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1922_04_13 Methods Through Nature


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Methods Through Nature


Seventh lecture given by the Teacher before General Esoteric class on the 13th April 1922, Thursday, Sofia

Secret Prayer

First I’ll start with a few notes. When a young shoot grows out of the ground, it is vulnerable but Nature sends him subtle swaying and motions on the air. The work of air currents make plants strong, the human mind does the same thing for the Spiritual body of the human being. And when you enter the Esoteric School, you will be exposed to different winds from different directions. Bear that in mind, this is the law but do not fear it. Anyone who enters this School and fears some cracks not wanting to feel the draught does not understand the law. To winds you will be aware of from all directions, from east, from west, from north, from south, from everywhere. And to other winds we will be exposed and sometimes these winds we’ll be warm, sometimes cold, sometimes they will be accompanied by mild rains, sometimes with sleet, sometimes with hail. In all these situations you will find yourself; that we have to bear in mind. What happens in Nature, will happen in your soul also. If does not happen, you are not on the right path. If someone preaches you a teaching without hardships, without winds, without sleet, without hail and rain, this is not the Teaching of God; this is not the Teaching of Universal White Brotherhood. These are principles; these are states, which you have to keep in mind and to try. If one of you doubts this, you have the time to try them but you will note this fact, because we are coming closer to carrying out research in one positive science; laws don’t resemble the laws in modern science.


This science, to which we introduce you, there are no exceptions to the rule, everything is defined there. When I say precisely defined, I mean, that it is limited. No, there are two contradicting opinions in the occult science, in the Occult School: the Infinite includes the finite in itself and the finite includes the Infinite in itself. And then I say that the situation is such: only the Infinite can appear and this, which is finite can not appear: only the strong person can make themselves known, the weak can not; only the strong light can show itself, but light whose vibrations are weak, can’t show itself. Therefore I want you to be strong people, not hesitating, do you realize this? It is expected of us to be the strongest, the brightest, the most gifted, the most talented. The one, who is not capable of working on purpose as to acquire abilities, as to show his or her talent and the incapable to waken his or her ability. You don’t have to discourage yourself because of this, it is only one situation.


So each one of you will bear in mind the thought that you have to be strong but not to force yourself, to uplift yourself. Therefore each person, who has the force to uplift himself or herself, will have force to lift his peer but everyone who forces himself or herself, forces his peer also. This the laws of the White Brotherhood say. They watch how what we do towards ourselves and thus they are aware what our situation towards others will be. If I force myself I can talk in a very pleasant, very sweet way but it will be of no use – the law is true.


Therefore you will have strength not to force yourself but to uplift yourself. This means moral – to uplift the contemporary moral in the world, to uplift ourselves. That something was said by this scientist, that prophet or saint that the world was made in such and such way, you have to rise up the general status, upon the common view.


Let us not misrepresent Christ's true words! I ask all those contemporary people, did they live in Christ's time, did they hear what did He spoke, what did He say? They say: “We didn't hear but it was delivered to us.” This thing, which was written by this apostle, does it seem likely to be true to you?” - “This man there said that.” No, this is not the case, we have other proof for what was said by Jesus, we have an archive, where all words of the Christ are written in golden letters. Do you know in what grand book on what sheets are written Jesus words? There all words are written, all followers, initiated into the Occult school read from this great Gospel – this is a Gospel. And now they want to convince us that the Gospel is sacred, given to us by the Holy Ghost. No, it is not, the Gospel, which Jesus preached is from the Holy Ghost. The Gospel, which Jesus preached printed itself on the sheets of this great book. What Jesus spoke, all his great teachings are printed on this book, word by word, as each word spoken before a phonograph* is rendered. [* Phonograph – the original term for the gramophone, discovered by Thomas Edison in 1878 (editor's note)].


This Gospel I can understand! And how many words, how many parables, how many things are recorded on the sheets of this book for which the world is thoroughly unaware of.


So, firstly in the Gospel it is said: “Be strong because God lives in you!” But why is that? Such is the law. People are so weird. - “But – someone would say – apostle Paul said that when we are weak, then we are strong.” Yes, naturally, apostle Paul was an occultist and do you know what he did want to tell you with this? It means: When I think as a human, I am weak, but God, who lives in me, makes me strong. When someone is strong, he is conscious that God lives in him. I am Weak as a human but because of God, who lives in me, I am strong. When I say that God lives in me, this word is again not understood. God can not live in me or inside you. You have not yet revealed yourself, how will God live in you? In the Scriptures somewhere apostle Paul says: ”You are a Temple of God.” What is God's temple? - Your soul.


Your soul is something great and therefore we are now building these little temples in which the soul will lesen itself. This, which is eternal, the boundless will smaller so that it will enter in this small temple of Love. The soul knows the laws of growing smaller, this little soul can become finite and infinite at the same time. For God it is easy to be boundless and infinite, so it is easy for him to become boundary and finite, for us. When they tell me that one being is finite, I understand much – I understand that the greatness, the Intelligence and the God's Love are that large that He reduces himself in that small being as to try from all his or her joys and sorrows to uplift him or her as they can understand His greatness. This is the greatest, the most wonderful miracle of God. Thus I understand God, this God I recommend you -God, who can descend to your plane, from there He would lift you up and could make you like Himself. In what sense will you be like Him? - You would be like Him powerful, you could understand life and the other beings and you could uplift them also. This is what Jesus has taught.


Now, what we have is not morality. We leave aside the current morality and give you new principles, which you ought to have so that you can develop. When you work on the principles inside your soul, we will become strong and powerful – strong and powerful as to overcome anything.


Now, I am going to explain the word patience from the esoteric point of view. Each follower of the School of Universal White Brotherhood has to be patient. But how? Some, for instance, restrain themselves and say:” I was patient enough, I restrained my rage.” Restraining your rage is not being patient. Patient person is the one that constantly pays his or her debt to those who came to him or her – he has strength in himself. To restrain your rage is not patience but torture. Now the preachers want to convince us that the silent are patient. Such person is not patient. When someone else is glad and joyful, he thinks of something totally different. When someone comes to a patient person, this person asks him or her:


“What do you want from me?”


“You owe me.”


“How much?”- And they pay.


They constantly sing their songs. And now, when someone comes to him or her, they say: “You are dishonest.” They keep silent, pay nothing, restrain themselves and say: “They called me names, so what? I am a very patient person.” This is not patience at all, you are a person of torment. But here, in this School, there is no torture. Before you enter this School, before we are initiated, there will be torture but when you are in, you have to be patient, glad, to master all the world. Thus you will understand patience as followers. When someone comes to me, I ask him:


“Are you patient?” This means that he or she has to give me.


Someone says:” You have insulted me.”


“What does insult means?” You have debt, you owe me, ask how much. - “That much.” Immediately you ask how much is the interest.


“Ten or twenty percent.” I won’t utter a word, right away I will open my purse and say: ”Here you are. Are you content?”


“I am content.” I will shake hands with him.


Someone else will come by you; you will open your purse, you will pay and the matter will be settled. All followers will settle in such way the matter between yourselves – you will open the purse and you will pay. When the time comes, you will pay – this is the teaching, which Jesus has taught. And if this teaching has been applied, the Christian world would have risen, would have been righteous.


And what are you doing now? You are still dealing with the question whether God saved us or not. Since he has sent us Saviour to the Earth, we are saved, we are saved since we have been created by God. Therefore Jesus has foreseen everything. Jesus is manifestation of this Love, He sends Love to those He has initially saved. But because they are not yet ready to comprehend this Love, they are in conception(???). These people don't reason over this philosophy. When the mother breastfeeds her child, and what when this child is in her womb, does he or her suck from her breasts? No, the milk will stay for the mother, she keeps it for the time when her child will come. Therefore during the time of our embryo condition, until we were born, God has waited upon us to show his Love towards us. For those of us, that are born there is milk, for others – there is stale food. The more you go further, more goods you will try. Therefore we are in this period when God's love has been shown to the followers; this means we are in the most wonderful state, when God show his will to be perceived by the followers. What is better than that when the father says to his son: “Son, take your pouch and go to school.” And Cosmos with all its suns and planets is create as one initial school. And all of you will ride to all planets, suns and the Moon: everywhere you will go to study, different directions you will take during these excursions and then you'll meet again. But you will ask: “How many years are we going to meet after? ”No, it may not take years: one journey that amounts to ten million years we can shorten to one or half hour, another journey that amounts to half an hour can be prolonged up to hundred million years. It is a matter of motion, of quickness -it depends on what train we'll take with what speed, with what quickness. That is the question: what train will you choose- if you take a train with a great speed, the suns will pass by you too quickly, we won't be able to look at all the beauties and you'll tell yourself: ”We have passed around the Universe and we have seen nothing”; but if we take a train, which travels at a low speed, you will stop at one place, at other you will stop, each planet you will see. Among the spaces between these planets there are such worlds which the contemporary people don't even suspect - they think that all is what they see and that's it. No, there are other worlds that can' t be seen with contemporary telescopes. Einstein says that there is no time and space; I understand his language: there is no time and space but there are states.


So, the first stage for the follower is to be strong. You will have in your mind the thought to be possess Strength. Then for acquiring this Strength we already have methods, there are laws how to acquire such Strength. We will put you through a test and we will see whether this Strength, which you will acquire, is for your uplifting or for your constraint. If you use it for your constraint, then an usual force will be given to you, however if you use it for your uplifting, Godlike force will be given to you. When I speak of love, I mean that only the Godlike Love is the one and only, the greatest law in the world, which can guarantee this Force. If you have such Love, this Force will be guaranteed to you, if we have an ordinary love, an ordinary force will be given to you, and such force all of you have.


Now these are the items you have to include in your mind. This is the teaching that Jesus has taught. It is the simplest teaching, which Jesus has taught to the people then.


Now have you understood which person is strong and who is weak? Strong and weak. Everyone, who doesn't use his or her force, which they possess, becomes weak. Since you don't use your Godlike force for your uplifting, you are weak and the weak, when he or she uses a little Force, which they have, becomes strong. This is the same law, which you require when you give conditions for the development of a grain of wheat and then his force enhances and increases. According to the laws of mathematics, on Earth, the part can not be equal to the whole. In the occult science, in the occult mathematics, however, there is another statement: each part is equal to its own whole and the whole is equal to its own part. Then, how are you going to equalize these contradictions? Therefore the relations of this kind of mathematics are not mechanical but are organic and psychological – then the process is therefore inward. Now, how can this be mathematically expressed? If we decide to prove this, we need a number of lectures, a number of formulas of this complex mathematics and after all processes have occurred, the question is again unresolved. This is only a statement, which in present conditions of Life can not be explained. And the truth is as follows: the weak, the microscopic person in the world, if he or she follows the great Godlike laws, one day can be strong. This is necessary for us – to be strong. And so Strength is one of the qualities of the God 's Mind, therefore the Force is motion. All these motions have to be mastered by humans.


(The works on the theme “The purpose of the Five Senses” were read. A commission by three persons was selected, men, who will extract the most important from the works read).


By men I mean intelligence at work, Wisdom at work because for Love there is not yet place. Now, when Love comes in the world, we cry when we have to think.


You will make a good conclusion because when students do their best, can say some good things, can't they? I will give you another theme and this is: The use of water. Write down the themes, even those of you, who don't write because they are in connection to each other.


Secret Prayer

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