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1919_06_08 The Humpbacked Woman


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The Book - The Salt. Beinsa Douno


The Humpbacked Woman


"And he laid his hands upon her and immediately she was made straight and glorified God."1


The primary requirement in life is that the truth should be presented in its real form. There are real and abstract, or positive and negative truths. If you observe a Centigrade thermometer tube from the bottom upwards as the temperature rises, you will have a positive truth, but if you observe it from the top downwards, you will have a negative truth. In the first case, the heat will increase, but in the second - it will decrease. You will say, "What does it matter if the heat increases or decreases?" This is of great significance. In nature only warmth causes the growth of all plants and fruit trees. This law refers to the human mind and heart as well. I interpret the word warmth as noble feelings. The most noble thoughts, feelings and acts are produced by warmth.


You will ask me, "What has this to do with Christ’s laying His hands upon this woman?" Woman is the foundation of the world. The world cannot exist without women. If this were possible, God would not have created them. Some may object to this saying that God created Adam first. Yes, but which Adam? God created the male and female sex together. The male and female sex constitute a contrast in the world, but this contrariety is a great science as well. Christ wished to raise that woman to her high position. She was humpbacked. What does that hump mean? The woman was humpbacked in thoughts, feelings and acts. Christ laid His hands on that woman. The hands signify the sublime and the great in the world. Present day people suffer from lack of will, but a person lacking will is not a person. You will probably all say you have will. I would give you a small task so that you can test your will. I may give you a kilogram to lift from the earth. You will say, "Now, can we not lift a kilogram!" Yes, you can lift it, but not under any conditions. How could you lift this kilogram, if it were heated up to 1,000 degrees? Not only you, but no other person could lift it, you would even stay ten meters away from it. Therefore, there is a great difference between a kilogram that even children can lift and a kilogram the whole world cannot lift. If anyone could lift you, it shows you have no will, no power.


We read that Christ laid his hands on that humpbacked woman and she was made straight. I ask you: can you lay your hands on your humpbacked mind, your humpbacked heart and make them straight? You will answer me that your hearts and minds are straight. No, your hearts and minds are not straight. The hearts and minds of all clergy, ministers and teachers as well as those of many other people are humpbacked. You will say, "Why do you offend us?" I do not offend you, but I am speaking the positive truth so as the illusions that we are something which we are not, should be avoided. In this verse, however, there is another psychological moment. Christ laid His hands on that woman in order that she might be made straight and glorify God. Tell me how many times a mother must lay her hands on her small child when she bathes him/her so that s/he might be made straight and start walking? If the mothers did not do that, would their children ever start walking? Your children are humpbacked women which is why you should lay your hands on them daily and bathe them. Do you know what bathing means? What a simple truth bathing is, but no one of the present day people of learning can give it an interpretation. Contemporary people are like that Greek philosopher who wanted to study the world by looking only upward. While walking along the street he fell in a hole. Getting out of it, the philosopher got angry and started scolding people for putting such an obstacle on his path. After restoring his calm state he continued on his way, but to his great surprise he fell into another hole. He became furious and started chiding people even more fiercely for placing obstacles on his way so that he could not discover the truth. No, sir, when you are seeking the truth you must look forward, not upward. All dandies, all ladies today look upward. Go out to the fields and notice which way the empty wheat-ears look. All empty wheat-ears look up. If a farmer should see all the wheat-ears looking up, he would be driven to despair. But if he should see all wheat-ears with bent heads, he would say, "Thank God! I wish all of you were bent!"


Christ saw the humpbacked woman and by the same law laid His hands upon her and she was made straight and glorified God. Some may ask, "Why should we glorify God?" I am mot asking you to glorify that Lord in whose name all dissentions take place today and whom the churches have served for 2,000 years; I am not speaking to you about the Lord whom the governments serve - the god of war. I do not deny they are gods, but they are gods for themselves not for humanity. I am speaking to you about a Lord you can find anywhere, Who is within you, in whom you live and move and have your being, or feel. This Lord does not belong to states and parties. Him I call the God of suffering, of the humpbacked people in the world.


Those of you who have studied the theorem of Pythagoras know what it states: the square constructed on the hypotenuse of a triangle equals the sum of the squares constructed on the two legs of the same triangle, i.e. the space comprising the square constructed on the hypotenuse equals the space comprising the other two squares. Thus the woman upon whom Christ laid His hands, represents the hypotenuse upon which the square was constructed, i.e. the neutral zone which divides the square into two triangles. Considering geometry and mathematics this way, a correlation can be found between them and life itself. If a person’s mind, heart and will would be healed, there must be at least three conditions. A person whose lungs, brain and stomach are spoilt cannot be healed. You may ask, "But how did Christ heal so many people of different illnesses?" Christ healed only those people whose lungs, stomachs and brains were in their right place. I take the stomach as an emblem of the physical life, the lungs as an emblem of the mental life and the brain - of the spiritual life of person. Therefore, if you are not connected with the forces of these three worlds, your hump cannot be made straight. In order that the child on whom the mother lays her hands may stand up, s/he must wish that him/herself, or have a certain thought about it. This analogy applies to the separate nations. Every nation is similar to a child. Some nations are considered young, others - old. If a nation is young, its mother must bathe it in the tub for a long time and lay her hands on it until it Starts walking. Moreover, it is known that a child who is just starting to walk passes through many phases - many falls and risings, but that does not mean anything. You will ask me, "What relation does this verse have to life today?" The sun directs its rays daily to us - they are the divine hands. What do they contain? Christ lays His hands daily on us by means of these rays. If your brain, stomach and lungs are healthy, your hump will be made straight by all means.


You will say that this idea is not in accord with the present day church. Which church? The one formed by people, or the one created by God? If it is the church of God, it is nature itself. I believe in its symbol. But those who wish to take exams for priests and bishops must pass them in such a way that when they lay their hands on the humpbacked woman, her hump should be made straight. How many priests and bishops of this kind are there is Bulgaria? Two thousand years have already passed after Christ in the course of which all kinds of learned bishops and preachers came into the world, but the hump of the whole humanity as well as of the Bulgarian people, still exists. Why? Because no one believes in what Christ taught. I have talked with many worldly people and have noticed that they are more open to the great truths than some spiritual people. By saying this I neither judge nor blame anyone. If a teacher gives you a problem to solve that you cannot solve correctly, the teacher says that the problem has not been solved. "But, teacher, I struggled much until I solved it. Besides that, my father and grandpa are rich and good people, is it possible for me not to solve it?" All that may be so, but the problem is not solved. When students do not succeed in that, they start taking flowers, money, etc. to the teacher, but the problem still remains unsolved. You should know that the schools, grammar schools and universities have been founded for knowledge and not for bribery.


I see all people today take candles to the church, light them but the problem still remains unsolved. You may be a king, but your soul, heart and will remain humped. I say to such a person: you will not achieve anything in the world and will always be a slave to the conditions in which you live. People today justify themselves by the difficult, unfavorable conditions. If I put a person in a nice building and give them all the favorable conditions for work, but should they bring in all their garbage from outside, what will become of the favorable conditions they were given? Such a person will complain of the bad conditions of life, but who created them? They themselves. What must they do? They must change them, but not tear down the house, only clean it up. If you do not maintain the good conditions given to you, you will be like those baby crows which, after dirtying their nest, begged their mother to be removed to another nest, since the one they were in was dirty. The mother asked them, "Will you also go to the new nest?" "Of course, we will." "Then you will dirty the new nest as well." I shall give you a similar example about a wolf. A wolf once went to complain to a fox of people who were so bad that they always persecuted him. "I shall go to some other good and noble people," he said. The fox asked him, "But will you take your teeth along?" "Yes, indeed." "Then these other people will persecute you as well." One must understand the basic law according to which everything should be put in its own place. If you have teeth, you must know how to use them.


By healing the woman, Christ wanted to point out the fact that all people who believe in Him should have the will to correct their life. Jena2 coming from the Sanskrit word zeo means life in Bulgarian. The life of this woman had become humpbacked, but in order that it should be made straight, the divine will should direct it so that it would manifest itself sensibly. How would the Divine life manifest itself? It is a great mistake to think that you now much. I have nothing against your knowledge but I ask you, since you have studied algebra and geometry, what use have you made of these formulae? When I look through algebra and geometry textbooks, I see what great truths are hidden in these formulae, but their deep meaning remains concealed for the teachers and students. These seeds have not been sown in science yet. There is apathy in us to the deep truth. There is only a mechanical belief, we expect God to come and set all things right, teach us everything without our sitting down to work and investigating all things ourselves. This way we shall be like a rich man’s son who inherited great wealth from his father. He started going to balls and concerts, visiting one city after another and all famous places in the world and after returning home said, "There is no meaning in life." Such a person who visits cities like a tourist or gathers knowledge at school without applying it, I consider as a beggar going with their bag from house to house to hoard in one place what people give them. At some places s/he is welcomed, while at others upbraided until s/he loses all sense of self-esteem. Such a person degenerates. In fact all people who lead parasitic lives degenerate.


It says in the Scripture, "Believe, hope and love," which means - have will. To manifest your will means to stand against the whole world if it is against the convictions you have tested and wish to apply. People may tell you it is senseless to withstand this, but if you have will power you will never give up. You will say, "I believe and that is all." You will say it is silly for one to believe. Perhaps it is so, but I have not met a person who does not have faith, only some think they do not believe, i.e. have only a reflection of faith in themselves, moving downwards and losing their warmth. Some believe that they will lose their life, or that that their life is bad, or that nothing will come out of them and so on. This is no knowledge, but only beliefs. If you say you have knowledge, I will ask you, "Why do I speak to you about this verse?" You will answer, "We suppose, we believe." You will be like those peasants whom a priest once preaching asked, "Brothers, do you know what I am going to speak about?" "No, we don’t." "Well, then, if you do not know, there is no need of my speaking to you." "Yes, we know, we know!" "Well, if you know there is no need of my speaking about it." I do not put the question this way, but classify the Christians into such as have a common center and such as have not, or Christians who move in regular circles and such who move in curved, hyperbolic lines. A comet sometimes appears in space, approaches the sun and then disappears. Why has this comet appeared in the world? If a person wishes to greet you from a distance, cast a long-range missile at you, they have a purpose for doing that. I think that comets leave their places in order to greet the sun, pass by the world, sometimes burst and then they pass away into space again. Every comet has a definite mission and its appearance can be examined from a physical, astronomical or spiritual standpoint. First its movements must be examined, why it has come and so on. In the same way many of you are comets who in the course of thousands of years will be lost in space. You appear and do not move in a circle, but in a hyperbola; you move in a circle, but in a hyperbola; you move out of space changing your place until another planet comes to change your center and put you in a circle.


Christ came to change this hyperbola into a circle and place you in the center - thus changing your course. In this way Christ changed the orbit of this woman. When she stood straight, she found herself in a wise world and started glorifying God, i.e. started to study and understand her life. Her state can be compared to that of a person taken out of prison and placed among beautiful nature to enjoy the pure springs and taste its fine fruit - drinking in all its inexpressible beauties. In order to correct our life we need a positive, divine science. Many of you while listening to me get inspired and say, "We can do everything in order to correct our life." However, by the end of the week this inspiration is over and you say to yourselves, "No we cannot do this. But you have hardly considered this question deeply enough." There is no question that I have not considered from a spiritual standpoint. I understand it in form, in substance and in meaning as well as in its functioning under the impulse of the Divine Will or the divine Spirit. I comprehend in will and spirit that Divine body which does not change in the world, i.e. those ideas which are changeless and exist eternally and those acts which build the world. By spirit I mean the Divine human soul. What we call life flows from this divine soul. The spirit bears love because love is the fruit of this spirit. In Bulgarian the word douh3 comes from the word blowing of the wind, so it has almost lost all sense. The spirit is that Supreme Intelligent Principle by coming-into contact with which you will by all means understand the sense of life and start living according to all its rules. Contemporary science explains the causes of all anomalies in ordinary life. The first cause is due to the unnatural food you eat. God has made person to feed on fruit, but you eat meat. Meat has filled your organisms with such poisons that it is now a sum of uncleanliness. Science proves this. If your sense of smell were normal, you would avoid being close to one another - such an awful odor is emitted by those who eat meat. When someone complains of illness, the first condition for them is to change their diet.


You will ask, "But what should we eat?" Fruit. "They are expensive."


In the first place you must change the conditions of your life. Do you accept the idea that there is one God who has created everything in the world and are you ready to sacrifice everything for Him? This Great Doctor within you of whom all doctors today are simply assistants says, "Live naturally!" I consider this question in a very broad sense. A fruit diet and a meat diet contain different elements owing to which two different states are produced in our organism. By the same law every thought and every feeling can produce two different states which in the distant future of our life will produce two different results.


Notice that Christ placed both His hands upon this woman which means that He placed His ten fingers upon her. Do you know what it means to place both your hands on a person? There is no greater blessing than placing your hands over someone’s head. It says in the Scripture, "Christ raised His hands, blessed His disciples and breathed at them." Today you suffer from the fact that you do not raise your hands. That is praying. But you say, "I do not pray." To pray is to raise your hands and where there is proper movement it is a movement of the spirit. Prayer is movement in all directions. As the legs move the right way, the heart, the will and everything must move on its way. What would you feel in such a case? At such a moment you will feel that you are master of your world, that you have everything and have no need of anyone. They may put you in prison and still you will feel happy, but you may be in a king’s palace and still be unhappy as the humpbacked woman. A Bulgarian learned man told me he wanted money, which means that he wanted to be like the humpbacked woman. I do not deny money, because it is admitted by God, but we must not regard it of God, because we have everything. I regret the fact that all Bulgarians want to be humpbacked women since they all want houses and money. We must make sensible use of everything we have. I am not asking you to abandon this life, or leave your husbands, because you are not heroes. What do I mean by telling you to leave your husbands? I compare woman to the director of a prison who is always spying on her husband to know where he goes, what he does, how he applies her teaching and for every small mistake she beats him. When I say, "Woman, leave your husband" I mean that you should leave him free and give him freedom to cure his wounds. Today all people stick to one another like ticks and only some force can separate them. Present day religion has turned into parasitism. If I befriend a person to sponge on them for my sustenance, that is fraud. A bishop has not taken this post only to earn his living by it and look after fields and houses. When I speak about the priests, it is not that I wish you should despise them, but that you should cast out of the church everything that is impure. The idea is the essential thing. I call such priests and bishops humpbacked.


When Christ comes He should place His hands on all the priests so that their humps should be straightened. The priests preach the word of God, but when they leave the church, they say, "We preach and speak this way, because this is our profession, however, we think differently. Things will go like this now, but we shall get straight in the next life." If I had spoken like this 500 years ago, I would have been burned on the stake. But I am not one of those who can be burned. You, too, who do not want to die, come to the place where I live, become its citizens; it is so spacious, there is much light there and I shall give you the best houses and the best food. Do not think that when you enter this world I am speaking to you about, you will be childless. How strange people are when they think that on entering the other life and becoming saintly, they will not bear children any more! They will bear children but they will be righteous sons and daughters, not sinful as they have been till now. To be saintly and pure means not to be humpbacked. According to this law anyone entering this kingdom and marrying, will have only two children - a boy and a girl. And when these children grow up and marry, they also will have only two children, not a Jacob, who had twelve.


Christ laid his hands on the head of the humpbacked woman and said, "May the blessing of your son and daughter rest upon you, they saved you." If I tell you the past of this humpbacked woman you will see that it makes great history. All the prophets have spoken of this humpbacked woman. Read the Old Testament and you will find everywhere a description of all her forms. The Revelation also speaks about her. In her first phase she is described as a woman sitting on seven hills and in the second phase she is a pregnant woman who is bearing a child. Her child is taken and carried up to heaven, while she flees to the wilderness. That means that when the humpbacked woman is freed of her hump, she will bear a man-child, that is - your mind will awake and start thinking and your heart will start feeling. Then you will say, "From now on, I shall live for my son, i.e. for the mind and sacrifice everything for him." I take the mind as a divine essence, not as an organ. I do not take the human mind in its degenerate form, for today it has become a laughing stock. Since you say you know much, tell me what will become of you in a year’s time; will you be on the physical plane or somewhere else; will there be peace in a year and what will be the situation of Bulgaria - will it be paying taxes or not? All these things have certain correlation; they are interrelated in a certain way. If we are paying a tax today, it is what we have been owing for thousands of years. It is strange when people are afraid of the indemnity Bulgaria is to pay. But do you know what great contributions people have been paying up till now without even giving it a thought? How many lives have been ruined and why and to whom have they been paying these contributions? Because of them nothing has come out of your life yet. There is something in you, indeed, but your way is crooked.


And when Christ comes to lay His hands on you, you will begin to glorify God and realize you are moving in a center. Then all that is happening to you will have another meaning. In order to raise the Bulgarian nation, God has sent His children to this small land as to a boarding-house. All nations are boarding-houses where the good divine children live. The reputation of every boarding-house rests on its food, good conditions, hygiene and order. Also in every nation there will be born people of talent, of genius, writers and poets, after them saints will be born and finally the Son of God will come who will return in order to bless this nation. The greatest reward of a boarding-house will be the fact that such and such royal son has lived in it. You will say, "Christ performed so many miracles among the Jews who did not get wiser for that, how could saints and great men bring them to sense then!" But the Bulgarians are no more sensible than the Jews. If Christ should come today among the French, the English, the German or the Bulgarian people, they would act the same way with Him as the Jews. The present wars show what the Christian nations are like. Christ must lay His hands on these humpbacked peoples so that they could become straight. I do not consider anyone cultured today, all are humpbacked. We need another, higher culture. The conditions of the present culture must change in order to prepare the appearance of the Divine culture for which we all have been called. Our future will be, determined by our thoughts, not by our external appearance. Could your thought, perceiving something from the invisible world at a given moment, avoid perverting it? Which rays of light come straight from the sun and which are refracted? Only the light and the heat coming directly from the sun can make us healthy. And when Christ laid His hands on the humpbacked woman, she was made straight and glorified God. In the ten fingers of the hand lies all the power. The number 10 means that you live with God and do His will. The number one is God - the condition under which person can develop. You must have these conditions in your descending and ascending to God and carry your blessings to suffering humanity - and to all who have gone astray from the right path. We should know the meaning of all the fingers of the hands, if we are to know what Christ meant by laying His hands on the humpbacked woman. By that he wanted to say, "Woman, you need will power." The thumb means that you must abide by the divine world and not despite the will and mind of God. The forefinger tells, be pure and keep the right which God has given you. The middle finger - decide everything according to the divine measure so that you may be always just and merciful to everybody in all your actions, do as you would be done by. The ring finger - love the divine science, the truth, the beautiful in nature, do not deceive people in trading. The little finger is related to commerce and wants to say, "Spin well your yearn and weave well." Such is the meaning of the fingers of the one hand, but I shall talk to you about the meaning of the fingers of the other some other time.


And after Christ laid His hands on the humpbacked woman, she immediately stood up and said to Christ, "I understand the meaning of all You said to me which is deeply hidden in my soul." Can you also, by looking at your fingers, say that you will fulfill all that is deeply concealed in them in meaning and content? A priest blesses with two fingers and says, "In the name of the divine world, in the name of your religion and justice, on the basis of science and material life, I bless you - now give your money." You act the same way - after you do the smallest good deed, you say, "Give me your money now!" Christ did not ask the humpbacked woman to follow Him, but He said to her, "Woman, go and bring up your children according to all the rules of the divine science." And all who glorify God today descend from the humpbacked woman. They are the sons and daughters of that humpbacked woman on whom Christ laid His hands. Thousands of mothers have laid their hands on their sons who turned out to be vagabonds and scoundrels, because their mothers had not known which moment to lay their hands on them. If a farmer would stretch his hands and sow his seed on the field at an inappropriate time, there would not be any result of his sowing. This shows that there is a definite time for everything in the world at which the hands should be laid. Mothers usually bathe their babies in the morning or in the evening and that way they massage and rub them, thus laying their hands on them, but they have something in mind by doing that. It is the greatest divine art for a mother to know how to massage her baby. If she knew how to do it, the child would turn out to be a genius or a saint. It is necessary that there should be schools for the young women to learn how to bathe and massage their children. The mothers today do this in a haphazard way, in order to have more free time. I shall give you a method how to bathe your children in the future.


I connect this verse with many other verses, this is how I interpret it and sign my name below it, for by signing it, its words have power. You may ask me what signing means. When you sow a field, reap the wheat and put it in the barn - this is signing. When someone writes something and puts his name below, it means they must stand by their words. But today we easily sign our name and fulfill little. Christ laid His hands only once on the humpbacked woman and she was made straight. Christ is coming now and He will lay His hands on the whole white race, then you shall have a straight woman, a new life in Europe - a re-generation will take place. The unrest and changes taking place in the world today can be compared to the process taking place in the human body. I can tell you exactly what inner process each part produces on the organism of different people. Therefore in the organism of every different nation in which the divine spirit lives, certain thoughts have been stored up for ages which we must fight against. When a people acquires good qualities, it is a blessing for that nation, but if it were to acquire bad qualities, it is a horror and terror for the good people. The good qualities are like a river carrying only good blessings, but the bad qualities are like a river which tears down and destroys everything on its way. I am speaking to you not as Bulgarians, but as thinking human beings who possess a germ of the Divine spirit, soul and will so that these elements should be joined in you and render you free citizens in the world.


You will say, "If I had power, I would do this and that." No, do not desire power for you have enough of it to do anything you wish. The mother who has bathed well her child has already applied her power. If all mothers would lay their hands wisely on their children, as Christ did, this war would not have taken place today. You will ask, "But what will happen in the future?" Christ, this rational principle, stretches His hands from the sun and if you accept His thoughts, wishes and will, if all this produces a change in you so that you would realize that you are all brothers and that the happiness of one person is the happiness of another as well, your life would immediately change into a straight line moving around a center. All people today - rich, learned and so on, have different centers and they wish to form a society with such a variety of centers. This is no science, it is mere disharmony. I have come to this conclusion too. Ten or fifteen years ago I was travelling round Bulgaria investigating the heads of this people. I have measured them with different circular instruments and compasses making calculations and have arrived at certain conclusions. Many people have asked me on observing my calculations, "What are you doing?" "I am learning how to make calculations."4 I already know what problems are of interest to the Bulgarians. On my trips people ask me, "Where do you come from and where are you going to, what is the purpose of your trip and so on?" Once I said, "I come from the sun to make observations in Bulgaria." "Would you impart some of your investigations’ results to us?" "This I cannot do." "What else are you doing?" "I give lectures." "Do they pay you for that?" "No, I do it free of charge." "How is that? Are you not married and how many children do you have; are your father and brothers still living; are you Bulgarian?" "I am Bulgarian for the time being." Then I hear them say, "He is paid by someone that is why he is a learned man. I, too, would become learned if I were paid."


You too should measure your heads daily with your compasses. I have measured and observed many eyes, ears, eyebrows, noses and have come to a conclusion as to what a long nose means, a broad nose, thick eyebrows, a high or a low forehead and so on. With these conclusions I have come to the theorem of Pythagoras and see people whose hypotenuse is turned upward, but such people are not promising, you cannot expect anything of them. You will say, "What shall we do with such people?" turn the hypotenuse downward, not upward, i.e. the apex of the triangle should point up which means that the brain of person should be constructed on a square, not on a hypotenuse. Otherwise the front part of the head - the part of the mental abilities - will be very poorly developed and egoism, the animalistic nature, will prevail. Such a person will be capable of any criminal act unconscious of what the future would hold for them. Sometimes a young couple comes to me asking me if they should marry, whether they are suitable for each other and will get along well. I say, "The hypotenuse of your beloved is turned upward, you should not marry or if you do, you will be beaten, since you will be taking a half that is not yours." And when Christ laid His hands on the woman, her hypotenuse was turned downwards. The stretched hands should be horizontal. All distances from the top of the forehead to the ear should be equal. Place a person whose distances are not equal in any kind of society and they would not profit by the benefits of life, but if the relations change, all the manifestations of a person will change also. You can test this by any animal. Place a cruel wild animal under the most favorable conditions and it will not change.


Many people have human form, but their head must be built according to the rules of the rational numbers in mathematics and geometry, not on the irrational ones. Have you studied rational equations? There are rational roots in the world. They are the divine foundations deeply inserted in our genesis. As you begin to understand these mathematical relations, when you see a regular geometrical figure, you will grasp at once the divine conditions within it. When you see a flower with five, six, seven or more petals, do you know whether these numbers are rational or irrational? Do you know what problems are hidden in these numbers of the flowers? I am trying to find a suitable language to explain this mathematics to the Bulgarians which can express the relation of these numbers in the petals and blossoms of the flowers. These lines and forms must become alive in you. Mathematics must become alive and a teacher must know on what numbers each head is built. You must have a deep understanding of these things so that when you see a person, you can immediately tell what kind of a person they are by observing their eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, hair - whether it is thick or fine and so on. Nothing is by chance in the world. If the hairs of a woman are thick, she spins a thick yarn, but you may expect much of a woman with fine hairs. You will ask me, "Can all this be possible concealed in the humpbacked woman?" Yes, everything is concealed in her. If you learn all this you will understand the whole individual and the whole contemporary social, political and spiritual life. We shall come to know one another by external features, just as a doctor can tell what a person’s illness is by its external symptoms. The doctor comes, looks at your tongue and knows there is some kind of poisoning in your organism; then he examines your eyes and if they look yellow, s/he knows that the liver is not functioning normally.


Doctors usually prescribe to sick people highly nutritious rich food, but the condition of the patient becomes worse by such food. I recommend to the sick hunger for two or three days after which they can eat prune compote (stewed prunes) and two or three hours later - the same compote with a little bread. After the patient recuperates a little, I shall give them a nice apple which they should chew well without peeling it so that they should absorb all its juice and after all that I will offer them the ordinary food they eat. When a poor person falls ill and has no means to call for a doctor, they either get well by themselves or visit the other world. This shows that the person’s hour for leaving this world has come and therefore, they should prepare themselves for that. Once I wrote to a friend of mine who was getting ready to depart, the following thing, "Your house is already in a dilapidated state, it is composed of many irrational numbers so you must abandon it and go to prepare good materials for your new house." The humpbacked woman on whom Christ laid His hands immediately sloughed off her old body as a snake sloughs off it skin or a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. You must pass through the same law. If a fundamental transformation, which can change you, does not take place, you cannot profit by the food nature gives you. During the greatest misfortunes there is a most abundant food. Do you know how much food is stored in the Vitosha mountain? If it could be utilized today, all Bulgarians would be nourished. But you are sinful and you will misuse it. But in the future people will be trained not to misuse the benefits of nature.


The program for the future culture is provided for and the work for men, women and children is determined. In the future people will know each other from a distance, they will walk without hats and work only for two hours daily. The socialists want in their program eight working hours a day physical work. You may object, "But if people get a sun stroke? Besides, Apostle Paul said that women should not walk with uncovered heads." What does being bare-headed mean? It is to receive a blessing, but Apostle Paul has said that they should cover their heads only when they are with their husbands, while outside they should take their cover off, in order to hear bare-headed what Christ will say. When you are out under the open sky, you should take everything off your head so that you would be able to receive the Divine grace and hear what Christ says. But today people are wearing such big hats under which there is such a loud buzzing that they can hear nothing of what Christ is speaking. People are wearing such big hats that they become ministers, millionaires and what not - how can they understand the will of God then? We are all so rich that there is nothing more we could wish for, but we should give freedom to all our brothers to develop their wealth and not to put any obstacles on their way. I make a special recommendation to the Bulgarians not to spoil things. I have been observing them since more than twenty years and I see that they spoil what another has built and then they say, "Why do things go wrong with us!" Do not destroy, but build on what another has already built. That is what is happening to me too. I have been working for so many years on one and the same thing, but the priests are trying to tear down what I am teaching you. If what I am speaking to you is my own, I would tear it down too, but since it is divine and no one will speak the same way after me, the Bulgarians should build their life upon this teaching.


I do not wish to destroy the churches or to change the social order, but I am telling you to throw out of the church and different parties only that which is unfit. After that let all preachers, teachers, guerillas join hands and begin to build together, help one another and continue the work of living nature. As to destruction, I can be a master of this too. Do not think that a good person cannot destroy as well. Eve said a single word to the snake and humanity has been suffering for as much as 8,000 years because of that word. Eve said to the snake, "After I eat the fruit you are offering me, if I actually become like God, I promise that all my sons and daughters shall serve you." That is why the woman Christ saved was humpbacked. Christ laid His hands on her and said to her, "Woman, be careful not to make such promises a second time. Now go and give birth." Outside of God there is no life, outside the divine science there is no science. Now, thanks to the humpbacked woman who began to glorify God, today we have a new culture. Shall I also lay my hands on you, or still keep them folded together? I shall not lay my hands on a person whose mind, heart and stomach are disturbed. Now I am speaking if the name of God. When I turn on the divine tap, all the blessings will come upon you, but if I do not turn it on, you will dig wells. When I turn on this tap, you will have such an abundance of water that you will not need to pay for it. That is why Christ said, "If you knew who is speaking to you, you would want and He would give you living water." And that humpbacked woman understood Him. I wish the Bulgarians would not be humpbacked. I shall wait for a few more years and see if the clergy and the teachers will get awake. If they do not come to consciousness, we shall put in a bag all their irrational numbers and make them calculate these. This is God’s decision: knowledge will be given only to those who will not misuse it. Today we see how in Russia the most sacred and religious ideas of humanity are misused. In the future such things will not be tolerated.


When Christ laid His hands on the woman, He said to her, "Woman, understand and keep God’s law. When you turn to God, your hands must be always clean." When you turn to God, He will see the construction of your fingers, whether they are rational or irrational numbers, and say if you should be accepted or sent back. This is one great science which, once learnt, will transform all parties and separate individuals who will begin to glorify God. Then all parties will be based on the rational numbers. The number 10 is rational, but 5 is irrational. Man is number 5, that is why all does not go well with him. He must be joined to woman so that together they should become the number 10, which is a rational number. Hence, the law has it that two irrational numbers added give a rational one. The combination of the living numbers will affect the future life. What I am speaking is not clear to you, but that does not matter. Thank God for what you do not understand as well as for what you understand. What you understand will throw light on what you have not understood.


Now, when you go back home, examine both sides of your hands and a bright idea may come to you. When you rise in the morning hold your hand for five minutes against the sun as you warm it by a stove. If you are well disposed, you will learn many more things than you would understand in a whole senseless life. If you understood well these things, you would see that all the energy and will are hidden in the hands and it is through them that we become ill or healthy. When a person starts hiding their thumb among the other fingers, that is a bad sign - they will not have luck. When one holds their hand in a fist, it means - you will be beaten." Some people keep together the four fingers of the hand, but the little finger stays open. That means: "My interests differ from those of other people." People must learn how to hold their hands. Many orators do not know how to hold their hands, they are embarrassed. This shows that their heart, mind and will are not in accord. Drop your hands calmly down and say, "God will help me," then raise them up and an idea will be born in you. Someone says they are honest people, but they shut their eyes and look down. Open your eyes and say you are an honest person. Today we say things opposite to the good life. A child says they will obey, but they look down. A child who picks his/her nose or ears, is not a good child. When someone asks you for help, but scratches behind their ear, it shows they have no definite idea. When Christ laid His ten fingers, He expressed the science the results of which are mathematically calculated. Prayer is a science and you must study a long time how to hold your hands correctly and how to move your tongue. Someone has a frightening look. Why? Because the world in such a person is unorganized. Another person has a cruel look or glances askew. Why? Because the angle of the theorem of Pythagoras is crooked. You must always have a soft look in your eyes which should be open in a restful state, always ready to receive a Divine Truth.


This is what Christ spoke to the humpbacked woman, this is what I also tell you, so that your humps may be made straight. Everything in you - your eyes, ears, nose, foreheads, fingers must be rational numbers that your humps may be made straight. Then you will understand whether there is Truth, Wisdom and Love in the world. I say: there are virtues, there is absolute righteousness, wisdom, love and truth. You are living in a Divine world which you must accept within you. And when will the new children of the new generation come? Many beings have prepared this world for you, set the table and are waiting for you. But you may find some reason to refuse and answer, "I have bought a field I am going to see; I have bought five pairs of oxen, I am going to examine them; I have married and wish to have a good time with my wife, so I cannot come." This is how the learned men answered in the time of Christ, but you should not give such an answer. You may work in your field, you may test your five pairs of oxen, or get married and yet serve God.


Now I wish all of your humps to get straight. My words concern those who have humps. If anyone’s hump is straight, let them excuse me. If someone has no hump but becomes offended, it shows that they do have a hump. When you go back home, read and meditate on this verse and on what has been said that you may create your own philosophy which will be the basis for a better understanding of Christ’s teaching.


Sermon held on June 8, 1919.



1 Luke 13:13

2 Bulg. For "woman" (transl. note)

3 douh- Bulg. For spirit (trans, note); douham- Bulg. Blow (for wind) (ed. note)

4 The Master is referring to the phrenological research he made between 1901-1913 when he travelled around the country delivering lectures. (ed. note)

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