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1922_06_08 Occult Hygiene


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Occult Hygiene


Lecture fifteen read by the Master to the General Occult Class on the 8 of June, Thursday, Sofia


Did you have an exercise to write? (- This time we had not.)


All of you are generally acquainted with the word hygiene. It is a science that teaches about the human organisms' state of health. Now with the expression occult hygiene, we are extending the word hygiene; more meaning is applied than is usually perceived in its common meaning. When we talk about a common and an occult disciple you should note that the difference between them depends on the degree of their consciousness. For instance, you can study the influence of the common hygiene on the body’s state of health, but you will reach 120 years and you will finally lose the thread of your body and so you will have to give your body up. So the common hygiene can prolong your life up to 120 years, while the occult hygiene can prolong your life for a longer period. And not only this – the occult hygiene also gives instructions concerning the healthy state of the human mind and of the human feelings. Your mind can get ill as well as your body. The human mind can get ill, the human heart can get ill and the human will can also get ill; the only thing within the human being that cannot get ill is his Spirit. That is why when illnesses get into the Spirit, then special energies emerge to correct the damage caused. The soul suffers, the mind gets mad, the feelings get derailed, the will becomes paralysed, and as a result the person becomes disabled on Earth.


Now in our class I perceive that you do not follow the correct way of understanding. Let’s assume that you are an aviator, you take off, but you must hold the control stick and it depends on your balance how you will fly this apparatus and in what way you will carry out your task. Imagine that while on Earth you start looking around and divert from your main task. How do you think you can settle your task if your mind is not functioning properly? Now you have come here to study the occultism but meanwhile you are attending to side issues, to issues that are without reference to anything at all. Sometimes I call your attention to some ideas and principles but you often ask why have I said something in this way instead of another way, and you are discussing minor issues. While you are up in the air, this is not the time to discuss why I said what I said. The main thing is that while you are up in the air you should keep the apparatus by which you are flying functioning. As soon as you land on the ground you can philosophize as much as you want to. And when I’m saying: “don’t philosophize” I mean the aim that you have – to graduate from the school and after that, when you land on the ground, then you will have nothing else to do, and you can philosophize as much as you like.


The occultism never explains why and for what reason – even if you go to the greatest Masters they will not answer you. When you come to me you are talking to me as cherished children, but it is not obligatory for the Master to answer all your questions – not at all. You can go to the Master and ask him something, but in response he will look at you once and he won’t tell you anything. He does not care that you might get angry; that you might graduate from the school and not believe in God – believe in God or don’t believe in Him, it doesn’t matter to him. – “But I am not following this way.” – Follow it if you like; The Master says: “I followed this way, I studied the laws and you should study them also.” - These laws cannot be changed for your sake. Therefore I am drawing your attention to this: I perceive that your minds are rather twisted, your hearts are also twisted, really twisted. You will not frighten me with this – I am telling you these things not for my sake, but for yours – your twisted mind will not divert mine – not in the least. I will follow the way and I will be what I am because such is the will of God.


Now you might tell me: “But what did we do?” – What did you do? Suppose now that two thousand years later the Invisible World sends a committee to check your work – can you tell me what they would find? If they entered through the door now, what would they find in your minds and in your hearts? This committee would check the situation impartially and what would it find? Now I am talking to you as a human being: I don’t mean to say that this committee will find a lot of nice things, neither do I mean to say that they will find a lot of bad things, but I do mean to say that here and there this committee would have found that you have neglected some of your tasks. These tasks that are assigned to you at present allow no delay and you should settle them. There are tasks, which are the order of the day – your attitude towards God is the order of the day. Do you love God, which you serve, do you serve God, do you serve Christ, do you have His Love and are you ready to sacrifice your life for Him. Then in addition, does each one of you help others with thoughts, with desires, with actions?


I am warning you, many of you might act destructively, but I am telling you: you will meet me on your way and we will impose a punishment on you. Here in the School there are people who want to demolish – you might break your own head instead! - “I wonder if this thing is Divine?” Do you understand that this is a deed of your God, of that one who sent you here to Earth. Up until now we were patient and understood what you were doing, but you let yourself get out of hand that when someone looks at me he says: “Well, the Master knows a lot.” But yours is not an act of discipleship. All of you will be driven to that humbleness which God requires – He will put you in my state of humbleness. So far you are not as humble as I am. Someone might say: “Well, the Master is as plain as we are.” – Like you are! I am not like you at all because there are things in my consciousness for which you cannot even suspect – you don’t even suspect what is hidden in my consciousness. I am plain, my clothes are similar to yours, I eat and sleep like you, but if Life consisted of such things… Life does not consist of this. You can't imagine what I am – my horse might be similar to yours, but after I alight from it there is a great difference between you and me. I can make myself invisible – you might look for me in Heaven for thousands of years and not recognize me. How can you pick someone out? – You can know somebody through the Law of Love only. If you have Love you will recognize me; if you don’t have Love, then you might search the whole outer space and yet I will remain nobody to you. And all of you might know each other by the help of the Law of Love. If this applies to me then how much more does it apply to you?


I regret that the occult disciples in Bulgaria are rather pedantic, that they have no respect and deference for each other, and that they have love only when they are in need. And also you commit such nuisances that the disciples from the ordinary schools in the world do not perform. Those disciples have the courage to commit them openly, while the occult disciples do them secretly. You are not obedient to me but you are under the vigilant eye of God who does not miss anything. You might say: “Tonight we will be reproached again.” This is not a reproach at all – I am just reminding you of a great Truth from which you have diverted and nevertheless you think that you are following the right course. For instance, when I am talking to someone I know whether he is listening to me or not – I have a rule and it never fails me. When God is talking to us He also has a rule and He also knows if we are listening to Him or not.


Now the point is this great inner Truth – do you have such training or not? Instead of blaming yourself I recommend to you, to be fully prepared to adopt the Divine Truth and to get through the Divine thoughts. First of all your mind should become stronger as to be able to get through all the positive and all the negative thoughts. Very often your mind is not able to get through certain thoughts and as a result you suffer. There are many young men who suffer after they have read some negative book – it brings a change in their minds and they suffer for months and for years before they revert to their present state.


First of all you should observe such harmony in your own self – you should be satisfied with your own conduct.


I give a task and some of you put it into practice and then they say: “These tasks can be executed in this way, but they can be executed in another way as well.” And they go along the road but their tasks remain unexecuted. When a Divine task is being assigned to you, you should solve it fully in its completeness. You might say: “I cannot solve this task”, but since you have started you must solve it. You say: “We’ll postpone it for another time”; but if you yourself cannot solve it you’d better not tempt the others. If you yourself can’t keep the fast don’t say: “One can manage without fasting as well” – don’t impose on others what you yourself have not tried.


I don’t want these instructions I give you now to remain a voice crying in the wilderness – I want them to have a result so that these instructions can prepare you for the mission for which you have come here. You have come here by the end of the century – you have a mission, a very important mission that you should fulfil. I am asking you now – do you know for sure what your mission is? – You must know it - no matter how small it might be; the disciple should know what he came here for even if he doesn’t know it in the smallest details – he should at least know the general outlines of his task here. In the course of his work he should keep in his mind his task and while doing this he will be linked to the Heavens. So his will, his mind, his heart will toughen and he will be linked with the Brotherhood. The White Brotherhood will give you instructions and an inner frame. They will give you this good inner frame in the evenings while you sleep – they can give it to you in your sleep. The Brotherhood can assign to you these tasks also through some suffering in your Life – let’s say they have assigned to you a task but you have diverted and have become a tradesman. Then your state will be similar to the state of that American who felt a strong impulse to become a preacher, but said: “I was not born to be a priest”; then he went to Australia and became a tradesman, but twenty years later a crisis happened and his entire wealth disappeared; then he went back to fulfil his vocation. When the Invisible world assigns a certain task, you can divert from it for ten, twenty, thirty years, but the Brotherhood will bring you back to finish your job. So in view of this you better make it your aim to graduate from the school and do not postpone your studies. You begin this job now as you have begun many times – you began but you have not finished.


For instance we’ll join the occult school so that we can research the reasons for these social weaknesses. You might say: “Karma.” All right, let the reason be karma, but this statement is rather general while in fact the very reason itself must be known. If you know the basic weakness then you will know how to correct it – certain weaknesses should be corrected. For instance, some disciples have sharper and brighter minds; the minds of the others are not so bright because they are occupied – they are occupied by their feelings. A person comes here as an occult disciple but the next day he needs two or three thousand leva for bread, for his children’s shoes, for clothes; I may preach wonderful things to him, but his mind is constantly preoccupied with the thought for money – his children need clothes, so he cannot be free. Our task now is to first of all eliminate all this, but we must utilize, even the shortest time we have in our occult training, as a means to improve our condition.


I watch closely now, I make an experiment and I perceive that recently a certain atmosphere is growing: all of you are becoming positive and consequently a release from struggle is beginning. All of you had accumulated a great reserve of electricity – we want to harness this electricity for lighting. Your mind had become more active in a negative sense.


The main point now is in what way we can correct your weaknesses. Let’s say you have some doubt – a doubt in yourself. At a certain moment you doubt in yourself so when a task is being given to you, you say: “This task I cannot solve.” If you ignore the suspicion inwardly you might say: “I doubt myself but I do not doubt God.” But in fact you doubt God as well. I have heard an Orthodox priest who said: “Not only we are sinners, sometimes God sins as well; not only do we sin, but He sins as well.” This means that as a result of his mistakes this man says: “Since I sin then probably God also makes mistakes.” We most certainly should avoid mistakes, and if possible we should avoid them. So how can we manage to cope with this doubt? Let’s suppose that many disciples are preoccupied by the following thought: “Well, I shall graduate from the occult School, but what will happen after that? I shall have knowledge indeed, so what? – And they start philosophizing and finally work out that it makes no difference. But this is not a philosophy of Life. To that disciple who solves some simple task and then says: “What will happen after I solve this task”, I respond: you first solve the more complicated task and then wonder why. You’d better not reason but solve the first task, then solve the second task also and then ask why. And while solving these tasks you will find the reason why. This answer is - all deeds in our Life must be perfect. If someone asks me why we have to talk I would answer that we should talk until our language gets perfect, until we start to pronounce these words in the way they are being pronounced in Heaven, where once they pronounce the word it is so fine that it sounds nice for everyone’s ear. Imagine that all of you disciples who are listening to me tonight had such soft voices and that your speech was as melodious as theirs – can you imagine what kind of atmosphere there would have been tonight? If your thoughts were smooth and sharp it would have been good. At times they are so sharp because at times even the thoughts come out from the mouth as bombs. And the cadence of speech and of muscles corresponds to the cadence of thought.


Now we will make use of our will. Suppose that you are in a period of suspense, you are angry because someone has offended you, and so you say: “I’ll teach him a thing or two!” Instead of teaching such person by a blow isn’t it better to teach him by words? Let’s say that you want to punish him; you can do this in two ways: you can give him such a knock on the head as to smash him as you would smash a snake’s head, or you can also take him by the leg and lift him upside-down and then leave him as he was and tell him: “My friend, do you still intend to bother me and to criticise God? I could smash your head but instead I want to tell you not to play games with me – the occult disciple.” Now you the disciples should know that there are other disciples also who one day might take you by the leg, but instead of smashing you they might lift you up and tell you: “Do you intend to study or you intend to play games instead?” That’s the way I myself would precede with you. But you might make some objection to this point: “Well, why should I be obliged at all?” You are obliged indeed, you have obligations that do not date from now – they date from your distant past and you have to pay them off. You have obligations indeed – obligations which you should fulfil. Many times you have begun and left this task; you can leave your task again now. You can solve your task easily within yourself – it might be solved by itself if you have the burning desire to solve it. In the Gospel it is said: “God is who gives.” You strive to do the Will of God, so God also has a desire to help you.


Here are the vices: there exists envy, there are white lies and laziness among you as well. Then also you never look approvingly at others: when someone starts to work you crowd to hinder him and you say: “You can’t work without us.” All right then, if I go to the woods and find the birds which make nests and damage one, then two, then three of their nests and then say: “What will you do now, can you hatch now?” – I am asking you – what will be my profit if I damage the nests of these birds? If I do that the number of the caterpillars in my garden will increase and they will damage my garden – these birds will stop nesting in my garden and I will have to cope with the caterpillars by myself. It is not permitted to damage the birds’ nests. When some of you decide to work, all of you should give him countenance – cooperate with him, give him positive thought. For so many years the situation here in Sofia and in the country is identical. I think that the reason for this is a great deal of jealousy. In the other churches when the people want someone to talk to them they usually invite a preacher and he talks because he is paid for this, while in our country no one pays anything. In one town the people were not pleased with their leader so they asked me if it was possible to invite someone else to guide them. Instead of answering to them directly I said: “This is no concern of mine; if you are so stupid that you don’t know how to work with this leader then let ten of you gather and alternate with each other – you might talk one after another and so ten persons might take turns; they might be able to talk better than your present leader. If these ten persons can’t get along, then gather another ten persons; among these twenty persons there must be several persons who can talk.” But I would like the way that these people, who like to talk, to have some deep experience, to have a broad knowledge of Life. And instead of displaying themselves I would like them to manifest this experience very vividly. Apostle Paul says: “Many people do not preach Christ - they are displaying their own knowledge.” That we preach Christ implies that we are preaching the great law of Love that should put in order and regulate everything in the world. And this great law should change all the laws within us.


Several hours ago I had a conversation with a gentleman who was saying: “The world cannot be put in order with Love – it can be regulated only by a whip, the whip is the only way to put the world in order!” But his brother said: “You are talking like our father talked long ago; do you have any idea how much he beat us with his stick but this stick did not put order in us at all.” If you don’t follow the New teaching you will return to your father – this is the law of Moses. Now it is good that we have begun with Christ, but our mistake is that we are constantly returning to the Moses law. We either have to start with Moses and end with Christ or vice versa. Instead we begin with Christ and end with Moses – i.e., we follow a return journey.


I want you to choose several persons among all the disciples who are to serve as an example – several persons, one, two, three, up to ten persons – to take them as a model, so that they become a model for the whole class with their polite way of talking and not only with their way of talking, but also with their behaviour, with their thoughts, with their feelings, i.e. in order that they give a new impulse – an impulse should be given. Because this philosophy, the way I am talking to you, is still an introduction for the experiment that lies ahead of us. For instance I gave to the other class an experiment. To all of you I can also assign an experiment: to spend one week without any money, I mean that you should not rely on any money at all – you should pretend that you have nothing but yourself and God and your own hands to rely on, so that you can get used to this. During the whole week both the male and female disciples should earn their living during the day. The idea is not to fast but to earn the money for your lunch. The task is as follows: if for example you are an office worker, then you will give your weekly salary to the poor, so that you will be out of cash and when you reach in your pockets there shouldn’t be any money left in them. You must not rely on your friends, you should not say: “I’ll borrow some money” – no, you should pretend that you are left alone in the world. Imagine that you are in a populous town like New York or London and you are out and hungry; I am asking you how will you solve your task? You are bound to think of something. If you do so for a month, then when you get your salary you should give it away and say: “Now I’ll earn my money with my own hands” – but there might be objections that we should not tempt God. No, no, it is now that we are tempting Him because as long as we have money we do not rely on God. At present the office worker relies on his salary, the woman relies on her husband, the man relies on his customers, but no one relies on God. We often talk about faith but faith is still not a living experience.


Now you should spend one week without money. For instance when you need money to buy something to eat, go to some friend of yours and ask him: “Is there some work for me here?” And when you find some work you should do it and be aware that what comes out of your hands is a result of your efforts. Now you might make the following objection: “But I write in my office is that not an effort?” No, it is not, because it is something settled – there the things are already settled. When I say labour I mean that you should work for two hours in some building. You should work for two hours and then take as much as you need for a lunch and leave without providing anything for the evening; on the following day you again should look for some job, then again you should work for three hours and leave. Some people might say: “This man goes to work and then goes off his work.” But in fact this man is strengthening his will, he is not a fatalist, he says: “Today I earned what I needed, let me see if I can earn it tomorrow as well.” He allows this self-assurance and after that he will start speculating as to what the inner conditions are in which he is advancing.


In occult science, the following principle exists: if you meet someone while you are hungry and say a certain word and this word reaches his ear, he will tell you: “My brother, can you come to my place for lunch?” You will not talk about lunch; you should only know how to say this word. A hungry old woman went to a village and entered the house of a wealthy man who was one of the most cruel men who turned out each person from his house; the old woman did not say that she was hungry, but since the daughter of the wealthy man was ill, the old woman entered the house and massaged her, made this and that and thus it turned out that the old woman was a healer. Immediately this wealthy man became aware that the old woman was a healer and said: “Give her something to eat.” If she had required food in the first place he would have turned her away, but she started to work in the first place – to earn her meal with her own hands. Now all of you, the disciples, must have confidence – the occult disciple needs inner self-confidence that he can cope with all the difficulties that exist in his life.


We have this motto: “No Love is like God’s Love.”, don’t we? And I perceive that this greeting has become almost meaningless when it is pronounced quickly: “No Love is like God’s Love, just God’s Love is Love.” Well, it already has gone beyond the frames of the occult science. You should stop inwardly and say: “Since no Love is like God’s Love, can I do everything for this Love? And I’ll do it.” And after you say: “Only God’s Love is Love”, say: “I can do everything and I’ll do it. There is one poor brother there, I’ll visit him and I’ll do everything for him.” – “But shouldn’t we invoke God?” – We are invoking Him. At times I say to myself: I made a serious mistake that I entrusted these people with a sacred rule that they vitiated; they also vitiated the name of God and as a result I incurred a heavy karma upon myself. So as a result of the venture I made, I said to myself that if I could have had this experience before, I would never have given you this rule; frankly speaking I would have never entrusted it to you. The disciples say to each other: “No Love is like God’s Love” but as you look at them they are at one another’s throats. “Only God’s Love is Love”, but neither of them can accept the facts. “Only God’s Love is Love”, but none of them gives up and each one of them holds his own. So, tell me please what kind of Love is this? But you might tell me: “I am a man, I have dignity, and I have personal feelings.” But is there dignity greater than Love? Let’s do the will of the Father! There isn’t greater dignity than this – to serve God driven by Love. This is the greatest dignity of man – to serve Love and Wisdom. Now I lay this accusation not against some persons outside, but against myself, for I entrusted you with one sacred rule. And then I lay against you the accusation that you haven’t used it – not because you did use it. And next time I’ll be very careful regarding the rules. And sometimes when I hear you pronouncing the word Love, I feel like someone is cutting me with a knife. You quarrel. I say: there is no such Love as the Love that stains, scratches, and cuts. But anyway I won – for I learned that there is no Love as God’s Love and that only God’s Love is Love – I made that experiment. If you didn’t learn the rule, at least I learned it. I learned it and I would not forget it neither on Earth nor in Heaven!


And each one who vitiates the Love of God will by all means get his payment. And if he doesn’t understand this Love, then everything in his Life will be finished. I will call some of you so that I can personally talk with you in a friendly way about Love – I will call you so that we can chat about Love. We will talk now – don’t think that I am not able to talk, you haven’t yet seen how I can talk – I can talk far better. Now, when I talk to you about Love I shall use a special kind of language. I shall talk to you in very special way, so you might say: “I thought one thing and it proved to be another.”


I hope that the consciousness of each one of you expands and I hope that you do not bother about trifles; I hope that this Love reigns and awakens your mind and sends an impulse to your heart, to heal all your weaknesses; I wish that you feel healthy, cheerful, fresh, so that you can apprehend Love and put it into practice, because you are in very difficult circumstances for the time being. It is expected that the occult disciples throughout Europe will have to pass a very difficult exam. These social struggles should be corrected by Force – Force must be applied. You might say: “God will settle everything.” God within us should be a volitional force, He should be Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice – not only He, but also the great potential psychic forces within us should awaken us, so that we can work.


Now between you and me there are points of contact and they are as follows: there exists a deep well; I travel all over the desert (in order to clarify the existing relationships – they are real relationships here on Earth), I find the deep well; I know how to make the rope but I have no thread; you the disciples have this thread, but you don’t know how to make the rope. All right, I’ll say: “You stretch the threads and I’ll make the rope” – the rope is yours and the workmanship is mine. We will put the rope down, we will draw water from the well and all of us will drink; then you will take your rope with you, while I think that I have made it. Then we continue to walk and we see each other properly… These are the contacting points between the disciples and the Master. Now, this concerns only me – only your attitude towards me; this is the attitude towards Christ. He had disciples that He appointed to what He Himself could not do. Christ cannot come down now – He will send some of His disciples here to this village; Christ will not come to preach even in the town of Sofia, He will not preach even in London. In order for Christ to preach there, there would have to be some chosen souls present, who should be highly elevated, who should have such a consciousness, and who should posses such harmony, that as He descends they should be prepared to accept the words which He will use in order to let the Light in. And everybody should know Him; if He has to prove that He is from God and to heal the diseased persons, this would be a rather longwinded process and Christ will not attend to such longwinded processes. Christ is free now, so now you have to create within yourself certain conditions so that He can work within you. You might say: “We know Him, don’t we?” I don’t deny that you know Him but why don’t you make better conditions for Him? How? – Love your friend, he has a garden; plant throughout this garden – this is what Love is. Plant throughout every garden until you manage to plant this garden. We should plant throughout this Christ garden from beginning to end.


Have faith in yourself – trust in one another – believe not only in yourself but believe in each other as well. The greatest trammel I come across within you is the impact of the scepticism – scepticism, scepticism. I don’t mean to say that this scepticism is imposed by the outside world, but you take it and since you are more sensitive souls, you attract the negative sides of the world – you are capable of receiving them and this is dangerous. A sensitive occult disciple is like a sponge and if he is not familiar with the laws he can sap from the outside. That is why he should be positive in Love – so that he can attract the positive qualities and throw out the evil – this is a mere science. Let’s say that now you study in the Occult School; one of the disciples in the School is talking with another one and says to a young lady: “We can go to a night-club – we are occult disciples so we will be able to learn a lesson from such a visit.” Well, fine, but if they go to the nightclub and this young lady adopts these images, these contortions that are being demonstrated there, these images can gradually obsess her mind. So I am asking where will the occultism go then? I am asking you: if these images obsess you for one, two, or three days, what will you profit from them? You don’t need nightclubs; there is such a nightclub up the Vitosha Mountain, there is another nightclub in the mountain resort Chamkorya1. Let the one who wants a nightclub, go to a hospital, to a church, to some temple. But the night-clubs where women with tambourines play Turkish dances… The nightclub is for those great spirits, who can withstand the temptations there, but you should not bring the weaker persons there, you better protect such persons. Sometimes, when a certain person is rather sensitive you should influence him gradually.


Well, other arguments are being given to us – that, sometimes some drunkard might be a much better Christian than a righteous man can be. A strong will is necessary for a drunkard to become more righteous that a faithful person. There is a character in this man – he can fight with and he is stronger than a righteous man who does not have such an experience. When he sees them drink, the latter, not having such experience, might say: “I can solve the matter in another way as well.” While the other one – the drunkard - might say: “I tried and I overcame this vice so I can overcome another one also!”


I don’t advise the young men to go to nightclubs and performances, because distorted and false things might obsess your minds. If I undertake to criticize all these dramas and tragedies from a psychological point of view how many of them might turn out to be true? Are they trustworthy? – No, they are not. There are things that seem true, but if I submit them to my criticism they will turn out to be untrue. Take for example the drama “Danton” and tell me if this is true? Its author has gathered these facts and has combined them in such a way that they give an impulse, but if they are to evolve in time they will not have any effect at all. When they see such dramas people often cry, while outside the theatre there are thousands of dramas: poor people are passing by, but no one is crying. I am asking you why inside the theatre they cry and outside the theatre no one cries? Because the actors are trained to present a lie, while in fact it is not real. But you might say that the drama was written like this – fine, but it depends on the actors – they are the persons who make others cry. So consequently from the occult point of view each drama should be true, i.e., we might have drama, but this drama should be composed in a specific way – it has to have some psychological aim and it has to produce a certain effect. So these authors did achieve something – I don’t mean to say that they don’t have some ambition, but the contemporary novels and dramas are not written by these occult rules. So when you go there to see these performances you should have an occult disposition of your mind and you should know what to accept and what to neglect. Even while you are listening to me you should be aware as to what to accept and what to neglect. Sometimes you are discussing some minor facts for a whole hour – I am talking to you about Love and you say: “We know what Love is.”


I myself have been studying Love for so many years and yet I am still at the introduction of Love. I say for myself – I have barely got the introduction of this Love and you claim that you know it. In such case I would rather listen to you instead. Love is an alchemical law – when you feel Love you will know how to convert all the elements. And when you convert the elements containing your nectar there won’t remain any wall unbroken and there won’t remain any door unopened. For instance your friend might be in prison, but then there won’t be a prison that you can’t open, there won’t be any wrong which cannot be righted, and then facing Love any death will disappear. After you pass along the way with your magic wand you will do wonders – this is what Love is. And Christ carries this magic wand now; He says: “I was given the whole power in Heaven and Earth” and this power is the wand. And after He comes He will start waving with this wand and can you imagine what will happen? Whatever house he touches will be put to rights, whoever He touches – everywhere men will start to rise from the dead.


Now you will take into consideration all this but you won’t become saints. I don’t want you to become saints just because of my words, I don’t want you to become perfect either, but I do want that seventy five percent of your gossip should stop right this evening and that only twenty five percent of them remain. Seventy five percent of gossip is unnecessary, so you should erase it completely; let only twenty five percent of the gossip remain. For if you don’t put into practice these two rules then how will you succeed? I intended to assign a task to you, but I cannot assign it to you as long as you have these weaknesses – the task might get vitiated, this is a small task. Up till next Thursday I will be constantly checking, to see if you have annulled the seventy five percent of the gossip and if I find out that you have annulled them, I’ll assign the task to you. But be careful – I don’t want any criticism in the Occult School. Let whosoever knows that much, come here, and I will put him here at the desk. Let whosoever that is so learned come here – I shall get down – we are ready to put him at my desk – let him come. If someone thinks that he knows so much; let him show his knowledge. There should not be anything in the secret room – you have Light, so turn to the Invisible world and the matter will be settled for you. And the relationships between you and me should be proper. The rule is: I must have one opinion only. I would say: “He is a good disciple, but he is careless, he doesn’t tell the Truth.” Why do you say that he is lazy? – Because no matter what task I assign him he doesn’t solve it; he is a good disciple but he is constantly dissatisfied – no matter what I do for him he is never satisfied. The surrounding people might encircle him and might do him all sorts of favours but he still goes on feeling dissatisfied. It can be like this –the same holds true for the disciple and for the Master.


So now the general principle should be applied – you have to annul seventy five percent of your gossip. Now let me see if you have enough willpower to put it into practice. I mentioned the nightclubs and someone might say: “I know that someone has betrayed me.” There is no need to worry that someone has betrayed you because when you go to the nightclubs I can personally see you. And I can see what you are doing in these nightclubs – both men and women visit nightclubs. After that they say: “Our Master knows everything”, but then again they ask: “Who told you about the night-clubs? It means - you are not clairvoyant but someone has told you.” I see you, I see you in a very special way. The person, who has visited a nightclub, bears the stamp of the nightclub on his face, this is a truth. I do not enter in the Astral world, but I can tell such person why he has been at the night-club – there is a stamp on his face, the whole night-club is stamped on his face. And I can tell what nightclub he has been in and at what table he has sat and from what glass he has drunk and who else has sat at this table, I can tell him everything. His eyes are not soft but have a peculiar colour, his eyes are playful, and his eyes are roving as the eyes of a cat. And after he has been at a nightclub, his face acquires a different colour – each nightclub has a specific colour, each place of amusement has a colour. In each nightclub there live such evil spirits which exercise great influence upon your souls. Your souls and your hearts are not a toy, there exists a psychic force and it can carry you away as well. Now some of you might say: “Who might the person be who went to a night-club?” You don’t have to know who he is because one day you yourself might also go there. I have heard many persons say: “What nightclub might this be, let’s go and see what the matter is with it” – everyone likes to see what is happening there at the nightclub. In such a case it would be nice to send delegates there – three or four persons might go there and see what a night-club is and then read us a lecture entitled “What a night-club is like?”, so that the matter can be settled. Good, you are right, in the last resort it is preferable to send a commission composed of the strongest persons.


So, we have a difficult task to solve, it is not easy for a man to cope with his own self, with his thoughts, with his feelings. We have a difficult task from the point of view of the law of heredity, from the point of view of the law of rebirth and of our pilgrimage in the world. It is a difficult task but it is a task that we can solve. And I believe that you are among the noble disciples that are unprejudiced, which have minds hungry for knowledge, which have noble hearts, which do noble deeds, which have an iron will, and who are ready to fight. And because of what I told you, you might draw your knifes out and make “So!” and the matter will be finished. You will not talk too much that this is the way we are thinking, instead you will all of a sudden make “So!” I want to clarify my relationships with all my disciples and friends – either your attitude will be an attitude of both disciples and friends, or we can’t have proper relationships. We must know each other – this is what the Brotherhood demands.


An absolute purity, an absolute Light, an absolute Truth should reign among us! When I say Purity I mean that this should be our ultimate goal; when I say Light, I mean that this should be our ultimate goal; when I say Truth, I mean that this should be our ultimate goal – an ideal for which we should strive. Whether we will attain it is a different question, but it should be an ideal equal to all of us. Then we shall have an equal opinion upon this question and both you and I will think about this matter. And I believe that we will solve our task.


A secret prayer


I have never seen you so quiet as you are this evening – the silence is deathlike. This is a good sign.



1 Up till 1942 Chamkorya was the name of the mountain resort Borovets (ed.note).



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