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1922_06_29 The Bear Trap


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The Bear Trap


The eighteenth lecture of the Teacher, held to the Common occult class on 29th June 1922, Thursday, Sofia


Secret Prayer


The works on the topic were read “The profit of mountain tops”.


The rest will be read in the other Thursdays' meetings.


Next Thursday do you have a topic? – No. For the next time, write something about the history of the wheat grain. When did it appear on Earth? Write only about the wheat grain – when did it appear and under which conditions, does it exist in a wild state or not. You have to think little if it exists in a wild state. (– It does not.) Why does not? You will write conceptually, will not spread to talk about minor matters, only with notions – all, that you say will be told conceptually, figuratively, but later on the details.


Learn to speak loftily. The occult pupil must speak: “I am hungry”, but not: “I am too hungry, very hungry.” – “I am hungry, thirsty, feel like walking”, but that: “I feel very much like walking, I will feel very well...” – this is for the people, who have time, who spend plenty of time.


Later, when a theme is given to you, from an occult point of view, you will describe the most distinct feature. For example which is the distinct feature of bread, which is the distinct feature of water, which is the distinct feature of light, which is the distinct feature of Love, which is the distinct feature of Wisdom? You can say many things, but the distinct feature is only that, which shows first of all, which projects – it is distinct. The distinct feature is the first, which appears first. If I ask which was the distinct feature of the world? – When God says: “To be the Earth and Sky.” What does God say? – It created Light, that means the visible world – the distinct feature of the visible world, this is Light. Therefore which is the distinct feature of Light? – it reveals the world; which is the distinct feature of darkness? – it hides the world. This is distinct, and light does this, does that, these are minor matters – the distinct must stand out. Later, what does Love, which is the distinct feature of Love? You say something, anything, many things. Which is the distinct feature? You can say many things, but do not hurry to evince, because I will say one thing and you will consider yourselves insulted, think. Which is the distinct feature of the Spirit?


Now, may we say that God, who contains everything inside, can be a victim? Can the eternal and the endless become a victim, for whom he shall sacrifice? Because, as you say sacrifice, you have to understand which the distinct feature of the victim is? This is a philosophical question. We say, that God has sacrificed, but which is the distinct feature of sacrifice? The distinct feature of the Eternal is, that He does not want to scrunch the most miserable – God wants to give this Life even to the most miserable, the one He has. And God stops even in front of the smallest bug to make a way to pass by – this is a sacrifice for Him. He stops the whole movement, in order for a bug to pass by, is that not а sacrifice? This is an effort. Therefore, some time God stops his Car for us and if he did not stop his car, what would we leave? – We would fail, but He often stops the whole movement. And often the conflicts, the misfortunes in the world result from what God has stopped His wagon, so that a bug can pass and you feel concussion. I say: God stopped His wagon – this is the sublimity of God. And tomorrow because if you it stops, the law is the same – tomorrow is ahead of you and He will stop His wagon for you to pass, this is a great thing. These are cogitations of your brain, so you have to think.


Now, what is the distinct feature of Love? You will say: “The distinct feature of Love is sacrifice.” But how you will understand the sacrifice, when you alone did not sacrifice? Only one can understand who has sacrificed; if you did not sacrifice, you do not understand sacrifice. Now, as we say sacrifice, we can understand the preparation for such a good lunch: fried chicken, so freshly butchered and fried on grill, reddened; after a good soup made of her legs; after that pasty, made of milk and eggs, with cheese; then, put in a bottle half a kilo of six-year-old wine. And if you, after you starved and waited for that chicken, then a friend of yours comes, who has starved for three days, you give up your meal, this is a sacrifice. And this will bring you delight, that you sacrifice the chicken and the pasty, and all – to be satisfied, as you see, that he is eating. This is what I call to a certain extent, according to your understanding – this, which is appointed to you to give it to somebody else. A necessity is the sound thought, i.e. the perfect thought.


Now, these must be the cogitations of the occult pupil of the Live Nature, the simplest cogitations are the following. And if you, the contemporary, let’s say, teachers and pupils, go into a contemporary exemplary school, are not all things presumed as possible: the program, subjects, how many hours you will be studying, how many teachers there will be, which teachers which subjects will be teaching and every teacher will explain his subject – all is presumed. The pupil, as he enters, must learn, it does not look proper on behalf of him to criticize all those textbooks and to say: “This textbook is worthless, that is worthless.” And in one evangelic school the teacher teaches Bulgarian, a pupil stands up and says: “Mr., The Bulgarian language has so many grammars – of Iconomov is written so, of Ivan Stoyanov is written so, of Todor, of Petko the grammar...” The teacher says: “Listen, what Iconomov writes about the grammar I do not know, I want you to write about the grammar, which I teach in class, and as you go out of class, you can take whatever you want.”


As we are in the school of Nature, you have to use its language, nothing more. One day, as we outgrow it, so that we can leave the school, then we can think, what we want. In this Live Nature all is forecast. Let’s say, I give you a certain object for mountaintops; which is the distinct feature of a mountaintop? When you sharpen a plume, why do you sharpen it? – in order to write better; why do you sharpen your pencil? – in order to write; why do you sharpen your knife? – in order to cut better. Which is the distinct feature of a knife? The mountaintop or valley, these are two conditions inside Nature – and in the valleys, and in the tops gather two contrary energies. The mountains form the spine of the Earth, they the backbone, therefore our Earth has come to the position of the backbone, that’s why mountains exist. Once upon a time it was a soft body, without mountains, i.e. it was a time, when it was without mountains, and it becomes spinal. And then the rivers compose its blood – arterial and venous blood, which runs and comes in through the spine and so on. Now you may say insignificantly, that the mountains have gathered a huge energy that the spirits have come together – all these things are true. Through the backbone are there a lot of nerves, which pass, many knots, which is true; many cells become bent in the hollow of the head, millions of cells are gathered, but this hollow is made for whom? – for music is made. Now, of course, those, who have created the mountains, had one aim in the history of the Earth, if we say geological to describe it, the mountains are not created because the temporary geologists try – on all tops there is something distinct, but they are not created so.


Now, the first thought will be established. It is not our question to discuss all secrets of Nature, but each task, which is appointed in the great school of Nature, we must riddle half of the tasks, which are given to us, we must riddle. When you get up in the morning, the first question is not what you shall eat or what you shall drink. Therefore says Jesus: “Who thinks so?” – Only the pupils. And the pupils, who know the Nature and who know


God, will not think about eating. The good son and the good daughter, when they get up every morning, they will go to their mother, they will kiss her and the mother will kiss them – this is the purpose – they go to school, because they are pupils, and they will kiss them. After that the father and mother will order them to go to school, but they will eat before the lesson. And now you, when you get up in the morning, right away you decide one important question – what you will do during the day. You do not go to your father; you do not go to your mother, you do not know Nature and, what’s more, you want to be pupils. You must know Nature. If you have a certain opinion, when you get up, to whom you must go? And when you get up in the morning, when you turn to God, you must know whether He is up – you do not know where He is. You have to find Him in You! If you do not find Him in the people, if you do not find Him in Nature, you doubt; don’t you know what comes from this doubt? Imagine you and I are in two near posts, we are connected by telephones, telegraphs and other means for communication, but imagine, that the messages of the telegraphs and telephones are broken off and we shall be isolated – and then we exist without announcing. If you send to your brain one criminal thought (let’s say, some evening we go to bed, a criminal thought has come, but you did not perceive it), as you get up in the morning, you will be disposed, all messages with Nature, with God will be broken off. Maybe you are indisposed, and somebody with his bad influences has corrupted you – it will be strange, if one great spring is muddled by some other small spring. If you are a very shallow spring and somebody can influence you by his thoughts, to change the pace of your life, to make you restless, you are shallow. But it is true, that inside your life you have allowed one thought, which in a certain moment has stopped all the messages. When they come from the Invisible world to help (because even the Nature has its own servants), an hour or two will go by, maybe one-two days, until they put the message for order – and you will have one pleasant disposition of the soul.


So in everybody that exam must be determined– every time to know which is the cause of your state. You are in a certain state – you have to know that state, which you are in, in what category it falls: in the physical, or the spiritual or to the Godly state. I will give you now one categorization between the physical, spiritual and the Godly state. Now, if you are questioned which states are simply physical? – The physical states are the exact states, they are restricted states – meaning the restricted states which we have, are the physical. They are also transient – every time every physical state changes quickly, the physical states change very fast. Let’s say, you have one disposal, thinking that, you are very patient person; take one small needle and stick it in the gentlest place – it will produce one little pain and right away you will change, and will change your state. At that moment, if you have control over yourself, this needle must not produce anything, not to change your state. So these states are connected to the subjects on Earth, which constantly change. Let’s say, you have one brooch or one you have one precious stone; you get attached to it, but one day an other gets attached to your stone, steals it – your states changes. You’ve got a book, which you love, a great poet has written it, this is a precious book; somebody comes, steals it – stored in your brain – it cannot be taken away, you are stronger, but comes somebody, hits a strike there and bothers your calmness, but you cannot open the sheets. Therefore we have to reach that state, in which, as we see, that somebody will cast a strike on our head, to be able by our thought to stop that hit, instantly to paralyze his action.


Somebody will say: “If it is the Will of God will we be able to stop somebody?” You may ask: “Is it fateful that somebody hits you on the head.” If you are stupid, yes, one can hit you, the stupid one is hit every day. The clever, when he is hit, becomes clever, and the stupid, when he is hit, becomes stupid. You will say: “A law of fate that somebody hits you in the head.” No, it is not a law of fate – this strike can come consciously or unconsciously. In Khazunlak region somewhere somebody made a trap for bears, but in the morning he goes and sees – there his donkey is trapped. Imagine now, that you are a traveller, passing and touching this trap and you become trapped; if you were not so curious and you were not interested in that bear trap, would you be trapped in? – No. Therefore in the Occult school every time they warn their pupils, that the Astral world is only full of traps, bear traps, looking like nice flowers, like nice juices, like nice things. And the Teacher says: “Down this somewhat road you should not go, somewhat trap, somewhat book, somewhat flower, you should not touch, anything more!” But we, the contemporary people, say, that everything we must travel over, we must try everything. If that pupil decides to examine all bear traps, he will say, that uselessly will test them, no value will obtain. Now these bear traps will also be form between you. I will say one day, now there is not, but I am preparing one talk for the bear traps, which are formed between us and you are fooling with every day. As you are fooling with them, come and ask me why that trap is laid – you, as pupils, did not walk your way, you will not ask me why, these are for bears. And twenty years I have to talk only about bear traps – why did somebody do this act, why did he do this fault. So good, I retail – I will tell you the cause why this fault happened, what use will you make of that? You tell me, that Dragan Stoyanov, a husband of somebody, bought her a silk dress, but a cow passed near her, she ran away and tore her dress in the wire. And you ask me: “To tear her dress, what portent does it have for her, is it good or bad, whether astrologically on time has this dress been made, whether the day has been chosen well or badly, or the quilt is in that trader, from whom is the cloth bought, which is the purpose?” It’s nice, imagine, that I explain, what will you use? The only thing is that this Turk was not careful, she has travelled with a gentleman, in rapture, the cow shoved her in the wire and tore her dress – this is an explanation. Now, the second explanation is that this female Turk was afraid of buffalos and therefore buffalos happened to get out, cows on the opposite and she starts to run, and as she jumps over the wire, tears her dress. The third situation: this female Turk carried her bag with money, but somebody needed money, chases her, she runs and tears her dress. These are a number of reasons; which of these reasons is the essential – which tore her dress? Now, you shall think. I do not want you now to think, that I give this for a comparison with your dress, no, the principle for explaining is not important. There are many things, which I do not have to explain to you. For you, the occult pupils, it is important to study the art to build excellently; to pull down, it is not an art.


For example, if in twenty years’ time you have come to ask me in this way: “Teacher, I have decided to do a good deed, give me one best method - and I will do it”, and if you had been thinking so: “Teacher, I have decided to reconcile with all those who am in conflict with, give me the best method, I will do it without my eye to wink”, “Teacher, I have decided to sacrifice all my property for the poor, give me rules, I have decided that”, if in twenty years’ time you have asked me these things!... And now they will come to me, saying so: “Mr. Teacher, just imagine that sister there the previous day do you know what she did? – “She did not let me say a word during the meeting, not only that, but the other day, when she met me, she did not greet me, does this beseem a good Christian?” Now, do you think, that is an explanation – I have to sit as a lawyer and explain why she did not greet you. No, she did it on purpose, because she was in such rapture. – “How is that, she must not be in rapture!” We can say: she can be in rapture– “No, no, when she meets me, she must not be in rapture, in any other case she can be in rapture, but not me...” And well, I ask now: who has never been in rapture, once a man will be in rapture – these are bear traps, do you understand, these are bear traps! And I will once in the School make an attempt – I will make a bear trap, so that you can see how funny it is, how people are deluded.


Decide now to make one of the best deeds – by all means at least ten bears will show up in your brain. You decide to do one good deed; you will first scrub, and say: “Let’s feed myself with pasty, and after that”, the second time will say: “I have some work, this or that”, and then say: “For today it is not possible, but tomorrow I will do it.” When you, as pupils, enter the Occult school, right away in your mind will spring a number of contradictory actions and you must understand these laws, in order to get rid of them, they will not change. And maybe the occult pupil is exposed some time a big temptation, to big contradictions is exposed – why and for what he will not explain, he is exposed – I only present the facts. But this exposing, if he does not use, is good. And therefore that day I told you, that when we are somewhere in the occult way, we will act and then think – the occult pupils must act, then think; out, in the world, they will think, then act – one of the two. Whatever good is it and to be a good thought and to come in your brain and then show up as very distinct feature, do it, without hesitating. If one morning, after you get up, in your brain comes a strong, good thought and shows up as a good feature, make it, do not stop in front of any philosophies, do not eat, do not drink, do it – if it is shown up, do it. And after you did it, do not go around shouting out in the neighbourhood. Make an attempt – they will think later, and when results come, then you will find out, after time you will know how to give it in. You have noticed in the morning, when you get up, what thought you have first? Do now a kind of investigation: as you wake up your first sleep, notice what thought is in your mind – whatever thought it is, write it down in your book. This – for a week, for seven days what thoughts you have. As you wake up from your first sleep, write it down – you will be strict; the first thought may be pleasant, maybe also unpleasant – you will note the fact, as it is. Because, as you wake up, you may be thinking of a fried chicken, even though you are vegetarian, or you can think, that you have twenty thousand leva, and in your mind can be such a thought: “So long time I walk on this Godly road, I gained nothing, as I walk on the wide road” – I will note the thought correctly. For seven days, if only good thoughts come up, it is pleasant, a pleasant occurrence is also the field, through which you go is excellent. Now, you expect, saying: “God will enlighten us”, (will he/ won’t he!!!)? But if God looks from the left side, you will use a method; if you look on the right, he will use another method. As he sees you on the left, he will put you on the right, he will put you in front and then he will talk. If you do not come from the left to the right and then in front, never will God talk to you. And I will give to the mothers one rule (I will not explain the occult law): but in the first place take the child, put it on the left, then on the right, embrace it; then take it in front and then kiss him – the kiss is already Godly – as you kiss him, you will begin to talk. Now, you will ask your philosophy again: “Isn’t it possible that I place myself on the left and on the right?” Make an effort, because these are microscopic efforts. Why as a result of this effort – from the left or the right – we will produce another effort. Now begin with the children: you have a daughter, 5-10 years of age; place her on the left, on the right and as decide to put it on the left, the child might say: “Why mother?” and to listen; if it does not listen, do not disturb it. The fathers to do the same with his boy – of course those, who have children. And those who do not (to them might be left behind wish), will find some poor orphan, a little orphan, who you will love – you might find it somewhere, will go in some poor house and you will place it on the left, on the right. For a week make this effort – go into a poor family, which you like, and there make your attempt, this will certainly come. Now you will see an other objection: “What will the people say about me?” If you think what will the people say about you, do not go. The experience, which I give to you, go, do it and nothing else – do it, even though the world can turn upside down! These children, with which you will make the attempt, will thank you – they did not have a sweet kiss, nobody loved them and they will wonder how, where from did such a good man kiss that orphan. If you are being philosophical, you are free, I give you full Freedom – let only those do it, who can by the law of Love and Wisdom do it; who can’t, should not be seduced, because they are going in unnecessary trouble. How do you think, when God sends a great Angel to a sinful soul to comfort it, what must he do? And the angels have an occult school, to help such sinners. Do you know what is the situation? Some saint is sent to deal with some wrongful sinner; if that was you, you hairs would stand upright, and say: “How can be that in that place that I am defiled!” and without any hesitation – said-done. Don’t you know what is the law – as it this Spirit touches you, right away the sins will be taken, burned in that Godly fire. And if you believe, this fire will surrender.


Now you, the occult pupils, are not expected to become saints. We will pray, will make efforts, to see how much you can carry out the law. For example generosity is preached; it must be helped, but you do not know how generous you are. Let’s say, that you are one official or trader, and you have an income of one hundred thousand leva per year; you get up, want to show how generous you are, say: “I give ten thousand leva”, but when you go to the safe, stop a while: “Is that not too much?” you will say: “Five thousand leva”, then you will say: “No, these people do not need even five thousand leva, let it be two thousand and five hundred, but they do not need even it – so, a hundred leva” – and so you go down from ten to one hundred leva. Then do you think, that you will be an occult pupil? – No, in the Brotherhood, they know that you are but nothing – you are a tree for work. It is not right, once you said to you “ten thousand leva”, to go down to ten pieces, do not go back on your word – said, done. Do not hurry, but once said, you should hold on to your word till the end – this is a distinct feature. And can every pupil act like this? It is not in the quantity, but this, which we promise, must always do – this is submission. Why this thought has come from somewhere, it has come from God – you have promised and after that you are hesitating if it is from God. Try it – as you try, as you know it whether it is from God, or not.


Secret Prayer



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