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Nineteenth Lecture delivered by Master Beinsa Douno to the General Esoteric Class on July 7, 1922, Friday, 8:15 - 9 p.m., Sofia


Silent Prayer


We just heard the disciples’ essays on the topic of the wheat grain.


The second time I will appoint an essay topic only to some of you. You will need to write clearly; there is no need to write too much, but to write clearly on the topic of Why God Created Man. If I were to give you another topic, for example: What is the Distinctive Characteristic of the Disciple, what would you answer? My answer would be: the desire to learn.


Now, the Esoteric School is not a place for playing or for musings; rather, it is a place for learning. You have come to the Esoteric School with certain preconceptions - you think that you know things. Outside of the Esoteric School you know a lot, but inside the Esoteric School you know nothing. I want to state the following now: you may have graduated from University, you may know a lot on the subject of philosophy but if you go to a technician in some workshop, you will find yourself in trouble; he will make you feel like a child, so you will have to pay attention. If you go to a laboratory, you will find out that you know nothing about chemistry. You may be a philosopher, thinking that you know a lot about chemistry, but no, you should admit to yourselves the fact that you don’t know much about that. When you enter the workshop, too, you should admit that you know nothing. You need to do the same when you are in the Esoteric School.


Now you enter the Esoteric School thinking that God will enlighten you and will teach you everything. God does not teach those who do not want to learn. When you are here, in the Esoteric School, you need to pull yourself together and work, do you understand? Some of you have entered the Esoteric School with the intention to acquire everything with only little work; I will clean out the Esoteric School of disciples who do not learn. I do not need those who do not learn. There is a lot to do outside of the Esoteric School, but if you are here, in the School, do not waste your time, for it’s a shame; you will fall into the temptation of imagining that you are learning and what will come next is hypocrisy, because you will be fooling yourselves. Please, be fair to yourselves and correct yourselves. Then only ten people may be left but they will learn; if they stay but have not corrected themselves, then I do not want them either. Those who think that they know everything may leave; I do not need them. Those who only know how to criticize may also leave, please; it is pointless for me to deal with them. Only those shall remain in the Esoteric School for whom it is said in the Scriptures: “If you don’t become as the little children, you will not enter the Kingdom of God.” The Kingdom of God is a science, a great science. The Church may be willing to tolerate anything, but the Kingdom of God will not tolerate ignorance, crime, gossip, or evil. The Kingdom of God tolerates only eternal harmony - this is the Kingdom of God on Earth, on the real Earth. I’m speaking to you openly here, and you need to know that. Many of you are on the wrong path and if you keep following it the sole of your foot will become deformed. There are some who enter the path of Wisdom and then do not follow its laws - I do not mean to be rude to those, but, rather, to be honest with them.


There are three Laws. The first Law is: The Truth in the Kingdom of God tolerates absolutely no deception in any form or shape, not a shred of deception, absolutely none, do you understand this? You might say, “It is in our nature.” No, there is no nature in this; lying is not in one’s nature; lying is something that was subsequently grafted into man. And if a philosopher or a theosophist or a teacher tries to convince you that it is in human nature to sin, then that teacher himself knows nothing, for it is not in human nature to sin. When I use the word “man”, I refer to that living Divine soul that originated from God; it is not in its nature to sin. If it does sin, then there are other reasons for that; you should be aware of this. And if one of you sins, he should not blame his nature for it; no, he should look for the reason outside of his nature. If I trip somewhere and fall onto my face, I won’t say, “It is in my nature to fall”; what I will do instead is look for the reason for my fall outside of myself, not in me.


The second Law is: God wants from all of us to learn and learn constantly, at that. As long as we learn, we can live - Life is in the sublime Divine consciousness and nothing else; Life is in the process of Knowledge, because the Divine Wisdom gives Knowledge; Truth gives Freedom; Love gives Life; Life gives Joy; Knowledge gives Power and Freedom gives expanse - this is how these things work. Then you have Truth and Freedom; you have vast expanse, the expanse of the whole Universe. If you have Wisdom, you have Knowledge; if you have Knowledge, you will have Power; Power stems from Knowledge, but Knowledge does not stem from Power. If you have Love, you have Life; if you have Life, then you also have Joy. Now, I have said many times that we need to learn to bear the sorrows in Life. But one of Life’s characteristics is Joy - he who lives, should rejoice and only he who learns can rejoice. And only he who is free can learn; he who is not free cannot learn. I tell you all of this because there are old preconceptions, morals of the past. There are spirits from the Astral world who have entered some of you and are whispering in your ear, “You don’t need knowledge.” No, we do not want to have anything to do with these beings from the Astral level, with these ignorant spirits; we know more than they do, we don’t need their advice; they may keep what they know to themselves. They say, “We don’t need knowledge.” Well then, what do we need? To eat, to drink, to get dressed, to fight, to get married, to leave each other, to butcher animals, to write articles for the papers, to criticize each other, to create religions… - is this what we need? We need neither their rules, nor their advice, for all these influences are coming from the Astral level; they are not manifestations of the Divine Wisdom. The Divine Wisdom reveals that one true path where people can live mindfully and grow up to be something other than foot-tall pygmies: to be like a God in their mind and grandeur. And then there will be one Sun, not a small one that cannot sprout a single grain of wheat, but a Sun that is big enough to improve the wheat in the whole world.


Therefore, all of you are required to be servants of the Absolute Truth; there must not be even a trace of a lie in you, do you understand! I’m saying that what you should do is not preach Truth outside but when you face your consciousness, God, your soul, you should realize the fact that there must be absolutely no change, absolutely no lie in your soul. My soul’s sky should be clear, with no clouds in it. Now I’m referring not to the outside world, but to the inner one; I’m talking about reaching a certain state of mind and only at this state can we think right.


The second thing is that all of you should maintain a thirst for learning. What I see now is that some of you sit there and say, “I’m 45 years old.” Forty-five years is nothing; why do you think you are old? Do you know what the age limit is that defines one as old? One turns 60 years and says, “I’m an old man.” What codex states that at this age one can claim, “I’m old”. You say, “I’m old.” - The criterion that defines one as old, is wrong. God is referred to as the Ancient One, no one knows His years, but when we turn 60 we assume a label that says that we are old, now this is a shame. There is no standard for old people it is a shame to think that there is. What you should say instead is, “I have been around for 60 years, but I’m not old at all, nor have I become wiser at all - the Earth rotated 60 times, but I was sleeping the whole time.” Now you say, “I’m old”. Very well, if you say that you are old, tell me what you know then? Because the meaning of “old” in Sanskrit is “one who has Knowledge”. If you are that old, tell me what the Earth was like when God created it? Tell me about when God created the Earth. You might say, “Well, I don’t know about this.” Well then, you are not one of the old ones, why do you claim so? Now, here’s someone with his hair and beard all white, but so what if your beard is white, does that make you old; where did that assumption come from? When trees are all covered with snow in winter, does that make them old? Those with white heads say, “My hair is white, I’m old.” No, don’t link these things to your age. The first thing you need to do is tell yourselves that you are disciples; if you are 60 it means that it is your perfect time to be a disciple, to learn. Why? I will tell you why: the young woman walking outside will not tempt you, no woman will give you any trouble, and no children will make a ruckus. Exactly because your mind is where it should be and your heart and willpower are where they should be - that’s the perfect time when you can learn, i.e. you will be a disciple who is able to understand every single subject. And now you sit here and I often hear both the young and the old of you say, “We’ve grown old.” I would like to know how many of you are old so that I can ask them about how God created the world: that is how I will test you to see if you are old or not.


First, as soon as you enter the Esoteric School, you will put one main thought in your mind - you need to forget about the world. What I see happening now is that you enter and say, “Let’s see what the Master will tell us tonight.” Here is what I’m telling you tonight: you must throw your old idea out the window, because it is worth nothing. All of you are young; even if you are 60 years of age, you are still young. The fact that the Earth has turned 60 times has nothing to do with you; when it turns, it does not affect your growth at all. Let’s say someone puts you into a magnetic dream at the time when you are born and while you are in that state the Earth turns 60 times; when you wake up, you will not be old. What ages on Earth, is not the years, the turning of the Earth is something accidental. We say, “At 12 o’clock there was a murder”, that murder is an accidental measure. These are all accidental measures in the world, because the Absolute measure is the expansion of the soul, not the turning of the Earth: that is something impermanent.


I want you all to have the desire to learn, do you understand; I want you to learn, not only to feel. You want to be in pleasant spirits, right? However, there are better things than spirits and those better things are brought about by what one can create through the Law of Wisdom. Without the Law of Wisdom, you cannot serve God. You cannot make use of Love, either. You need to know that true Love in the world can be manifested only when the great Law of Wisdom is at work, only when Knowledge comes.


In order for you to love someone, you need to know his distinctive characteristic. You say, “This person has dark eyes.” All right, I see this differently and I’ll make the following analogy to explain how I see it: when the farmer says dark soil, he implies something else; what he means to say is that this dark soil is rich and provides more of the elements that are favourable for the growth of the wheat grain. That is why he says, “This dark soil is excellent; it produces excellent wheat!” And when we see someone with dark eyes, why do we like that person; why do we like people with dark eyes? Because such people are more consistent in their feelings - if a person like that falls in love with you, he is ready to give everything for you, you can rely on him. A person with dark eyes will not deceive you - he is true to his character no matter if he loves you or if he hates you. That is why we say that dark eyes have energy. A person with dark eyes may hate or may be rude, but such a person has one characteristic feature - he is always honest; he will tell you directly if he hates you or if he loves you, he plays no games. Such people are not agitated, but are true to their character.


Therefore, only Wisdom will show us the qualities that are inside us, the properties and qualities that are hidden in our consciousness. This is the goal of the Esoteric School. If, in the Esoteric School, we do not learn what causes all the misfortunes in our lives, and if, in the Esoteric School, we cannot improve our future life, then why do we even need this School? I can talk to you about Heaven, about how the Angels and the saints live there, about their houses and so on. I can describe to you many things and you will say, “This is very interesting!” It is very interesting, indeed, but it is not the smart thing to do. Why is it not smart? Imagine that you are ill in bed, you are feeling sick and I come to visit you and start describing to you my travels in America; I start telling you how the Americans live, but your stomach hurts. You will not get better by my stories about America! In that case you will tell me, “Before you tell me the first thing about America, tell me about a cure for my stick stomach!” Similarly, is it not smarter for me to describe to you the ways in which you can improve your life first and then tell you about the Superior Life?


Here is the first thing about the Esoteric School: its goal is to help you get rid of all your flaws that have remained in you from all kinds of cultures from times immemorial and you still carry them in you. Some of you say, “I don’t need to know much, I can get by even with little knowledge.” No, you need a lot of Knowledge in order to save yourselves. You need Knowledge to understand Love, to understand Wisdom, to understand Truth. You need to apply things in the present real Life. Do not think that you understand Love. If you really understood Love, you would have been immortal; if you really understood the Divine Wisdom, you would have had eternal harmony, i.e. you would have had Knowledge, you would have been strong, you would have been able to understand Truth in its entirety, and you would have had eternal Freedom - the great expanse of Life. You would not have been in the dark then, we would not have been limited in this room talking about these things; instead, we would have been travelling incredibly fast. Do you know how fast we would have been travelling - at least fifty thousand kilometres per second. What would we have done then? We would have gone up to Vitosha, blow once and be past the Moon in a second and be on the Sun in five minutes. We would stop at the first station where they would greet us; we would visit for three-four days and, because they are polite, they would show us around; we would see their schools, their meetings, we would take notes and afterwards we would head for the next station, Alfa Centauri*. Now you say, “What a wonderful voyage!” It is wonderful, of course but it also contains some ideas. The advanced students of the Esoteric School go on voyages like this. You may not be able to make such a voyage in your present condition, but you need to get ready for it in some future existence. You should think on Earth, you should descend to the physical level and make voyages like this from that level. Once you are on the Astral level, you will make other voyages there; when you enter the Mental level you will find that it is organized differently, because the structures in these worlds are based on different foundations.


So here is the first thing: a true thirst for Knowledge should be born in you; I want from all of you to think. I am happy with your thought but it should be an original thought, it should be such that when it enters your mind, it will beget humility. You all have met young women like that one who behaves like an aristocrat before she gets married; she does not like placing her hands just anywhere, but has a specific way of holding her hands, because she doesn’t know where to put them. However, once she gets married and has her first child, she can find where to put her hands - she lifts their child, then puts it down or holds it. The first idea that comes to one’s mind is the greatest; then one’s hand, the willpower, has something to do. Someone says, “What should we do?” Give birth to a great Divine idea in yourself and then your hands and everything will find what to do - this is why we have the Esoteric School.


Now when you come here you say, “Aren’t we going to learn some prayer?” Do you know what is the true prayer, how you should pray - Lord, enlighten our mind, give us Light because the ignorance is so great that we do not understand You at all and we have sunk in sins up to our ears. We pray to you, give us Knowledge and Wisdom to do your Will. Here is a prayer: Give us Knowledge! Give us Knowledge so that we can serve You with all our heart and be happy and so that You can be filled with Joy that we are learning. What you say now, instead, is, “Lord, forgive our trespasses.” Well, your trespasses and your sins are a result of your ignorance, of your lack of Wisdom. Therefore, the disciples and all of us should pray in the Esoteric School; we need Wisdom and Knowledge.


Some of you who are more advanced and well-read know that there are books about these levels. I don’t have the time now to talk about the levels. Make sure you look into these things; those of you who know more on the subject, should tell you in a private conversation. We have no time to go over things that are written in books; our time is valuable; you can read it and mull over it and I will talk about things that you cannot find in books. Now if someone tries to say something, you interrupt, “Wait, let’s ask the Master, he will tell us.” It is written in the book and you don’t need to ask if it is right; just read it, and if you like it, then accept it; if you do not like it, use your head to make up your mind. And when it comes to me to talk about these things, I will touch on them briefly and will talk about them only inasmuch as they are connected to our subject. Because my goal is to make you learn how to think by showing you how I think and then we will be able to study things. But until you learn how to think, I will use this hoe, I will dig and you will dig; I will dig and you will dig and so on until we learn how to think. And what will happen then? We will play and sing and when the wheat is ripe, we will put it in the barn and will have brotherly discussions about the eternal Laws and the future Fraternity.


We have decided that we will not allow for anyone to lie to us anymore. Woe to those disciples who enter the Esoteric School intending to mock God’s Name! They will see what a Divine School means. The one who enters the Divine School needs to know that the great Divine Righteousness is behind this School. This is a Divine School - you are absolutely free but you are absolutely responsible for your deeds, as well. I need to show you and I will repeat again: the only unforgivable crime in the Esoteric School is lying! You should know this - lying is unpardonable. Do not think that you have common morals, pretend morals, such understanding… In the future we will have such high morals! I am not talking about how I treat you on the outside; I am not talking about those morals but about the inner morals in every given moment. If all I think about is how to use you, this is not morals. My relation to God - this is morals. There must not exist, even a shadow in my mind, soul, heart, or will of the thought of using you in any way. Absolute purity, absolute selflessness! Do you know what selflessness is? This is what is understood, these are the morals of the Esoteric School. And if all of you enter the Esoteric School, you need to have these morals in your soul so when you face yourselves in a given moment, you will know that you are pure. You can trespass thousands of times on the outside, but what is important is the motive, the inner motivation that causes you to do something. You may say, “But this is a school!” Yes, but this is one of the best rules. When you apply this rule as disciples, your things will improve in every aspect: mentally, spiritually and materially. Your things will improve in every aspect with no exception; if not now, in the future; if not for you, for your children. This is so and so does Jesus say, “There is no one who has left mother and father who shall not receive many times more in the present time and in the age to come – eternal life.” Therefore, you should have no fear.


Then there is this irritability in you that I will start testing. Someone says, “I’m in a bad mood.” We know the reason and the source of all bad moods. If you fall asleep at night and a vampire puts his mouth on you and sucks your blood, what do you think you will feel when you wake up in the morning? You will feel a great weakness. Why? - Because this vampire has sucked out your blood. You have good intentions but some vampire comes along and sucks out your blood. Therefore, when you go to bed, you should close your door so the vampire does not come, do you understand? Someone may say, “It was my Karma that he should suck out my blood.” This is no philosophy; if you hadn’t opened the windows, it would not have been your Karma. If someone trips, they say, “It is Karma”; but if you hadn’t fallen, would it have been Karma? Someone is nervous, restless and says, “My father and mother were of a nervous disposition, and I have inherited it from them.” But if there were no father and mother what would you have said? We explain Karma a little bit differently. Do not blame your mistakes and foolishness on Karma. No, what you should say is, “I wasn’t careful in my step and I fell.” That’s all.


Then there is another thing: in our Esoteric School we need to create a favourable atmosphere for learning. The first thing is to create this pure, holy, pious atmosphere so that you feel an impulse for knowledge as soon as you enter the building where these subjects are taught; this is necessary for all of you. You will create this atmosphere yourself. I have nothing against you, you are all good and I do not question your goodness. Now when I talk, you may say, “Master probably can see something bad in us.” No, I look at the matter objectively: if you are a musician and play badly, I will say, “There is no harmony.” I’m saying that not to judge your moral character but to say that the performance is not good and you don’t understand music; this has nothing to do with your moral character. You may say, “I have not developed this centre in me, but I will develop it in a day or a couple of days, or a month, a year, or longer.” When you say this, the sense for music in you will become activated. When I say that these senses are not developed in you, I mean that the Divine Curiosity is not awake in many of you.


Now, I want to appoint a task to the three most capable disciples of you who know a lot on different subjects; I want one of them to write a summary on the Physical world, another one to write a summary on the Astral world and define it, and the third one to write on the subject of the Mental world. And I want this description to be ready in three weeks starting from today. Are there three volunteers here? They will write an essay and then read aloud what they wrote in front of all other disciples so that first, we can obtain a clear idea about the physical world; then a clear idea about the Astral world and then a clear idea about the world of Wisdom, the Mental level. (Now, you choose these three people.) This is how it is, then: Ruschev will write about the physical world, Ilia Stojchev will write about the Astral world and Veliko Grablashev will write about the Mental world. We will keep the rest of the capable disciples for more difficult subjects; if they are sorry that they haven’t been chosen this time, we will choose them next time. When does the third week from now fall? - On July 27th. Those of our friends who are writing this time, should write the main things. You may use books on the subject and take notes.


So, I want all disciples to be always young, never old. When you enter the Esoteric School, we make no difference between how and when you have entered; here you are disciples and nothing else. In the Esoteric School you are all only disciples; outside of the School there are many professions, but when you enter the School you will be only disciples. When you are outside the Esoteric School, then you can have various professions. You need to observe one main rule: when you enter here, you will discard any other profession. If you are a professor, you will say, “I’m a student now, a disciple.” Here is how you should discipline your will and your mind: if, for one hour, you can release a burden, or forget about a difficulty and think about yourself as a disciple, now, that’s willpower. When you leave after that and go outside, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


Someone may ask: “How can I train my willpower?” You should spend one hour during the week thinking about yourself as a disciple: this is another experiment for you to see how well you are able to focus your mind. You might think that you cannot do that - all is allowed. We will follow the same rule as in a battlefield: those who are fighting do not stop; they keep going even when people are falling down around them; there is a medical unit which will come afterwards to take care of the wounded. Now, if one of the disciples falls down, the rest need to keep going and let the medical unit take care of the one who fell. You are not to stop and inquire, ”What happened to him?” No, onward you go, there are no sick people here. We will not stop for the sick ones; everyone must be healthy. We welcome the healthy ones and we offer our cooperation to the sick ones.


Therefore, we will not discuss sick people in the Esoteric School. One’s flaws and inabilities are but sicknesses of the Astral world. When someone does not learn, it is a sickness; if someone else gets offended easily, it is also a sickness; there is an astral medicine that studies the symptoms of the sickness. The disciples in an Esoteric School first need to study Love and the subject of Life - how it originated and what its purpose is for the earth forces and the way they connect to produce these elements. The first thing that a disciple should study when he enters the Esoteric School is Life’s joys and bounties. After that he will go on to study Wisdom, then he will continue with Truth and in this way he will finally get prepared for his higher purpose in the world.


Silent Prayer


* Alfa Centauri is the star closest to our Sun. It is 4.3 light years away from the Sun.

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