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1922_04_20 The purpose of music


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The purpose of music


Eighth lecture by the Master, given to the disciples from general occult class on 20.04.1922, Sofia


A secret prayer


Tonight I am going to speak about the purpose of music. Entering into an occult school will completely change your inner world. After attending an occult school you will not be able to recognize yourself. You will not be the same personality. You will not be the same man, who entered it. You will go into it as a worm, with many legs and you will go out as a butterfly. That is the reason why cowards were never allowed to attend this kind of school in ancient times. As this transformation would scare anybody and a person would lose his previous personality. It is the biggest mistake to teach a man to sacrifice himself, if one thinks only of how to keep his wealth. If he does not love knowledge, to teach him how to sacrifice himself, is a big absurdity. He says, “Money is signification of my life. If a man has money one’s life is full. If a man has no money there is no sense in one’s life.” Contemporary men say, "For us life is in our present shape, when we lose it everything will finish.”


This is just an introduction, a preparation for the next step, because in every disciple a desire to go faster exists. After becoming a member of an occult class, he starts asking, “Isn’t it possible to take two classes in one year?” They want to leave secondary school for 3-4 years, to become clerks as soon as possible, once they have their wages to proceed faster in their careers and to receive their pensions till the end of their life. In doing this, they think that they have done everything. Religious people do the same. They want to become moral as soon as possible, to be rich in ethics and when they go to the invisible world to say, “We differ from other people.” But in this school you do not have to go so fast. One can attend it for 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 years - it is nothing, these years are like one day. One, who enters the school and cannot stay in it for 1000 years, then he is not a disciple, and he can do nothing. 1000 years – this is for the disciples, I do not say anything about you, because you are not yet disciples, you are just listeners. For you, the law is changing. But one day, when you become disciples, you will need these rules.


First of all, you must learn how to control your mind. To conduct your mind, to conduct all your feelings, power, and skills - you must conduct all of them. If you cannot do that, you cannot be a disciple. You will attend the school, but you will learn nothing. This evening I am not going to explain why it should be this way, just it is necessary for it to be this way. All the rules and methods of conducting the mind start from here. Indians have their own methods, Egyptians had theirs, people from Babylon - theirs, Asian and Jewish – theirs, but all those methods were different. Western occultists had a variety of diverse methods, too. If you want to do research on all these methods, it will take you a hundred years to make a decision - which one to choose. Because the brain itself is an organ of the mind, you must learn how to conduct single organs, organs of particular skills. Those, who are not familiar with this fact, can consider the brain just as grey matter. Just from the physiological point of view blood is the main part of cerebral vessel, there is a flow and ebb that create thoughts. But it is not just the flow and ebb of blood. If you stare at the human brain you will notice thousands of fibres that come from it and flow in all directions of the body and there are certain circuits of current in them. Some people can observe this using a microscope thin skin of a frog’s leg and see a lot of streams, up and down. Others, who observe the brain, can notice similar streams, providing thoughts. For example, if you have a religious thought or feeling, these streams are different from the ones, connected with scientific thought. And all these streams are connected with the blood. When a stream enters into the particular centre it awakens and blood flows into it. And now where is the problem that can appear when we study the occultism. Because, the back part of the brain conducts a purely physical reaction in a human body, this way the blood, flowing into it, first of all wakes up primary feelings. And the streams from the spinal cord wake these primary feelings. It can be a problem for all occult disciples, if these hostile feelings and thoughts attack them – because some have never been thought of before - but they exist in them. Some will say: “I do not need this - all the devils attacked me since I have entered this school.” This is the place where the devils are settled - these devils are residents of the back part of human brain, whole tribes live there and when human thought passes through, they influence it.


There are various methods of conducting the human’s brain and those, who want to do this, should study them. Now, you think that it can be achieved in one, two, three days, in a week or in a year. No. If you, after practicing it for three or four years, can conduct you mind, it will be a huge achievement. If you have this power, you will control your temperament - you will be able to polarize and to transform the energy of the brain from one place to another. It is said, that these people have huge self-control. And an occult disciple does not need just huge self-control. He has to understand some laws, to find out which buttons to operate and how to do this.


Now, first of all: do not be choosy. You know what does it mean to be choosy - for example, when you do a very small job, but you think that it is very important and that a great idea will come from it. Thinking this way you provoke your brain. For this small job you do not have to stimulate your brain too much. For the small job you need small efforts. If you have acquired something, do not exaggerate it. Do not think that you are a big talent or vice versa - that you do not have any capability. If you think that you are a big talent, at the end of your life you will become very disappointed - you will find that you have been wrong. There are people who do not think that they have some talents, but at the end of their life they realize that they had a great talent that was not developed.


So, first thing that is required from you is to realize for yourself what your obligation is, and what you have to do. In an occult school it is made very clear to everybody what to do. The disciple there does not attend the class using their feelings, he has to understand the purpose, like a student at secondary school or university has a schedule for each day on what to do. And everything must be defined. He can not say: “Whatever God has given to me”. Not what God has given us, but What God required from us when He created the world, we must do that. He established everything. To conduct your brain you do not need to be choosy, vain, proud, coward, and angry - these are worms, destroying your ability to think correctly. Vanity is a perverted form of a previous idea. Initially, it was the following idea: to have your friends’ good opinion, to have your relatives’ good opinion, to have good people’s opinion, to have God’s good opinion - this was the initial thought. Later on, man, losing his primary state, turned this good idea into vanity - he did not want to have this good opinion, but to show it off. For example, if somebody visits that kind of person, and if the visitor is a king and the man is a teacher, the vain man will show him his office and will say, “This office is very special, there is no other like it, and these bottles are unique, and you cannot find this stuff anywhere else". If the vain man is a farmer, he will show his fields and will say, “Look at them, how well they are ploughed," and so on, if this is a vain woman, she will say, "You can not find a dress like mine anywhere, and my tailor is the best." This is vanity. We must say “This is a simple dress and it was made by a good tailor, it suits me well, but to say that it is something very special, no, it is not.” And if somebody is a priest how will this vanity be shown? He will say, "I read the Bible on Sunday, but nobody else can read this holy book the way I read it – I gave such a unique sermon that the audience was so charmed, and will remember it forever." This is the way I describe vanity.


Now, pride presents itself in a different way. The haughty man will present himself like a modest one, but his real thought is that there is nobody like him. And he wants other people to admire him. He will get dressed very simple, not in rags, but anyway to attract people’s attention. The haughty one behaves as a modest person, but you will recognize him when you put somebody else on his place - then he will show his pride. The haughty man is the most jealous man in the world. He can not stand it when people admire somebody else. If somebody says, "That is a very clever man." Somewhere in the world, the haughty one will reply, “Is he so clever, maybe he is not, do not tell me, please, that he is.” If people say that somebody is a very virtuous person, he will say, "Well, is he? Do not say that, nobody on the Earth can be so virtuous.” Even if you speak about God, he will say, “Even God makes mistakes.” The pride in him speaks in all similar situations. Most of all, this feeling exist in religious people. There are not haughtier people than the religious ones, in this matter they are followed by scholars. The most dangerous pride that exists is among the religious and scholars, and the biggest danger in an occult school is from pride. And for that devil we have put a special sieve at the door and it will be impossible for him and a proud disciple to come in. And in this way pride is one of the dangerous qualities in men. As a result of this a man, who develops this quality, like it is said in mythology, he will start eating his own offspring. When someone is overconfident, he himself eats his children: when he sees that somebody is a scholar – he goes back home and eats his children; if he sees, that somebody is religious - he goes back home and eats his children. He wishes he had the opportunity to cut off all people’s heads. And he wants just his head to stay on its place.


Now you will analyze yourself. I want each of you to know your dealings - you must not just be strict, but be fair to yourself. An advantage for each disciple consists in this fact.


To set up harmony among us we need a key word. And I will tell you what this word is - this word is Love. There are two keys in music - violin key sol and bas key - fa, just using this key you can read the piece of music. And so, the disciples must have this key and the teacher must have it. Sometimes a disciple comes to me and asks me, "What to do?” I reply. “You can do nothing.” - “Why?”- “You do not have a key.” All your thoughts, desires, and actions must obey the Law that God established, it cannot be changed.


Now, pay attention to this - there are two influences in the world. If you do not obey the Sacred Influence, if do not obey the sensible life then there will come from the centre of the earth influences such as magnetism, and electricity, the lowest influences from animals. The lowest creatures will influence you, and because, when somebody enters an occult school, sensitivity develops and you will be in condition to accept thoughts from the lowest creatures, from the animal kingdom. There is the possibility that each disciple can be affected from his past low state. When all instructors warn their disciples, they warn them about these states until the disciples start to understand their own mentality, to have power over these streams from the Sun and from the centre of the Earth, and after that to recognize those keys and streams from the animal kingdom. For example, you are angry with somebody and you think, ”I wish I had a rope to hang him, to strangle him.” Where did this thought come from? This thought comes from a spider - when it finds a butterfly, it enlaces this butterfly. Therefore, you have entered the kingdom of spiders. Sometimes, another thought appears in your mind. “I want to stab him, to give him a poison, to poison him.” Where did this thought come from? It is from the snake, from the scorpion - all these creatures want to poison their prey. You will accept these thoughts and after that your mind will go into this stream, and eventually, you will commit a crime. Now I can analyze all your thoughts, all the lower and higher thoughts that you have and I can tell you where they come from. You can say: “God rules this way”. No, God has ruled everything very well in the life, the Great instructors or the Great Master of Life have put everything in order very well. When you enter this system the Great instructors will show you exactly the right direction to go.


Now religious people say, “We do not need the Truth.” Why do we have to know it? From an occult point of view there is another explanation. The Sensible world needs Truth the same way as the Physical world needs Light. Truth has two kinds of beams - the white and the black, and if you are not prepared for them, you can easily be affected from the negative side of Truth. Now, this fact is a bit low-key to your mind. Why? What are the reasons? An occult science answers this question. What are reasons for separation of both brotherhoods - The White and The Black? Initially, they were one brotherhood; they went together in one direction. But when they came to a certain point, they differed from each other - one turned left, at the same time the other went to the right. Why? – Some accepted the black beams of Truth, whilst the others - the white ones. These beams exist in the Sun - even in sun light there are white and black beams. There is a so called white and black Sun - from the white and from the black sun simultaneous come two streams that join together. When I say black streams, I mean that the vibrations of these black streams are not so smooth. All evils and all wicked actions and negative qualities are the result of these vibrations that come from the black beams. What actions do these beams have? - If you cannot control your mind, in each moment of irritation, hopelessness or whatever quality that irritates and distracts your mind, you are a conductor of the black beams. This is why it is recommended to be positive when we are studying the Bible. In occultism you cannot say, “If God says, I will believe in it.” If you believe, you are on the right; if you do not believe, you are on the left, because unfaithfulness in one thing is at the same time a belief in another.


Now all these energies that are coming, these two streams, go through the human brain. Therefore, you will constantly research the methods that you are passing through. For example, when a religious thought comes to you, it will not appear in the front part of your head, but in its upper part, perpendicularly. When a scientific thought comes it will stand not horizontally in your head, but it will moves in a circle. If you take the rays, coming from your eyes, and place them on one surface, all these energies that come from one angle, from above, act in a straight way, and all those, coming from other angles influence negatively, they are the energies from the black rays. If anger comes, it will appear in the area around the ears. If you get angry very often, you will have a pressing feeling in your ears or you will have earache. If your pride increases too much, you will feel a painful stagnation in the back part of your head, in your brain - this is an overload.


Now what I am saying is that Nature does not like disharmony. All these energies, going into the brain, have a purpose. But we can transform these centres in our brain; they can be positive or negative. When a centre in our brain becomes positive, it accepts the white beams of Light the positive side of Truth - and then you have an advanced state, a positive mood to God and your brain wakes up. When the religious feeling is negative, you will have an inner ambition to serve God, without realizing why it is necessary. You say: “Man must serve God.” Why, how - you do not know. In this case religious extremism appears and you will stick to form and rituals: you will go to church, will light a candle, and consider it a big offence for that man, who does not light a candle. You can steal a sheep tomorrow, but it is not considered as a crime, because you can light candles; if you think that lighting a candle is the right way to serve God then it does not bother you when you do other offences. Occult science does not accept this moral. Now, these energies, which accumulate in your brain, can be a set back for your development, because, do not think that you can feel free from them. This brain, that acts here, on the Earth, on a physical level, has its mirror image in an Astral level and when you go there, these energies that are stored in this world, will be experienced again in backward way - all the things that are happening to you here you will experience again there.


Now, the first thing you must do is to conduct your brain. What does it mean? It is not easy, because we have a lot of habits. The disciple, who wants to attend the school, must manage these habits. You say: “One has to be patient.” Sometimes, a man can be patient and he can have negative results. In the occult school we want positive results for those who are patient. On the other hand, when he keeps giving in he will become a weak person and will not develop his mind; patience cannot be the basis for weakening the mind, but for strengthening it, for developing it. Even I sometimes get worried about it, because there is a danger in an occult school for reducing one’s mind, because that way other negative streams are stimulated. For example, somebody read a book somewhere, but he did not check the results of this method, which were described there. And vice versa, a lot of eastern methods have been used in England and America, but the results have been negative. Now western occultists want to discover a native method. We will follow this natural, innate method - the best and safest. It means the following: please, pay attention to the following matter; you are not going to imagine where God is sitting and what His personality is, but you will always think that God is a sensible being that organizes everything without any mistake. And having this thought in your mind it will develop and it will balance it.


For example, you can do an exercise: get up in the morning, read a prayer and think that God is Love and that no anger, no revenge, nor unhappiness exists in God. Then you will place in your mind positive qualities about God, Who is Wisdom, and all the mistakes existing in our world are men’s mistakes, and that everything God created is good. You can say: “But we know that”. No, even though you know it, you must do it for practicing to control your mind - this is the simplest, the most expedient, one of the best methods. And the scripture says: “You will become the same person, like your friends”. Notice, that God has this kind of mates. When you think this way you will challenge all streams, coming from God and passing through many areas - they will break into your mind and will create your thoughts. This stream from God will not come straight to you, it will first pass other people’s minds and after that it will come to you. This thought will pass all the minds - from noble people to primitive - and after that it will come to you. Then your Spirit will start working on following the laws, it will start finding streams of these minds and will practice. It is like a gardener, who has dug a lot of small ditches to water his plants. This way your mind will practice. Well, Indians have their own method, but I am not going to speak about it now. I am speaking about one of the simplest, but the most effective method. Everybody can use it, without any danger, and the result will be at least 75%.


I will repeat: you need this harmony between each other. It does not exist now. And I want this harmony in this School. Harmony exists in the following: to respect each other, to know that you are sensible spirits, who God provided with an intellect and you can operate it. Some soul can be dirty, but the one who understands the laws will not see the soil. Consequently, an occult disciple does not have the right to judge others. He will say: “My brother, you have become a bit dirty, let me clean you up.” And he will not say: “You are this and that”, he must not say that. I do not have the right to judge you. The Great Master, always keep silent, he does not say anything, he does not speak about the faults of others - he sees all of them, but he does not speak about them, and does not judge them. When people see the results of their faults, he says: “This is not the way.”


And you, Bulgarian, can be sent to become critics in the other world. Bulgarian people are the biggest critics. I have never met others like you - you criticize everywhere. It is an outstanding feature of all Bulgarian people. And it is because Bulgarians have a very weak religious belief, since the time of the first sin. Bulgarians suffer, because this belief is very weak. Among all the cultures in the world, the weakest religious feeling exists in Bulgarian people. This is a fact, that I estimated measuring with the centimetre. When it comes to determination and firmness, everywhere I put 7 cm; when it comes to religion, it goes down with 2.3 cm, and when it comes to mercifulness, it goes up a little. I say, here it is a sin - because one does not have gratitude, he becomes a critic. Bulgarian people get disappointed very quickly; there is not any holy thing for him. Go to any café in Bulgaria and you will see – the Bulgarian man will never speak about his wife with respect, not one woman will speak with respect about her husband. When a woman comes, she will talk about all the negative features of her husband; when a man comes he will do the same. Not only they do that, it is the same among you. This way you cannot be occult disciples, I am telling you that. If you enter here like men and women, I will tell you the truth, you cannot be occult disciples. If in the future you feel like men and women, you can stay outside, but not inside the School. A disciple man and a disciple woman, when they enter the School and are wife and husband, they have to respect each other. If they start saying: “My husband, my wife is this and that,” they are not disciples. If you are brother and sister and you start talking about each other: “My brother or my sister is this and that,” you will be sent out of the School.


I am saying: the person who attends the School must be a model for others. At School I will say nothing about your faults. I will put on other glasses - there are different glasses at an occult School, they are called love glasses. They are invented this way: we see the good side of your faults. And we judge the results this way: if for example I take an adze in my hand and cut wood in two, three, four, five, six or more pieces and if from these pieces we make a cart that people will use this adze has done its job - we judge from the results. But when I have cut the wood and nothing good comes out of it, I say the purpose has not been fulfilled. We can say at the end what the consequences will be. I want everybody to be very attentive. We will start from cutting wood, to see what will happen. Now I see in your minds a question:” Is it not possible that it can be easier, can somebody influence us by hypnotherapy?” No, the safest method is when you think in the morning, that God is Love, Wise, and Kind - this is the first prayer. Every morning, when you get up think about God, that He is Love, He is Wise, and Kind, and you will immediately feel better, you will activate your mind. After doing this, there are other methods.


We will start other special methods, we will start like the Angel, who went to Kornelij, and brought him the essential thing - it brought that Light in his mind and said to him: “Call Peter, he will teach you the essential thing”. When a man learns the essential thing, there will come an occult Master, whoever he is, it does not matter, to teach him basic rules, which he has to follow.


Now, I want this first rule to be done by all of you in the duration of two weeks. You will take a notebook and in the morning, after getting up, think about this Sensible Being. Write in your notebook the date you started and after doing the exercise whether there is any difference or not, and what you felt. Do it three times per day, in the morning, in the evening, and in the afternoon. In two weeks time we will see the result of it. And, you have to take a notebook. Somebody can say: “Is not is possible without a notebook?” - No, it is not. Take a small notebook, put it in your pocket and you will make notes in it. If you miss an exercise, be honest and write in your notebook that you have missed it - do not avoid this. If somebody misses it and after that does not make a note, if he forgets to make a note, it is dangerous. If you miss an exercise, make a note about your fault, this means nothing. Be honest in all your exercises, if you want to have results.


Do these exercises for two weeks. You have some old beliefs that are hard to change. Somebody can say: “Is not it better when I get up in the morning to say a good prayer?” There is no better prayer in the world than this, to say that God is Love, God is Wise, God is Kind; a better prayer than this I do not know. When you have thought about God, that He is Love, your heart will have warmth; when you think that God is Wise, Light will come to your mind, there is no better thing.


And I have said, Light in your minds, cleanness in your hearts, Truth in your souls. Light will give you Knowledge; Cleanness will give you Strength and striving, whilst Truth in your souls will give you Freedom. This is my rule, which I have already given to you.


And so, whoever wants to have Light in one’s mind, when he is thinking about God Who is Wise, immediately Light will come into his mind; when one thinks that God is Love, warmth will come in one’s heart, and when warmth comes, immediately Cleanness will come.


You wash your clothes using hot water, don't you? Without warmness, it is not possible to receive Cleanness, do not forget that. When you get up in the morning your old teachers will come and say to you: “It is not the time, you can sleep a bit more”. No, when you wake up in the morning first say this pray. But when? – When you have gone to bed on time and when you have slept very well. When you first wake up do this exercise. If you have woken up and then gone to sleep again, the law is different: after you first wake up do not go to sleep again, get up and do this exercise; after doing it do not go to bed. You will say: “But if it is 1 o’clock?”- At 1 o’clock you will not wake up, you will wake up at 3, 3.30 or at 4 o’clock. When you do not sleep well you will wake up at 1 o’clock, or 2 o’clock. Whoever sleeps well will wake at 3, or 3.30 o’clock, and aristocrats will wake up at 6, 7, 8 or 9 o’clock and will say, ”We have overslept.”


And so you will do this exercise early in the morning, at noon before 12 o’clock a.m., do not do it after 12 a. m. This exercise can be done everywhere; you can stop whatever you are doing for one, two, five minutes. It does not matter how strict your boss is, you can get your pen to work and you can concentrate your mind on the upper world that God is Love. Nobody will notice that you are doing this; there are no circumstances that can obstruct you. Even a woman, while cooking can do it, she can stop stirring in the pan, the meal will not overcook in this time. If it burns I will pay for it - but it will not.


And so, I want your help for restoring the harmony. If you do not restore this harmony, it still will be restored, because it is coming. It is the same with violinists, those, who are good musicians know how to tune their violin. And for the others, who are not good, somebody else tunes their violin. And if you leave this, somebody else will do it. We, at least, must find out how to tune our violins.


Now, have you understood the first rule? In the evening, 5 minutes before going to bed, do this exercise. Now, let no one at this School say that he has a special opinion about it. Here everybody has a special opinion about this. Whoever wants a special opinion, it means the following: "I will get what I need from this School, and I will have a special opinion of the things that I do not need.” Whoever wants to have a special opinion about this exercise - he is out. Any disciple, who is not ready for this exercise, is not ready to become a disciple. Now, I want to help you do this exercise, and it does not matter that I have done it so many times. I will do it with you for two weeks. Some of you might hesitate that a disciple must do it, but the Master does not. I will do it with you. (Some disciples asked: “When shall we start?”) - From tonight. In your notebook you will write what time you have done it during the day, you will write three times during the day. If you do not have a watch, you will write that you have started it. Write in your notebook just one letter to describe the feeling after doing it. If you feel Love, put the letter L; if you feel Strength, put just the letter S. Write just your experience, and just with letters, if you do it in another way you will deviate. Doing this exercise you will have new thoughts that you have forgotten, new feelings, something noble and gentle will appear and you will go into these streams.


I am giving you this exercise, because you are entering the School now. You cannot have this exercise every time you want, you must know that. The next time, even you are ready to pay 1000 leva, you will not have it, do not think that you always can have it. This is a very special exercise and if you do it properly… Well, you can say: "Next time!” No, everything in Nature has its own time, if you do not do them on time - the door is closed for you. If you do not do it on time, the door is closed, you have to wait; if you start knocking, they will reply, ”We do not know you,” you are too late for this knowledge. You have to be grateful that you have this exercise for two weeks, for two weeks only. In two weeks you will stop, do not use it any more. If you want it after two weeks, it will not be available to you any more. You can say: “But we know all this”. You do not know it. - “We have thought about it.”-You have not thought about it yet. There is a big difference in accepting the Light, coming directly from the Sun, or if it comes through ten mirrors and you accept just its reflection. If you accept it directly or through first reflection(Unclear. This part of the sentence seems to be in contradiction to the previous sentence), this Light will come from the heaven to you.


Well, do not simulate, that you will stay in special opinion. (UNCLEAR) Do not exaggerate! This is going to be an introduction to the exercises that we are going to do regularly. We will have a lot of exercises.


Well, for this idea to grow up we need water, don't we? Let's read about water then.


There were twenty lectures given about the topic of “Purpose of Water”.


Secret Prayer


Translator Maria Ivanova

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