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1922_05_02 Symbolic Occult Rules and Measures


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Symbolic Occult Rules and Measures


Tenth lection of the Teacher delivered at the Common occult class on the 2nd of May, Tuesday, 7.30-9.00 a.m., Sofia


Secret prayer


This, what I shall say, is just one definition, do not write. I shall go straight to the object, this is only one notice.


We leave the ordinary understanding of Life, do you understand? When you enter into one boat you will not walk around inside but will sit and when you go out, then there is the other way. When you enter into the Divine World, you will leave your ways of walking on the Earth – the earth moral is amorality in Heaven, and the earthly right is the absence of rights in Heaven. And when all of our Justice on the Earth collects, it can not make even one virtue of one Angel. We have to be humbled people, to know that we are not virtuous. From now on, this is way we will be virtuous – Virtue is something that will be created by the law of Love; on this law we still haven’t lived sensibly. Some will retort, “We live and move in God.” The occult science doesn’t deny it but you have to know that you are at one with God and to reply as He would and to think in the way He thinks. As far as the Heaven is from the Earth, so is God far from us. But how far is Heaven from the Earth?


And so the title was “Symbolic occult rules and measures. Dissonances and consonance.” We will use one foreign word: so one consonance we may transform to one dissonance. This is how: you are an intelligent man with mind, heart, and will; one violinist appears before you and starts to play. It is pleasant for you to listen to his music, you say, “You played excellently.” and then this violinist has faith in you. You are the public and he already counts on your word, he says, “When I play he understands my music, my music is something!” Then, before even half an hour has passed a violinist who plays better than the first, starts to play too; you start to praise the second and then in the first violinist dissonance appears. Why? – You will look to him with mistrust. But the unhappiness doesn’t stop there – a third violinist who plays better than the first and the second comes along, you praise the third one and then they both become dissonant; but the evil doesn’t stop there – then along comes the fourth, he plays better; the three become dissonant – people don’t evaluate them. Then the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth come along; I’ll stop myself at the tenth. All nine sit as downcast hens, and one of them, says, “You have to know, I am the one who plays.” Good, the opposite process – the tenth leaves, the ninth takes his place; he says, “You, the eighth, have to know that I exceed you.” The ninth leaves, the eighth stays; the eighth leaves, the seventh stays; the seventh leaves, the sixth stays etc.; the second leaves, the first stays. When he remains, he tells you, “We understand each other now.” This law acts constantly and in you, here in the meeting, we may verify it. Therefore, what does the first one have to do? – When the second violinist, who plays better, comes along, he has to study his methods – that way he will not lose but will have one plus; when the third comes along, the first and the second will learn from him – they will not lose anything, i.e. till the tenth comes they have to master their methods. There is no reason to get angry. Now, these rules, this law, you may acquire in all religious communities, the law works everywhere. Some people say, “Don’t they preach in our church?” it is the same law – it means: “Don’t we play like the first?” – You play like the first but like the second – no; you play like the second but like the third – no. – “But like the fourth, the fifth?” You play like the fifth but like the sixth – no and etc., till we come to this which is perfect – to the tenth. We stopped there, this number we take as a law of perfection. Upon this law you will work, I shall not explain more.


The second symbol: you are a young man of twenty-one years, well built, muscular; the first master appears, he is stronger than you, and says, “You will serve me, you will plough in the field.” But you say, “There is no way, I shall serve this master.” But the second master comes along, stronger than the first, and says, “You will leave this field, you will come to my field.” – There is no way you will go to the second. But it doesn’t stop there – the third master comes along and these masters start to string to ten and you say: “There is no way I shall serve.” After that the opposite process comes. The last example is clearly connected to the physical world, and the first example – to the Astral world because it touches our feelings; the first example touches also the Mental world but we will leave it for now.


The third symbol touches the Angel’s world: one eloquent man appears who speaks only one word, but his word is so strong that it may resurrect one dead man. But he may say just one word, but there are ten dead men. The first comes, says the word and the first is resurrected but the others don’t move; the second comes and he says the word – the second dead man is resurrected; the third comes, he says his word – the third is resurrected; and all the ten men, when they each say a word they resurrect ten dead men. I ask who exceeds the other. Here you have only a law of harmony and agreement. The spoken word is good only when it can resurrect one dead man. Now, where this law is applied: we take the expression dead man in spiritual relation. Some man is so sad, so sorrowful, he doesn’t want to live, he has thought to step over the Divine law and to take the wrong way; you come along and tell him just one word and he will survive – you did your duties. As many dead men as there are do not strive to resurrect them, it is already vanity; the other nine men leave. Because you will learn, in every occult school the work for every one is exactly defined, there is no reason to intervene in somebody else’s work, we will do our work. If you are first, you will resurrect the first; if you are second, you will resurrect the second; if you are third – the third; if you are fourth – the fourth, etc. And when you finish your work in this way you will turn your heart to God and with Love you will express your gratitude to Him that you succeeded to say one word in place. When you resurrect this brother you don’t need a better advertisement from him; it is enough for you. If he lives forty years, when he goes around the whole world, he will be one advertisement for you and will say, “Once I was dead but one man came, he said one word to me and I revived.” The others, when they come, will ask you how it happened. – “One word he said to me, only one, he is a special man.” And people will start to think that he could resurrect others. He will go around the whole world and will talk for you and the world will think that you are a great man. Yes, a great man! The psalm singer says, “The speech of God will not go back to God without bringing its fruit.” Every speech has to bring its fruit: one seed – one fruit.


Therefore, you have three symbolic examples now: the first is the young man who serves the masters, the second one is the violinist, and the third is the tenth man who says only one word. And I desire for you, as disciples of this School, to say only one word. And I meet you and you tell me: “I was dead, do you know, and so and so said one word to me and I was resurrected.” But now the desire of all disciples in the Occult school is to eat all the cream and for the others, only buttermilk remains. When you go, you will take only one spoon of cream, so when the others come to take one too – everyone has the right to take a bit of this cream. Every man who eats the cream of this Divine drink, his word is not powerful. Therefore, one act is done well only when it may enter Life.


These three rules you may use. With the third example, you will harmonize the first two; the second generates all the emulations. I shall give you one theme to develop them. And so, the three themes: for the young man, for the violinist, and for the man who speaks only one word – three themes for three weeks. From them you will develop in the School one short theme for the three of them – to compare them to something, to see what resemblance it will give. Now, you may not write anything but when thinking upon these three objects, they always will remain in your mind at least one light. And my aim is not so much to write something in the book but for something to remain in the heart, in the mind, and in your will, this is. And when it remains there, it always can be understood and noted in a book, – you will say it once, will say it twice and at the end you will write something.


(Some of the tasks were read – one personal sentence.) If you could apply some of these rules, you could have excellent results. Now I shall give you one exercise, it will be the following: all these one hundred and sixty rules from your works, which we read this evening, you will rewrite and in the morning, you will draw one rule, at lunch – a second and in the evening, before you lay down – a third. You will come here one day, will sit, one will dictate, the others will write. And do you know when – on Sunday you will come, you will not put it off. You will start at 3 p.m. and will write to 4, 5, 6, 7, it may be up until 8 p.m. If you tire, we may make one exception – to come on the next Sunday. But all this will happened with Love – one little wrinkling of the eyebrows will spoil the whole effect. Everyone will write absolutely alone – what you apply alone, it will be used from you, you will see how the Spirit works.


Now, we will give you one more similar exercise in which the sentences will be from just one sentence1. It is one attempt. When you drive the works through your mind, everyone will correct and keep only the essence. In this School you will learn that sentence of Solomon: “There is time for every thing.” In the Divine school it is showing the time for all the things which you have to do. We have to know when to do them, every thing has its time.


You will keep yourself in the School not to break the harmony. You will keep yourself because everyone may exit from the trend temporarily. Every single thought, every single desire in one given case might move you from the rails. And when you are in front of the face of God (we are not always in front of his face), you have to be careful to ensure your mind is concentrated, your heart and will too, you don’t have to see anything else. These things are important for you; in this way, you will acquire one inner experience that could be the strongest evidence for you. I want, when the Divine Spirit comes, to produce those results which are necessary for you. He knows what is necessary for you in the present conditions; what you need. Everyone needs only from one thing, from one, these things are not many. And when the Spirit comes he will bring this, the one, in you and you will revive.


Now let’s get this straight – on Sunday, at 3 p.m. Can you do this work with Love? Do not think that this is an order; if you think that this is an order then don’t come. Because, if you can’t work by the law of Love then we will enter in the old law.


Secret prayer


1 In original the Russian word was used (ed. note)



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