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1919_06_29 The Old Scribe


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The Book - The Salt. Beinsa Douno


The Old Scribe


"Then he said unto them, therefore every scribe, which is instructed in the Kingdom of Heaven, is like unto a man that is a householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old."[1]


Christ defines the learned scribe by two of his qualities: he brings forth out of his treasure things new and old. In the same verse Christ adds the words, "which is instructed unto the Kingdom of Heaven." By the "Kingdom of Heaven" in a broad sense, Christ means all the great laws which direct human life, for everything in nature is closely bound to the person and the person is closely bound to nature. All phenomena or forces in the world which apparently have nothing in common with our life, we call physical or inorganic. However, all these forces have a relation, not to the individual, but to the collective person. In this sense the bringing out of the old and the new out of the treasure has certain significance.


The old means the past and the new the future. The old implies the mistakes of a person, while the new implies the benefits given to them. The learned scribe who studies nature and the life of people finds old things, the mistakes of people, and brings something new into the world. Therefore, in this sense, we can determine positively both the good and evil that come as a consequence of the past. Thus everything which is in disharmony, i.e. worn out, useless for work, is old. Matter which has lost its strength is considered negative, in other words no force can be manifested in it. Everyone has experienced these two states in themselves, namely bringing out old and new things out of their treasure. When a person loses the inner balance between their heart and mind, they begin to take out the old things which causes discontentment in them. Such is the state of the sick people who are always discontented with those who serve them. The healthy person, who has strength, is contented with everything. The laws which regulate both states - contentment and discontentment - are in harmony, for at a given moment your negative state corresponds to the positive state of some healthy person. At a moment when you suffer most, a being having some connection with you, is in the highest of spirits. This is a law existing in nature.


Heaven and hell exist as two poles. Heaven is the new thing, while hell is the old. So that each one of you will experience both states in your life; I am not speaking of heaven and hell as you know them, but I am revealing to you a positive truth which seems abstract to you. These two states are necessary to the human spirit. You ask, "Why is it necessary for person to grow old and to be rejuvenated?" This is a process taking place in nature itself as well. Do not ask why this process exists, but rather consider what benefit you can draw from it. How would you define youth and age? An ancient sage said once, "If you are looking for strength you will find it in the young, the new people, but you will find wisdom in the old." Wisdom and strength are not one and the same thing. Strength implies the human will, while wisdom, the human mind. Therefore, you have two opposite poles: the mind is up in heaven, while the will is down on earth. If you want to be old and wise, you must be up in heaven, but if you want to be young, you must be down on earth. That is why if we change the relation of things and place the old person on the physical plane, but the young up in heaven, we produce disharmony. In such a case you will draw a wrong conclusion and think that all people in heaven are old, while all people on earth are young. But such is not the case. By "youth" I do no have in mind only the external relations, but the inner growth of person. The same thing can be observed in nature. On March 9th, a growth begins which lessens toward June 20th or the beginning of July when the condition of rest in nature sets in. Whatever changes take place in nature, can be observed in our life as well.


If we do not understand what takes place within us, as individuals, i.e. if we do not understand our mind and will; we often get stuck in contradictions in life which we call "fate", in which some people would be fortunate and others unfortunate. Some think that certain forces help them, while others think that the same forces work against them. Of course, if you go along the tide, it will aid you; but if you go against a current, it will oppose you since you are at odds with it. This current has nothing against you, but wants to say that if you go contrary to it, you will suffer, because the forces directing your life are in contradiction with your own self. When someone has no success in life, it shows that their thought is contrary to their will. This applies to both the individual and the social life of the person. I am speaking of the events taking place in Europe today which have been determined thousands of years ago. Contemporary humanity has been in contradiction with the current for millions of years and since contemporary European culture has come into contradiction with this natural trend, it is struggling today to find its way. As a consequence of this, a fierce struggle is taking place in which many victims will fall. Nature is indifferent to the number of victims - whether they be one, two or millions. I say it makes no difference to nature for it is not interested in our toys. When we build cities full of houses and temples, thinking this is culture, nature does not care about it and can destroy it in a moment. Nature has created moths and dust which destroy even our finest textures. Besides it has created various harmful elements which constantly destroy our organism.


In the distant past before humanity deviated from the right direction of its culture, people had right ideas of the laws regulating the development of our life. This growth can be determined mathematically by the use of compasses. For instance, I measure the length of a person’s nose and see that it is 4 centimeters long; another person’s nose is 5 centimeters and so on. Then by the same compasses I measure the chin of several persons and the length is different in them. The same way I measure the forehead and find that someone’s forehead is 3 centimeters, another one’s is 4 or 5 centimeters and so on. You may ask, "What is the relation of all this?" The relation is important for if someone’s nose is short and wide, it shows that the energies in their organism are in a state of tension and the slightest touch may cause an explosion in them. If a person’s chin is very broad and long, it shows that the energy of this person is not only very tense, but also very active and wherever this person passes, they will cause destruction. The lower part of the chin - the one below the nose - characterizes the human will and the way it would be manifested in the physical world. Observe the chin of some great military commanders and generals. You can determine if a person is young or old by their chin. Only the young people fight and not the old. The ratio of an old person to a young one is 1:100. An army of young men can conquer an army of 100,000 old men.


When I say that the future of the earth is in the hands on the young, I am right, for this world was created for people who like to fight. Heaven was created for old and wise people. In the higher world 1,000 old men are equal to 100,000 young men which shows that the relation there is reverse of that on earth. You may ask me, "What is the relation between the young and the old people?" In the spiritual world the old people are only the point of support around which, similar to the hand of a clock, the pendulum of the young person revolves. By the time a young person has walked a hundred miles, an old one has not passed even a kilometer. Therefore, the young people are the hands of the clock. In this world the old people do not move, therefore, do not expect any culture of them on earth. Mental and spiritual culture about which we speak, cannot exist here on earth. The greatest upsurge in culture can be effected only when people are caused to bleed. The more bleeding, the greater the culture attained. People of the twentieth century began to consider themselves very cultured and say, "We people of this age do not shed our blood, only the people of the past did this." However, the present war disproved this theory and showed that young people always shed their blood, and the younger they are, the more blood they shed. Since people today are very young, they cause the greatest destruction. People today can be likened to caterpillars that devour everything.


And this scribe which is instructed unto the Kingdom of Heaven brings out of his treasure, things new and old and says, "Thus says Christ." Of what use are these new and old things to him? When you take your old clothes out of a wardrobe, you have something in mind, you want to see if they are still fit to wear. When you take out the new clothes, you intend to find out if moths have not eaten them, don’t you? When the scribe brings out the new and old things, he has some reasonable idea. He does not solve a silly problem as the story goes about a king of old. This king wanted to find a person who would tell him a story without an end. He started looking for some philosophers who might satisfy his wish. He promised a great prize for that purpose, but could not find such a person. Finally a wise man came to the king and said to him, "I shall tell you a story without end." "All right, here is the man I have been looking for," said the king. And the wise man began his tale. "There was a king in old times who disposed of thousands of acres of land. It was all sown with wheat and since the year was very fertile, his fields yielded a great amount of grain. The king gave orders that a great stone barn be constructed to store up the wheat. However, the builders left a small hole in this barn and a cricket managed to enter through that hole and carry out the wheat grain by grain. The cricket took a grain and carried it to his hole and returned for a second one. He took a second grain, carried it to his hole and returned for the fourth grain..." "Enough of that!" cried out the bored king, "Go on, is there no end to this carrying out of the grains and to the whole story?" "Wait until all the wheat is taken out of the barn, then the story will end too."


People today want to know the end of things but I say, "Wait until all the wheat is carried away and then will come the end." The scribe engaged in the study of the Kingdom of Heaven does not spare time for such silly theories. The repetition of one and the same thing is not knowledge. We say that we must test things and learn from experience, but we have a sufficient amount of experience so that if we should take millions of grains out of the barn, we shall not learn anything new.


You say to yourselves, "Let us see what new things the Master will tell us today" and you are right. The size of your nose will determine the volume of your feelings, the length of your chin will determine the strength of your will and the height of your forehead - the quality of your mind. Some say that a person with a small forehead can be intelligent just as well, but this is not true. In geometry what is the relation between the straight lines, the sharp angles and so on? If the sharp end of an angle is placed in your mouth, it will open, won’t it? Therefore, the opening of your mouth will determine the degree of your appetite. The wider you open your mouth, the hungrier you are. However, if the angle is turned outwards, it shows you are at rest. As we judge by the nose whether it is straight or curved upward or downward, by the same law we determine our feelings. If the nose is broad, the heart will have a certain disposition, but if it is flat, the state of the heart will be quite different. If your lips are thin or thick, your stomach will be in two different states. The condition of your stomach can also be determined by your cheeks - if they are hollow or bulging.


Thus, the outer person is an expression of the inner one. Every one of your thoughts is stamped on your face. Your virtue can also be determined by your face - its place is above your upper lip. If you are cross-eyed it shows that you are of a double nature. If the angle of your sight points upward or downward, these are two different states. If your eyes are wide open, you are easily impressed, but if they are slightly open, you are less impressionable. Whether your eyes are closer or farther from your nose is of importance too. Every person’s eyes have been placed by God with geometrical accuracy. Every person is created after a model determined by the Higher Forces. Every person’s face bears in minutest details the marks which determine not only their present life, but their past and future lives as well.


If people today could read the Divine Book on the human face, which every person possesses, thousands of misfortunes could be avoided. Christ warned all His followers to avoid the mistakes of their past. Someone says, "Let us test our life." You would better have your picture taken to see if you will like yourself. Present-day photographers try to represent people more handsome than they are by correcting their picture. Do not erase the Divine Script! You should not smooth out a person’s features for an old person cannot become young and vice versa. Christ says, "There are incompatible things." Only a learned person who observes things as they really are can understand the relations among different parts. In mathematics there are certain formulae by which certain quantities can be transformed into others. For instance, the heat which 100 tons of coal can produce can be turned into a dynamic force, but one should know the methods of doing this. This knowledge is concealed from people today for if they knew it, they would use it improperly and cause thousands of misfortunes to humanity.


What do we need this knowledge for? If we understand people by their external appearance, we would know at once that a person is in a state of tension. Then we would avoid them without adding more coals to their fire, or let some of their steam off and lessen their energy. We should add fuel to people whose energy has decreased and give them an incentive. We know how to supply fuel on the physical plane, but how fuel should be supplied in the mental and spiritual worlds, is something we do not know, yet we can learn. There are people who have lost the meaning of life and wish to remain always young, since they find meaning in life only in being young. When you make a deep study of the occult sciences, you will find out that a person is not composed only of one kind of matter, but of different kinds of substances and states. Thus, in all atoms and ions in their composition, there is gradation. At present there are 49 states of the atoms on the physical plane. Every state can produce a certain result in the feelings and thoughts. And the more the coefficient of your state changes, the more active your feelings and thoughts become. People are very nervous today, but this is due to the increase in their energy. That is why this energy must be transformed and transmitted to a higher state of matter.


You often speak of raising your children. In Bulgarian the word "breed, raise" means to "nourish." The same way bees take care of nourishing their queens. When they want to nourish a queen they choose special food for it; but when they want to nourish workers, they give them a different kind of food. They do the same for the drones. The drones are the players in a hive. A hive cannot go without drones, just as a society cannot exist without musicians. You say drones are not necessary. No, a hive cannot do without players. You say there are many drones in your life, but I call them players. Every hostile thought is a player, an unpleasant tune. You ask, "Why are these thoughts and sufferings which they bring us so unpleasant?" Because you are ill, but when you get well, you will come to like these players as these sufferings renew a person.


I now shall revert to Christ’s thought. The scribe is that teacher who knows the laws. What do present-day teachers and clergy know about people? The teachers must make use of mathematics in order to come to know people by their foreheads, noses and so on. Those engaged in mathematics should study these formulae and use geometry to determine the meaning of the curved line and so on by studying the smallest angles as well as the biggest ones;. It is assumed that the curved line is formed by turning a line around its axis and when a curved line is turned, a sphere is formed. What does this sphere mean? The sphere is an expansion, a broadening of your thoughts and feelings. If you lived in a world moving in a single direction, you would not have any development. This is a world only of a single one-dimensional circle. If two beings meet, they cannot pass each other. This is so because even-diversion implies expansion. How would these two beings pass in such a case? One must pass over the back of the other. That is why the Bulgarians say of someone dragging along that they must be patient when others pass on their back. These are people who move in a single dimension. This, however, cannot show us the true way of life.


Christ concealed something in every thought He spoke. He said, "I can tell you many things, but you cannot bear them now." These things will be revealed to people when they become cultured so that they can understand them. The Americans have progressed in their understanding of these laws. For instance, when a couple wants to marry they do not send matchmakers, but go to a phrenologist to study their heads to see if they are in harmony to live together. Then they visit a physiognomist and an astrologer and if all the data is favorable, they marry and lead a happy life. Therefore, when people marry there must be positive relations among their brain centers. If there is a wrong interchange of energies between the female and the male brains, a nervous state will ensue. The reason for that is the fact that in one or the other a quantity of energy remains as a surplus and causes evil. That is why a woman dissatisfied with her husband should try to find a man in whom she would deposit her surplus energy and an exchange of energies would take place, so that there should be no loss. But this should be done is a spiritual way between these two persons so that by finding an outlet for this surplus energy, harmony should be restored between the spouses. A husband who does not understand the state of his wife says, "You cannot have friendly relations with another man," and disputes and quarrels begin. The wife acts the same way with her husband who looks for a more elevated woman outside his family with whom he could form spiritual relations and thus have an outlet for his surplus energy. But the old disputes and quarrels begin. I say to such people, "You have started badly and will end badly, because like the scribe you did not see what you had in your bag."


The man and the woman are two scribes who do not understand the laws, yet must act like the scribe. That is why when you are marrying, take out the old and the new that you have at your disposal. Before a young couple gets married, both of them say that everything in their bags is in order; but after marrying they open their bags and find out differently. All this concerns present-day life and if the Bulgarians want to correct their lives, they must consider these laws. Sometimes I ask myself, why do I open the sore spots of people and thus make enemies? But if your leg is sprained and you call an experienced person to massage it, no matter how carefully they may do this, they will cause you some pain. Is that person who is wishing to heal you to blame for causing you pain? When you are healed, you will thank the person who massaged your leg.


When you are well, you send for the doctor who examines you and prescribes some bitter medicine that you dislike; but this makes you start considering the doctor as your enemy. That is why children who have taken bitter medicine do not wish ever to hear of a doctor. If a boil gathers, you go to a surgeon and he makes a section with his instruments and presses out the puss. By doing that he causes you pain, but he is not to blame. I wish you all were good massagers and surgeons who could do your work the best way you can by all the rules of this art. If a man has surplus energy, let him place it in another woman reasonably; the woman should do the same in such a case, but do it nobly and sensibly. It is necessary that there should always be a spiritual exchange of energies in order that there may be growth, peace and harmony.


The Bulgarians know this way of exchanging energies that is why, at times, they have fairs. People from ten or twenty villages get together, thus exchanging their surplus energy and getting healed. Everyone goes home satisfied. Some say, "We do not want old things, we want new things." But in the new there will not be such a result. I have watched how the Bulgarians of old cook beans. They throw away the first water after boiling the beans for some time and finish boiling them in the second water. The first water is not good, but people today say that there is no sense in doing this - only a waste of fuel. A German or an English doctor would give the same advice - the first water is not good and should be thrown away. I wish Bulgarians would turn to the old folk traditions, which rest on very important psychological laws and give good results.


Christ says that the learned scribe is like a housekeeper who takes out of his treasure the new and the old. Science today follows the same path. All new scientific discoveries are not well investigated yet to find in them those truths that were known to peoples of old. For instance, radium is a recent discovery, but the causes of its peculiarities are not known yet. The vital energy in nature and in all elements, called "prana" or vital "airs" by the Hindu, has not yet been discovered. Such energies are part of our body, of the elements of oxygen and hydrogen, yet they are not these elements. The oxygen and hydrogen are mere bearers of these energies. Not having proper notions of all phenomena and transformations happening in nature, we create a warped culture. We criticize incessantly this person or that for not living a right or proper life or for lacking good breeding.


I ask, "Which are the rules of good life so that we can apply them?" There should be no criticism in Christianity, only knowledge and virtues. Criticism should rest upon such an inner understanding that it would be able to transform and rectify our life. Until then, the Europeans should make at least a hundred trial runs in implementing the new culture and the new forms of government. The relationship of servants and masters has derived from that of children to their parents. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters give rise to all disharmony in the world. If the mother forces her daughter, the daughter will then treat the mother the same way. Later in life, the daughter will have the same attitude toward her servants as her mother had toward her. The servants and masters came into existence after this same hierarchy for they did not understand this great law. The father takes the place of that old man-sage, while the son takes the place of the strong man. The father says, "I shall take the place of that point of balance around which you will turn and move in thousands and millions of directions. You can do anything you want to, but do not separate yourself from this point of balance." If the son considers his father foolish and separates himself from him, everything is spoiled. In such a case the father is not strong and by that the son looses. However, the son is strong, yet he is not wise.


Children are attracted to their parents because they have need of their wisdom and experience. That is why parents should begin to draw out the old and the new from their bags in order to see what they can give to their children. The parents must know what food to give their children on Monday, Tuesday and so on, for food helps the formation of people. Take a person of the highest culture and start feeding them the coarsest food and you will change their life. Feed a rude person on the finest food and in ten years they will change their way of life. I am glad that lately different new trends closer to nature have come into existence, such as vegetarianism. However, this is still not a correct idea of a diet, for nature has created all kinds of food and each person should eat the foods specially suited to their organism. Every person, every society and every nation should choose the most appropriate food that gives the best results.


The inordinate extermination of mammals creates an anomaly in nature. Most illnesses are due to this extermination of animals and birds. Since this extermination bars their evolutions, all forces assigned to their benefit remain unused and this creates chaos that in its turn causes different illnesses. Do you know what takes place after the arbitrary flow of the animal blood? Its vapors form different serums and cultures harboring harmful viruses that cause all the evils in the organic world. For the balance in nature to be restored, 100,000,000 kilograms of human blood had to be spilled in order to compensate for the blood the animals have shed. But in the present war about 200,000,000 kilograms of human blood was shed.


Some may ask me to prove this fact. I have a number of arguments about this and can see that the laws in nature are right concerning your life as well. If you beat and offend your father, see if after that you will have the same good disposition as before. Especially if you are a poet, try to write something worthy after that. Also if a playwright or a novelist who beats his wife should try to write something fine, let them see what will come out of it. A woman who has tried to poison her husband loses her beauty. If two young people should promise each other marriage but their promise proves foolish, they should not fulfil their vow. If I should promise to meet 100 people today and have an intelligent conversation with all of them, it would be impossible for me to fulfill my promise. The desire to fulfill one’s promise that cannot be fulfilled is dictated by the ambition of an honest person, but on the other hand, an honest person is one who thinks and acts right.


Now you men and women are this learned scribe and the old and the new you take out of your bags are your sons and daughters. If a mother gives birth to an incapable, quick-tempered child - that is the old garment. If she understood the law, she would have born an intelligent child which is the new garment. But on the physical plane this intelligent child finds they are in an inappropriate environment. They want to work and have self-expression, but their mother does not permit the child to work, to meet other children and so on. Can you not give work to your small boy or girl? Give your little girl dolls to play with and learn something by that. Often the father says, "I have no time to bother with children, I must get my sermons ready and fulfil my duties." You may preach much, but you should learn a lesson from each sermon.


When you feel a certain indisposition in your stomach, it shows there is disharmony among the people around you. When you feel your chest heavy, it shows you are in disharmony with the hearts of those around you. When there is pressure in your head, it shows you are not in harmony with the thoughts of others. When you feel indisposed in your room, go out and change your place and your condition will alter too. If you are in a society where you feel bored, leave it and visit a meeting or join a horo[2] and do not think people are bad. You say, "We are religious people and it is not proper for us to join a horo." But is it proper and right in the face of God to chop meat for meatballs, to have an injection or take quinine, or for a man and woman to quarrel? Which of our actions is right, in harmony with God? Are not all our actions ungodly, i.e. imprudent? And we consider ourselves idealists. You say, "Down with the materialists!" We speak about God and fill our purses; we read to the sick and insure ourselves. Priests, teachers, judges - all consider themselves in the right place, but like the scribe they have lost knowledge of the great law to recognize things.


I call a good person the one who would be able when meeting me to change my bad disposition. For instance, I meet a woman and start talking with her; if she has surplus energy and this conversation transforms my bad disposition, she is a good woman. And if that woman has produced a good disposition in you, it means there has been a right interchange of your energies. If two negative persons meet, nothing will come out of that; they are not for each other. Make your observations and conclusions among religious people. I am testing this law now with mathematical precision. That is why Christ says, "This learned scribe - you must know what your mind, heart and stomach give birth to." Some religious people say that "the Lord must destroy the belly." Yes, the belly is something uncontrollable, but the stomach is a fine pony, which must be fed with very good food. But our stomach today is very unfortunate for we mistreat it.


A Bulgarian man, John, visited a friend’s house. The peasant welcomed him and gave him some brandy to drink, but the guest refused to drink. The peasant insisted telling him to drink for his wife’s sake. John drank for the wife’s sake; then he was forced to drink for the children’s sake and so on, until he got so drunk that he could hardly stand on his feet. Then he went to a fountain to water his horse. The horse drank as much as he could and then stopped. His master insisted on his drinking more, but the horse would not. Then the man said to himself, "Dear me! The horse is wiser than me! It wouldn’t drink for anybody’s sake even a drop more - unlike me who drank so much!"


We must eat, drink, think, feel and act as much as is necessary - this is the future science - to give freedom to the human mind, thought, feelings and will. You mothers, who have washed the ears of your children so many times, can you tell by them how long your children will live? When I look at your ear, I know by it how long you will live, what illnesses you will come down with and what you will die of. I can know the same things by your nails - all illnesses are shown on them. It is a written book. Sometimes when you see yourself in the mirror, you do not like your lips for they are pale - it shows you are anemic. Some have red lips and the doctors say they have an abundance of red corpuscles. The thin lips show you are bankrupt in feelings or you are a miser. Sometimes a young girl makes her lips thin intentionally by pressing them. The young man considers that a good sign as she would not lend her feelings to other men. Thin lips are an evil, but thick lips are another kind of evil.


According to a person’s height there should be a correspondence between the breadth of the chest, of the lips and of the forehead. If we are bearers of divine ideas, our progeny will be created after all the rules of science and they will love us. That is why Christ says, "This scribe started taking the things out of the bag now." What does a thick neck signify? If a person is short and has a short, thick neck, it means that they will not live long. If they overeat some night, the next day the news of their sudden death will spread. If a person is 175 centimeters tall, but their neck is 34 centimeters they suffer from weak chest. Someone says, "My fiancee has a thin neck." It would be better if her neck was thicker. She should not marry, not being able to become a mother.


You will ask me, "What do these things have to do with Christianity?" They are of great importance for the essence of Christianity is to know how to read in ourselves the good and the evil. "Old" implies all the mistakes deposited in us; but "new" implies all the good that is in us. When we know all these things, we shall be able to combine them in order to create a good life according to this knowledge. In the future, schools must be open to the study of the eyes, the ears, the upper and lower parts of the head, the foreheads, the noses, the chins, then the stomach, the tissues, the nervous system - whether it is responsive or not - and so on. When we have all this data, we shall be able to create good people. When we know all this, we shall be able to choose the right people to make our clothes, our shoes and so on. There are people whose energy is very oppressive and I would not have my clothes made by them. Such clothes will create bad disposition in the person wearing them. There are people who, building a house, leave the worst thoughts and feelings in it. That is why all who live in it die. I would not allow a teacher or a priest who has such evil thoughts to enter my house. I would not allow such a priest to say prayers either. These are not only statements but results of observations. Have your clothes made only by a person you like. When you enter a shop buy something only from the person you like.


An old Bulgarian who has several daughters-in-law says, "I want my bread made by the youngest daughter-in-law." Why? He knows why he wants bread from the youngest woman. When she kneads the dough, she will impart her living energy to it and fill it with good thoughts. If the oldest daughter-in-law makes the bread, the stomach of the old man will suffer disorder. If the housewife is demagnetized, she will cause only disorder in the house, so her husband should hire a healthy woman to do all the housework and send his wife to some resort to restore her health. Never allow a nervous, dry person to cook for you; but rather find a plump, healthy, happy person for that work. This is the meaning of the scribe taking out the old and the new things from his bag, showing the causes of the sufferings in our life. When a young man marries a dry young girl, he should know that nothing will come out of it. The analogy is the same for the spiritual world.


People who are very dry have no sublime spiritual understanding. They are not from the Divine World for the simple reason that they contain many acids which cause extreme activity. The plump people, however, are like alkali. The dry are active, the plump are passive. The world, however, is not created only by alkali and acid - there is something intermediate: the children. Begin to take out the new from the old, but before that measure your nose, your chin, the upper and lower lip. Examine your eyes and see why sometimes they are more widely open than at other times, or why at times they are clearer and at times darker and so on. There is an interrelation among these things. If you study things this way, you will come to a state to understand the inner meaning of life. The occultists say about someone’s feelings that their astral body is not in right relation to their physical body; or, that the mental body is not in right relation with the physical brain. I substitute the mental body by the brain, the astral by the lungs, the physical by the stomach, and say that the relation among the stomach, the lungs and the brain is not proper.


Therefore, observe people’s ears and see if they have many folds and whether they are broad or narrow. Watch the eyes as well of those who are quite old and of those who are young. Now if these educative methods are applied correctly in the family life as well, husbands and wives will immediately attain mutual understanding. This is the teaching Christ has bestowed on present-day humanity. Men and women who want to marry should not have the same temperament or the same brain; their fingers and noses must not be alike. This is the new and old in the world. If a man has long fingers, his wife’s fingers should be shorter. When you chose a house-maid, see to it that the same applies to her and her mistress.


Every person is born for a certain activity which corresponds to their preferences for a job. Some Americans are well aware of this and when they select a house-maid, they take her for an examination at a phrenologist and he tells them if she is suitable for the job or not. The same way all insects and animals have been created by God for some certain special work. When a person finds the place they have been assigned, they are happy; otherwise they feel unhappy. That is why in the future there should be schools for examining people with whom we wish to work, avoiding thus a great number of misfortunes. People who live according to these laws of nature suffer less. But those who do not live so are persecuted by fate.  


Think about this scribe and meditate on the old and new things. You cannot raise the whole world, but you can help yourself and your dear ones. If your lips are pale, pray that they may become red; if your nose is flat, start breathing deeply that it may be broadened; if your eyes are dim; pray that they may become clear. The negative side must become positive. If you have palpitation of the heart, it shows that there is a split in your feelings. Put more love in your heart, give free vent to your feelings and the palpitations will stop.


The suppression of feelings causes changes in the brain; the brain causes changes in the blood circulation which in turn affects the stomach and so on. Palpitation is the result of the struggle between two feelings. Do away with the struggle and the palpitation will disappear. If you have a headache, chase away the thought that is ailing you, reconcile the contradictory ideas and it will vanish. A bankrupt merchant starts worrying and gets headache. Avoid the counteraction of thoughts and feelings and you will be healthy. To control ourselves and help others - this is science, will power, Christianity, culture, religion. When we meet nervous people, we try to avoid them but instead we should try to influence them in a certain way.


When someone commits a crime, they are treated similarl, being immediately sent to prison. However, judgement should be passed according to the rules of this scribe who takes out the old and the new things. We should reform in this spirit the schools, courts and the present order that we may rejuvenate everything - including family life - and be all happy. This is what the Lord wants. In the past people thought that religious people should walk with heads bowed. Anyone who walks with a bent head looks like a question mark or comma because their head is very full and they ought to pay, ought to give, much. Those who raise their heads up have them empty, and nothing can be taken from such people.


Scolding is a sign of old age. Today people are scolding and quarreling all the time. People quarrel daily in the tram about who should sit, where should they sit, and then they capture positions only to abandon them shortly afterwards. The new teaching states that we should not waste our energy arbitrarily but use it exactly in its place. Otherwise the doctor will visit such a house and call its people neurasthenics, hypertonics, maniacs, etc. Such people, in my opinion, suffer from lack of energy which has been wasted. This is anemia.


Put your thoughts, your feelings and your will in concord and try to create your future life from the old and the new.


Sermon delivered on June 29, 1919 in Sofia.



[1] Matthew 13:52

[2] a Bulgarian country dance in a circle (transl. note)



This is confusing:   Page 7 middle of page:  If two beings meet, they cannot pass each  other. 


This is so because even-diversion implies expansion.   Page 9 2nd paragraph:   All new scientific discoveries are not well investigated yet to find in them those truths that were known to peoples of old.   Near bottom of Page 15: To control ourselves and help others - this is science, will power, Christianity, culture, religion. 


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