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1922_07_27 Development Of The Consciousness


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Development Of The Consciousness


Lecture twenty-two read by the Master to the General Occult Class on the 27th of July, Thursday, Chamkoria


A secret prayer


First the essays of the disciples on “The Most Proper Way for the Will-power Cultivation” were read. After that brother Rouschev read an essay devoted to the material world.


I will talk for a while on the development of consciousness. In this case I take the word consciousness in its broad sense. In the Bulgarian language the word consciousness consists of a conjunction meaning “with” and a noun meaning “knowledge” – this means “to walk with Knowledge, is to be aware of something.” This meaning is primarily spiritual. It means to be simultaneously aware of two different states within yourself, within your mind, i.e. to be aware of the right and the wrong deeds, to know the difference between these two deeds, to know the difference between the right and the wrong feelings. Well, when I talk to you about the consciousness some of you resemble those who like music. Those who listen to the music and who say: “The music is a wonderful thing”, but you cannot tell which is the better part of this music, you can’t tell the difference between the tones. If some of the tones are omitted, you are not able to grasp this, you are able to comprehend the general stream only, while an expert musician can discern exactly where the mistake is – he discerns it by the help of his experience.


You, the occult disciples - if you cannot grasp certain tones, if you are not able to make out such differences within your consciousness as these expert musicians do, then you cannot be disciples. All right, now I shall consider this question from an occult point of view: if I write a clef on the staff and under the first line I write a zero without a tail, I’ll have a whole note. Let us assume that right besides this note I put a quarter note, then a quaver note, then again a whole note, then a half note, etc. will this quarter of a note boast that it is beside the whole note? Sometimes I notice that you the occult disciples begin to think this way – how much the small note is nearer the big note. But you shouldn’t do this – you’d better mind that the tone you emit blends with the first note and that you make these notes harmonise and mind what expression you can achieve within the common harmony of all the notes. You still continue to ask yourself in what direction you are as regards the whole note, and how far you are from this note. Sometimes you notice that you are at a distance of one division, of two divisions, of three divisions from it and you say to yourself: “We drifted a great distance away.” This is not the musical way of examining this matter. That note, which is able to give an expression, might be very far from the main note, from the first note – it can be at several sheets’ distance from the first note and yet give the best expression. And mind that military music, the music played when you are about to fight, always gives the highest possible expression from its very beginning and startles the audience. While the minor music begins quietly, quietly, then gradually gets louder and louder and finally becomes high-pitched – after that it again lowers and flattens. With major music this is not so.


Now if you want to grow properly as disciples, you should understand Life in its interrelations – as God has settled it. It might be said that during the day you are like notes, but when you go to bed and when you wake up, your musical scale is not the same. For instance, tomorrow the relations between me - as your Master - and you - as my disciples - will not be the same as they are today; you think that they will be the same, but no, they will be quite different. There is another inner force that settles the things of Life and its place does not depend on the very note itself, but it depends on the respective musician. And you do not have the right to say “Why was I put at a lower position or why was I put at a higher position?” – Wherever you are you should play your role. If you are above or below, if you are a whole note or a half note, or a quaver, or a semiquaver note, or the thirty-second, or the sixty-fourth note, played by a drum, or play another instrument, you should merge your beats into one. No one should be able to discern your beats as they are of no importance at all. Because within this consciousness, which I am talking to you about, exists another consciousness – the Divine consciousness, to which your own consciousness should become a repercussion. You are not the reason for the world’s existence the world has not been created just because of you. God has created this world as a pastime, and human beings are toys for his entertainment. Consequently you are the toys for God’s entertainment.


When you say: “In our self-perfection…” What is this self-perfection about? – It is about the attainment of God. In what way can you know God? – In His Love. All right, did you succeed in attaining Him in His Love? – “Well, in His Wisdom, rather.” – Did you succeed in attaining Him in His Wisdom? – “Well, rather in His justice.” – Did you succeed in attaining Him in His justice? – You didn’t, that is, you only did it partially. When His justice is being applied to you, you say, “It is of no use”. When His love is being applied to you, you say, “It is of no use”. When the Wisdom is being manifested in its high forms, you say, “This is too tangled, it is not for us”. When the Truth comes in its Light, you say, “It is not for our eyes”. So I am asking you: if the consciousness of each one of the disciples is at this level then what knowledge can you possibly have? Consequently, all of you should strive to harmonise your consciousness, i.e. to reflect correctly within your consciousness all the Divine thoughts, all the Divine feelings, and all the Divine acts. For the human being this is a kind of salvation, or I call it human consciousness brightening. The human consciousness can reflect anything – the human consciousness is like clear water that can reflect anything. And in this reflection we can see how the world has been created.


So, I keep a close watch on you, I keep a sharp eye on you: you are engaged with things that you have experienced many times. For instance, now you are worried about what will you eat, what will you cook. But the wolf also worries about this – whether he will be able to find something to eat today or not. The bird also thinks of its food. If we begin to worry about such things like the birds that do not posses our mind(UNCLEAR), what will happen then? In fact, your food has been provided for because God has provided your food and if you realise this, you will be able to find your food. If you start to understand His language you will be able to find your food at the right time. Let’s say that someone from Sofia has sent you a parcel, and has written to you about this parcel in a letter, but you haven’t received the letter yet – that is why you know that the parcel has come, but you are not able to take it. (?)


Well, in the occult science everyone should strive to learn the Divine language of things. Do you know what it is like to speak the Divine language? Let’s say that I teach some disciple the Divine language and that this language seems very strange to him. I teach him the first letter of this Divine language. This language has its own alphabet and you are being taught this alphabet every single day. So our prayers, beliefs, and love – all these are the means, by which this divine language can be interpreted to us and they are the means, by which we can attain its power. If you ask me why Love is necessary I will tell you that it is needed so that we can learn the Divine language. If you ask me why Wisdom is necessary, I will tell you that it is needed so that we can learn the Divine language. Why is the Truth necessary – so that we can learn the Divine language. As soon as you learn this speech, your present life will be given meaning.


For instance, often the following question comes up within you, the following desire – to be loved, to be in love with. Do you know what it is like to love and to be loved? When you love somebody, you evaluate Love as follows: you make this person a garment, you make this person a present, you build this person a house, or you buy this person a horse, you give this person money and if this person is a son of yours you give him something more. In this way you express your Love externally, but this is not Love at all. Well, imagine that you are my servant, you are honest and I let you use my house and my horse for some ten or twenty years. Meanwhile I go somewhere and when I return I take all my things back – do you think that I would have done this out of Love towards you? I would have done this out of Love towards myself only.


At present you, the mothers, underline that you have an ideal love and that you love your children unselfishly. Well, I don’t doubt that your Love is unselfish, but why do you love your children in the first place? You love them because you will get older and this son of yours will become a famous man, so there will be someone to take care of you. You have a daughter and you love her, why? So that she grows older, and she marries a rich scientist, who helps you. Can you say that this is not true? In no way can you convince me of the contrary. Within all your thoughts there lies an agenda of self-interest, an absolute selfishness. You come to me. Why? – In this I also see some selfishness – you come to me so that you can obtain something. When I tell you that I, in my turn, also want something from you, you say, “Help me win the lottery, and I’ll give half of the profit to the Brotherhood; help me win one hundred thousand levs, and I’ll give half of it to the Brotherhood.” After you win! This is what my disciples say, “After I win…” But this is not occultism, this is not discipleship – clear these ideas out of your heads.


From you I want some absolutely unselfish toll for God – do you understand what absolutely unselfish means? In future all of you should serve absolutely unselfishly, without any expectations to get something in return. You are constantly trying to alight on the first place and say, “Now I am on the right, or - now I am on the left.” This is what the Disciples of Christ wanted. Some of them wanted to sit on the right hand side, and others wanted to sit on the left-hand side; two thousand years later the people still want the same. You cannot enter the Kingdom of God in this manner. You want to enter the Kingdom of God easily – this is not an occultism. In your consciousness there should emerge a higher idea. If I, as a Master, had the objective to use you, this wouldn’t be any Mastership – this would be just business.


If I didn’t tell you the exact Truth, it’s because I have had a reason not to. I did tell the Truth to one disciple, and as a result he cried for two days; if I tell the truth to some other disciples, they might cry for three days – this truth will contain bitter things. The one who enters the Kingdom of God will be given greatest bitterness – they will put you in the strongest acids, and if you liquidate into them, it would mean, that you are not fit for the Kingdom of God. Now you have to prepare your consciousness. To prepare for what? To prepare for the truths that the Divine world will submit you to – and this divine world will indeed submit you to these truths. You are funny; you want to enter the Kingdom of God as guests. No guests are required in the Kingdom of God though. What does the girl, who is going to get married, think? Does she expect to have three of four housemaids to serve her after she enters her new home, while she is constantly sitting on a chair and getting dressed, is this what she thinks? When she is at the village, her husband’s father will want her to buckle down to the task of kneading bread, so that they can check if she is good at kneading bread, if she is a good cook, if she is good at washing, and after that, she will have to go to work in the field. Meanwhile we, the spiritual people, are often thinking that when we go to the Heavens, we will get guitars and that everybody there will play and sing to us. There will be playing there indeed, but in between the playing there will be many great things which will be done in this great world. And if you, with your present comprehension, are planning to enter this world, you will find yourself in great controversy. Imagine that you are in Heaven and that you have been provided with the best food, with the best music, with the best amusement, and that suddenly someone there comes with an order and tells you, “You have to get up now and go to Earth to visit a great sinner.” As soon as you get sulky, you will fail. But you will not get sulky then, no, you will get up and you will go to this great sinner. If someone makes you do such a thing, you certainly will get sulky though. For instance, if you have sat on my right side and someone makes you stand up for some reason, you would have said: “Once I had the opportunity to sit here and now they make me stand up” – all of you think in this way. I don’t mean to say that this is bad, - in fact this is good, but in the Divine world they say, that God is omnipresent. God is testing you – you don’t know where exactly He will manifest, and in what way He will manifest - you don’t know this, because it is not that important in what way God manifests Himself - the important thing is how all this will end? Imagine that I invite you to visit me at my place and I roast for you a nice hen, but then suddenly I say: “Now let’s go for a walk for three or four hours and after we return we’ll see whether we will eat the hen”, what would you say in response to this? Suppose that you are hungry, that you haven’t eaten for three days and that after I invite you for a roast chicken, I suggest that you go for a two or three hours’ walk; you would certainly say: “Is this the right time for a walk now?” You will severely criticize my deed, and you will say: “But Master!” But what would you say if it proves to be that this hen had been ill, and I tell you: “We will put the lunch off till later – we’d better go for a walk, than eat”? This means that I have asked you to go for a walk, and I have taken you far away, because I have considered, that if we had stayed at my place, that roasted hen could have smelt tasty and would have tempted you. Consequently we can conclude that all the temptations are nothing else but a diversion of our attention from the dangers which have been created in the world. In itself, each temptation is bad, but since it happens this means, that something greater, something worse would have happened – so this evil has happened in order that something even bigger doesn't happen. That is why a Bulgarian proverb says: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. Consequently all the temptations aim at freeing us from the great evil, which is hanging like the sword of Damocles over our heads.


As disciples of this School you should have in your consciousness a clear idea about the changes which are going on in the Divine world. What the people do is not important; the important thing is how the work is settled. The Divine Spirit, who makes these changes, gives to all the people whatever he chooses – you better try to understand the Divine Spirit, instead of trying to understand these minor spirits. Explore the Spirit who enlightens, who gives away the things, who is a source of the Divine Love, who is the bearer of the Divine Wisdom, who is the bearer of the Divine Truth, Justice, and Virtue. This great Spirit – it is He that you should have listened to, and if you had listened to Him, there wouldn’t have been any arguments at all – all these arguments, which are happening now, would have been settled quite easily.


The other day I spoke to the first class about the transformation of the energies. Imagine that some friend of yours comes and insults you in a deadly manner – you make such an experiment, for one month you watch closely for how many minutes, days, or weeks you will be able to transform an insult. The goal is that not only should there remain no trace from this insult, but also when you hear it again, you should feel good. Watch carefully how long it takes for you to transform this insult into a pleasant feeling – this again depends on the power of your consciousness. If you cannot convert it within a month, it means that you are far from it. Then a month, two, three months, a year, two and more years pass and according to the law of karma after a great while, everything passes, God erases this recollection and you say: “It is over.” Yes, but such a person is not a disciple at all, and he hasn’t learned any lesson. You might consider that you have learned your lesson well only in the case where after someone insults you, you manage to erase this insult within an hour – and not only to erase it, but also to conceive a liking for the insulting word. If you master this science, it would mean that you are a disciple who has an understanding for the laws. Can you do this? Yes. When Christ says: “Love your enemies” this means that you should be able to convert the insult that someone has given you because when he, as your enemy, insulted you, he freed you from a greater evil. All of you should strive to clear your consciousness.


Now I’ll tell you the same in a religious language: you should pray to God, you should call the Holy Spirit, so that you can apply the Divine Spirit. If with the help of your Love you can’t transform an insult, then you are not a disciple and your Love is weak and it is not Divine Love. All elements should melt within your Divine Love.


Some of you might sigh. But the real disciple should not sigh “Oh, oh!” No, you should work. He might moan today, he might moan tomorrow, but finally he will say: “I understand everything now, I’ll not moan anymore, the task is solved”. I do not get angry that you moan sometimes, but when I hear you moan, I am watching to see if you still continue to work. When I hear you moan, and I see that you don’t work, then I say this matter won’t be settled by moaning.


If you don’t adopt this method, which I am giving you tonight, you will waste your time, that is, you might graduate the school later. I am saying this, because some of my disciples repeat this class for fifteen years now - they say: “Master, tell us something more!”, but when I give them a more complex task, they say: “This is beyond our powers.” Then how do you want to go up a form? I don’t mean to say that I personally want this, but I am saying that everything in this School is fixed and necessary.


It is not a privilege to love – it is a necessity; to be wise is not a privilege – it is a necessity; to love the truth is not a privilege – it is a necessity; to be merciful is not a privilege – it is a necessity. You should not say: “I can’t.” – No, you should just obey - this is a necessity. If you don’t obey this necessity, then death is in store for you. Why do you have to love? – Because if you don’t love, then there is no Life – if you love, there is Life, and if you do not love – there is no Life. If you don’t adopt this piece of wisdom, then the conditions of this Life will not manifest themselves. So when we talk about Love, when we talk about Wisdom, when we talk about Justice, when we talk about Truth, we comprehend the necessity of the Divine life. You should not ask why, but you should say: “I have to love, I have to be wise, I have to be just, I have to love the truth – this is a necessity, this is Divine, this is imposed on us, there are no exemptions” – that’s the way you should think. Some of you ask: “Why should we love?” – It is necessary that you should love. – “But why should we love a bad person?" – It is necessary. – “But he is so and so.” – It is necessary, don’t you see – such is the will of God. Do you understand what the will of God means? If you do not submit to His will then it will sweep away everything; if you submit to it – it stops. God will not submit to childish self-will and He will not give you answers to your questions what for and why – not at all. You must know: it is necessary. – “Why should I love?” – It is necessary; “Why should I be wise?” – It is necessary. That’s the way you should think and these things should be implemented within your consciousness once and for all. And they should be present not only within you - you should preach them to the others as well. So when they ask you what you study? You should answer: “I study that it is necessary to love!” – What else do you study? – “I study that it is necessary to have Wisdom!” – What else? - “I study that you should not make foolish things!” – What else do you study? – “I study that it is necessary to learn the Truth!” This is our doctrine: so it is necessary – you should not say: “I might, but only when I’m in the mood.” No, you should just love and that’s all. You should not do it depending on your mood – you should do it on order. You should submit – if you refuse, then everything will be over. So the reason for all the suffering in the world is just that the Invisible world wants to make the people reasonable, and wants to convince them that these sufferings are necessary. From the occult point of view, this is the reasonable side of the matter. From the Divine point of view, as long as these things are necessary, then they are to be realized most easily. For instance, it is necessary that you should eat. Is it difficult for you to eat? – No, it is easy. It is necessary that you should drink water. Is it difficult for you to drink water? – No, it is the easiest thing, one sip after another and you will drink it, just lift the glass and start. These are the easiest things.


Now these disputes, which you carry on, stem from the fact that other beings exist in the world, and they obscure the human consciousness. Often the human consciousness gets obscure and the person cannot tell the difference between one thought and another, or between one feeling and another – he says: “That’s the way I think”, while the other person says: “Well, my opinion is so and so – let’s come to an agreement!” There is no place for discussions – there won’t be any contradictions as regards Love - it is necessary that you should just love. You might say: “But how, how can I love?” I’ll give you an example: when the little ducklings hatch, does their mother give them lessons on how to swim? As soon as they hatch, they know how to swim; does their mother teach them how to peck? They know how to peck as soon as they hatch. So I am telling you also: as soon as you come out of your egg you will know how to peck, and you will know how to swim. If you tell me that you don’t know I will tell you that you are kidding me, that’s how things stand. I am talking to you about the Truth, which is implanted into your soul, so that you may know it. As the chicken is able to peck and as the duckling is able to swim as soon as they hatch, the same holds true for you – you also know. The mother-duck says: “Cluck, cluck” – if we interpret her language this would mean: “Do as it was written within you.” As the duckling comes near the water, its mother croaks: “Croak-croak”, which means: Swim as it was written within this Divine book.” You might ask me: “How shall we love?” I’ll say: “Croak-croak” – you should love like it was written in the Divine book. There is no place for arguments – you can open the book and read. If you stop me, and you reason philosophically, you won’t be able to even enter the water at all.


So have in mind that the fundamental Divine thoughts and ideas are invested and written into this Divine book and that everyone can read from it as long as they want to read and as long as they want to listen. Watch closely the chickens and the ducklings – when they hear the voice of their mother “cluck-cluck”, all the chickens gather and submit to her, i.e. when their mother calls them they all go to her. Well then, mind, that when God calls you and you do not listen, you will lose. If your mother, who is supposed to call you, says, “cluck-cluck” and yet you are not there, don’t you lose? If she says to you “cluck-cluck” and you go one or two minutes later – then you will find that everything has already been eaten. You say, “There is time enough in the future.” There isn’t time enough though – everything is fixed. This chicken cannot retreat to a great distance from its mother – it can move away to a distance of about one, two, ten, fifteen paces, but it cannot move away to a distance of let’s say one hundred paces or more. If it moves away to a larger distance, it will lose its mother. Likewise we, in our consciousness, cannot move away from God. You might say, “I shall move away from God” – all right, but if you retreat to a great distance you will not hear when your mother says, “cluck-cluck”. In our consciousness, we have to remain at such a distance from the world, that as soon as we fall under these Divine circumstances, we can detect what is the Spirit saying, and what our mother is saying - to be able to immediately grasp what was said and follow it - to realise her will. You don’t have to think about the consequences though, because within the realms of the necessity everything is for the Good.


We finished at 8:50 a.m.


A secret prayer



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