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1922_04_27 Occult Principles


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Occult Principles


Lecture nine read by the Master to the General Occult Class on the 27 of April, Thursday, 7.30-9.00 p.m., Sofia


Secret Prayer


Some writings on the purpose of water were read.


For the next time all the disciples should write a single sentence of their own. You should not write someone else's thought – each of you should compose one sentence only. You should not rewrite what Tolstoy or some of the Evangelists said, but compose a single sentence. If you cannot compose at least one sentence then you do not belong in this class. Here we don’t need persons who use somebody else’s capital. You should set your mind to work, because such things as this one said this, that one said that, or this, or that – we don’t need them. In this school there is a requirement to think. You should note two things: two opposite poles are needed for a man to think, but if you burden these poles with negative energy this will produce within you the process of stupidity or the process of forgetfulness. Let’s assume that you hate somebody. What is the object of your hatred? The hatred has to have an object, that is, within the realms of Nature’s economy this object has to fulfil some purpose – there should be a reason for your hatred. If you hate this man without reason, then you yourself are the reason of this hatred and in such case you harm yourself because all the energy returns to its sender. So these two poles should be there in your mind.


You should be free of all the thoughts that are not in harmony with your striving. Suppose this: a tradesman wants to get rich and he buys one hundred pigs when their meat is expensive; like it is at present, and after he feeds them for a while the pigs get ill and all of them die, I am asking you now what would the profit be for such a tradesman. Within the realms of the spiritual world you are not allowed to keep pigs, i.e. thoughts, which get infected and die – in no pigsty can you sustain such thoughts. If you do sustain them, you are wasting your time, you will waste your capital and you will lose your mood. Well, let’s take as an example the following comparison: let’s say that tonight in our class I am telling you some philosophic or scientific study; let’s suppose that some of the disciples are hungry, that they haven’t eaten for two days, that other disciples are thirsty, and that still other disciples have rheumatism in their legs and in the meantime I begin to speak about this scientific study. I might talk in a very scientific way, but the one who is starving will constantly think about bread and will say: “All this is not important now – the bread is the most important thing for me. No matter what scientific study I am telling him – for the starving man the bread will be the most important thing. The thirsty man would say: “The most important thing now is the water, the water only”; another man will say: “I need sleep – then only can a man think”, while still another man would think about his illnesses and consider the way it should be treated. I am asking you – what can you attain in such a class? And if you ask the disciples: “What did your Master say?”, they will tell you: “I was a bit hungry, my mind was preoccupied with a very important question within me – the question for the economic improvement of the people”. Another will tell you that his mind has been preoccupied with the thought of water, the third will tell you that he has been speculating on the role of sleep, while the fourth will tell you that he has been speculating upon illnesses. And if you ask me why the various schools so often fail and contemporary society does not improve, I will tell you that this is due to the simple reason that within them there are a lot of weaknesses with which their minds are preoccupied.


An Evangelistic preacher is preaching in a church; a beautiful young lady sits there, a young man comes and also sits at the desk, then she gives him a Gospel and shows him where to read from: “God is Love”. He answers her: “Let us love each other”, “Love each other” – and they start to turn over the pages of the Bible – she shows him a certain line, he shows her another line and thus they start a conversation. After both of them return, the others ask them: “What was the sermon of the preacher about?” – “We don’t know” we know what we were talking about, but we don’t know what the preacher was talking about.


While the Divine is speaking within us, our minds (and likewise the minds of these disciples) are often preoccupied by something else – food, water, sleep, illnesses, verses, sentences. For all of you these things are necessary, because a man should first of all be fed, have enough water, rested and be in good health, i.e. a disciple who is hungry should not come to our class; a disciple who is thirsty should not come; a disciple who has not had enough sleep should not come; a disciple who is ill should not come. And when two persons discuss the Bible they should do this at their home. Now, this talk is held within each soul and I want you to think while I am talking.


You should act properly because the laws according to which we are living are not personal but impersonal. And what you know before God – it is for you only – whatever knowledge you have, whatever social position you have, no matter if you are a minister in Bulgaria or the king of Bulgaria, it is of no importance to Him. Have in mind that the Invisible world does not care what you are – the only thing which concerns the Invisible world is what you are as a soul, that is, what your character is like. When a member of the Invisible world descends he is just looking for a soul and is interested if this soul is inhabited by the Truth; when he comes here he wants to know if your mind is filled by the Light; when he descends in your heart he wants to know what feelings preoccupy your heart. If these three elements – Light, Truth and Purity - are present, he might stop and have a talk with you.


For the Invisible world all these situations are funny. When you occupy a higher position or you are some learned professor and you solve some mathematical problem, these scientists of the other worlds consider all this a theatrical amusement. Our science here is a child’s play to them – in your terms it is such a child’s play to them that they would burst out laughing while they are watching how easily we are solving the questions of what immortality is, what God is, what the Angels are. These moments are so funny like for instance it was yesterday when I was watching with the help of a small magnifier a bunch of ants in the garden of Tsar Boris. They thought that there was a fire and they were trying to put it out. I focused the magnifier on the straw and it started to smoke, they started to secrete; to spit out their essence in order to put out the fire. I took away the magnifier and they were delighted, they said to themselves: “We managed to put the fire out.” I focused it at another spot and again they started to secrete and they finally said: “We put out this fire also.” But any form of acid cannot extinguish this fire. The essential, the Divine in man cannot be put out by anyone.


But this essential, this Divine thing has its own time and we should use this time to evolve it. You cannot always think, you cannot always feel, you cannot always act – you can do such things periodically in the course of the year. The time for the thought is fixed – sometimes you can think, but sometimes you cannot think – the thoughts come to you periodically. The same is with the feelings, for instance you say: “It definitely is Love – he is so emotional.” The feelings also come at intervals. The awakening of the human will comes at intervals too. The disciples of the Occult school should study the law of this periodic influx from the Mental, i.e. Intellectual world, the world of the ideas; then there comes the influx from the emotional world or from the Astral world and also the influx from the Causal world – the world of will. And the person who understands the law makes use of it.


Now, the influx of this energy, the influx of the mental energy, for instance, causes some damage likewise water can cause damages. But when does water cause damage? If people who live near by forests want to have rivers and they clear the forests in this region and meanwhile the year happens to be snowy, with heavier rainfalls and as a result there will be heavy floods. But if all the region is afforested these floods will not happen. Well, you must know that there are such forests around your mental rivers too and sometimes you can eradicate all these harmonious thoughts - the forests. And then within you arises something about which you say: “I can’t refrain myself.” What do you mean with the phrase to refrain yourself – if you were a wise man you would have preserved your forests, because if you leave the stony ground only, you will need at least thirty years until these forests grow again. In order to abstain, certain conditions should be met. But this abstention is not like the abstention in the materialistic teachings.


You should dwell especially upon this great law of the human thought which comes. There is a stream of feelings and this stream floods periodically. Sometimes these two streams – the mental and the emotional – coincide and this is a happy occasion, while sometimes they do not coincide. I want you to make use of all this. I perceive that all of you have habits from your past – restrain them. You should say: “There is still another way to do that.” There are things that can only take place in certain conditions. I have often been asked: “Why don’t you read us such a lecture at such and such a time?” I tell them: this lecture cannot be read then – each lecture can only be read upon a certain opportunity. And each truth in this world can be told only at certain conditions. If within a certain society a desire arises to like music, this society will create musicians but if the music in this society has been neglected, then all the musicians will perish. First of all certain conditions must exist so that a special talent can appear in someone. Well, you want to be talented, don’t you? The talents are not being created at once – the talent is an accumulation of the energy within the human soul for thousands of years. And it might happen so that not a single gram from this energy has come to your present life. So if you don’t add this very gram in order to attain this active ability and if you don’t apply in practice the energy that amounts to one gram, your whole life will be lived in vain. Then you might think: “Mister so and so is talented, disciple so and so is talented.” He is talented because he has worked in the past – nothing in this world is without a cause. The talented people in whatever field they are talented, have worked in the past and what they have now is what they deserve.


So you should evolve what had been stored within you. You discuss this problem and you say: “Can’t this period be reduced? – Yes, it can be reduced. One of the rules for action that you should have in mind is: if you lead, walk fast and if you follow behind, i.e. if you are last – walk slowly! If you invert this law – if you are in front but you walk slowly and if you follow behind but you walk fast, then you might cause an accident. And nowadays the world is suffering from the fact that the father and the mother who are the heads of the family walk slowly while the son and the daughter who are from the rear walk fast. And that is why a crash occurs. The masters walk slowly while the disciples walk fast – again a crash occurs; the priests walk slowly while the congregation walks fast – also a crash occurs; and all the people are asking themselves what the reason is. I say: the reason is that the priests walk slowly while the congregation walks fast. An American cowboy (the American cowboys differ from the Bulgarian herdsman in this that they pasture their herds on horses) rode through the steppes of West America and he saw a large buffalo herd approaching. They ran and he galloped also. As the Turks say: “Run without stopping.” And he ran ahead of the buffalo herd. If you ask him why he ran he will tell you: “Because the buffalo herd was also running.” If he stopped running the herd will not stop – it will drag away the cowboy with all his cattle. The forces in Nature resemble this buffalo herd. When you come across a Natural force you should gallop on your horse. What is this horse – it is your mind. If you can gallop you will be saved; if you lag behind you will be dragged away. This is the first rule. Well, Christ tells this in his proverb in a slightly different way: when you are invited somewhere – take the last place. Why? If you don’t trust in yourself to move quickly, then stay last in line. Let me interpret these words that are symbols or quantities: what does the movement mean? – If you are at the head, if you are in front, then move quickly; if you are at the back – then move slowly. This is a symbol; this is a conversion of these quantities. If you are in the lead, you should be good, you should work with the Virtue and as for everything you have taken into your head, don’t postpone but do it; if you are at the end of the line and you get angry, and you want to do something bad, then stop yourself, be in no hurry – that’s what this means – nothing more. Only the man, who is good and wise, moves with a great speed. Only Love, Truth, Wisdom, Virtue, Justice – all the virtues are moving with a great speed while all the wickedness, all the weaknesses are moving at the lowest speed. So if you have these weaknesses you better not come forward because you will be dragged away by the buffalo herd.


Well, in this respect you have to overcome great difficulties. Because when the human mind and the human heart begin to work properly, great obstacles will emerge. And the more difficulties emerge the more you should know that you are on the Way and so you should not stop. If you are in a hurry and you stop to sit as the tired traveller would stop to take a rest, you will by all means catch cold and you will lag in your way. The traveller should never stop under any tree. No occult disciple is allowed to sit in the shadows – we do not recommend the shadows. You should always be in the Sun, i.e. your thoughts should be bright and sharp. You should know that having come to live in Nature you should first of all repay your coming here. How can you pay Nature? – You should by all means pay a small tax – don’t think that everything is free of charge. At least Nature will make you pay rent for the house you lived in. If you have incarnated several times and if you have lived about one hundred years without paying this rent you will have to pay a pretty large sum. And this rent means that every day we should do something for Nature. For instance, if while you are a disciple you get up in the morning and say to yourself: “At least today I shall invest within myself a positive thought.” and if for a period of ten years each day you invest a good, an essential thought, all these thoughts could become a whole garden in which a lot of fruitful plants grow.


Take for example the noblest feeling that we have – Love – the noblest feeling that exists in the Bulgarian schools nowadays – if the most talented disciple somehow insults his master, this disciple will get it – he will become good-for-nothing; and if the master insults the disciple, he will become good-for-nothing also. If you convey this law all over your life you will see that it is the same everywhere – the Love of today cannot pass her exam. For example let’s say you are listening to a talk, a lecture: the master, let’s say, is telling you about the creation of the world or about the origin of the sexes, or he is telling you about the origin of karma. Each person can consider these questions from a different point of view – each person can examine them in three different ways. If the professor is explaining about the creation of the world, we must have in mind that this professor has not been there with God while the world has been created, so he is only speculating; if he explains the karma and its origin – he has not been present from the very beginning when karma evolved; when he is explaining about the origin of sexes he also has not been there. There are things in the world that have been born but we have not been present at that specific place. Someone might say: “I have existed.” You might have existed, but you have slept in your room. We may exist but at a certain moment, when some manifestations in Nature take place, we most probably have been in a sleep state. And all the people have such a sleep state.


You might be a disciple in some occult school and when you are being told these things there, you might start thinking in what way can these forces be evolved so that you can make use of them and improve your condition – if you do this it is good. Otherwise you should have the knowledge to elevate your mind or your heart in order to refine yourself. But the meaning of life is still not in this. You might have a brilliant mind and nevertheless die as a wreck, you might have a noble heart and nevertheless die; you might have a strong will and nevertheless die. Now the contemporary occultists say that one can achieve anything by his will. Just twenty five percent of this is true, but you are not the only one who believes this. Let’s say that there are about five hundred million Christians in Europe and that each of them has a will; all their wills, however, do not function in one and the same direction. Suppose that one hundred of you are applicants for some professor’s department and that all of you have an iron will; how many people with an iron will might sit in this chair? Each one might say: “I can do anything by my will.” Okay, then, what will you do? Well, let’s say that you have a strong will and you strain your will while someone else has a weaker will, but he has gold instead and he loads the will of the minister with money and thus wins the right to sit in this chair. It is very easy – you will gild the minister’s will and he will seat you in this chair. All contemporary societies have observed this law – they nail their will now with iron, now with gold, but people have not yet nailed their will with Love. You still don’t have a will of Love. For twenty years I have been testing the disciples here in Bulgaria but I have not found a single disciple with a will nailed with Love. I have found many Bulgarians but in this respect not one of them have proved reliable and they had not withstood. That is why I say that as disciples in the Occult school the Bulgarians are very unreliable and that they do not endure. And for this reason alone in the past not a single school has remained here in the Balkans - all of them moved to the West. You can repeat this mistake even now, but then this teaching will go to the West or to the North and if it leaves, then this place here will be devoid of occult meaning. And if you do not make your aim to strengthen your will now, then the Balkan Peninsula will have the same fate that Palestine had. But let’s leave that aside.


You only think of yourself, but if you would like to be disciples of this School you should think about what the Divine Will is and about what the will of the Great Nature is that let you in its home. What is the very first thing? – It is as follows: what is the Divine Will or what is the will of Love, because there is one Love will in Nature and there is one Love will in God. And when this one will come you should forget everything – you should leave all the negative thoughts last in line while you in front should move with greatest speed.


Now when I say such things you might understand the question quite individually. Because you are patriots you might say: “What will happen to Bulgaria?” – In the Invisible world they are not interested in nations – such is the law. You should always know that an occult stream, which comes from space, is a prerequisite for this nation to evolve properly. Due to the great struggle in the Astral world if you do not amalgamate your will with this stream you might divert it. Consequently it will be used by those towards whom you divert it while those from whom the stream was diverted – will suffer. Then I contend that the river Nile is diverted from the central part of Africa – it is diverted from the present culture and in future if people from the central part of Africa come and divert it again it will start to flow in its original bed. Consequently you as disciples should take care not to divert the stream in which you live.


Sometimes you say: “I don’t want to study; I can manage without any School.” Without any School the man is fit for nothing, i.e. you should have in mind that in case some of you think they can enter the Heavens without a School – this could never happen! The Earth is a school and those who do not study and think that they can enter the Heavens without studies are deceiving themselves. So, no matter how we look at it, you are required to learn. The law in the Invisible world is so strict that you will not be allowed to enter there as fools, no way. For millions, for billions of years they will keep you on Earth but certainly they will make you learn. And after millions of years, with maximum persistence, they will make you learn, they will make you! If you learn earlier - it will be good. Someone might say: “I will not learn.” – You will. – “I can’t transform my heart.” If you do not transform your heart, then they will transform it. If you don’t transform your heart yourself then this transformation will come from somewhere else. There are two ways to set things right: either you set yourself right or they will set you right. For I perceive that some of you are slacking off.


Now we shall put into practice one law – I am beginning with the practical trials. We shall start with minor trials, don’t be angry later on – we shall put these trials into practice. Then we shall say to the one who is weak: “Queue up last”, while those who are strong – they will queue up in front so that a crash does not occur. I am warning you: all of you should move slowly – some of you will walk behind while others will lead the way – you should go rightly.


Now, if you want to progress, if you want to learn something, you should by all means be true to yourself. Thus you will free yourself from your outside thoughts. I want at first to awaken you, because most of you here are hypnotized. You are hypnotized, do you see what I mean – you are hypnotized! Some of you do not realize that you are hypnotized. There exists such a kind of hypnosis – I can hypnotize a person and tell him: “You will fall asleep after ten hours.” For the next ten hours he is awake, he walks, he talks, but when the tenth hour strikes, he falls asleep. Some of you are hypnotized to fall asleep after ten days, others – after ten years, while still others – to fall asleep after one hour. Now you think that you are masters but in fact those from the Black lodge who understand the laws hypnotize you. They have hypnotized you, they know that when your opportunity to get something new comes they will hypnotize you at that very moment. During the moment of your greatest opportunity they will perturb your consciousness. And very often you say: “When such hour comes I’ll pray”, but as soon as you are about to pray you fall asleep or quarrel and everything fails. The disciple should have in mind that he himself will also start along this way.


I lengthened the lecture by one hour… You should keep these laws and you should know that a still more strenuous struggle is in store. Now an awakening should come into effect – an awakening, and each one of you should pray in his heart that God awakens him right on time, so that he doesn’t miss the opportunity. The psalm singer says: “God, put a guardian from behind and in front, put a guardian to my mouth.” Let us explain the phrase “put a guardian to my mouth”: the mouth is a symbol of Love so that we, upon a suitable opportunity, can make use of this Love that comes out of our soul. The Word is a herald of the Divine Love. Why is the Word necessary? The Word is necessary in order to enable us to herald this Love, so that the Divine Name should be glorified in the name of Love. As soon as the Divine Name is glorified – the culture will come, for only with the Divine Word will a culture come in the world. And when we acquire knowledge about these laws then we will start to work wisely. We will work wisely indeed!


Now, one of the two weeks passed and only one week remains. The exercise does not pass very successfully, to tell you the truth, you do not execute it very successfully. Some of you are skipping, especially the lunch – many of you have skipped this lunch, you do not observe the twelfth hour, but the twelfth hour is a very important thing. Take care not to skip the twelfth hour during the second week. Well, someone might say: “I didn’t skip it.” – I am glad that you didn’t skip it but I insist that no one skips it because we don’t like people who skip – no skipping of any kind is allowed. Some of you do not take these things seriously and you say: “It’s all right; everything is fine without it as well.” In this respect those disciples who are Bulgarians need a lot of punctuality and accuracy – a presence of will is required. If there is some weak point in the Bulgarians it is their will. I would like that you become as punctual as the Germans and Englishmen are – to be punctual on the dot, not to be a single minute late, to attain this character of punctuality.


So the least possible thing now, the most important thing: I want that all of you will be punctual. I also notice that when you come here to the classes you also come a bit later and those of you who are late usually knock at the door. Then some of you enter through the window. I praise those of you who enter through the window – it is a form of bravery and I praise them – this thing is good, this thing is not bad at all, but you will not be able to enter through the window every time. When the window is opened the disciple will manage to jump over – he wants to get educated, but sometimes the window is closed and then he will fail. As a last resort I permit you to enter even through the window, but I prefer that you enter through the door. Each disciple should be at his place five minutes before the Master enters.


So for the next time you should occupy the places according to the following plan: the first row of chairs should be occupied by women, the next row – by men, one row of women then one row of men. Did you understand me – you shall sit in this order. And if I come and find you disorganized we will keep silence for three hours. I’ll keep silent and you will keep silent also – you will speculate deeply, do you understand me - we won’t talk at all. The only punishment which I’ll impose on you when you make some mistake will be that you will get a gathering of silence, of contemplation for a whole hour – this is good. And I wish you’d make some mistake – then we shall contemplate for one hour, we shall convey in spirit to the Invisible world, we will contemplate; how pleasant it will be. So, one row of sisters, one row of brothers, disciples-brothers, disciples-sisters – up till the end; and those sidelong will sit in such order. This will be valid for the next Thursday only – we will make a change in the regular course of the things.


A secret prayer.


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