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1919_02_06 Conflict in Consonance


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Conflict in Consonance


"If the right eye seduces you, take it out." 

"If your right hand seduces you, cut it off." 

(Matthew 5:29, 30) 


The chapter that was read is related to the consonance and contradiction.

 “If the right eye seduces you, take it out; if your right hand seduces you, cut it off, if you are hit on one side, turn the other. “ For the contemporary people this language is misunderstood. If Christ talks to them in this way today, few will understand Him. Today, there are many churches that serve in the name of Christ and sing songs to Him but if He comes and starts talking among his followers as he did 2000 years ago, they will take Him for an unbalanced man. Whoever wants to listen to Him will come across great contradictions.

What are the internal contradictions in a man owned to? All people maintain that they have come out of God but when they are spoken in the language of love they do not understand what they have to do. They ask themselves: How is it possible for a sheep to give birth to a wolf or for the wolf to turn into a sheep? All talk about brotherhood, equality, self denial but when it comes to applying these ideas, they get confused and do not understand anything. — Why do they not understand? — Because some self gain is hidden in the foundation of their life; they serve God but there is a self-interest in their serving: They want to gain food through their serving. Others become traders with the only aim to become rich — again self-interest is guiding them. Indeed, when a man is living, he needs to have food but it is important that he works with love. Otherwise, he will always apologise that his surrounding or external circumstances make him behave in a way that he doesn’t want. The wolf justifies himself too for eating the sheep because this is his skill. When he is in a difficulty, he says: If a man takes the skin of thousands of wolves and foxes, don’t I have the right to take the skin of at least one sheep? When the wolf attacks the sheep they immediately shoot him; when a man kills his neighbour in a time of war, he is not only uncondemned, but he receives a reward, cross for bravery. You will say that this is meant to be — in time of war, people to kill each other. Who has allowed the war? Which Divine law is this written in? It is talked about the war in the Moses’ teaching but in the Christ one, the war is not accepted. There is such a difference between Moses and Christ as there is a difference between the Earth and the Heavens. Therefore, when the Christians fight, they need to confess before themselves too and before the whole world that they act under the Moses’ law and not under the law of Christ, which presupposes an absolute application of love. Give the respective name to each of your deeds. Moses says: ‚eye for eye, tooth for tooth.“ Christ says: If they hit you on one side, turn the other“.

Modern people live according to Moses’ teaching — the old culture. Moses says himself: “ God will advance another prophet — higher than me. Whoever does not serve this prophet signs himself his own death sentence“. Moses has talked about Christ and has himself confessed his teaching is imperfect. After all this, people ask themselves why if they have come out of God they don’t live well. Very naturally, people who do not live well have not come out of God. A mother calls on her enemies with the words: Let me give birth, then you will see! ’ She expects to give birth to a son who will revenge for her. Can this son be born of God? By inheritance, he will follow his mother or father’s line. The law of heredity is not understood by all. The Egyptians have believed in the resettlement of souls, Hindus in reincarnation while the contemporary scientists — in the heredity. These are three teachings with opposite meanings. The heredity is a law of the physical world, reincarnation is a law of the soul, while the resettlement of a soul is a law of the spirit. In other words, the Egyptians studied about the descending of the Spirit, the Hindus — the evolution of the soul, while the contemporary scientists — of heredity. They talk about land, houses, vineyards, property, inheritance of gifts and abilities.

“ If the right eye seduces you, take it out and throw it“. In Genesis, it is talked about the serpent that seduced Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit in order for her eyes to get opened. Indeed, Eve ate from this fruit, she gave Adam to eat and from this moment their eyes opened. They looked upon the world, i.e. the temptations in life with their right eye. It is said that Adam and Eve were naked in the paradise; in fact, it is not so. Another thing is hidden in the nudity it is talked about, it is not an external nudity that is being understood. And for the development of the humankind, scientists give different explanations but the truth is far from them. In its development, the humankind has passed through the path of evolution but what it is expressed in, only few know. It is not enough to say that the evolution is evolution. Children know this too. And the most stupid Bulgarian girl knows to unwind the canvas but this is not yet an evolution. Some will say that the evolution has created everything. If the evolution was capable of creating, it will be a powerful force that changes, re-creates and transforms everything. In fact, the evolution is a process of the human spirit. Therefore, when it is talked about evolution, we need to understand it in its essence without attributing qualities to it, which it doesn’t possess. If we say that the evolution is a law of development, this is enough and there is no need of further explanations.

What does a law mean? When are laws created and where exactly? Laws exist in both life and nature. The law exists there were the beings are not very cultural. Laws are created against thefts, crimes, the iniquities of people. Laws exist in nature too; there all beings from small to big ones live in fight and extermination amongst themselves. Such fight exists between people too. Despite that, everywhere it is talked about culture. A culture exists between people but this is a culture of the money and capital. This culture is related to Moses’ teaching. Therefore, there is something in common between capital and the Old Testament. They are synonymous. That’s why Christ says: “It is easier for a camel to pass through needle ears than a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God. ’ Under the ‚Divine Kingdom“ people understand something completely different from what Christ understands. On the whole, the Christ teaching is even today interpreted somehow. If Christ comes today among people, he will be astonished by this interpretation and by this which they call love. What love really is can hardly be defined but it is easy to understand. The child also understands love but it cannot define it. Love is the only force that can do everything a man wishes for. It gives impetus, impulse, aspiration. Without love, the will cannot do anything. Everything that a man loves can be realised. The ancient Hermetic school provides an exact definition of love.

Hermes, in his philosophy explained all contradictions in life through seven principles. The contemporary science accepts only two of these principles: the principle of mentalism, according to the theosophists — the principle of manas, according to the occultists — the field of the mental world; that is a principle that defines the forms of things. The second principle is the field of the cardiac world, i.e.. the world of feelings, the vibrations through which the notion of light is explained. The other five principles stand out of the modern science. It does not deal with them but it still gives them the necessary names. For example, it calls the third principle ’a principle of the similarities of things’. The fourth principle is seen as a principle of polarity of the forces in nature. It is the reason for the existence of positive and negative forces. The fifth principle is the one of the tides. It maintains that everything that takes place in nature is exactly defined as the tides are and that a rhythm exists everywhere. There is an precisely defined rhythm, a tact in the music too. Music and tact do not exist without it. The sixth principle is the one of the causality and consequence of things. The seventh principle is the one of gender, i.e. male and female sex. The evil in the world came about with the revelation of this principle.

Therefore, evil exists as a consequence of the men and women. When it is spoken about men and women, we do not understand their forms but the principles of a man and a woman as opposite forces in nature. Under a woman’, the creative principle is being understood. In order to build something one needs to collect building material: bricks, lime, sand, beams, tiles etc. When a house is built, some enjoy, others suffer. A man enjoys his new house while the trees, the stones and the plants are grieving. The workers do not enjoy much either. It happens some of the workers to fall out of a house and get maimed. The same happens with the creation of a human life.

The parents are happy that a child was born to the world but many creatures around them are mourning. Therefore, the good of some is not good for all. This is the reason for the hatred between people. The disagreements between brothers and sisters, between religious and secular people are due to the same reason. Two shepherds are quarrelling because one of them has taken one of the sheep of the other. Two men are quarrelling because one of them has taken the beloved woman of the other. Therefore, Christ says: ‚If the right eye seduces you, take it out’. Which is the right eye in the man? — It represents the physical world. In order not to get misled by the appearance of things and to understand them, a man needs to know the laws of the physical world. Whoever does not understand these laws always fails. An acquaintance meets him and tells him that he will provide for him and will put his things in order. He believes but in the end he remains cheated. An unknown person enters the home of a good man and falls in love with his wife. In order to conceal his feelings, he plays the role of a noble person who wants to help the whole family. Eventually, the good man sees that the unknown person has had a solitary purpose to use his wife. This man has had bad intentions, which he has concealed with the word virtue’. To conceal bad intentions with something good speaks for bad traits of the character of a man, which are manifested even today by atavism.

In America, in the distant past, a famous doctor lived who suffered from the mania to cut people. He helped a lot of ill people but many of them suffered from his knife. When he fell under the influence of his weakness, he took out his knife and cut the patient into pieces. The first victim of his abnormality was his secretary. At one point, he decided to cut in pieces the members of a family in whose home he was a home doctor, but here he was caught and handed over to the authorities. It turned out that he killed 25 people through cutting them into pieces. The judges asked themselves what the anomaly of the doctor was due to. They turned to special scientists who have told them that his weakness is hidden in his ancestors and predecessors. By inheritance, he has received this anomaly from them and today by atavism, he manifests it. This is why Christ says: If the right eye seduces you and you have the desire to kill your brother, you better take it out. If your right hand seduces you to commit a crime, you better cut it off. “ To take your eye out and cut your hand off are words that should not be interpreted literally. A man can take his eye out and still be seduced and commit crimes.

What do the right eye and hand represent? — The eye represents the human mind, while the hand — the human will. Therefore, if the mind seduces you and you desire to commit a crime and direct your will in this direction, stop them and exert influence upon yourself in order to protect yourself from the evil. You will say that the wolf always remains a wolf, while the sheep — a sheep. This is not a positive philosophy. The wolf is a wolf, he strangles the sheep, but he can live like a sheep. The qualities of all animals are concentrated on a man. It depends on the man whether he will give priority to some or other qualities. When he works on himself, a man can cultivate his weaknesses and passions and ennobles them. Hardly can one cultivate and ennoble the animal outside the man but it can be easily cultivated in the man. This requires consciousness and sincerity in the work. Animals present stages of development, which a person has passed and still passes through. That is why, modern culture is divided into a "wolf culture" and "sheep culture".

Modern people have to study the animals as symbols and benefit from them. When you study the horse, you notice that his hind legs resemble the human hands. In order for this feature to be re-cultivated, the Creator turned the hind legs of the horse into the hands of a man with which he can work and go forward. Indeed, a man is deprived of the art of kicking. Instead of kicking he has put his hands into work: he is lifting and putting the hoe down all day long, pulling the plow and handling the land. While he realise the service of his hands and works with them, one helps his neighbour to elevate. Once he forgets what the service of his hands is, he immediately applies his old craft — kicking, and pulls his neighbour down. This is atavistic, a remnant of the "horse culture". That is why, Christ says, "Cut off your right hand, which applies the old art — kicking. Stop kicking and start working. Raise your neighbour upward, while you alone go forward! "" If the right eye seduces you, pull it out and stay only with the left — the eye of love. "The left eye relates to the Divine Love, which drives people up and forward.

Many ask me what religion I preach. I do not preach any religion but talk to people about a good life. My science is about the life, which people have lost. All people- scientists and stupid ones, young and old want to live well. The mother wants to have good children- children to have good parents etc. This wish is natural. However, noone can be good if they do not have life in themselves. Therefore, Christ says: I am the Path, Truth and Life. And Christ has not preached any religion but has talked about the path, truth and life, which a man needs to strive for. When they asked Christ which God to worship, He responded: "A day is coming and now is, when neither in Jerusalem will they worship nor in this forest, but will worship God in spirit and truth." This is not a religion but service to the true God in spirit and truth. You will say that this view destroys old ideas. The old is ruined by itself. Every new culture demolishes the old one. Every man needs to give up the old in order to build something new — more beautiful and strong. And the old religion will be destroyed; a new religion will come — the religion of work. The future is its. The new is distinguished from the old in that it gradually gets rid of the lie and wrong perceptions. Today all preachers pray to God to bless the weapons of their people. They have the right to pray for their weapons but as nationalists and patriots not as Christians. Christ has not supported the war, therefore, noone has the right in His name to pray for a blessing of the weapons and success in the war. Many hides behind Christ, justify their deeds in His name and say that in some verses it is said about the war as an inevitable process. This is not true. Christ has nowhere spoken about the benefit of the war. To the contrary, Christ says: ’Love your enemy. Do not object the evil’.

“If the right eye seduces you, take it out.“ This means give up your perverted mind that has put your thoughts, feelings and deeds in a wrong direction. This mind has worn out your heart and the strength of your body. To give up your perverted mind is in the order of things.

"If your right hand seduces you, cut it off." You say about someone: He is my right hand, I can not give him up. If this person has your interests and your own good into consideration like his ones, you should not give up on him. However, once he / she commits crimes, when he / she is harming you, you have to give up on him / her. If your right hand does crimes, you necessarily must give it up. And society does not tolerate such people. If it meets a man with a perverted mind and distorted will, it (the society) expels him. To throw the person out of yourselves, that is to say, not to succumb to his influences. If you have to succumb to something, it is love. Only love has the right to influence people. Whoever lives according to love’s laws, he is a good man. "Whoever lends himself to unloving is a bad man. Who is a good man? "Whoever remembers the good and forgets the evil. If you tell 100 good words to such a person and one bad word, he will remember the bad word and will forget the good ones. After all that, he thinks that when he departs to the other world, he will be accepted with honours. No, the higher world does not accept people with perverted minds, and hearts, with a right eye and hand that get seduced.

Time reveals a man best and defines him either in the category of the good or the bad. In the future, the scientists will have labs in which they will define whether a man is good or bad according to his sweat. They will make such analyses that the nowadays scientists do not suspect. A science called: ‚bovarysme’, through which they also recognise who is a good and bad person exists. This science studies the beam that comes out of the human eye. This beam never lies. The beam that comes out of the eyes of the people whose thoughts and wishes are elevated is above the plane and in the upward direction. In bad people, this beam is below the plane and in the downward direction, to the ground. Watch this beam and do not be fooled by man's beliefs. Whatever his beliefs may be, when the beam of his eye is above the plane, he is good. If the beam is below the plane and down, he is a bad person. Even if he passes for a saint before the people, he is bad and cannot be relied on.

When you study the ‚bovarysme’, you come to the conclusion that three categories of people exist: The first category live for God and for everything He has created; They are a 100% good people. The second category live for their neighbour and for everything around them. They are 50 % good people. The third category live only for themselves; they are 25% good people. If the parents do not treat their children well, they are not in their place. If the children do not respect their parents, they are also not in their place. If the man and the woman do not have a good relationship, they cannot be called ideal people. It is said for such people that their right eye and right hand seduce them. Their mind is distorted and resembles a snake which can surprise them any time.

A snakesmith in Europe had been making different attempts, which he became famous with. It sufficed he said a few words to the snakes in order to make them wrap around him and upon his order to unwrap and go to their places. Among the snakes there had been one big and dangerous snake, which had also obeyed his orders. However, one day when she wrapped around him and had to unwrap, she didn’t listen. Instead of unwrapping herself, she pressed him more. When the snake smith’s bones cracked, the snake unwrapped herself and went to her place. Therefore, Christ says: 'Take out the head and tail of the snake from yourself, i.e. from your life and cast them’ The head of the snake is the right eye, while the tail is the right hand. Study your life and you will yourselves come to terms with this comparison.

Many cite the verse, which i am talking about today, but they understand it as much as they understand the light. Everyone talks about the light but as a reflection of something. You see a glass and say that it is a glass but you don’t think how many refractions the light has gone through until you receive the image of the glass in your eyes. The photographer as the light too goes from one object to another, makes photos and then sells them to the people as real images so that they can study them. These are not real images but shadows of the objects. Every object needs to be in a natural position as are the leaves, branches, blossoms and fruits of the trees. Only in this way will you have a clear idea about it.

One thing is required from the modern people: conscious attitude to things. Someone enjoys the flowers, their colours and scents and says: All this is created because of me.- It is not so. The colours and scents of the flowers are created for the attraction of the insects through which their pollination and fertilising takes place. If in this case, you can also use the colours and scents of the flowers, you are free to use them but you have no right to think that they are created for you only. Some theologians support the idea that the world is created for the man. It is not so. It has to be known which world it is talked about. If you are talking about the world created by man, with his own understanding, indeed, this world is for him. If you are talking about the vast, infinite and great world in which millions of beings are moving, it is not created for the man. Do you think, that the many planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Neptune, Uranus are interested in the man? Do you think the creatures living on these planets are interested in the work of Bulgaria and what is happening now in Europe? The higher world is interested in the works of Europe insofar as it sees in them the fulfilment of God's will. Thus, each person is interested in a prominent singer or musician as long as the song or music satisfies his soul's longings. If the deaf and ignorant come to the concert, they will not stay there. He will look here and there and will leave the concert.

What interest does the madhouse represent for the healthy man? When he goes in it, he will experience fear and horror and will immediately come out. There are people in the madhouse each of whom live with their own idea. Some of them collect straws, put them in stacks, transfer them from one place to another until they get tired and go to sleep. They start the same job on the next day. Many of the modern people do similar kind of work, they transfer the straws from one place to another and when the end of their life comes they say: Thank God, we fulfilled our mission on the Earth in a due way. Now, we calmly leave this world and are going to God. Whoever was meant to go straight to God was not going to be sent to the Earth in order to study. A man comes to the Earth many times until he is ready to become an inhabitant of the Heaven. The Heaven is a place for love, wisdom and truth and not for gathering of straws and money. The inhabitants of the Heaven represent a big family, which members aim at applying the love and self sacrifice. To deny yourself, that is, to give up your excess load. That is why Christ says, "If you have two shirts, give one to your neighbour who has not one." It is terrible when the whole world is starving, while you think of your prosperity. Whoever thinks of himself looks like Nastradin Hodja, who says, "When my wife dies, half the world is lost to me; when I die, the whole world is lost. ’

It is time for people to deal with their contradictions and cease to deceive each other. Both the simple and the intellectual people need to get close to each other, to become brothers to each other. The people represent the men, while the bishops, priests and teachers — the women. Who spoils the people? Its servants. The woman has spoiled the man, while the man — the woman. You will say that the woman is a scary thing. Whatever is the woman such is the man too. May all men and women, priests and teachers, rulers and ruled unite and work together to set their people right. The new time excludes the lie. No lie is allowed. Whoever lies, whoever transgresses God's law, defines his own place, separates himself from the society of good and honourable people. The world needs healthy people, with bright minds and noble hearts. If you see people with their eyes taken out and their hands cut off, whether they are teachers, clergy, fathers and mothers, public figures, you cannot rely on them. Stay away from someone whose right eye is taken out and right-hand cut off. Future culture will include people with a healthy left eye and a healthy left hand. Their right eye and right hand will be replaced by new, healthy ones, but they will work under the impulse of the left eye and left hand.

Once they asked the heart why it has gone to the left side of the chest. It responded: I chose the left side in order to show that i have nothing to do with the right hand and right eye of the man.

When people are told about their deficiencies they say that they don’t want to listen to the words of this or the other one. If you don’t listen to the words of your friend, you will listen to the words of nature. Its language is strict and merciless. When it judges someone it stretches him on the ground and starts to gradually take off his fast, muscles and when she sends him off to the other world, it asks him: where did your philosophy go? When he cannot answer, his relatives say’God forgive him. — This is not a solution to the question. God forgives a man when the man alone undertakes to rectify his mistakes. This man has taken the house and field of his neighbour and after that he wants to be forgiven. Give back the house and field to your neighbour and you will be forgiven. While you do not rectify your mistakes, noone will forgive or excuse you. For thousands of years, people are all the time sorry for their mistakes without rectifying them. You will say that God is omnipotent and merciful. It is true, everyone has tried the Divine mercy and goodness but he requires from people to rectify their mistakes, i.e. to pay their debts. And today everyone asks themselves why death exists. Very simple, death is a tax collector that makes the debtors pay their debts. It is just and does not make any exception for anyone. When death arrives, everyone gets scared. Death comes to liquidate with people’s sins and crimes, i.e. with their debts. This is why, it is better for a man to be scared from the sin and not to sin and not to be afraid after he has sinned. I consider for good and honest those people who are afraid before they have committed a crime. A true hero is this one who does not run away from his debts but recognises and starts paying them. He turns to his neighbour and says: Brother, I committed a crime against you. I realise my mistake and am ready to accept the punishment, which i deserve. — What will the society say for this man? — To say and think whatever it wants. It is important what God thinks and says. Therefore, it is said in the Scripture: ’ The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.’

Many ask themselves why Christ has talked more with parables and symbols.- Christ’s aim has been to tell people the truth, to show them the right path without insulting them. However, despite that, they could not bear Him and crucified Him. He was saying to the priests: “You are holding the keys from the Heaven and neither you enter it yourselves nor do you let the others in. So are the modern Christians preparing for the Heaven, without responding to the name true Christians’. In order to bear this name, you need to penetrate the great teaching of Christ with a deep understanding about everything that happens in the world and preparedness to rectify every mistake of yours. The nobility of the human soul is hidden in this. Many are people’s delusions due to another delusion that the man is the crown of the beings, that he is created in the image and likeness of God. True men, created in the image and likeness of God are in Heaven, and Adam and Eve made of mud are still on the Earth.

Some maintain the idea that the soul is made of blood, which after death is being spilled over the ground. Indeed, the flesh rots, the blood is spilled, but the living breath neither rots, nor does it spill and get lost, but remains for ever and ever. It is the Divine beginning in man that is immortal. It is subjected to the law of evolution. Therefore, the animal beginning in the man dies while the Divine lives forever. The Divine is important and not the animal. If your friend visits you with a horse, what is more important for you — his presence or the horse he has arrived with? The essence is your friend and not his horse. What meaning does the red or white horse, which your friend has arrived with have? The horse is important to the extent to be able to hear the arrival of your friend from afar. If the horse is white, you will also see your friend who is fast approaching you.

When it is talked about the mortal and immortal beginning in man, the question of how a man will resurrect appears. According to some, a man will resurrect with the same body he has lived with on the Earth. This means that if a wrestler has weighed 100-120 kg, after his resurrection he will appear again as a strong, big and heavy man. This is the childish understanding and not the true resurrection of the soul. Resurrection implies a new, Divine life. In this sense, one can rise several times a day. Suffice it to give up one of his own delusions to raise something in him. Resurrection implies release. It has nothing to do with the grave of a man. Who has come out of the grave alive and resurrected? This has not been and will not be. However, a man is subject to constant changes. Therefore, Paul says, "We will not die, but we will change." It was and will always be. The present human is not what was in the past, nor will he remain such one in the future. Man changes in mind, heart and will; he also changes his understanding, his way of life. Modern people speak of dignity, will, strong thought, and so on. In my view, only he has a strong will who could give up the evil he has planned to do and replace it with good. You will say that this was known by your ancestors and great ancestors. They have known it, but they have not understood how the evil could be transformed in good.

One angel was guilty before God in relation to something and as a punishment, he was sent to the Earth amongst the horses in order to study their language. When the horses were happy, they pronounced the sounds i-hu-hu. The angel learnt the language of the horses, he talked to them but when he had to be joyful and say i-hu-hu, he could not pronounce these sounds, which everyone laughed at him for. It wasn’t easy to pronounce these sounds.- Why? — Because he did not understand their meaning. Indeed, a man hardly says words, which meaning he doesn’t understand.

What do the sounds i-hu-hu mean? When weddings are made in the villages, the Bulgarians have fun, dance and shout –i-hu-hu. In this way, they show their satisfaction that they have acquired something precious. First of all, the boy’s parents like a girl and send someone to request for her. An old, clever woman who starts the work diplomatically, usually performs this. First of all, she learns about the material situation of the girl, she wants to learn whether her parents have land, orchards and cattle. When she is convinced that the girl is wealthy, she starts to praise the young man, to talk that he is very hardworking, good-natured and that he is not deprived either. The girl’s parents listen but do not give an answer yet. The grandmother goes twice-three times and talks about the young man all the time until the parents of the young girl agree. They bring the young girl so that she can also say whether she agrees or not. As soon as the two sides agree, preparations for the wedding start taking place. The day of the wedding is defined and the enjoyment commences: the bride and the groom go forward, and afterwards the godmother and the godfather. She carries a sieve full of walnuts, dried fruit and money. All relatives, friends and acquaintances follow them. Everyone is joyful, smiling, music is being played. The godmother throws several walnuts or dried fruit and money from time to the kids who are eagerly waiting for that moment. When all rituals are performed, the music starts being played, the traditional dance Bulgarian Horo’ starts swinging lively, and one of the players shouts: "i-hu-hu." — What does the sieve, the fruits and the money mean? — The sieve is the human mind that brings wealth — walnuts, hazelnuts, fruit, money. Give the riches of your mind generously to all who need it. The children who collect the wealth represent the human thoughts and desires. The mind must give them an impulse to grow and develop. If the godmother is asked why she carries a sieve full of fruit that she hands over, she will say that this is a custom, but what lies in it she does not know.

Modern people have a lot of customs, they perform a lot of rituals without knowing their inner meaning. Originally, the customs and rituals were in the person himself, but then he lost them and only the outer forms did remain. Originally, the temple was inside the man, but after he lost it, he began to build external temples, and to worship and pray there. With the loss of his purity, man lost all that was written in his heart and soul. What greater temple shall he seek out of Him Who is in him, and He that seeth in all nature? It is enough to go out, in nature, to see the sky, to get exposed to the sun, to breathe in the fresh air, and thank Him Who created the whole universe. Go out in the evening when the sky is dotted with countless stars to feel the influence of the Creator. Everything that goes around us is able to elevate our thoughts and feelings, to connect us with God. Here is where the church is, that is, the temple of the human soul. This is the Divine Church that feeds the souls. It is in and outside the man, among flowers and trees, rivers and seas, birds, and animals. Where life is manifested properly, there is the temple of God, there are the candles and light nights. When people unite and live in love and brotherhood among themselves, they enter the Divine Temple. All people are not at the same level, but all of them can be brothers and enjoy equally the benefits of life. For those who are tempted by other people’s good deeds and wealth, Christ says their right eye should be removed and their right-hand cut off.

Time has come when the christian nations should become brothers and prepare for the future religion that is coming. After the 45th year, it will come, it will be imposed on the humankind and it will transform it. This is the religion of labour. After it, the new teaching will come — a teaching about life. While people live in the religion of labour, they will still quarrel, fight but should they enter the teaching of life, all this will disappear. — Why? -Because love gives birth to life. Therefore, everyone should give account to themselves in which religion they live — in the religion of labour or in the religion of love. There are two categories of people in the religion of labour: some of them live in a Divine way, while manifest in a human way; the others live in a human way while act in a Divine way. These are inevitable contradictions. However, live, work and anticipate the new religion, i.e. the new teaching of life, work and love. It is said that the animal in the human being is struggling, a man labours while God works. Give way to God in yourself. He will manifest and start working through you.

What is the Earth? — Great School. Because many of the modern people are greedy, they seek exclusively to acquire material goods. Providence teaches them in the most rational way. As it cultivates the serpent’s greed so does it teach the greedy people. It gives the opportunity to the most unsatisfied snake to gulp so much that it feels satisfied for at least five-six days. So does it give a lot of material goods to today’s greedy people so that they don’t think about them for years. Providence gives some people wealth abundantly in order that they get satisfied and glutted. According to the law of surfeit, a man stops thinking about things he has dreamt about once upon a time. In this way, however, the unreasonable man is being taught. It is right to give up the transient things in life before you have reached surfeiting them. Should the drunken give up the drinking after he has got fed up with the wine? It is better to give up before that because after the surfeit, his body may get ill. Should the soldier from the battlefield give up a murder after he has got fed up with murdering. It is good that he gives up the killing on time before he has got fed up with it. Someone wants to live, to experience all pleasures of life but is immediately exposed to people’s criticism. The modern morality is wonderful! When people kill each other in the battlefield, they consider this is in the right order of things. When someone has pleasures, they criticise him. If one thing is allowed the other thing should also be allowed. If one thing is criticised and condemned, the other thing should also be criticised and condemned. Give people something better than this, which they aspire to and do not condemn them.

When you hear you are talked in this way, you say: It is easy to talk, it is difficult to rectify the mistakes: it is easy to preach, it is hard to achieve the great things. This is true but a man should deal with his weaknesses and bad habits. It is not a question of restricting the man, but he should know what he needs for drinking and eating. Whoever is thirsty, let him drink but what? — Pure, fresh water. Whoever is hungry, let him eat but pure, healthy food. Whoever wants to think let him think but his mind should be busy with high and light thoughts. Therefore, eat, drink, think but do not destroy your future, do not oppose the aspirations of your soul. You will say that someone has fallen in love with a dancer. If she can save him, there is nothing bad in this. There are dancers who have saved dozens of men from degradation. The ideal side of things is important. In this sense, it is preferable to have dancers in the world who will save the people rather than not having them and people to live in idleness and crimes. You will say that this is not moral. Is the war moral?

As soon as you allow the war, you will also allow the dancers. This is in the life of controversy. However, when the war ceases, the dancers will disappear too. Where there is evil, there are its consequences. Remove the evil as a reason in order to deal with its consequences.

The lives of today’s people are full of contradictions. Hundreds and thousands of people die in the factories and mines. These sacrifices are justified only if the whole humanity is elevated with them. If this does not happen then they are not in place. — What is the ultimate goal of the modern culture? — To raise all peoples as well as all mankind. If a state has hundreds of steamers available, they only matter if they help the well-being of all subjects. Otherwise, it is preferable to get rid of them. All nations are fighting for more land; after all, apart from not earning anything their life becomes so much more expensive that they barely breathe under its weight. And Bulgaria fought for Macedonia without winning it.

The profit from the war is the appreciation of life. Today, everyone is wondering how to pay their debts. This is in the order of the historical events, in the order of the human culture but is not in the order of the Divine teaching, neither in the order of the culture before Adam’s sinning. The culture of Moses differs radically from that of Christ. Prior to Adam, noble, pure and smart people lived. This is known by few. If this fact has to be proved to the present people, special tools and time are needed that we do not have today. You will say that this is only for justification. And even if I have time and tools, I can not prove the truth of my words. Truth does not need proof. Whatever I say is not subject to criticism and doubt. Why do you doubt the pure gold?

Today’s people doubt because they believed in human promises and not in the Divine ones. Many men and women give big promises to one another with ought honouring them. In this way, they lose their faith and become disappointed. When you promise something, you will talk in consonance with the Divine grammar and logic where all symbols and each word are in their place. What does the comma mean in the promises which one person makes to another? The comma shows that his speech is not yet completed and that he needs to prepare his pen and finish it. Until the speech is finished, you can put a comma, semicolon, colon, etc. After the colon, a series of qualities of the subject or person that is talked about are being exhibited. Finally, when the speech is over, a full stop is being placed.

Now, all that you are listening to me came out of paradise and started with a comma, then with a semicolon, with a colon, until you finally finished with a point. What does the point mean? — It means death — the end of old life and the beginning of the new. A new thought, a new situation come after the point. Someone says to himself: I, — put the comma, the rich once merchant, I went bankrupt today; I lived improperly and unreasonably. I want to live my life, but that's why I have to be credited. I want to live wisely, to rectify my mistakes. The one who credits uses a questioning and exclamation mark. He asks: Are you ready to pay your debts? If you answer positively, he puts an exclamation mark by which he wants to say that by paying your debts you have to stay around him and serve him. You will serve your creditor, but he will treat you with love. It's nice to serve love. A girl and a young man who love each other, send air kisses to each other.

When talking about the kiss, people are ashamed of it, they consider it as something unclean, corrupt. Some people ask how the kiss has appeared. It has existed before the creation of man. The plants and the birds have kissed each other. The first light has taught them. Strive for the kiss of the light. So all people have to kiss. A girl whose kiss is pure as the light says to his beloved: I want your kiss to be as pure and bright, to have a light mind, a noble heart and a healthy body. Only air kisses are allowed so far. Every other kiss carries disease. Many modern people are sick. Therefore, their kiss also brings something painful.

One thing is required from modern humans: studying and applying of the Christ’s teaching. You will say that there are people who do this and therefore it is not needed that everyone applies it. It is not like that. All people, all nations, form part of the great, Divine tree. Therefore, everyone should perform their service as a sheet, branch, colour or fruit of the tree. Only in this way does a man retain his individuality and go from the private to the general, from the personal to the universal. The life of the individual and of the whole changes in the way in which the embryo in the womb of the mother does. It passes through 500,000 forms until it accepts the image of a person. In the spiritual sense, the different people take different forms: one looks like a point, another is a comma, a third person is a semicolon, a fourth — a question mark, a leaf, a branch, a colour, etc. From the perspective of comparative physiognomy, a man bears a human form from the outside only; internally, however, he has the form of a plant or an animal. So some people compare the nose of the man with the nails of the eagle. As the eagle grasps his victim with his nails, one can also hurt his neighbour with his nose. The nose symbolises the mind. This shows that the present person has not changed internally yet.

When talking to people of good life, of self-sacrifice, of love for one another, this will not be attained suddenly, but it must be known that the good and right life comes as a consequence of the application of the Christ's teaching. When mothers and fathers change their thoughts and feelings, a new, healthy generation with a right thought will be born. Everyone carries within themselves material for future development. That is why it is said that it depends on a man to live well or poorly. Whoever lives according to the Divine principle, will be in peace and love with himself and his fellowmen, even with his enemies. Christ's teaching is a teaching of principles and not forms. Principles expand and formulas restrict. Man's life is meaningless outside Christ’s principles. The Bulgarian proverb "Empty Mara beats a Drum" clearly expresses the life of the average man. The drum must be beaten in time and place. So should the drum of the mother and the children, the priests and the teachers, the rulers and the ruled be beaten. That means a sincere person. His words and his speech are pure, sincere. Whoever listens to such a person does not come across any contradictions. He sees the pure consonance, with no falsity and no rudeness.

So, to bring out the right eye and cut off the right hand, which bring temptation into life. And then love our enemies. Whoever loves his enemy is a man of the future culture. And if those who are sitting at the conference in Paris now love their enemies, there will be genuine peace among the peoples. If they do not love their enemies, even if peace is achieved, it will be temporary. True peace is the one that brings the future culture of work, life and love. If the peace that the present peoples expect is based on Moses' law, ‚an eye for an eye and a tooth for the tooth’, time will show what that peace will be and what culture it will bring.

I wish you the future culture to come, and that you become the bearers of love.


Sunday Talks

06.02.1919 Thursday, Sofia


Translated by Proletina Dragoeva-Jones

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