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Fifth lecture given by the Master Beinsa Douno in the General Esoteric class at 7:30pm, on Thursday, March 30, 1922, in Sofia.


Secret Prayer


There are three categories of disciples in the Spiritual School: listeners, believers, and students. What is specific about the listeners? – Listening. What is specific about the believers? – Faith. And about the students? – Studying. Therefore, these three attributes are the making of a disciple. The disciple starts with listening – this is the first step; the second step is faith; and the third step is studying. Nevertheless, the disciple does not stop at these.


Consequently, you have to learn to listen – for this is one of the first attributes. The Esoteric describes, “listening” as the state of concentration of the mind, or the focusing of the mind in one direction without interruption. The second attribute of the disciple is faith – not doubting what one studies and listens to. Once the disciple is in doubt, the corresponding learning process is stopped. This principle is valid regardless of the direction of the studies – faith accepts no doubt. You could have misconceptions, but these are outside of faith. Then, the disciple stands out with a desire for learning, i.e. the disciple wants to have Knowledge, which comes from Wisdom. Consequently, the disciple cannot doubt this Knowledge, which differs from the commonplace knowledge you have now.


Now, these are introductory notes, which you have heard many times, but you should now apply them in the Spiritual School. Telling someone that they are listeners might offend them, but they should know that listening is one of the great traits of a person. To pay attention and to listen, and to know how to listen, this is most pleasant in Life; it is the art of the ear. Once we get to faith, we will deal with the upper part of the brain. With these three attributes of the disciple, you touch the brain in three ways, the centre of faith is situated on the surface of the human brain, studying is located in the front and listening in the back, thus forming an equilateral triangle. Listening is located in the back of the brain, from where all the troubles in Life come.


Now, we asked the first question, what is the purpose of the disciple in a Spiritual School? Only the Spiritual School can give a correct and positive answer. What is the purpose of a person? Only the Spiritual School will give you an answer, which can satisfy you. Once you get this satisfaction, there will not be indifference in you, and you will not think that now you know, instead you will get a new impulse to work for your advancement. There are many obstacles in your life that makes it hard for you to grasp the great truths in the knowledge, which you can get from a Spiritual School. For example, right now some of you are sleep-deprived, as they have not slept well last night; others have not had good food, so they have not eaten enough; the third have had some unsuccessful business deals. Overall, all of you always have some obstacles, and if you do not yet know the law of how to free yourselves from such temporary disturbances, then the Truth cannot touch you as genuinely as it should. The purpose of the Spiritual School is to prepare your minds and your hearts, so that you can understand and apply the Truth. This is also one experiential school. I am talking about the Spiritual School of the Universal Brotherhood of Light, which will show you the spiritual path to applying the Truth to Life – not finding it, but applying it. Now, these are general statements.


In one of my previous lectures, I defined the life of a person into three categories – sleeping, eating, and working. The first task of the disciple is to understand these correctly. Sleeping applies to the astral or the corporeal life of the person, i.e. to their spiritual side. A person learns spiritually only in their sleep – this is how it is – you can learn spiritually only while you are sleeping. Therefore, if you do not know how to sleep, you will never be able to learn spiritually, you cannot be knowledgeable people, and you cannot be disciples. And when I say that you have to learn how to sleep, I mean to say that you have to put your body in such state that, when your soul, your double leaves the body at night, you can find your Teacher. For the knowledge is taught in the Spiritual world, not on Earth. Here we have a repeat on what is taught there. This is why I say that first, you have to learn how to sleep relaxed. You have to apply your will power. Maybe you cannot sleep that well for a night, then another, and a third one, but you should try to learn to sleep well in the period of one year. If you cannot apply your will power to sleep, then what type of heroes will you be?


First thing, you will have to accustom your body, so that it knows how to rest. We will give you exercises, so that you learn how to relax. You want to listen to me now, but you are tight – your legs are tight, your mind is tight, you are in a painful state. This tightness of your muscles will always stimulate your lower centres. It will bring the astral powers to the lower layers of your brain and this will give birth to negative, most low-minded thoughts and feelings. For instance, the faces of some of you are so serious, because this is how you have become accustomed, but this is just something you have learnt. In the Spiritual School, you will learn to have your face quiet and calm, clean, and natural, very natural. Imagine that you are satisfied with everything, as if you have everything that you want – how will your face look? This is what the face of the esoteric person should be. Imagine that you are expecting a friend of yours, whom you have loved for years – your heart is trembling, you are expecting your friend. The opposite state: imagine that you have received a death sentence and they will hang you tomorrow. What will your state be then? Now, you apply this death sentence in yourselves once almost every week, and thus sometimes you commit suicide. Well, what will the look on your face be? You kill most of your most noble feelings and thoughts. You hang them for nothing, as if these feelings or these thoughts are responsible for some of your bad circumstances. In this School, you are absolutely not allowed to hang any thought or wish of yours. No, it is not allowed – everything will grow and develop as God wants it to or as His laws dictate. If you pass a single death sentence, you will definitely have mischief.


You will sit down calmly for five or ten minutes and in a most comfortable position, and you will start picturing the most beautiful images. Relax your arm freely, then lift it, and then again let it drop freely. All your muscles have to be relaxed. You have to start to control all of your muscles, all of your nerves. You will also have to learn to walk – there is a correct way of walking in the Spiritual School. Some of you hit their heels hard when they walk, like the military. The heels of their shoes are almost worn off, is not this true? Those, who walk like this, are the disciples that smash stones. In the same way, these heels of yours will smash the most beautiful thoughts and wishes that you have in your brain. Others among you step on the front side of the shoes, where their shoes wear off, which shows their enhanced caution. They are sly like a fox. There is no need to be afraid of the world, as it is created so that there are no ambushes awaiting you. If you walk according to the Divine law, you can walk calmly, for there is no danger. The Brotherhood of Light knows each of you once you get in the Spiritual School, and respectively takes care of you – you can walk everywhere safely. As the Psalm singer says, “I will be under God’s wings,” – under His wings. They insist that there is Divine Providence, but once we come here to apply it, we do not believe in any Providence. I will make an attempt to show you that you do not believe in the Divine Providence, not that you do not want to believe, but you are not ready for this Absolute faith. Imagine that we create an artificial fire in this room. If you cannot concentrate, there will be such a hassle – you will forget that you are disciples, and everyone will try to leave the room as soon as possible. Therefore, we will try to free ourselves from those most instinctive feelings. Sometimes we tremble and get scared for no reason.


In the Varna high school, one of the teachers liked to remain in the classroom long after the bell rang; he did not leave immediately. One day the students devised a plan on how to get rid of him. They investigated and found out that he is very afraid of frogs. One day they brought ten or twenty frogs and put them in the desk in the classroom. When the teacher opened the desk to take out the class book to note who was absent, the frogs came out. He left the room immediately and went right away to the director’s office trembling. Why? – He said, “Director, frogs.” – “What frogs?” – “Frogs!” Well, there is nothing dangerous about frogs. This story is to illustrate that many of our misfortunes in life are due to frogs. If it were a snake or a scorpion, I will understand, but what will a frog do? It will jump. It is the fear that does the rest. Therefore, you will try to be fearless. This is a habit that we have to acquire – to be fearless. Not that there are no dangers in Life, there are, but these dangers come only if we break the laws of Living Nature. If we are living in harmony with these laws, there is absolutely no danger.


Back to the first thing – sleep, it is one important factor for the disciple in the Spiritual School. If you cannot sleep peacefully, you cannot be a good disciple; i.e. you can be a disciple, but not a good disciple of the Spiritual School. Now, regarding sleeping, you will make as many attempts as possible. For example, you will attempt to fall asleep five minutes after you have got into bed. This is not training – this is will power – to be able to fall asleep in five, or ten to fifteen minutes at the most. Today, some of you go to bed excited and start making plans about what they are going to do the following day. So, half an hour to an hour passes by. In addition, this surrounds you with an unhealthy aura. You get up around 2 o’clock in the morning, walk around and say, “It is not working!” In the morning when you get up, you feel indisposed, those hostile feelings overwhelm you, and you look for someone to fight with, so that you can let the feelings out and feel better. If through your will power you manage to fall asleep in five minutes or ten to fifteen at the most, you will get up refreshed and cheerful the following morning, ready to start your work. Sleeping right is the most difficult art – I have experienced it – it is one of the most intricate arts. You may take some sleep medicines, but the goal is to learn to sleep correctly without them. It is an art to still find yourself lying on your right side when you get up if you have fallen asleep on your right side; or, if you have fallen asleep on your left side, to find yourself on your left side in the morning. These days everyone is beginning with the broad aspects of the esoteric science, with the great powers of Nature – we want to have this, we want to have that, with a magic stick like in the fairy tales of “One Thousand and One Nights.” But no one gives a magic stick to those, who have not learned how to sleep. This stick is not in the physical realm; it is up there, in the other world. This stick is your will power, but not the current, common will power that you have. I say, a person, who can hold back their tongue at a given moment, who can hold back their hand at all times, who can hold back their heart or direct their mind from one state to another, this person is stronger than the army general, who has won the biggest battle on the battlefield. As you read the Scripture, you find the same law there. The Brotherhood of Light, the Brothers of Light always pay attention to our acts of self-restraint[*]. Not self-restraint because of fear, no, no, but self-restraint because of Love. Self-restraint because of fear of the law is not a science. You may have self-restraint and you may have it for other reasons, but true self-restraint and patience come when you have self-restraint in accordance with the law of Love.


Now, we will learn of course, we have time. I will not talk to you about Love. You will explore this Love in new colours, and new shapes. And maybe these Brothers will give you the opportunity to make a few experiments. Tonight I was walking down the street with a friend of mine. I told him, “I will make an experiment.” I stepped on the sidewalk. There was an officer coming right towards me. There are two ways of passing people in the Esoteric. The first way: I can order him to turn off the road and so he does. The other way is for me to decide for myself, “I will step off the sidewalk.” And so I did to make way for him. At that moment, he stepped off the sidewalk too. I said, this is the right way. Then I stepped back on the sidewalk to let him pass. You will learn to yield according to the law of Love. If someone walks towards you – you will yield, the sacrifice will be on your behalf. The disciple will yield the way – this is a rule in the positive sense of the word. The disciples will yield in the name of Love they will make way. If they make way, their way will be open too. “How you measure others is how you will be measured.” If you measure with the law of Love, this is the measure with which those, who watch from the Invisible world, will reward you. Still, you can achieve this only with good sleep. I do not know how many of you sleep well. Sleeping well will improve your heart’s condition. Sleeping will not improve your body – it will first affect your heart, and your feelings. Food is necessary too. Eating correctly is what provides the material for building up your body. So, if your sleep is normal and correct, eating shall definitely be such as well – it follows the same law.


Now, contemporary science makes the following correct conclusions. Science has made the following experiment: people with pure blood, who differ from people with impure blood by the absence of waste deposits and sludge, can withstand whatever microbial organisms they are exposed to; such people do not get sick and do not catch a cold, while people with impure blood get infected very easily. In the Spiritual School, the law is the same: in order for you to be healthy, the flow of your Astral[†] body has to be correct. Jesus has said, “If you do not eat my flesh, and if you do not drink my blood, you do not have life in you.” This flesh and this blood are indeed the rational Word. If the rational Word does not permeate deep through your body, you cannot be good. I have said this before and I will say it again, the power of the rational Word is mighty. I do not remember the author, but there are many things written in English, which present facts about will power. Some of them come from readings from the Gospel and give examples of how people have cured themselves through will power. A woman, who has been sick since she was twelve, read one of these books and the parts talking about how to cure oneself through will power. She said, “Starting today, I am healthy!” She said so, got off her bed, and began working. This is to make an internal change with your Astral body and in your heart. This will power has to be really strong and absolutely without any doubt.


In the outside world today, in order to strengthen people’s faith, you have to first present arguments and facts, which have been logically substantiated. In the Spiritual School, the process is reversed; you have to believe first, in order to get clarity on the facts. Consequently, you will apply your faith, and through that faith you will question, explore, and clarify facts. Hence, you will undertake the re-evaluation of all of your old thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions – you will prioritise all of these. You will not discard all of your old thoughts, but you will preserve in yourselves only those thoughts, on which you can always count – thoughts acquired through your life experience. A friend of mine was saying, “I,” he said, “may doubt anything, but I have one such experience that I cannot disown even if they cut me into pieces.” You have to have a central thought; and if you cannot find this central thought now, you cannot be disciples. If you want to acquire this central thought and then become disciples, you will not be able to. I am telling you: each of you has this experience. You will find this thought hidden some place within, and through that central place, you will begin to explain every occurrence in your life. And this, which you acquire now, will be in agreement with that central thought, which will shape your future. But the truths that I will tell you are so simple, that if you make that bargain we discussed, you will look like that rooster, who was digging a pile, dug out a big precious stone, and said, “Was not there one grain instead?” He kicked it, “Was this what I managed to dig out? Was there not something to eat?” For this rooster did not know that if he would sell that precious stone, he could turn it into power, which could render his life with happiness, and supply millions of roosters like him with food.


These esoteric truths, which you will be told, are so simple that you will say, “Is there not something more substantial?” Well, I am asking, what is it that is more substantial than Love in Life? There is nothing more substantial than Love, nothing more resilient than Love, and nothing more pleasant and happier than Love. “But we do not know the laws that Love follows.” These pleasant feelings, which you have, appear and disappear; the bright thoughts, which come up in your brain, appear and disappear; why? You think that this is the law. This is not the law, but there are other beings in this world that play with your brain – they push it here and there, play with it, and sometimes when they push it, there comes darkness. You are in a nice mood, a friend of yours comes along and whispers in your ear, “You are so ugly today, you have grown ugly!” Before you know it, it feels as if something pierced through you. So you are walking along, but you feel indisposed. “What is the matter with you? Is someone sick at home – your husband?” “No, no,” you are ashamed to say. “You have grown ugly,” so you believed it. You must have at least one mirror to see if this is a fact.


Some even think that they are heroes. Here are what big heroes they are: here, in Sofia, three administrative workers were making a joke with a colleague. They decided to send him on a sick leave, saying, “Today we will make him not work.” The first one met the colleague downstairs and said, “You are so pale. Are you sick?” “No,” but he almost believed it. He just got to the first floor and the second one met him, “You seem very sick to me? What is wrong?” When he climbed the stairs, the third one told him, “You will faint as you are walking.” He then went to his boss and asked for a sick leave. The boss let him go, but when the former figured out what happened, he punished the three people to work on behalf of their colleague. These are facts. For example, you have a thought and you say, “Nothing good will come out of me.” This is like the first one who meets you downstairs. “Nothing good will come out of me. Why am I going this way? Science is not for me.” Both the second and the third one are capable of making you leave school. Once you are walking on the path of God, you might also meet three people, who tell you, “You becoming a religious man – this is not for you!” And then you might drop it. Do not succumb to these temptations! The disciples in the Spiritual School have to know the very Truth, the great Truth, as it is; they have to know the facts as they are in Nature; they have to know the laws, the principles, neither less nor more – to neither exaggerate nor understate them. I want all of you to be valiant, but not ruthless – not to exaggerate or understate your mistakes. You have to note every single mistake as a mistake, and the opposite – every virtue, whatever it is, as a virtue, and we have to all rejoice when we see a virtue regardless in whom we see it. Because Good is Divine, while it is those mistakes that mutilate people’s thoughts. A mistake, regardless of how small it is, has to be noted as such.


Another rule in the Spiritual School is that no one has the right to remind a disciple of their past mistakes – this is a crime, notice it! If Nature has once erased it and turned the page, do not go back to that page saying, “Do you know what you did once?” Today the Brotherhood of Light requires this from you as disciples. If God says[‡], “I will erase your sins, I will forget them,” you will not remind others of them. Today disciples often say to each other, “Do you know how much you offended me five years ago?” “And you? Do you know what you told me ten years ago?”


Tonight I am talking to you as disciples about what disciples in this School should be like. What you are in the outside world is another thing, for there everything is allowed. In the outside world everything may be allowed, but in this School, in this life, not everything is allowed. So before we go forward, you have to know that if you make these mistakes, you will not achieve huge success. You will be able to achieve success knowing that in the School of the Brotherhood of Light you are not allowed to give promises without fulfilling them. Not promises – once you say it, you do it! You will say, “I will live by the law of Truth,” and you will live by it. At one given point, you say and you do, nothing more. But there is no promise in the future, there is a promise in the current moment – if you say it, you do it, nothing more! The disciples are also not allowed to say what they will do – say it and do it! The Scripture also says[§], “God said and so it was. He said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” Everyone will follow this law – once you say, you do! Now, we do not want any promises. We want only one thing from you – to apply the great law of Love, to apply the great law of Truth. Then, every day based on the situation, say it – do it, say it – do it. Do not give any promises! We will not keep you to your word. We do not want to remind you what you have promised, but if you have promised, do it. In the outside world, you can give promises, but we do not want any promises in the School. Promises give only to those people who do not have Love; promises give only to those people who do not have Truth; there is nothing more to it. No promises – this is what distinguishes the School of the Brotherhood of Light, for it has Absolute faith in its disciples, do you understand? Since the School’s existence, there has never been a time when a disciple has been able to lie to their Teacher. There has not been a single case when a disciple has lied to their Teachers. Not a single disciple has allowed himself to lie to the Teachers, but the Teachers have also never allowed the disciple to lie to them. Now you may ask me, “If I get into this School…?” There is not a single case in the history of this School when a disciple, who got in, turned back. Why? For where Love is the principle, there can be no turning back, without any exceptions. All exceptions result from the lack of the first principle – Love, and of the second principle – Truth. If these two principles are not applied, the Wisdom becomes distorted, the human mind becomes distorted, the human heart becomes distorted, and these are now people or individuals outside of the School. Then, as Paul says in that chapter[**], “Whom God called, those he chose.” In other words, there can be no exception. And I do not see the reason why exactly a human would give up walking on this great path of Life, where one can find one’s happiness.


You will drop your old concepts. The concept of growing old, the concept of dying, becoming poor, the concept that we are stupid people, that human essence is such and such; you will put these away, close them in your closets and put a sign, “Do not touch.” Those of you, who want to be disciples, will do that. Some ask me, “I am old. Will I be able to do it?” Well, since when have you become old? Some say, “I am young. Will I be able to do it?” Everyone, who has lived in Love, is young; everyone, who has lived in Truth, is young. Everyone, who has lived in Love, is smart; everyone, who has lived in Truth, is smart – this is how it is. The moment you leave Love, you are old – you will feel an internal weakness, no meaning in Life; you will not have a purpose and you will become a pessimist; you will say to yourselves, “There is only death, but…” These are all initial notes. I want you to test them, and then to comprehend them.


We will walk on a positive path without exception. You will say, “I cannot go without exception.” Yes, you can, and this is how it will be! This is a great Divine school, where there are absolutely no exceptions, not even one in a million do you understand? The only School, in which there are no exceptions in the world – none. Once you get in, all the Brothers believe in you – their life is like God’s life. When I say “like”, I mean to say that God’s life penetrates through all of them in its Fullness. Moreover, it is without rules or compulsions – everyone knows their roles and everyone adjusts according to them. They have absolutely no written rules, but they all know their roles so well, as if they have established the best organization and the best rules. And if you get in this Brotherhood of Light, you will never know who is who – the first or the last, a master or a servant. If you are among them, you may live together for years and say, “Who is your leader? Who is first among you?” Today, if you walk in a school anywhere in the world, you would know who the leader is. Thus, have in mind: do not think that in the School, where you learn the truths, there is a department and a teacher like me sitting on a table, surrounded by disciples, as you are surrounding me now. It is one thing here, but it is another thing there. You will say, “How so?” When you learn to sleep, you will know how. However, when these truths come to Earth according to the conditions of our current life, we have to look for the ways, methods, and formulas to express these truths, which are currently inaccessible to our minds. Well, they are inaccessible under the current conditions, but they will become accessible.


You will have to study Light and its influence over your body system. You will also study the influence of colours and living centres. Let’s take sunlight: everyday at certain hours of the day, at noon, but mostly in the morning, certain waves periodically come from the Sun. They bring positive thoughts – intelligent thoughts from the Sun. There are negative events from the Sun too, which, however, do not bring negative thoughts. I brought to your attention the other day that if you fall asleep in the Sun, your body will definitely attract these negative waves, the so called black light, and you will feel indisposed when you get up. That is why the Esoteric disciple is never allowed to sleep in the daylight – no sleep during the day – you should sleep at night without Sun. You can warm yourselves in the Sun, but your mind will be present at all times, so that you can attract the positive waves of the sun energy. If you start to train your concentration as disciples, the spirits that play with you and make you fall asleep will visit you. You will concentrate without falling asleep. During the concentration, you will do the following: when something says “phoo” like a wave while you are sitting, you will resist it and will not allow yourselves to doze off. This “phoo” is a wave, a black wave that passes through the centre of the Earth, surrounds you and you fall asleep. Once you doze off (in the Sun), you learn nothing. You will not let these waves seize your brain. We will begin to study Light and the days of the year – which days and which hours we can use for work, the ways and methods for strengthening the activity of our brains, for enhancing our breathing energy, for fixing our digestion, etc. We have to start somewhere because you are now impoverished – every person, who is dissatisfied with life is impoverished. The first thing is the disciple has to be satisfied.


These here are rules to apply to temperaments. You will practice them. Some of these rules you will practice here, but most of the work we will do in the other world – you will do the work while you sleep. The Scripture says[††], “God speaks during dreams one, two or three times.” He always speaks in dreams – He spoke to Joseph in his dream, to the prophets and people with revelations, and to John when he ascended[‡‡]. If you want to improve your situation, or to know how to fix your life, you need to have one such dream and you will immediately get the best advice on how to improve your life.


Now, you can read some of the papers. (Two papers were read.) You will not have enough patience to listen to all of these papers.


Some of you have become quite excited about following the School. You should know one thing: those of you, who do not show up three Thursdays, will not be allowed to attend the School in the future – this is for everyone, who is absent three times. Now you will say, “There could be exceptional cases.” Those, who are absent three consecutive times, are the ones who lose their right to attend. Do you now get the inner meaning? It means that if a disciple has forgotten three times that there is School, if that thought has escaped one three times, one is banned from attending. You will have in mind that in this School there is no room for exceptions or benevolence – without exception. This has not been imposed, but once each of you decides, you have to faithfully follow. There is one important law – what you have decided within yourselves, you have to be able to accomplish it. Not what we impose on you, but what you have decided to accomplish; accomplish it! You have to accomplish it; otherwise, all of the science in the world will be useless to you. A person, who promises without carrying it out, is like a leaky container – you can pour in as much as you like, but soon or later, it will all leak outside. We do not want any commitments from you, but once you decide to serve Love, you will be heroes and will say, “You might crucify me, but there is no turning back from this path.” Once you say so, once you are walking on this path, God is with you. The slightest hesitation and you are lost. Do not then be upset with anyone and do not say, “Why has God abandoned me?” In the Spiritual School, things are set the following way: it is not God, who has abandoned us, but it is us, who have abandoned God. And He says[§§], “Since you have abandoned me, I will not be occupied with you.” Of course, I do not consider your presence on Thursdays your only time in the Spiritual School. No, for your whole life is one Spiritual School. If you think that you are in the Spiritual School only on Thursdays, you are wrong. No, no – your whole life is one Spiritual School. Consequently, you will be in agreement with the Spiritual School that you serve – this way you will have results. From this point of view, you will resolve all other matters, regardless of what they are – individual, family, social, or national; you will resolve all matters by yourself, always from this point of view.


Now, I will present for voting whether you want us to read through all the sheets. Will you have enough patience for all of the papers to be read? Since they have been written, we have to read them. Then, we will read them all next time. You will learn to have patience, so that you learn to have benevolence. There are valuable and smart things in here. And understandably so, when someone has invested their heart and mind, this is something beautiful. When we love someone, even if they say stupid things, we say, “This is so beautiful!” And when we do not love someone, even if they wrote smart things, we say, “I do not want to listen!” But these here are all smart papers.


Now, for next time I want ten of you, who apply voluntarily, to write something on the topic “The Purpose of the Human Language.” So, ten people will write on this topic – five brothers and five sisters. They will start with this evident language – it is the topic. This language was born, and came from some kind of an idea. Let those of you, who will write, raise your hands. (Five brothers and five sisters respond) You will write succinct, one page. Do not be afraid – the moment you start writing you will get on an esoteric wave, for you will get inspiration. No one should be forcing themselves. Everyone should write as much as their inspiration gives them. If the inspiration lasts for ten lines, this is how long you will write. Have in mind that the Spirit in the Spiritual School speaks only the most relevant things. These Brothers do not like to talk too much.


Let someone take the initiative to be a secretary or a record keeper – to keep these sheets of papers.


Secret Prayer




[*] “Vuzdurjanie” in Bulgarian


[†] “Astralno tyalo” in Bulgarian – what is meant exactly in English: “Astral body” or “Ethereal body”? It is astral body. (ed)


[‡] Please note: the quotes from the Bible are not exact, as they should be if coming from the English version of the Bible, but they are translations from Bulgarian 


[§] Same as the previous note


[**] Please note: the quotes from the Bible are not exact, as they should be if coming from the English version of the Bible, but they are translations from Bulgarian


[††] Please note: the quotes from the Bible are not exact, as they should be if coming from the English version of the Bible, but they are translations from Bulgarian


[‡‡] The translator is uncertain if “ascended” corresponds to the specific situation with John


[§§] Please note: uncertainty with the translation of God’s words

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