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Twenty - first lection from the Teacher, delivered at the common occult class on 20th of July, 1922, Thursday, Chamcoria (The forest school)


Do you have a theme for next week? (- No) The best method for educating the will is for will to be your theme. What method will you present?


The live powers in Nature. We will separate them into four categories: unconscious, subconscious, conscious, and self-conscious. Unconscious is in the minerals, subconscious – in the plants, conscious – in the animals, and self-conscious – in man. The unconscious powers in Nature act through the precious stones – in all of you one desire arises, one love to bring these stones, to use their powers, to know the important reasons why and for what. When we talk about the unconscious powers, we understand that their relations are distant, i.e. they do have some direct connections with human life, – one mineral stays far away from Life. Sometimes you use it to wear on your hand as a precious stone, i.e. we may say that it, like an accident, is inside Life. Now, of course, the Live Nature wants to act upon man’s consciousness – for these stones to act upon man with its powers. And we may say that these powers, these unconscious powers bring bigger reserves of energy, they spend (consume, use up) less??(unclear). [M1] In the mountain places, in these crags is enormous energy for the future development of the Earth. These crags have to break into little pieces through rubbing, to become radiating and then to come to the second phase – to enter into the plant life. These unconscious powers have a connection with our skeletal system. And often[M2] , it may be in the future that the precious stones will be used in some relation as an educational instrument to the human mind. We see, in the Revelation it was said that one town was made from precious stones, from many precious stones. This is to act upon the human imagination, because these crystals serve, more correctly, the refraction of Light and its bringing it into the human mind. That is why it is good for some of you to study precious stones. Precious stones, of course, have influence in the Spiritual world they are connected with it. The crystallizing of these precious stones in different forms shows that upon them works one sensible principle. For example, if one famous writer has some diamond, when he looks at it, it will put his thoughts in one way; if he has one precious stone with greenish colour – emerald or with bluish – sapphire – and it, at some stage, will exercise influence upon his thought.


Now, of course the occult view of the precious stones is not like contemporary science. Occult science maintains that the precious stones are fruits – they grow and develop in a way as the fruits on Earth. And we may say that they are the highest presentation of the Mental field on the Earth, or they are creatures which live in the Mental field and show its activity on Earth through the precious stones. And those who can read will find in them a lot of knowledge. There is a lot of knowledge put in there, in these precious stones there are many things written, but whoever wants to and is interested, has to control the Akashic Records, they have to develop centres of clairvoyance, to understand the combination of these stones. Therefore, the practical putting into practice of these powers is their influence upon the skeletal system. If you have some ailment in the skeletal system, learn about the precious stones, transport them through your mind, transport the different kinds of Light through your mind – they will exercise the most curative influence on your organism, especially to your bones. This is practising and in the population: they put these pebbles on children’s heads so as not to catch the evil eye or not to lose themselves they will put some pebbles in his hat. The precious stones always attract these unconscious powers, they control it. Under the world unconscious powers, I understand these powers, which have no moral, because in the world there are some occult powers in which there is no moral. They are life powers too and when you get under their influence, they may do everything with you. For example if some of you pour out a little sulphuric acid on your body, it will not ask you if is it correct to break down, to attack – it will show its reaction.


The subconscious powers are connected with the plant life, with the plants. And there begins the present life of man – with the subconscious life begins its sense – the body, the contemporary physical body has formed by it. Therefore, now in the world the plants exercise the biggest influence upon us. What is the practical application of the plants? – You always have to love the woods, this is the first thing. After you love the woods they are in connection with these subconscious powers, and they are necessary for your physical body. All the plants are one store in Nature where a man can draw from. It is not necessary for a man to be only among the trees but he has to learn to love them – this is one of the instruments in education. Love to the trees – this is one connection with them, to let them help us.


When we enter in the conscious powers now, we go to the animals. We have to be more careful there. From the animals we have been taught many good things, but also many bad things – from the ox we have been taught industry, from the wolf we have been taught ferocity, from sheep we have been taught meekness and humbleness, from the bear we have been taught the irreconcilability in Life. The bear is very irreconcilable in Life – all tamers of animals declare that if the bear is insulted once, it doesn’t forget, it will always seek revenge, it is irreconcilable, it remembers for a long time, in the bear astral feelings are strongly developed.


Now, the love of plants, for example, an occult disciple has to show [M3] when he starts to cultivate some fruits – the pear tree, the apple, the cherry, the plum, or some others. In general, they exercise a strong influence that is why in your yard you have to have fruits. Afterwards, it is nice when you are in Chamkoria among the pine-trees; they exercise an excellent influence upon the spiritual strivings of man. Go out often, speak with the pine-trees to give you this striving. When it grows uphill (upwards)??(unclear), the pine-tree is sharp, disinterested. Take some other tree – beech-tree or sycamore: when they are among pine-trees, they grow up the same, they adapt themselves, but when they exit, they immediately want to possess it. The pine-tree always takes the least space – there is no egoism in it. And afterwards, other characteristic in pine-trees: when its top is broken once, it does not grow any more – in that way the pine-tree shows us all the spiritual strivings in man. These are the spiritual feelings – if they [M4] spoil everything else plants[M5]  in a man stops. That is why the occult disciples have to give priority to his spiritual feelings, to grow up – then everything in them can grow. It’s nice to go in these places, to look at the pine-trees, to examine them, to accept a little energy and good-will from them, which serve you through the year, to give you impulse, because in our present life we demagnetize ourselves. Every day anxieties, anxieties until the man demagnetizes himself, can’t think and has no good-will. Now, many of you have lived here for so long but haven’t made any attempts to speak with the pine-trees. But the sick may go to some pine-tree, to rest on it with his back, to think about it. The pine-trees exercise an excellent influence, the animals – too. Whatever animal a man likes, he is in position to perceive its qualities – it influences him because the conscious powers, when they pass through the animals, introduce good and bad qualities too. For example, from the cat, you can learn cleanliness, but simultaneously you can learn this greed – it has no patience to clean its victim, it is very unclean, from gluttony, it eats its victim with the coat. So from the cat you can learn clearness and to be quick but you can have the opposite qualities too – to eat unclean. There are spiritual people who don’t need much clearness[M6] , they say, “Let’s fill our stomachs, no matter what the food is.” The cat says the same. No, take for an example the donkey, from it you can learn one very good feature – how to choose water. You can’t let the donkey drink unclean water – it knows what water to choose, but when it comes to food, it eats unclean too.


Now, all the animals like the dog, the cat, the fox, the bear, the wolf, etc. always exercise influence on people. And from the Astral world these forms are used often – when you sleep, throughout the time you sleep they present them to you. For example, you want to know what some man is like, want to trade with him – you dream of a wolf; it means that the man, who wants trade with you, has the character of the wolf. Or if you dream of an ox, or a horse, this shows the character of the man and you will judge from this – from the Invisible world people are always likened with famous symbols. One symbol of an animal is not bad, it means some Divine idea in a positive, or a negative form. Now when you think about the wolf, you may take it in a negative sense – to be as irreconcilable to the evil as the wolf is irreconcilable to the sheep, i.e. as it has cruel disgust to the sheep, as you are disgusted with evil??(unclear – Now?). In that way you can understand the power of the wolf in this relation and in a negative sense you can use its power. If you don’t know this law, immediately the power of the wolf will introduce in you cruelty and rudeness. All the animals and birds exercise some influence, strong enough influence, but you don’t have to reach the extreme. They influence collectively. For example a whole tribe of cats exercise influence.


So, if you want to know what powers act you will see which animal or bird you think about and you will diagnose what powers function in you. And in the occult science there are some systems: let’s say that you have some of the conscious powers, i.e. these from the animal species; then you will transport other forms as the forms of any sheep, ox, or horse, to oppose the bad influence of the first forms – you will put the forms of animals with positive features, to oppose those with negative features. The powers of the animals can be separated into two camps: positive and negative, or destroying and building. That is why in the future when they teach about animals, it will be very interesting when a teacher, who teaches his pupils zoology, will explain to them what powers and influence it exercises upon people. He will have to know all this, so when he talks about the wolf he has to talk about the sheep, and when he talks about the bear, to see what the opposite of its nature is – in that way in the minds of the children, it will remain as two opposite forms. And now the teacher teaches only about the wolf and as a result can’t have this occult education. In future, that will change, then it will have contrasts; in teaching about plants, there will also be contrasts like these.


When we come to the self-conscious powers, we understand a man in all his manifestations. With the self-conscious and the hyperconscious the human kingdom begins. When you meet a man, you have to distinguish what predominates in him – the physical, the astral, or the mental, does the mind in him exceed the heart or the will. If you have ten friends in whom the physique predominates, they are in position to maim you; you may almost pervert yourselves. Therefore, if you have one friend in whom the physical predominates, it will certainly put him in counterbalance with the mental – he will have one mental principle with which to oppose the physical. And that is why in the grouping of friends you have to put them in order like this: one, in who the body predominates, in the others – the heart, and in third – the mind, afterwards again – the body, the heart, the mind. If you have friends like these then the work goes harmoniously – because monotony is not good, for all to be only mental is not good. I do not want all of you to transform only to mental types because if you become a mental type you could become thin and get old, only the nerve system will remain and you will remain quite dry. If the physical predominates in you, you will to transform to bones and extensors. If the feelings predominate in you, you will begin to be compared to casks, because when the feelings predominate in somebody??(unclear – Now?), they develop in themselves an appetite which may be conveyed in eating and drinking – this is clearly an astral desire. But the physical life expresses itself with activity – this is the life of man and all the people who have a physical nature, they are in constant movement. The man, in whom the heart predominates in its low manifestations, subordinates to desires for eating and drinking, his entire life will be occupied with what to eat and what to drink – from the one end of life to the other only for eating will there be a question.


That is why our manifestations have to change. If you do two hours of physical work, it immediately has to make work for the heart, afterwards for the mind – this is a rule, in that way it has to be educational. For now, almost unconscious, this energy balances itself but doesn't give good results – famous people become only mental types, we have different types for the heart or for the will but there are also balanced types. A man has to balance the energy in himself consciously: the physical – in astral, the astral – in mental and afterwards back.


Laziness is one sign for work of the physical powers. Gluttony is one sign for superiority of the cordial powers – he may not eat but his mind is occupied only with thoughts about eating, in his mind are only the thoughts of eating and drinking, sweetmeats, syrups, and others, and that man whatever he does, nothing comes of it. Now when we come to the occult science it will join the eating. The eating has a form – in it there is a science too. Through eating, they educate people: if you feed a man for one week only with kasha, the second week – with apples, the third with plums, and the fourth – with cherries and if you know how to rob[M7]  them from the trees, you will act upon in one rational way [M8] on his[M9]  nature. Now vegetarian food is in use but there are no occult results.


I will show you, first here in Chamkoria, a way to be acquainted with the crags – to look at them, to examine them; with how many crags there are to be acquainted with! After that, I shall show you to teach the pine-trees[M10] , to occupy[M11]  and to examine the blueberry. Do you know what the blueberry represents for those who have weak stomachs? When they use them, in this way their stomach will be corrected. Mostly, afterwards, do your best to find which is the most beautiful place in Chamkoria – it will produce handsome combinations, it will concerns[M12]  your mind in a way that you will deduce from the resort one blessing. Only in this way will you have it, if you will go only to a resort, and whatever you acquire, you will spend and after three-four months will be poured again[M13] . Can our walks be used in a way to enter Nature gradually? Many works have to be forgotten, many formalities have to be forgotten – when you come to a health resort(?? - health) like this, you have to forget about people for a while. Now you will create one diversion in your mind: you will learn about the pine-trees alone, its nature, its extent – you have to visit forty – fifty pine-trees in a day, to look at them, to examine, to make one acquaintance with them, to consider them as friends with whom you have met as living people. And when they enter in your mind, they will give you one new temper and when you come back into the city, you will be renewed. Do not be afraid that you may be estranged from Life.


Afterwards, in Chamkoria, you may be interested in what animals live here – squirrels, roes, wild goats. It’s good to have the desire to see one wild goat and to give it mobility in your mind. If you meet a bear, this is good too – the bear is not so bad, it is good, the bear walks friendly but it’s frightful when you meet it. It is necessary for the pupils of the Occult school, because life is such that we lose the most important powers, which may come along with it, thus losing our balance. For example, if we talk about the spiritual constantly, there is danger of our life becoming monotonous. There is one law in Life that if the nicest things are repeated many times, they become spoiled. Many evangelic songs have been spoiled only because of this – somebody dies, they sing this song and it is spoiled. Do not sing songs to dead people – bury them without songs and when two – three weeks pass, sing that song far away from the grave. But how many times do you sing that song at the grave, afterwards, when you sing, it will be remembered in connection with the grave again, this must not happen. When somebody among us leaves, let some of the friends accompany him to the grave and nothing more. I don’t allow any one of my songs to be sung at the grave of some friends and whoever sings one song at the grave of some dead man, he is out of the School. No, with us, there will not be a song – we will bring him to the grave without a word, will wish him a good way, but will sing only after one month. We will not think about the grave, there is no reason to sing at the graveyard. In this way, you will not use even one of our songs for dead men – other songs you may use but to sing, “Dawn beautiful is dawns”…No dawn is dawns.[M14] 


(When somebody is ill, do not sing to the sick?) When somebody is ill – prayer, prayer, (by the original text) but the sick has to sing by him[M15] . If he sings a song and you are with him; if the sick does not sing, you don’t sing either. We will be distinguished from the others: here we don’t make a memorial service for dead people; we will do it for living people, but for dead men we will not – we will mention living people every day. And most of all, firstly, when some dying man calls us and starts to give instructions with what clothes to dress him in when he dies, we will call people from the world: “Come on bury him, he goes to God.” He gives instructions about which grave to put him in but he will not go anywhere, he will stay here, on Earth. And I say, You will bury the body but will know that the soul is not the body, the soul is free. And that man who leaves, has to know that he is alive, he will not stay in the grave – maybe he will stay there for forty days, his body will hang around for a while and afterwards will be set free, but may leave after a few days. But when somebody leaves, make one secret prayer, all can wish him a good way but not to sing any songs. The dead is something official – that life is dead, there is no reason to sing, he wants peace and calm. Whoever leaves, the first thing is that he wants peace and calm. Let God give him Light of the mind and Peace to the soul because when he looks at his life he may use the mistakes of the past. This you will keep from occult viewing[M16] ??(unclear – OK?), there is no reason to sing to the dead people. If some of our friends want to sing to him, then we will call some preacher – evangelist and will tell him, “You know how to sing to dead men, be so good to bury him and to sing to him and we will pay you.” If somebody wants to sing to him then the Orthodox or the evangelicals will bury him because they sing to dead people. But if he wants to be with us, we will make only one secret prayer – for God to give him Light to understand the deep sense of Heaven. When we send him on his way we will not sing, but those who meet him there, they will sing better to him. Let the angels sing to him, but there is no reason for us to send him on his way with songs, we don’t know what his work is. It doesn’t come, it doesn’t go to send with songs from this world, it’s better there to meet you with songs[M17] . And so, if some of you are ready to leave for that world, know that after they want to sing songs for you, we will tell them to choose an evangelic preacher or Orthodox priest who will want to sing to them. But as occult disciples you will leave without songs from this world, but upwards you will be met with songs, there they will sing to you.


Last night I did you a little notice[M18] , didn’t I? The Occult disciple must have something mystical in his character – if this mysticism is lost, life becomes too empty and senseless. If we all become occult disciples we have to be blind to the mistakes. I perceive that after I make you notice[M19] , all the notices[M20]  that I make are very expensive for me. Why do I make you notices[M21] ? I can let others make you notices[M22]  because you don’t always have mystical tempers in your soul. And as disciples of one Occult school you will keep one rule if you want to finish your relations correctly: everyone will find one good feature in the other and will keep you in his mind – and then he will love you; and if he finds in you one good feature, you will love him too. Now you, when you meet, you look for the worst features and keep them in your mind. And then you start to pray, and go into the Occult school. But because you have selected the worst feature, after you have finished the prayer, you as if [M23] you think good about Ivan, Dragan, Petko, but it’s notable his bad feature that immediately spoils your temper acquired from the thought of the good feature. You, the occult disciples, to keep your character you have to know one rule for a law: to find in yourself one good feature. Every one of you has one good feature – find these good features among yourselves and keep it in your mind. Only in that way you will be able to help yourselves – and God will help you, and the Angels will help you, and the saints will help you.


I shall adduce one example. I said to one sister, to one of the disciples, “Tell that sister this and this.” This sister said it to her and she answered, “Why doesn’t the teacher say it to me directly, but says it to the other?” What I said, she doesn’t want to do, but is occupied with small-minded works – no matter through who it was said, it has to be done. I say to her, “Don’t stay in this place!” Don’t ask why, don’t stay and don’t think because where I live is a very good place to live - for you my place is very dangerous, the person who lives with me has to be a hero. – “But shall not the Teacher keep us safe?” I am on the battlefield and the person who comes there must have the bravery to sustain these shells. I want to put you on the home front – at the back, far away.


With all that, keep away from one delusion: it is not physical intimacy, which brings people together – the bringing together is in their souls. When their souls vibrate equally and when God’s Love penetrates us equally, these souls can understand it themselves. For example, I see how some of the disciples spoil the good temper in the others when they quarrel. Does the Sun mourn to us? It shines but sometimes a cloud will come and will distort its light. For example I came among you, I spoke from some objective; exactly[M24]  you have a good temper along come two men, who start to quarrel, making  clouds. And at the end, these two who quarrel stay – all the disciples leave and talk, “Petko, Dragan, and Stoyan said it correctly.” What education could there be?(or,could there be?)[M25] 


So the first thing: the disciples of the Occult school have to be obedient, absolutely obedient – if something is said, to do it. But he will say, “The spirit said to him.” Which spirit? The Divine Spirit is a Spirit of humbleness, Wisdom, Pravda, Truth; it is a Spirit that always takes the last place, it doesn’t order – wherever it goes, it will be last, it is ready to do a good turn to the poor. And this man in whom the Spirit works, will sit last at the table; if he sits first, God’s Spirit is not there, this is the way I know it.


So when we come to the occult powers you will keep[M26]  if you want to renew yourself. You will see that self-consciousness to execute the Will of God correctly. Afterwards, you have to verify how your influence acts upon those around. When I do notices to somebody [M27] every one of my notices[M28]  not only has to dress the wound but I want to see if my dressing brought an advantage. If I make dressings for ten men and make the situation worse, it’s better for the wounds to stay undressed – if you can’t do Good, let somebody else do it.


So I want these rules that I give you now to be executed constantly. I shall give you other rules. You will not suddenly become saints, because for a saint not one life, but many lives are necessary – it is perfection, it is not a law for salvation. Man has to start to vibrate in a way that in any given moment he will guess alone how to do the Will of God. Under the title holy man I understand a man with experience, consciousness, who knows how to help, but not only to take the name of holy man. A man like this is full with Knowledge, with all the virtues, and he always does the Will of God. Now we prepare to be strong, to help the great act. I say, the sixth race is coming. When the sixth race comes, you must have Knowledge and this Knowledge you will have now.


So now the first thing: you will find one good feature in yourself – only for yourself, you will find one good feature, which God puts in you. To say that we are very bad, this is extreme, and to say that we are very good, this is extreme too. If we say that we are bad it means that we are not executed[M29] . God in us is good and that we will understand well and will thank God for what we are. You make one mistake but after that the consciousness in you cries, it pray, it repents; you say, “I thank God that I have that good feature – the consciousness; if I did not have that feature what would be my situation?” So when I make one mistake, I have one good feature that I understand and soon I correct my mistake. Afterwards, some man meets some poor person and his heart immediately feels pity – and with this one can guess that there is something good in him. When I say, to find our good feature this is a way we may have space of [M30] the Spirit. We have to subordinate to the Divine Spirit.

And when you use these powers in Nature and when you come to the man, if you want to create friendly relations in the future, you will search inside friends and enemies for one good feature in which to put in your mind. It is quite a hard art, but an excellent art. Now you will be occult pupils – you will learn everything, you will be brave and decisive. When there are notices[M31]  for you, you will not anger; when exposed, you will stand with patience; when you meet with whatever disaster, you will see only the good side in everything. Blessed is the man for whom you make notices[M32]  – does God leave him? And the Scripture says: “Those who God does not expose and does not punish, they walk on a wrong way.” Don’t think that is something pleasant that can make a notice [M33] to one man. If you expose one man, do you win something? – Nothing – when you come back to your home will have anxiety within you, nothing more. Somebody says to expose. To expose whoever I always think that is the same as to make an operation – when you come back you always will have stench and for a long time you have to wash your hands to lose the smell. In the future when you enter into the School you will not see your mistakes. In the high classes it is absolute forbidden to think about the mistakes of people – people do not exist for you and the mistakes do not exist either, you will work upon yourself.


One Hindu teacher says how one disciple goes to him and he shows him three methods. Three men moved in the forest; The Teacher said him, “You will go and will deliver to the three of them one slap in the face.” The disciple when he gave the first one a slap in the face, that man gave him two slaps in the face; he goes to the second, and gives him one slap in the face, that man raised his arm but put it down again, didn’t hit him; when he slapped the third one in the face he doesn’t even pay any attention, and continues thinking. The Teacher asked him: “What did you do?” – “I gave the first one a slap in the face, he gave me two.” That is the man, who lives by the law an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth – the Mosaic Law. The second one, who raised his arm and quickly put it down, lives in the Salvation, he saves – it comes to his mind to execute the law but says, “It haven’t to”, [M34] it comes to his mind not to execute the law. But that man, who didn’t pay attention to the slap in the face, he lives in the Love.


So now, some live by Mosaic Law, others – in the salvation and the third – in the Love. Who lives by the law will hit you twice; who lives in the salvation will raise his arm and will say, “Let it go away from me,” but the third one, who lives in Love, will feel nothing. Now the occult disciple has to live by the law of Love – somebody will come to hit you but you will feel nothing, you will not even know what hit you. What a consciousness you must have!


Secret prayer


 [M1]They consume less of what? Example – {…they consume less energy.}

 [M2]Is this needed for the sentence as it doesn't connect to the sentence.

 [M3]Usage – unclear. What does he have to show?

 [M4]It is not clear who "they" are.

 [M5]Shouldn't this read {growth}. If it is not growth, then revise the sentence as "plants" does not make sense.

 [M6]Shouldn't this be {cleanliness}.

 [M7]Usage - rob means to steal. Perhaps the word should be {pick}.

 [M8] [M8]{…act in a rational way…}

 [M9]It is not clear who {his} refers to.

 [M10]Unclear. I understand this to mean - {…show you how to teach the pine-trees…} Maybe it should be – {…show you how to learn from the pine-trees…}

 [M11]Unclear – usage. {…to occupy yourselves in examining the blueberry.}

 [M12]Usage. {occupy]

 [M13]Unclear. {will be renewed.} or {will be filled up again.}

 [M14]{"Beautiful dawn is dawning"…No, dawn is dawn.}

 [M15]{…but the sick person has to sing by himself or herself.}


 [M17] [M17]Unclear. What doesn't come and go? Example – {It isn't fitting to send dead people on their way with songs from this world, it's better that they will be met there with songs.}

 [M18]Unclear. Usage. The word "notice" is not used correctly in this sentence or in the ones below. {…made a little observation for you…}

 [M19]Unclear. Usage.Notice what? Example – {…make you notice something…} or {…make you notice your mistakes…} or {brought your attention to a certain issue}

 [M20]Usage – {observations}

 [M21]Unclear. Usage. Example - {…notice certain things.} or {…observe certain things.} or {bring your attention to certain issues.}

 [M22]Same – {notice things} or {observe things}

 [M23]A word missing here – {you act as if…}

 [M24]Usage. Example – {exactly when}

 [M25]{What education could there be in this?}

 [M26]Keep what? Example – {keep the rules}

 [M27]Unclear. Usage. {When I bring a persons attention to a certain issue…}

 [M28]Usage. {observations}


 [M30]Unclear. {space in}

 [M31]Unclear. Usage. {When certain things are brought to your attention…} or {When there are certain observations made about you…} or {When there are certain issues for you to deal with}

 [M32]Usage. {observations}

 [M33]Unclear. Usage. {make an observation}

 [M34]Unclear. Example – {"It doesn't have to come to this."} or {"I don't have to do this."}

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