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1922_06_15 Thoughts and Deeds


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Thoughts and Deeds


Sixteenth Talk of the Teacher given before the General occult class on 15th June 1922, Sofia


Next time you’ll write about the influence of music in Life.


Because the class is general you are not equally prepared to grasp the subject in the same manner, you have a different understanding. Those, who are not so familiar as the other students, consider themselves equal to that who know and thus is born a little disharmony. Those, who have not grown, have to learn. This is not the place for amusement, no, you will think. Here you have to devote yourself to learning, here a serious thought is required. When we say a serious thought, there should be no fear, do not fear. At least fifty minutes a day the student must stop for a while and think. You have to think about different matters: sometimes you are in pain – think about why you are suffering, you have a troubled life – think why you have encountered such trouble, which are the reasons and how can you objectively find a solution to them and not to say: “ I’m unhappy, such is the society. God has made me in such a way!” This is not a philosophy, this is a solution to the problem. This is a bird’s philosophy, they solve their matters in that way – when the bird is chased by a falcon, it stops by a tree and says: “Here is the salvation.” Or when a big mouse sees a man, hides itself in the hole. I’ll give you an example: in the working field of a Turkish man many mice bred and they said to him: “Hello, Hassan, your field is ravaged by rats!” – “Is that so?” – he went there, put cartridges in the gun, aimed at them as to settle the thing but the moment he raised his gun, all the mice rose at their back feet before him – some thousand rats. – “Well, this means you count me as your master.”- The Turkish man said. “I’ll spare you.” (The Turkish word “harizvam”- “to spare someone’s life”), he lowered his gun and they went backwards. Hassan knew the reason for this, that they consider him their master, however these mice want to know what the man’s intentions are. But Hassan thinks: “I admit my mistake so accept my apology.”


Now, when you join the Occult school, you expect to act more humanely, to prepare yourself for an occult student. Yes, you do, but reasoning is needed, the occult students need quick wit. You don’t have to misinterpret some facts, each fact should have its own weight to our life, neither bigger nor smaller – Nature has given it its value. If you don’t learn to reason in that way, are you aware that sometimes you give yourself more weight than you deserve, and sometimes you give yourself less weight than you are worthy of – both are excesses. So my point is that a certain disharmony is bred, which harms the ears of wheat, hampers the thought of the Teacher. Because the students can also trip up their Teacher, at least they can turn him away from the mainstream. And when the stream is driven away, their gardens will be left unwatered, nothing more, nothing less.


Now I want to introduce you the most basic things in Nature and show you their inner sense, the foundation. On this elementary basis the further knowledge you will receive will be laid. This is because there many occultists that have lifted themselves high up, there are adepts, who have climbed to the Third vaunt of heaven and they have fallen down head over heels. Those who have passed in the occult, they will be let in but they will be returned back from above, they will be given a good lesson – on the sacred road of Holy school one can not pass without knowledge. One should know- he needs knowledge so he can work. When I say should know, this means that you can always check your knowledge, to prove it, as one student understands his or her knowledge – they give him a task and he starts solving it, he knows the rules, he can work.


Now, don’t mix the occult truths with religious. Religion is also one method for educating people but it is an inner method. Church is one seedbed, and the Occult school, this is a school for more developed souls. Some of them have elevated minds, their consciousness has woken so that they can understand the basic laws, which work in their organism, which operate in the society and manage the human evolution.


Now, you have to bear something else in mind: you can’t set up yourself a home, to be happy unless you grasp the occult laws, you can’t love your friends until you have understood these laws. And that’s why people will marry and divorce, will become friends and stop being friends, will reconcile themselves and again quarrel, and nations will make wars until they understand those occult laws, which Nature has laid in the foundation of contemporary society. But people have to subject themselves to this society – if they don’t follow these laws, Nature allows all the extremes, which now exist: illnesses are born, which wash way health and knowledge, which people have. Often some small illnesses weaken memory, darken mind, sometimes earthquakes, a hurricane, storm. The reason for the earthquake is us, people – people’s thoughts can be the cause of an earthquakes. Yes, they can and Bulgarian people are not far from this conclusion: when in some Bulgarian village there are crimes committed draught and hail will destroy the crop. (The Bulgarian word for wasted crop is “gradobitina”, a word, received by blending of “grad”, which is the Bulgarian word for hail, and “bitina” a noun, which comes from the verb “biya”-, meaning “beat”, “heat”). Gradually, step by step, after these transgressions have stopped, rain comes again, and the “gradobitina” ceases.


Now in Nature we are all connected and we are so sensitive to this connection that we can make a great good or a great evil. That’s why God has limited us, God has not given us great power. Sometimes you wish to have power – in the preset conditions, had god given you power, you would have hanged all human beings in the world and when enraged you would have chopped off the head of someone without really meaning it and then regret it.


Now, occult science requires moral stability, not common morality. Absolute good will is required from the student: he or she should never misuse what he has been given. Because when you misuse it, those, who execute control, there are Beings that control, God will not hesitate to send them to execute their control and they will punish you – because there are laws in Cosmos, which are applied everywhere, everything is being monitored. They will punish you and then God will pardon you. Mistakes are forgiven but mistakes are not excused, mistakes in the class must be corrected. Now we won’t elaborate on what and why. Our wish is that the mistakes, which we witness in the class are to be corrected and the reasons why and what for, do not apply to us. We are interested that mistakes be corrected and if they are, then we can guess why.


Some expect to obtain more knowledge. At the stage you are now, it is useless to give you lectures, had the best lectures been given to you, you can’t learn because here inner quickness of mind is sought of those subtle psychic forces that are at work. For instance, contemporary occults speak of will, that one should have will. A person can have will, for instance he and she can clench his or her fist, knit his or her brows – this is manifestation of one’s will too. However the one, whose will is strengthened, can seem quiet and calm but he can send a thought so powerful in its intensity and yet so quiet that it can produce a small illness but when this thought reaches its uttermost bounds, it will make such an upheaval, which the world has not yet seen. That now evil people sometimes send stronger and more powerful in their intensity thoughts and good people say: ”God will arrange all this.” We have to say: “The world goes according to God’s order and we should not disrupt it, my life has been arranged by God a long time ago and it will stay so lest I violate its order; God arranged my life long time ago.”


Brain is subordinated to mind, stomach - to digestion, the lungs – exhaling system, heart is subordinated to circulation. It is well enough if I don't disturb my heart, brain, stomach, foot; all these little cells where Life functions. They know their work quite well. But one day, you drink too much, disturb your cells – and God gives you a lesson. -”Our life has been planned” - this thought must gradually be shaped in our mind. And first thing is: we don't have to misshape Life. When I say: ”World has been designed”, what is the meaning of all this? Let's imagine that you have a son, five years old, you have opened him an account of one hundred thousand leva, this child has been provided for, isn't that so? But this money is not at his or her disposal, his father has written that it has to be given to him or her when they come of age at 21 years, till then this child has to be taught how to manage this capital. When I say you are provided for, I don't mean that you have the right to do whatever you want, to have the capital at your disposal, no, the capital has been invested and you have to learn that when this capital comes in your possession to make results, you should know how much of it to invest, otherwise you will waste the money and you won't realise the meaning of Life and why you have come here.


Now, for instance, did you know what was your program as students today? Today you had one important program. When you woke up today how many of you uttered a prayer to his Father to tell him: ”Father, I thank you for the conscience you gave me, I thank you for the opportunity you created for me to go to school, for the friends, for society and the social circle, for all these endeavours!” How many of you said this? Some of you first have washed yourselves, have said quickly the Lord's Prayer then had a bite, and went to work. But the work is profound – if I am a poet this is a profound work, if I am a philosopher, it is a profound work. They say: “ He is an excellent philosopher”, well when we philosophize, what are we to prove? - “I will give evidence for causes of the world's creation.” And do you know how we prove it to the scientists so often? By making ourselves a laughing stock. There is such an example that it is taken from Bulgarian life, I don't know how much of it is true but take it as an anecdote - the son of a family from a poor, desolate village where the houses are in fact huts without tiles and the holes are filled with faeces (Bulgarian word is “izverzhenie” - obscure form of the regularly used word “izptazhnenie”), by the will of circumstances goes to Europe and graduated in nature science. He then comes back to his village, sees a big “izverzhenie”, stuck on the wall and started proving his father by the work of what natural law the “izverzhenie” has gone up there, relates him philosophy. His father tells him: “Son, I've just seen your mother putting it there, for the forces I know nothing of.” So, my question is, if it wasn't for your mother, by the work of what force would the faeces go to the ceiling? Often we want to prove that the things in the world take place without any reasonable force, in some mechanical way. This is not the case.


Now you are in the occult and say: “Why is there evil existing and why is there good?” I will put aside this question for further discussion. Why faeces are to be found? - “Izverzhenie”, this is one evil, all illnesses in the world are given birth in the faeces on the account of faeces being rotting substances. What is this “izverzhenie?” -”Izverzhenie” is one indication for existence of Life. Because some of these beings haven't studied the laws of nutrition, their faeces contain more poisonous substances. Take for instance these beings, fist the dog, which is canine and is therefore of the character to bite, take then the ox, compare their faces and by their content you will know the character of the animals. Bear by its faces shows that it is not that bad, take the goat, she is also not that bad, the sheep too. Then in the same way the sins of people are not the same – there are sins which are like the faces of the dog, sins as the faeces of the ox, as these of the sheep and so on but by a grade.


And someone is asking why is there sin, how should we abolish sin? - Cease to eat and each sin will be abolished, all evil will disappear from the world. But then you say: “Can we live without eating?” - Then I will answer you – if it can't be without eating, it can either can't be without sin – this is philosophy. You, since you want to eat, will feed your hen, and eat it. This hen is a kind of brother – you will take her eggs and argue why. Because you want to live. Well then, do we, from the occult point of view, think that meat food is the only healthiest food? For science will find proof in the future but occultism has another statement on that matter. These substances which the meat of these breastfeeding contain, of hens and turkey, these essences can be found in Nature in ten or hundred times pure form. And if we were more reasonable creatures, we would have extracted these substances not from the meat of the animals but from its original source and would have been healthy but now we have need to send animals to gather this energy for us. And do you know how they gather it? It is restricted, because we are restricted too. I take this restriction not as one moment but restriction for one long-lasting culture which has began first too slowly (in the text is used the Russian word “medlenno”, familiar to Bulgarians) went unnoticed but gradually it has increased. And our mind our is so twisted that even the intelligent European citizens would find difficult to prove that this food is not healthy. He will prove you with regard to physics and chemistry that this is the right way to eat – he or she will prove you what are the results and what is the death rate according to statistics.


What do many births and deaths show in the population? - These are two anomalies. When many people are born, this is an anomaly and when many people die this is an anomaly too. Some support this: “A family must have many children.” I am not against this but how many children must one family have i.e. how many Nature demands? How many does there have to be? - This is a disputable question. Taking into account the present conditions if we reason the question has to be asked in another way – What was in fact the preliminary plan when Nature created man? And another thing: how many boys and how many girls should be there? Now I see that in some families predominate boys only but with feminine character and in another family only girls but with masculine character. Do you consider this to be the natural state of things? When man dresses himself by a feminine model and the woman by a masculine, human 's life has turned upside down. Not only this situation we will find but also all men want to be teachers, masters. To be master means to be a man. And now consider this -all women want to be men. What is more - they say even this: that in each family one man is born blind. There is no man or a woman who wants to be blind, to be born blind. Then some say: “It isn't worth being a student, you should be a teacher.” I would discuss on this matter not factually, I want us to consider it as a thought -should we be manly or not? This is not important. Whenever you think righteously you are a man, when you live rightfully you are woman. When you think right, considering all laws of reasoning, from the occult point of view you are a man, a sensible man, I name you a sensible being. And when you live right, having in mind this thought, live up and sense the delight that you have refined yourself, you are woman – not woman but a virgin, you are a virgin. In the first case you are youth, not a man, in the second your are a virgin. When you become woman it depends on how you act, reasonably or not. There is some intertwining of things.


Sometimes you notice that some clever people don’t lead a good life. Therefore I say: there is some discord, a disharmony between their mind and their life. And we say that these people are not clever. Don't say you think that clever is the man that can engross his people in war? - He or she is not clever. Does a writer who has written one book that has fascinated one generation and after hundred years people learn that they are on the wrong way? Do you consider an occultist clever if he or she for the sake of this science leads him or her in the wrong way? - No, one thought has to be in the soul of a student, he has to know the Truth. Now they ask, why do we need Light? I won't give you a definition but I say: Light is there to show us the way of Life, the road we have to follow.


Sometimes you ask why you don't find compassion, to give you incentive to walk onward. Each wish, this is an incentive, therefore, make use it. This incentive can take many directions, you can take different detours. Light, it has its application but the aim of Life, the inward side of Light is to show us the Way. And do you know what the Way is? Nowadays, we, the contemporary people, under the term “way” understand only the distance which we can walk from one point to another: this is not way but one straight line. The Way, The Way of God, these are all possible methods and ways according to which a person can live sensibly in this world. This is the Way – all sensible methods and ways, included in the laws of God of Sensible life that we can apply to our life.


And to you, the advanced students, I will present you the following: some of you have an undeveloped brain, you have to learn. We say this: a person should think and then act – this is one point of departure, don't you think in that way too? And there is something else: a person should first act and then think. To make out these two statements, to deduce them to their premises and to determine their proportions you must have a reasoning mind. How can you act before you think, how can you begin one task before thinking it over? You should say: “The rightful way is to think and then to act but to act and then to think, is stupid.” No, it is not so - if you do a job conscientiously first you have to think then to act, when you do a job by the rules of God, first you have to act, then to think. When you act, God will think for you – He thinks, you act – this is the way of God. He has given you his plan, you don't have to think that much – you will do the work that He has given to you, you want reason, He will determine. And when we want God to do instead of us, we have to have given thought about our life in advance and then God will do as we have anticipated and the way you think, so will God act. So you can try but God is very careful in this respect. If you are sincere, He will respond to you with the same. For instance you want to steal – He will create all the conditions for stealing and killing – He will give you all conditions to kill but then he will establish prisons, gallows, he will make all this. You want to help - He will create all the conditions because God will say so: “You conceived that thought, that's why I did it in such a way – you want it your way.” And when we act all comes good, God realizes. His thoughts are omniscient, His plans are clearly defined – there are no two plans in Him, there is only one plan and in this plan the only the Absolute Good in the world is inside.


Now you can explain the norm one way or another but you will know that strictly defined: what you think that will be, what you do that will be. So if you do according to God that will be. But if you hold up to exact at one phenomenon of God your thought, you will experience the opposite result:


Where God has determined you don't have to correct His plan. For instance He creates one form of a woman and you say: “Why should I be a woman?” When you say: “Why should I be a woman?” do you know what will become of you? - You will get the worst of man, the worst of children, you'll get the worst possible place for giving a birth and you will say “ I haven't enjoyed one sunny day in my life!”


Why is that? Because you have said: “Why I have been born woman?” It doesn't depend on you whether you will be born man or a woman, this question is determined. It is not within your power to chose your parents, it is not, it is destined by the circumstances of your previous incarnations. You are not in state of chosing your father and mother but once you are born with a father and a mother, you are your own master, you can face your life alone. When you are released, when you become 21, when you become of age, you are in the state to change your life as you want. But will is needed, will to do it – it won't come to you without you giving a thought. Let's say that your father was a drunkard and you got disgusted by his drinking and you say at once without pondering: “I won't drink!” and that’s it! I met a Bulgarian young man fifteen years ago, at 21; his father was a drunkard and he since he had seen all the things his father had been doing at home, said:” I'll never take a sip of wine in my life!” He decides this and so he does not. He said: “ There is that much disgust in my soul - I hate wine that my father loves!” So this son avoids the vice of his father and after some time he will teach his father a good lesson. There is will in him.


Now, you, the students from the occult school say: “God will fix the job, God is good.” We know that God is good, I am convinced one hundred and one percent that God is good, that God will set things in the right path and He has done that already but we have to learn, to learn. And in what is the foundation of this teaching? First, you can move your eyes at the normal level, right, can you move your nose in that way, do you know how to direct your chin, from an occult point of view, likewise? In occultism this is strictly defined, there is way how to hold your head, where to put your hands. Some speakers would put their hands first before them, then behind them, in their pockets, everywhere about. Where should we put our hands? You will say: ”This is irrelevant!” They are, my friends! Take electricity as an example – between these two poles, when electricity runs through them, there is contact and you will receive such a shock that you will shiver. But what if instead of poles, for some time you hold your hands together, what then? - It is not safe for you to hold your hands together always: there are times when you have to hold your hands free. And when you pray, you have to pray with hands folded, this is a not a good prayer, God will not accept this prayer. What the reason is for this, I will not elaborate on. People generally hold their hands turned upwards because in all other positions it will form a bad contact. And if you raise you hands up to the Invisible world, then you let some other contact in your left hand a reverse action will take place in the right hand: another contact should happen – two contradicting actions will occur in the Invisible world and you will experience a change. Now take for instance, when we love somebody and when we don't want to listen to somebody: when the father is angry with his son, he says to him: “Ivan!” and when he is pleased with him:


”Ivancho”; or the son says: “Father!”, not “Dad”; can a daughter or the son have another name: ”Petko” (Bulgarian for Peter), “Peter” and so on. Why does the child bow down? - This child bows down, blood flows to the rear part of his head, doubles the pressure in the brain and breeds negative energies - and because the noble energies come from the sympathetic nervous system, [sympathetic nervous system – sympathetic part of the vegetative (autonomous) nervous system in which the stomach (sun) string also called stomach brain is anatomically the biggest nervous string (editor's notes)] this person impedes these energies and says: “You are the father but I don't want to know about you.” And what will you do then? - You have to know the law. This water which flows has to be less, you have to put the flap so that lesser blood circulated in the brain of your boy Ivancho. Now, there are many called Ivancho among us, don't think I mean a concrete figure, no, I do not: Ivancho, Ivane, these I voice only to give you and explanation, don't think I have a real person in mind. Precisely this part of the blood has to be sent in another directions, to circulate it up and then down the forehead, in the upper part of the head, in different centres i.e. in places that are short of it. You have to know how to impose on ourselves. And in this relation you have to be prepared. We will come up to the science – to one science which we have to apply to its limits. So we will make small tests.


In the present society, as it is here, in Bulgaria, a reaction originates: the newsreporters want to counteract, commence a reaction from one hand, the priesthood from the other hand makes hindrances with which they want to stop one movement and at least to discredit. We know all that is being done – I know why these people want this to happen- they want this because they want to deprive us of the energy won: they want this society to be devastated so that they can easily consume all and become heirs of this energy. But this will not take place: I have already said – not only will they rob us of five coins, but we will make them pay a huge fine, we will give them nothing. While I am in Bulgaria, there will be fertility, when I am gone, there will be desert here as in Palestine! And you, the students, when you leave so it will become. Such is in one law of God written: when a nation disregard all great laws of God which have been set for them, such a nation can not prosper.


And you, as students from the Occult school will say: “ What should we do?” - You will be positive inside yourself. And we, when we come to stand for the God's Name, there is only one opinion for us – the Grand God's Law. And no nation will venture to transgress it. And there, when to the Slavs were sent those great ghosts, I don't speak of me (I don't include myself also), I have in mind this great law because God shows his will the Panslavism as to embody it in one work, in one mission for mankind) – this is a fact -those goods are given to him but there have to be reasonable people to make use of these conditions. They don't, Slavic peoples will be followed by others, third and fourth. Each nation as one individual does has to reasonably fulfil its mission.


Now, they want to say in Bulgaria that this thing here is a sect, they want to convince you either. Why? You will become are apostates to the Bulgarian people. If you are not students in the School, you are apostates, not only to the Bulgarian people but apostates to mankind because you impede God's majestic energy which prepares the new way of the mankind. We do not speak in the dark, come and try, we say: ”Believe” but come and try, we don't want such misleadings. Well, you will be brave and resolute – we will spin the wheel and when we turn it round, all the newsreporters in Bulgaria will hit the ceiling and then we'll see what they will write in the future. I will make all these newsrepoters neurotic, sleepless, the worst illnesses will befall them, they could not eat sweets, do they know that one can not play tricks with God. They have to use their pen in favour of the Truth. I have nothing against a newspaper publishing the truth but when a news reporter writes lies, they will not be forgiven. A priest, a teacher, a mother or a father telling lies won't be forgiven.


Now when you embark on, you don't have to build your life on the old foundations. We have to reform our lives. Now many people say: “What is our benefit for so many years?” Well, a person that has done work in the world, hasn't he won something? The one that has risen up each morning and worked on his field hasn't he won something? As for the one that has sent others to dig for him, it is not certain for him that he is going to win anything.


Now, for so many years I have tried to give you a method to work as I do. I start from scratch too, I have also been present at excursions and other events. Though you are prone when you come to say:


”I can do without going there?” – You can't.


“Can't we do it in another way?”- There is no other way.


“Isn't there an easier way?”- This is the easier way: when you come out for a walk, this will do you good. Even when a person makes friends with the simplest people, this is one good – if you know how to act, you will learn many great things.


Few days ago, at Vitosha came two oxen, they laid down and the one started to lick the other, to clean him, and the other exposed his flank to him so that the other can clean him well. I said to those that were there: “So excellent example is that!” One of oxen smoothed the skin of the other, the other moves afore so that he can be well cleaned. I say to those that were there: ”What an excellent example!” The ox cleaned him well, the front, the back, the sides, the other stands still, peacefully. What an excellent example is this, who from you is willing to clean his or her brother's face? You will say: “Go and wash yourself up there at the wash-basin” though it will not occur to any of you to say: “Let me give you a hand and pour the water for you.”


You will say “Oh, come on, now!”


This is a great moral. Think of it at one: ”Let me pour the water for you”- this is alertness, one good feature. Well, you will need experience, through these little deeds nobility is being cultivated as a feature in the human character. And sometimes I enjoy going for a walk with you. Why? - Because this walk teaches me, do you follow me, I make use of the small things, not the big, I gather material. Because there are things in Life which I will gather in a special way – as one bee must fly around thousand blossoms as to gather a little honey thus must a teacher and a student learn many things. Best things are won hard.


Then I demand a little patience from you -and the result is: you are in a hurry. And then I recently made such a test that all became worried lest i go. No, I am testing your faith, God's can 't be torn apart, can you grasp this? That which comes from God can die but it will be resurrected ten times stronger than before. This is God - in Good. He can make you die but he can then resurrect you. When God comes to ruin a job of ours – he doesn't do that but He gives new energy to us to do this job. Therefore, whatever the conditions the student finds himself, he or she must know that in the God's plan there are exceptions. When Jesus was crucified, all students ran away.


“It's over.” - all of them said, and all Peters, and all the rest ran away. For three days they all were in shivers and thought:


“We thought that he would become a king and now He has been crucified and it is all over.” Do you know in what situation were his disciples until Jesus was resurrected – everyone thought: “What is going to happen now?” (This is not written in the history).


But the Godlike are at work, inside in the soul, this man Jesus was resurrected not only in his tomb but in their hearts also and they saw Him and were filled with strength. In the occult science you will again see this new state in one living Truth which will bring this invisible Life into you. So now I' m telling you: don't fall in despair. Jesus has said to his disciples: “I must leave, it will be better for you that I go now”, then he says: ”Sadness filled your souls but I will see you again, you will rejoice in yourselves. I go only for a time but this means nothing in the course of fulfilling God's law.” When we come to fulfil the law of God, there is only one opinion in us and neither beforehand, nor late we'll do sufficient work but only on time.


Now I want from you, as students of this school, not to fear. Now some of the students here are in deep thought: ”What will happen to us when our Teacher goes away?” What will happen? And I will tell you:” if you have given it a thought and acted afterwards, all this will be smashed to pieces and if you have acted and then thought all will paste together again. If you consider this to be my job, then you waste your energy uselessly but if you think this is God's deed, you will exalt yourself. But you have to determine yourself. This is the question: Godlike or not like God. If it is Godlike, go with it as I am with it. This is God's matter and I stand up for it because it is Godlike and not only I, but everyone would say: “This is God's matter and you will sacrifice your life for it – there your salvation is.” With this God's deed will make you famous and without it you will become infamous. You would say: ”But how should we know?” Come on, brother and I'll tell you, no need for big philosophy here: I have a loaf of bread: I'm asking you: what you think of this bread -is it nutritious or not nutritious?


“Don't know.”


“Here you are.”- I take a piece of the bread and hand it over to you, I give you a quarter of it to last you for four hours. First I ask you how you're feeling- “My feet're shaking, I don't feel well.” Then I give you another quarter from it and again four hours to go – if this bread can't restore your condition for four hours and more, it is not worth it: if it can – it is a bread indeed. Would you believe it is good? Well then, after four hours it will restore your strength. You can say: ”That I doubt”- it's alright, you'll give it a second try. Again you doubt – again well try. Ten attempts are enough, there is no need for more than ten attempts in occultism. Ninety nine attempts I have made -you doubt that, then I'll give you any bread, go: you're be the breadwinner from now on. Therefore the occult truths you will test for yourselves and when you 've tested an occult truth, it is a temple, don't doubt it – we don't prove ten times one and the same thing whether it is Godlike or not.


God's things are true. Everything that starts with a deed and ends with a thought is Godlike and everything that starts with a thought and ends with an action, it is of a man. Right? - (It is right.) Well, why is it right? Because when we start with an action, God will think instead of us and when we think, God act for us. Therefore in either case our business will go well. I can see in your minds: you say to yourselves: ”We want more, we want something more.” Not that I can't give you more but to people that suffer consumption doctors give eggs and two or three kilos milk a day and what comes of that? They fatten and illness temporarily halts but their mind is only busy with the thought of staying alive- when they sat down and would say: ”I eat that much eggs and drink so and so quantity of milk per day.” And so they, day after day, speak of eggs and milk, so what is the meaning of their life then – one thought about eggs and milk.


If you, as an occultist sit down and give it a thought: ”Let our strength be given as to fix the matters in Bulgaria”, nothing would become of it. If a nation is given the greatest fortune in the world, you will destine them the greatest misfortune, had you made them strong, you would have created another disaster for them.” Not that I say the nation shouldn't be strong but the powers should come from its inward capacities, fortune should come someway (eventually: same way). And this means that everyone should work hard for it, should make his living through hard work – now this is the law. Now the work is not divided and due to this we suffer. I leave this for now, this is not our fault but because we make the foundations for our new life, we won’t build in the old fashion.


I have the greatest intention to give a new direction, a new way to things. With all that I'm saying I ignite in you a new energy, I wake something new, the Godlike. If you are listening to me, this energy will do you good and if you don't listen to me, this energy would produce a reverse effect. When I say if you listen let me put it straight: let me give you a rare seed of a famous breed and I tell you which month, which year, which day and the conditions when the Moon is in that phase and I will tell you the way according to which the seed should be planted. Why should you listen? -Because this seed could grow only at these special conditions. You can say: ”Is there no other way?” When I say: dig one hole, two inches deep, you say:


“Can't it be an inch deep?” - I tell: that much dung, that much sand, then water.


“Can't it be done in another way?”- It can but in the Godlike law for planting seeds all famous laws are laid and all the Virtues which we have to find soul in our mind grow at certain conditions. You can nurture a thought and a year later it would disappear: someone else have planted another seed and this thought live in you through all your life. This way we will come t these great laws we can understand. I want the occult capacities to be woken in you, without this one can not learn. At first your occult abilities should be awakened, the hidden qualities which have not been put into action which are still. We will wake them gradually for if we wake them suddenly, you will suffer too much. And other abilities are gradually built because if you start building another evil will be born in you and it is not occult. Because many occultists which have grown up in a night, have become proud. We want all this to follow its natural way so that you can make use of the good things God has invested in you.


Now, don't mix your religious beliefs with the occult truths. You can use one occult truth in whatever form you like – it can't be restricted and the occult truth can't be binded. Occult truth may be applied only if we have Knowledge, if you don't have such, this truth will cause you the greatest suffering. I want you first, as students in the school to get to know each other. Let's say you are not affiliated with somebody: this is not evil but it shows that in both of you similar forces, similar aspirations. Find someone like yourself and you will find one third, resultant force to bring harmony in you. If the third can't make things out, look for a fourth, fifth, sixth...up to tenth but you can still find one who can bring balance among those who have lost it.


Now many times the students say: “He is too nervous, impatient” but these words are empty. An impatient man, a nervous man, is only words. In fact there are no hot-tempered people, there are no impatient people i.e. in certain moments they are such – certain energy accumulates in the brain and this energy troubles us, this energy is a bomb. When it comes out, you are calm and in good disposition, you are a good man again. Each one of you when you are enraged, would do anything in their house, and when the energy is used up, are meek as lambs - where have all the bad things gone? We now say: “He is a bad man” but in this person there is sufficient energy in this person that must be reasonably used in its place.


Now, let's return back to our subject. In this talk, (it may seem a little sporadic) all of you to rewrite it and after that all students should make summary of the main points and edit it for themselves. You should have your own notebook, I want you to do this and I'll see your notes then. You will write down the main points according to your own preferences: now we will see who are the most capable students. You'll have to do this during the summer, all the summer. I am not going to look at all this now but in the last days of spring and through all the summer – I give you enough time to write it well and then you'll take your extracts and put them in order according to your taste in another book. Buy two books -in the first you'll have the original and in the second – your translation. I want to see what kind of translation you will produce and what conclusions and applications of it you will make. Those of you who can – let them make it. Now you've understood -you will write in a notebook, neatly, it is not permitted in the classes that lectures should be written in handwrite, all must be in your own writing if you want to make a progress – if it is typed, there won't be any results – the important, the valuable, has to pass through your heart. And you will keep this book as sacred. And if you know expect someone else to rewrite it, to give it to you and make the extracts for you – what kind of students are you! Sit down and think every day for half an hour, for a whole hour.


Now, did I give another exercise to you? (- No.) First two weeks you will use five minutes a day for improving your flaws – physical, spiritual, and intellectual. Five minutes a day for two weeks you will use for improving your weaknesses. You'll take this talk and the first talk about the married couples- these two talks you'll rewrite. Now I want to know how many of you can apply this to their lives. Start tomorrow: at midnight if you wake up from the first sleep, apply the law, the morning is the best time for applying it – the first time you can devote to it. Thus you will not take into consideration your own self, as a viewer you will let the God's goodness to pour on you, to give impulse to the Goodness ascribed to you. So that you can be as the newborn, without anything to worry about. You will leave yourself to God's goodness to pour out and after that you will come to your previous condition. At least you will win, your mind will broaden. At the least you will gain, will be a little greater self-confidence for your soul in these five minutes. At the present conditions it is necessary for the students to have this inner confidence because there is no thing more terrible than the lack of confidence. Can this be or can it be not? There is only one law in us: it can! And when Paul said: ”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, this is the same law. Paul has borrowed it form there: “If my words last in you and you last through Me, I and My Father will come to you and make a home in you” and he also says: ”Everything that you ask for in My name, it will be and I will make manifestation of myself.” First there must be the Word and this Word must have Truth for a heading so: these two principles must be at work in work. This is a little test – five minutes, it is not a big question – five minutes for one noble thinking. Then for these five minutes you will say one formula: “I want, God, the Virtues you have deposited in my soul from the beginning, to grow with the power of Your Love and Wisdom. And I will use all my strength at your vineyard for the manifestation of Your Will.”


The class will continue throughout the summer. Those of you who stay (no matter whether I attend or not), will meet each Thursday. Themes will be given to you, about which you have to write and these works will be read. Remember this – we will overcome all difficulties. Sky and Earth will go by but not a scar from this will erase. Everything, that God said will be fulfilled without exception. There is no exception in the Great God's Law.


Now, don't make illusions for yourselves, work and work, work because Life is in the future – this Life comes from now on. You will say: ”This is so natural, what would this Life be like? 'What is the analogy? When that caterpillar over there dies has come to its uttermost and says: ”It's over”, life can not cultivate in this form and start making its pupa, does it asks itself what would become of it? Something better would become – second life would be better than the first. Therefore our life has reached the utmost borders and now pupa would become a butterfly. This life would define the New life for itself and this New life would be ten times better than the present -at least ten times better. And it is worth to sacrifice everything for it – such conditions would be there that now couldn’t be spoken of. And now we say: ”We won't leave.” We can go to the woods but which is the Way? -The Way goes through all the troubles which we now have to overcome.


I have seen when some Bulgarian blocks the way with his carts and oxen so that no on can pass, another comes then, puts his plough down – the same result: then third, forth, up to ten men and when we join all forces and the cart sets off. And we say: ”What one can't make by himself, ten, united by the same force over come.” And one car can go without oxen. So we have the need to believe absolutely in this occult law – there is no exception to it, it is a living law. All that have come before you, have been working and trying this. And you will try from this confidence, you'll see. So absolutely no discouraging thoughts will be there. There can be big trouble, to be short of many things, this and that – these things are of second importance, I count then as one profit though they are unpleasant in Life.


They can give you some exams in occultism. If you are not prepared when they give you an exam, your brain can blow off your head. There are such exams there, they will try you out. I have told you that there are such mock exams there in occultism – they will try you to see who has convictions and who has not. In the old times in the occult brotherhoods there were often exams to see whether the student was brave: they give him a guide, folded up his eyes and left him somewhere alone, then they took off the fold and he saw people around him with masks on their faces and there was a mask, holding a lit knife in front of him. If he were scared, he would start running but if he stayed, this mask would come, would jab him, but the knife was made of paper. But what would you go through in this moment!


“That's it, my life has gone”- you will say to yourself. And I often witness how you run from these false knives and say: “What a misfortune!” No, no you will stand up and wait for this paper knife to stick in you with all its strength. And that's why the Scriptures say: “Everything that befalls those who love God is for good.”


Even in the occult school eccentric works come into being. Someone would say: “I came here to put my things into order and they are in a mess.” You don't know, if your works have messed up, how much would they have entangled otherwise. Yours philosophy is such: someone saves ten thousand leva, buys a good ox, this ox dies and he would say: “What a loss!” Well then, if you haven't saved that much money and the ox dies, what would have you done been? Thankful for having the opportunity for saving the money: this logic isn't good. Someone comes here and says:” The karma of my life is such”, you seek help, you enter here and your things go well. You have to thank for being in this place – if here is that way, imagine what is outside.


You go into one house – no clothes, nothing - you shiver but if you come outside in the wind and rain, what would your situation be, here you are under a roof, high and dry.


Don't suggest illusions for yourself that now you are in School, you know better, you don't. And besides don't overgeneralise the laws of the School, don't think that this School is made only for yourself - to sort your material things out. This School has a great purpose – by the way it purpose includes sorting your things out but this is a side thing, the aim of the School is quite different. And include this verse then: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Right and everything else would be added to you.” If you understand this from an occult point of view, the question is settled for you.


So as students of the School you will be hardworking because Jesus loves hardworking students: ”Those who love me keep my commandments.” You will study, you will apply it and the world will know my teaching. When you apply it reasonably, from the results the world will know what my teaching is, that you are my students indeed and that the Teaching is a Teaching of God.


Now you mix things up and bear no fruit: we talk of Love – there is no fruit, we talk of Wisdom - there is no fruit either, we talk of Truth – no fruit. No fruit -all those trees bear no fruit. This doesn't mean that you don't blossom, on the contrary, you blossom and smell good but there is no fruit. I don't say that there are no bees. When pear blossoms, bees gather honey but the important is the fruit. We come from the bees to pick up honey and many occultists have gathered honey from the blossoms of the trees. Now we have to bear fruit to these trees of God.


Secret Prayer



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