ten years. Immediately, the authorities ordered that the young man was released from prison but it appeared that he had already died. So, this young man has lived in a human way but acted in Divine way. From the outside, this young man carried the garment of a waster, of apache but internally he worked on himself, ennobled his soul. It is worthwhile to admire such heroes who are willing to sacrifice. They are bold, determined, with the pursuit of great and sublime. with the pursuit of great and sublime.


To love God and your neighbour, these are two great laws through applying which a man can free himself from the difficulties and contradictions in life. You will say that when Christ comes to the Earth for a second time, life on Earth would improve all of a sudden- There is no need for you to wait for this time. Christ may come after 2000 years. Don’t you have to work during that time? Even if Christ comes on the Earth, he cannot go around all towns and villages to hold a lecture everywhere. Therefore, only those ones, who hear it, will benefit from His lectures. What would the rest do? You expect impossible things and waste your time. Know that Christ is in the light that you receive; in the air that you breathe; in the food you eat. Christ is also in your thoughts, feelings and deeds - you will meet Him everywhere. Use these gifts in a considerate way and do not delay things. Be good payees. As soon as the time for paying your debt approaches, pay immediately. If you postpone, the interests increase. The meaning of life is in love - to do everything with love. While he is young, a man lives with faith and love, ready for all sacrifices. As soon as he loses his faith and love, he says: ‚The good time has passed’.


Today most people suffer for their lost love. They are right.  Love is a force that elevates a man. As a crime can vitiates the life of a man, so can love purify and elevate him in a given moment. As death at one point can mow thousands of heads, so life at one point can restore the fallen heads. Life is stronger than death, and love is stronger than hate. Knowing this, keep the side of life and love. Only he has the right to sometimes lie under the shadow of death and hatred who is strong. Outwardly, hate is ugly, terrible like a wolf, and inside there is something noble, soft. Whoever hates, he can also love. Whoever does not hate he cannot love. Hatred is still love dressed in a foreign garment with an aim to test what is hidden in the human heart. The beggar knocks on people’s doors in order to test their mercy. Outwardly, he is torn, dusty but inside he is dressed with a clean and beautiful garment. If you see a very well dressed and well-groomed person you will know that he is not the One your soul is searching for. The true man you will find in the torn, poor and suffering man. The truth and love dress in old, torn clothes. Whoever genuinely searches for them will learn to distinguish the good from evil and will not be deceived by the external things, i.e. by their packaging.


Apply the Christ teaching in order to understand why you have to love and why to hate. If you want to love, you have to know to hate. You cannot love if you have never hated. Love and hatred are two forces that work simultaneously in nature. Love is magnetism, while hatred-electricity. Nowadays’ hatred is future love, while the nowadays love is future hatred. This is a law of polarisation. In order to avoid this law, one has to deny himself. As soon as you feel that the hatred penetrates your heart, deny yourself. That’s why Christ says: „"He who does not deny himself cannot be my disciple." Apply self-denial, to see what your life will be.


One father died and left a huge inheritance to be distributed between his four sons. They started to quarrel about who should take more. The youngest son realised the situation and in order to avoid the dispute he disclaimed his share and said to his brother: Take my share and divide it among yourselves. I prefer to have your love than fight.’ Not much time had gone by when the other brothers reconciled and the division took place in a loved and peaceful manner.


It is established that when the love between two people is active, they both become positive and retreat. If they are a man and a woman they remain without children.  This is a law in the physical world. When the man and woman become negative, they have children but cannot live for long. Therefore, in the love between two people one needs to be positive, while the other-negative; one to create whiles the other to build. If they both create, they cannot give birth. This law is also related to the society and country. When two candidates come about for the same ministerial post, the state's affairs are not going well. If the state wants to succeed, half of its subjects must be positive and the other half - negative, i.e. some to create while others to build, some to serve, while the others to master. It is not good for a man to spoil. It's not a science. Whoever only destructs has not learned the law of creation and building.


One of the greatest laws of Genesis requires man to build or create. This is the way one can pave the way to the Divine Beginning within himself and fulfil the purpose that nature has assigned to him. A person may have a lot of beliefs, but let him experience the Christianity teaching that transforms things. For many, Christ's teaching is old, out of date. It is not. Christ's teaching is as old as is new. If you think it is old, rejoice because the old mother gives birth to good, sensible children. If it is new, rejoice again. The young mother gives birth to children with loving hearts. Accept the doctrine of Christ with love, apply it and be joyful and happy.


Christ says, "Love the Lord and your neighbour." This means: modern people need more light, more air, more moisture, and more food. This shows today's sun too. Take care of your brain, your lungs and your stomach. 


Listen to the voice of the wise nature, connect with God, and the bright future will be on your side. 


Sunday Talks 

02.02.1919 Sunday, Sofia 


translated: Proletina Dragoeva-Jones


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