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1922_04_04 Negative and Positive Features Of The Disciple


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Negative and Positive Features Of The Disciple


Sixth Lecture of the Master, read before the General Occult Class on April 4th, 1922, Tuesday, in Sofia


Secret Prayer


Before we finish reading what is written, I shall make a few notes. You know how tin plating of pots is done, you have seen how tinsmiths tin-plate – they stand in the pot and clean it out so that the tin can fix well. Without cleaning out the pots, one cannot apply tin. When you enter the occult school, thus, they will step onto you, they will turn you around and unless you are thoroughly cleaned, you will not be fit for tin plating.


There are some traits in you, and some views that you should part with. One of them is conceit. This is an animal side of human nature. You will find conceit in all animals, it is found in birds, dogs, horses, and oxen. When the dog is conceited, it raises up its tail, saying: "I don’t care". When the peacock wants to show off, it spreads its tail, ‘tr-r, tr-t, tr-r’ – this is an animal’s act. Conceit is an animal itself. So if a disciple entering the occult school holds that animal feeling inside, then great suffering is in store for him. He will clash with reality where people, observing his weakness, will start mocking him. Modern people suffer too most of them are neurasthenics. The neurasthenia marching through the world today is mostly the result of human conceit. If somebody is a tradesman, and his business is going down, he begins to worry – how can people think he is a poor man! Everyone wants to be what one is not. Religious people too, conceit has made them what they are not. Conceit has brought hypocrisy into religion. Hypocrisy is born from conceit. A conceited man striving to prove he is unlike others is a hypocritical man.


Now you enter an Occult School where Light is so great that all your shortcomings will come out on top leaving you feeling like a scalded fowl. As disciples, you must know what scalded fowl is. Not by me will you be scalded but by the White Brothers who are very good. One, who has conceit, will be thus fleeced and left to wonder how that happened. And so you will give up conceit. But if your love for it is great, when you enter the School, you will leave it outside like a piece of luggage. You will pay a storage fee when you finish the School and then you can put it on again. For the outer world, you may need it, but there is no need of it in the School.


And so conceit is displayed by the disciples. You may start asking, for example, "What do you think, that you have reached success in the Occult School?" This is pure conceit. Whether you have succeeded or not, we might as well know right now. Step in front, hand him the violin, give him a hard piece, come on, play it! If you can play it, you have succeeded. – "But I know music." You might know the theory of music but you don’t know how to play. Sometimes it’s better to play than just know the theory. It’s good to know both, though. Therefore, if you know how to play, you will play. Then, there are others who ask: "Do you think we have mastered Love?" I can right now very easily examine how much your Love is worth. Someone says, "My heart is burning in Love." But tell him to give this brother a thousand leva now – that’s it! He bows his head – that’s it – he does not know how to love, so much for that. A thousand more leva and a thousand more, and when his pocket is empty, he asks, "Well, what’s left for me?" If you want to have something left for you, stay outside. We want you to enter this Divine School with empty chests so that we can fill them up. If you come with full chests what can we put in? We do not want people with full purses. The world asks for full purses but we ask for the opposite. If your purses are empty come, and if not, then we say, "You are wrong."


And so you will keep away from the feelings of conceit and hypocrisy as from fire because not only will they give you nothing but they also will bring you down to the level of animals that only know how to snarl at each other. Two people, as they meet, snap at each other: "Beware, I am not one of those weak heroes but a great one!" The same with the fowl – having seen a bull, there it hops - this is the feeling of conceit. The bull rams it with its horns - that is the end of the fowl. The fowl doesn’t understand, it thinks it can fight a bull. But to fight a bull you need knowledge. And so, you come into this Occult School to learn how to fight the bull by the horns because you will meet spirits from the Black Lodge who have great knowledge. Do you know what knowledge this is? Sometimes the White Brothers go to their schools to learn. "The sons of this century are smarter that the sons of Light". And the sons of Light must learn from the sons of darkness. The knowledge and principles are the same in both schools, only differently applied. The acting forces are the same, there is no duality, but the way they are applied matters: some forces can be applied in one way – to the left, and others – another way – to the right. Yet we may as well draw a lesson, we may learn from a Black brother, even from the church. This is now said here in this hall.


If you talk about it outside, you will be cursed by every church, do you understand that? This is not a symbol. You still don’t know the origin of the Black brothers, do you? And why are they black? – Because they shifted to the left, and the others to the right. I will not explain this. A person has a left hand and a right hand. Why, aren’t both hands in place? We use our right hand today but there was a time when the left hand was at work. Is it a sin, then, that a person has one left and one right hand? No sin, these hands are just in place. It’s only that the left way passes through the centre of the Earth while the right one – through the centre of the Sun, they differ in that. Walking the left way you will go down into the deepest matter, in the greatest contradiction of Life, you’ll have to fight, the Light will fade, while taking the right way you will go through the thinnest matter, you’ll cross the centre of the Sun. You will not be afraid, because you will be protected.


There must be no curiosity in the Occult School, no curiosity is allowed there. Curiosity is for the outer world, it is allowed only there. To have a deep desire to learn, the keenest desire that is burning in your heart – that yes, but simple curiosity is not allowed. Curiosity is born from conceit, too. So you will have a burning desire to learn, and as for curiosity, conceit, hypocrisy and others of the same kind, features of animal nature or coming from lower cultures, such features we need not. Now you may say: "These things have been told to us." Yes, but you still don’t know the perturbations conceit causes in the human body. You still don’t know the consequences of hypocrisy – what perturbations it causes in the human heart. You still don’t know what curiosity produces. If you knew the consequences that are produced in the body, you wouldn’t even smell them (unclear).


Now I do not want to be in contradiction with your feelings. Religious feelings you will keep apart. I am now talking to your minds – not the lower, but the higher minds. You must think and feel. I am not talking to your hearts either, this is not my intention. You hearts are for you and for God, aren’t they? You need Light, you need Knowledge, and having the Knowledge you will acquire Wisdom. When you have Wisdom, you will know how to work your hearts. Now, you know that line from the Old Testament, "My son, give me your heart." This is an internal process of the Existence, a process to be realized in the future. It has no objective application yet, but a purely subjective application and to work this heart we need knowledge – great knowledge I should say, in order to be able to prepare the forces that are inborn in our hearts for the future culture. And for the present all religions are generally dealing with the man’s heart. All preachers are seeking to bring about certain effects, they threaten with hell – that there is hell, and pain. But this is kid’s stuff. We do not shake the big stick at a disciple entering the Occult School; we just say, "If you do things this way; these are the consequences. Since you have this body with these substances and compounds, if you act like this, here are the consequences for your body; if you enjoy this you can do it." The disciple will know the reasons and the consequences, and will examine diligently his body and his heart.


So, you must all have a burning desire to learn. And coming into this School you will lay aside, if possible, all your views – whatever you have read in books, whatever I might have once said. I want you to pass all this through your own minds, do you understand? And you will. Do you know why? – Because sometimes you may pass my words through the dense medium of your lower minds and you will comprehend them one way, but then you might pass them through your higher minds and then you will obtain a different comprehension. Further on, you will have to apply each comprehension immediately, not in the future. As you apply, you test – small tests from which we shall judge. I am not saying you don’t have application – you do, but not these occult applications. You will find a special application. In this Occult School you will have ways, and methods to remedy some of your weaknesses that exist as a remnant of the past. Now, you might sometimes place a bet: "This is what a man of science said." But what has been said shall be tried in this School, shall be put to the test. In the School, you will always verify these things and will judge what is said by the results you can achieve. If you don’t have this disposition, then hypocrisy and conceit will be born.


Then, a common weakness of all disciples is the following: sometimes a disciple thinks he knows more than his Master. The rule in the White Occult School is: A disciple may never know more than his Master. This is a law of the White Occult School. Jesus said: "The disciple never stands higher than his Master". Should he begin to think he knows more than his Master, then he is to the left; should the Master begin to think he is not like his disciples, he is to the left too. The first one uses the knowledge for himself, and the other one does the same. But in the School of the Worldwide White Brotherhood everything is used for the Lord’s Kingdom – for bringing the Lord’s Kingdom on Earth. And once the Lord’s Kingdom comes to Earth then everyone, masters and disciples will have the best opportunities to show their knowledge and create something better in this world.


And then, there’s another thing that I want: those who come to the School now, will test their will. There will be insults but once you enter the School, you must step up higher; you must lay aside all your feelings of insult for an hour. Someone comes in, the others give him a bad look, and he says, "This man insulted me." No, no, you must test your will. If you cannot subdue this feeling from the insult, which is an animal feeling, then your will is weak, you won’t succeed. You shall capture this feeling – the insult – as a creditor, and you’ll say, "Pray wait for me outside for an hour, outside the entrance hall, and once I am out, I’ll pay you." Now, we don’t want you to reform your lives in an instant, but just to keep one disposition of yours out in your entrance hall for an hour. If you can keep it out for an hour, then you will be able to keep it out for two, three, four, five hours; if you cannot keep it out for one hour, you can do nothing. And when you enter a school if you do not take this into consideration, the others will always lay these obstacles before you, using the law of suggestion. Between men and women, for example, an argument might arise, and they come hurt to the School; but you should know that on entering the School you are no longer men or women. We have no men or women around here, we have disciples. You are men and women outside, but in here you are souls. We don't recognize men or women, young or old, we only recognize disciples who desire to acquire the Divine knowledge and to use it for the improvement of their souls, for the advancement of the Lord’s Kingdom on Earth – that’s what we recognize. Now, you may say: "This has been said many times". I am telling you again, and as for those who would not believe my words, we shall start the tests and he’ll be persuaded. You have to know this, it is not a threat but there are laws that must be observed.


I am not saying this place is a School. No, this is your meeting. From here you will step into another place, and as for the School, we could move it to another room, or a third, or a fourth, or a fifth one. This hall is not an occult school. Even if we were to build a special place it still wouldn’t be an occult school. Now, you are going to say: "We have now formed the School, for we have closed the door." We might close the door ten times, it still wouldn’t be enough. I can see – many of you always have their doors open. The outer door here is closed, but the doors of your houses are open and there’s constant movement in and out. Each of you must close his own door, and you must say: "For one hour you will wait for us, we are busy now but in an hour we’ll be back, and we’ll be at your disposal". I want you to do the first test now. Thus, when you come on Sunday to the School, you should be able to fight. It takes fighting, heavy fighting, but you must overcome. Don’t think that by just coming here you will change this condition all at once. We want you to fight and to win in this fight. Someone says: "Let’s get this over with, let’s banish this devil". But you shared your table with this devil in the past, he is your friend. As a friend, tell him: "My friend, we shared one table once, but I have come to know feasts spoil Life, I have taken another way, and being my friend can you now join me on this new way?" – "I can’t." - "Then wait for me outside for an hour, and then we’ll talk again." And, being your friend, he’ll listen to you.


So you shall learn in the Occult School not to insult anyone. You do not say to a man: "You are such and such". No. No. I shall give you this example; it’s from the age of Christianity: one of the great Masters, well acquainted with occultism, after having taught his disciples for a long time, sent them to town to preach. Two of these disciples met two pagan priests and on seeing them, said, "Well, children of the devil, sons of Satan, you who corrupt the world …" They approached them with their walking sticks and cracked their heads. The disciples came back with heads cracked. These priests went to the Master of the two disciples; he came out and asked, "My friends, where have you been?" – "Why friends, how’s that? An hour ago we beat two of your disciples." – "You have done well." Disciples I call them, for they are sons of the White Brotherhood. And when Archangel Michael was sent for the body of Moses, he never said an evil insulting word to the devil but said, "Let God forbid you." And you now have the weakness sometimes to bristle up at the devil and speak evil of him. No, no, you must be noble. Say to him: "You are an excellent worker – you do things the way you understand". He is convinced, believes in his understanding and wants to persuade you in some way or another, and gives you proof.


Each bad spirit, as it comes to you, says: "Don’t be so stupid, not all shall become good". And it gives you proof. Then you become convinced and say: "You are right". In the White Brotherhood, however, there is other evidence and we must prove it. There shall be perfect harmony in the School, no bad spirits should disturb you - they know the law. Both the first ones and the second ones learn – this is the law in the occult science. Once the disciples go out into the world, there is a dispute among them, but in the School, as long as they are learning, there is no dispute. But these are things we know so we place them where they belong. That’s what they said about the pious Jehovah; the representative of the Black Brotherhood appeared at the God’s council and said to God, "Have you noticed the way Jehovah walks?" Then, he was also present at this council in the School, and God asked him, "What about you, have you noticed the way Jehovah applies this teaching?" Hence, there is absolutely no dispute among the Black and the White Brothers in the School. A Black or a White Brother – they love each other. They love each other at School, but once they are out in the world, their interests collide and each one works for his own interest, so much for love! We shall prove which principle is right. Both these and the others believe, but the faith of the former differs in many ways from the faith of the latter.


So, as disciples of this School, you shall be broad-minded rather than bigoted. A Black Brother is also an advanced spirit, these are real things. In School you must think that everything in this world exists because it is necessary. And what is necessary is useful for the development of the entire Cosmos. Therefore, for knowledge to exist in the world there must be two processes – some pots are made for glory and others for infamy. If you make a pot and you put your slops in it, and the other pot you fill with milk, then I’m asking, are the pots guilty? The pot with the slops is the black Brother, and the pot with the milk is the White Brother. Whose fault is it? Is it the pots’ fault? No. And the one who uses the pots is equally pleased to have a pot for slops and another pot for milk. He finds them very useful, for he needs one place to put the slops and one place to put the milk. But if we don’t have slops we throw away the pot, and if we don’t need milk, we throw away the second pot, so we have no more pots. The same goes for the good and bad people in Life; these are only ideological views at the present stage of development of human life.


Now, those of you who wrote about the purpose of the human’s/man’s tongue may read (are welcome to read).


Next in turn, write something about the purpose of the present five senses. This will be a common topic for all who can write. What do you think; did the organ appear first or the sense? – The senses appeared first. Therefore, each sense corresponds to a certain idea. At present, man has only touched the five senses and has reached the field of Truth. So he has reached the lowest field of the Divine World. Man needs another two senses. Then those of you who volunteered, let them write, let’s say, which world touching corresponds to; the taste, the sense of smell, the hearing, the eyesight – determine which worlds, and which fields they pertain to. You may read some theosophical, some occult literature, see what is written there, then express your own understanding, what it is that you think. Write briefly, as briefly as you can. When you write on these topics, don’t we say: "No fear and no darkness!" Furthermore, don’t write long, for too much writing is conceit. Don’t use redundant words, because they come from the devil, or if said in the occult language, redundant words shift to the left, to the School of the Black Brothers. They enjoy talking a lot and everyone who talks a lot helps the Black Brothers. Both the one who talks a lot and the one who doesn’t talk at all – both of them help the Black Brothers. And the one who talks less but wisely, helps the White Brothers. Less means the essence, it’s the essence we need. You may say, for example, "I love you a lot," – so you commence to speak like lovers do – and "I am ready to do this for you and that for you." You will do nothing. "I love you and can do anything for you." – Test me, nothing more. When you test, you’ll know.


Only I can love. Should ‘I’ be said? – You will say 'I' and you will understand the Divine side of you. You may not mention the ‘I’ but mean it in your minds. In English you have to say ‘I love’, while in Bulgarian just ‘love you’ is enough; in English you must use the ‘I’.


In School you shall endeavour to be determined and always speak your mind. Now, we have tried the results of not speaking one’s mind. Every senseless speech is a shape where you allow space for a bad spirit to inhabit you. That is why every shape you form must be full of Divine matter. Empty words themselves always draw great misfortune. When you pronounce an empty word, something pins you in your heart and you start thinking: "I shouldn’t have said that".


Why do I want you to write on this topic? – That you may advance, that conscience may awaken in you. I want to convince you of one thing: you are not such fools and so ignorant as you may think you are, there are many truths inborn in you from the past. And if you are true to yourselves, as you sit down and think, some inspiration may come upon you. Then you may say: "The Spirit inspired this in me," as if the Spirit has some special regard for you. Do not deceive yourselves, the Spirit has an equal regard for everyone, but what the Spirit suggests, you cannot perceive. But you may say, "The Spirit did not will" No, no. The Spirit wills but you shall work your soil, you shall plant it, cultivate it and then the Spirit will will.


So, I’m saying that in all of you there are some inborn truths that have to rise up – there are noble thoughts and features from the past. These features can be created today as well. Even the smallest effort that you can do is in your favour. In several lectures, I shall talk about and show you the weaknesses you should be aware of. Not that these are your weakness – they are common for the entire White race but you should constantly strive to keep away from them. And as you become able to control these weaknesses we can proceed to the microscopic truths – to the small truths with which we shall start doing our observations and our trials. Then each of you will be given small tasks to solve on your own and to examine things by yourself. But I am still warning you now – don’t expect that Heaven will open, don’t expect to find the answers to all the great secrets of Nature. No, others may expect this. When a master is tempted by a disciple offering him a big salary to teach him, then the master is unworthy of his position. There may appear a master in the Occult School, he may be offered one or two or ten million leva to teach – nobody is going to say anything to him but if he decides to teach for money, he’s done with. And if such thought enters a disciple’s head, if he is tempted to acquire the Knowledge in order to use it for himself alone, he is done with too. Thus, you will be completely unselfish!


First rule: be sincere with yourselves, do not deceive yourselves. You can deceive me, but I don’t want you to deceive yourselves that’s why I am going to be very strict. Never deceive yourselves. Apply this law – be utterly true to yourselves, no exceptions allowed. You must admit in your minds the Truth such as it is, don’t change it in any way just consider things as they are, neither more nor less. True to yourself - this is the first law of the School. If you can apply this law, the rest will be easy. This law lays a basis on which to build up further.


Now, why am I often so strict? – I am sorry that I have opened this School, to tell you the truth. Do you know why? – When I come here I experience a painful feeling. These desires you have accumulated cause me the worst suffering. And now I have to make an effort to talk to you. To tell you the truth! And if you do not observe this rule then I’m leaving you to learn as well as you can, I am determined. I don’t want to torment myself in future nor do I intend to let my disciples torment me. Two rules: neither do I want to torment myself, nor for you to torment me. I have completed my evolution; I need not be tormented any more. What I know I can teach you but your thoughts and your experiences are being transferred upon me – I accept all your thoughts and I experience them inside of me. I don’t want, though, to experience your thoughts. If you are sinners, I have nothing to do with your sins. I could endure your good will, better, but you are judging me in your minds and telling me this or that, I don’t want to hear, my soul is fed up with reproach and ungratefulness. The one who is grateful – good for him, and the one who is ungrateful – good for him too, I still have nothing to do with it. You know why? – I serve a different law. I am answering you now: I don’t want to grieve in any way the One who lives in me, I am not letting this happen! The One who taught me, the One who lives in me, I do not allow any reproach on him. I can bear anything for Him; where His name is concerned, I am ready to give up anything. "But what in thousand years – will circumstances be allowed?" (UNCLEAR) All the same, as for His name, I don’t allow it. I notice everything and I’m telling you: in the School I absolutely don’t want you to criticize me, or have doubts, just try out things! As I have said before: If I have hurt anyone let him come to me without criticizing me - I will pay him ten times his worth and get this over with once and for all. All matters must be settled between you and me, nothing more. Tell you what, should anyone do otherwise in future, I will turn my back on him and never speak to him any more. This is a rule of the White Brotherhood. Why? – This is an internal law. The One, who lives in us, the Lord, has a way that He follows and He will not wait for us. The Sun rises, the Earth turns around and everything follows its destined way, we cannot change the laws of Existence. – "But that’s what I think!" Yes, but the Lord thought millions of years ago when He created the world, so we shall act as He intended us to and as He acts. You ask me sometimes to teach you how to act. I am not doing as I please, I am following God’s ways and I want you to do so too. I am not the one to change God’s laws, neither you, nor the Angles or any other creature in the world will be able to change them in any possible way – they are inalterable. You can react somehow but to reverse them is impossible. Then you will stumble in yourselves. If you want to be a disciple, this is one of the rules of this School to follow.


The School was opened several times around Europe but closed down again in wait of better times, because disputes arose. It was opened and closed down several times and may be closed down again now. But if I do it now, you shall teach yourselves, I am not teaching a second time! That’s why I want you to be upright at such a time when those above you have decided and have will to teach you.


Mind you, I am not talking to you on my behalf; I am talking on behalf of the Worldwide White Brotherhood. If they are well disposed to you, then you must be loyal to them too. You must learn these great truths from their point of view. Exercise your minds, test everything.


Now, from these words of mine do not conclude that I’m talking about a certain person, individually. No, what I’m saying is: it is from lack of knowledge, from ignorance that you do things, which are not allowed. And I want now to give you the first rules, the same way they are given in music. First of all, when the master comes in, he shows you how to hold the violin – horizontally, then he places the bow in the correct position and finally you play the G tone and hold it for a long time until you learn to move the bow properly. The bow represents the will. Then you start studying the tones, then the positions and when you have learnt them, you go on to playing a certain piece. Now, your minds and your hearts can advance only under such proper guidance. Only then you can perceive those great thoughts that God created, only in this way can you learn to think and feel correctly. Have a will. You have a will, you all do, but you must guide your will to work for your advancement.


Now, don’t think we don’t have laws through which to get free from certain things. We have laws; I can get free of your thoughts in another way too. Do you know why I am referring to this? There is a wish in me that you don’t suffer, for I don’t want to cause you more suffering in Life. First rule: since you suffer a lot, I don’t want to increase your sufferings. If I put on a shield to repulse your thoughts back, we shall not get to the point. It’s better in such cases to close down the School than to cause rows.


So, the first rule is: you’ll harmonize your thoughts and feelings for at least one hour. For an hour, I ask for no more – one hour in a week, do you understand that? Seven days, twenty-four hours a day – a hundred and sixty-eight hours. If you can’t do this, what else can you do? From a hundred and sixty-eight hours weekly you are required to spend a single hour in harmony – as true disciples you must. This is not much; this is a very short time – who will not allow himself an hour? And when I enter the class I want to feel a pleasant atmosphere, to feel good, and I want you to feel good too. If I am to come in and become dissatisfied then you will be dissatisfied too. Two feelings of dissatisfaction make a positive figure – both sides lose. Then all truths you may have said will lose their effect.


Now, you may say: "Who could have insulted the Master?" No one has insulted me but I’m telling you, in your ignorance you have the weakness to incline sometimes to the left side rather than to the right one. Not knowing it yourselves, you sometimes walk to the left. You may say: "I do not know". No, you don’t, but you have to learn. You as disciples have to know which way you are on – the left or the right one, and not to wait for others to tell you that. Every day, the merchant has to know what he earns and what he loses – by reviewing his records, he must know if he made a profit today or he lost; and at the end of the year he sums up the profit and the loss. Every day we have to know whether we are more to the left or to the right, where God is. If you know this, you win – you will straighten up your thoughts, because there are many good things from the past inborn in you.


I don’t find you incapable, I find you wayward. You are capable but also wayward, and waywardness is a feature of animals, not of humans. This waywardness of yours is an animal feature. Every man whose mind, heart, and will have started working properly can no longer be wayward, all his acts and deeds are based on the law of reason – he will know what to do. No waywardness shall be allowed in this School. So now, you are capable, and as for your waywardness – leave it outside. I am telling you now some negative features, and in the second lecture I’ll tell you more.


I’ve told you by now four negative features: conceit, hypocrisy, curiosity, and waywardness – they are animal features. You need them in the world, but in the School you have no need, absolutely no need of them. And after attending our School for a year, I shall want you to be distinguished. We shall come, and decide, and mark the beginning – this is a School now. Someone says: "Show us the shortcomings". Fine, I’ll show you a lot of things. And when you get over them, then I shall show you some more negative features – not now, next time. Keep these features. Don’t fight conceit, and I’ll tell you what to put in its place, and in the place of the waywardness, hypocrisy, curiosity – I’ll tell you how to replace them.


For I want you to be…I’m not saying good disciples, but I do not know which word to use now. Upright? – But are you all well-behaved? – You are all well-behaved. I am telling you, I am calling you the disciples of Love, do you understand that? Therefore, as disciples of Love, as I name you, (as disciples of Love, with this name I baptize you) – you shall follow the law of the great Divine Love. You may say: "I am the disciple of Love, I do not need conceit, I do not need hypocrisy, I do not need waywardness." Now, keep these four features and when one of them comes to you tell it: "My friend, I am the disciple of Love". When conceit starts speaking, answer it: "I am the disciple of Love", when hypocrisy starts speaking, answer it: "I am the disciple of Love", when curiosity starts speaking, answer it: "I am the disciple of Love". Thus you will speak in a friendly tone: "I am the disciple of Love", and nothing beyond it. So as they keep coming to you, let your answer be such – they come, you say: "I am the disciple of Love". Until they tell you one day: "We are, too, the disciples of Love", and it will be over, the victory will be yours. These are living creatures that you were connected to in your past lives. But as you abide by the Law of Love, they will say: "Since you are the disciples of Love, we shall become ones, too".


It just occurred to me, let me not be misunderstood. By saying that I shall close the School I mean that I shall talk and preach with symbols, and not the way I’m doing now. The method is different in the School but I shall not use that method. We are going to work by the old method, follow the old path – we are going to hoe, we are going to plough, we are going to make a path and thus things will go.


Now, I believe, the next time I will find you two degrees up. You are below zero today, the second time I want to find you at zero, the third time – at plus one degree, at two degrees, at three degrees and every time up by one degree. Little by little I want you to advance; it’s not much that I want.


Now, I am greeting you with the words: No fear! And you answer me: No darkness! And thus we shall work; on my arrival I shall greet you: No fear! And you shall answer me: No darkness!



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