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1922_10_22 The Occult Music


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The Occult Music


4 th lecture of the General Class, 2 year. Oct. 22, 1922.


I will give you a brief explanation about the occult music. The occult music differs from the common music with the following two characteristics. In the occult music are first given the basic features. It is something like sketching: an artist will draw first the nose, the brows, the eyes, the mouth, the ears — the basic lines and then will gradually develop the picture. We are proceeding in the same way so that you may learn how gradually the music develops, beca use there is nothing that grows up at once in nature.


Tonight we will develop another part of the song "living power, springing, flowing"; a new addition, because the song is not yet finished. In the occult music it is not acceptable to have words or tunes with two meanings. In it every word must have only one meaning. If you sing a word with some vibrations you may have a good idea, but when you express it in your subconsciousness the idea will enter which these sounds contain. Now you will learn without criticizing because I do now only the sketching of the basic lines. The words may sound to you somewhat funny but there is nothing comical in them. I am choosing old words. For example for tonight I am choosing the following musical sonorous words:


Venir, Benir,

Bikhar Benoum

II beyout, il bezoot

Om beyout

II bezoot

Om beyoot

Zoon mezoon, zoon mezoon

benom too meto


The mystic meaning of these words is approximately the following: Thou, the Great one, who blesses everyone and everything, be blessed! Lord, bless the great, bless youth, the beginning of life. Bless the young, sprouting divine life. Bless the divine that is conceived in the soul — the Breath of God that we have received in the beginning.


These words being in an occult language cannot be translated word by word. For example I will take the following words in the Bulgarian language: The sun is rising, it sends forth light that brings joy to life. These are words with an occult meaning. Now if you want common poetry here we have an example. I gave these words to a friend of ours to interpret them in the spoken language, (The song was read as it was interpreted by our friend Grandpa Blago.) This is ordinary poetry. I explained right away to our friend what mistakes he has made. These are not grammatical mistakes but rather from the occult point of view: the Bulgarian word "obronvam" has two meanings: one meaning is ""shed" (leaves, tears), and the second is "injure" (the prestige of someone). He has used it in the following metaphore: "We shall shed a kind word." The second word with two meanings cannot be well explained and interpreted. Each word must have one and only one meaning. This way I would want you to uproot all old habits. When the words start to vibrate in you all the dust that you have accumulated over the centuries, all your habits will jump away as does the dust when you beat the drum.


Now we don't know how to free ourselves. The occult music is one method for freeing. Everywhere, even in the most distant past music was being used, but the religious people have misused it. From the point of view of the occult we want to apply music scientifically in all its fullness. Basically it is very simple outside but for the world — very complicated. Besides, when you perform this music you must have the disposition of a child. You step forward to sing a song and say "I am an old person". What does "old" man mean? If saying that you are an old man you mean that you are feable, weak, let us be frank and accept this truth. Yet if by this word you mean that you have become wise — let it be so, but there should not exist two meanings about it. If by the word "young" you understand foolish, a child that takes advantage to have certain shortcomings, then in this sense neither old nor young are in their proper place. We must always avoid all negative words. When you come to the school of the occult do not permit your mind to keep words with two meanings, if possible keep all words with negative meaning on the outside; you must not cast them away, we may have some use for them, but we will not permit them to enter our parlor or our living room. We will tell them "you do not possess the required value".


Further, in the music of the occult one must apply feeling. This music does not permit any wavering in the voice, as some do. Does this come from the depth of the soul, if this trembling indicates noble feelings then you may tremble, but if it means nothing, why should you tremble then? This is a lie, falsehood. This way you create a certain diversion that may cause a catastrophy as a result. Nature does not tolerate deviations. Do not believe that if nature sometimes closes its eyes that it does not observe everything and that you may cheat nature. When it catches you and takes you into its laboratory, you come out from its other end completely purified, but you will have to pass through at least 10 retorts. This is a general law, it is unchangeable, there are no exceptions for anyone. When I speak about nature I have in mind the manifestations of nature. To me nature is the manifestation of God in life. Because God had begun to manifest He will never agree with our childish concepts and change the order of things. Those things that now exist have been tested over and over again. He has examined everything not only once but thousand times. The world that He has created is the best possible world that God has chosen from the experience of the past centuries. He has created this world as one of the best worlds. This does not say that better worlds will not exist, but for the present conditions this is one of the most beautiful ones. At the present conditions of the whole of creation, of the boundless creation, this world is one of the best, i.e. when I say that it is one of the best I understand that in it are existing all conditions and possibilities for a proper development. There exists no power that could cause us to run off the rails. No one exists who could force us to do wrong. We err because of our own will. I speak to you as disciples, I want you to be strong, to stay away from temptations° He who can be tempted has a weak character, his will has the quality of iron, of granite. Why do people get tempted? For example there is a beautiful woman. God has created this woman so that people can enjoy seeing her. One man wants to possess her; another, too, wants to appropriate her. I ask, why should not people enjoy looking at her? God has created this monument so that everyone who passes by can be glad. The Turks say "It is good for one to observe beauty." This statue is exhibited so that people may look at it and improve their own taste. Someone wants to possess this statue and steals it. If the statue is big, he would not be able to take it, but if it is small and made of gold, he simply takes it. I ask, is the statue or he who has stolen it to be blamed? If one catches him, he will say, "some devil has stolen it". Where is the devil? The devil is in us, The desire to possess the statue, to sell it, to gain a pleasure, all this comes from the devil. We speak only about facts, but behind these facts exist instigating reasons. They may be conscious, or subconscious, they may be simple like a weapon. Several people may come together with the intention to steal but one person is the stimulator, the real factor, and the others express it.


By studying the occult music you will sing: This is a method for rejuvenation. We need to bring music into our thoughts and emotions, this harmony that will make us feel deep in ourselves something singing, as if we can hear this harmony. This is a condition that will soothe our hearths and our minds, and will give a new direction to our thoughts. You may say: "God will send His Spirit and He will accomplish this or that". Well, are you sure that when the Spirit starts doing it, you will not start to complain, asking God if He could not do this in a different way? He have strange conceptions of things and sometimes we even would want to advise God how He should have created the world.


The people who have created music were very intelligent. Music itself is a deep sphere of Creation. These people have understood the divine laws and have expressed this creativity through music. These laws cannot be changed. When the vibrations of the tunes are decreased we have one kind of music, when they are intensified, we have a different kind of music. Music is expressed according to the feelings. Religious people have adopted music for the expression of their religious feelings. Those who want to express their worldly feelings have applied music for worldly purposes. Everyone has used music for his own purpose. Yet the purpose of music is to educate and ennoble man. I would not want someone to come to the class here and to say: "What are these people doing here! They do not pray but some are playing instruments, others are singing. Are these people disciples of the school of the occult?" You will keep away such people that come with the intention to criticize.


Now write down the words of the new occult exercise:


Izgriava sluntseto The sun rises

Prashta svetlina It brings light

Nosi radost za zhivota tia. And the light brings joy for life.


We will make an experiment: one person will sing alone the exercise and after that the other will sing: Sila zhiva, izvorna, techoushta (living power, welling, flowing). The exercise is still not finished. Do not be hasty! I am teaching you how to build occult songs„ (The Master sang alone Izgriava sluntseto … and we all sang after that Sila zhiva, izvorna techoushta.) After we master these exercises we will give a concert and will make an experiment by introducing here and there these exercises, so that we may be able to see what the results of the occult music will be.


Now, write down these words:


Venir Benir, Bikhar Benum, il biout, il bisout.


Write also the word "sy-mou-tou-sy" which will be an exercise. Now we will sing first sy-mou-tou-sy with the following tones: sol, si, re, sol, since the exercise "Venir-Benir" is more complicated, when we sing sy-mou-tou-sy first normally and then gradually with lowering and raising our voices the first exercise will become easier for us. After that we will sing "The sun is rising". You are singing like students in school, aren't you? After we will sing it one more time I want to see if you have memorized it. (We sang the whole song.)


Let those of you who cannot sing listen until this song penetrates into their consciousness. As the words are arranged there is a certain meaning which is absolute. What brings light? Light brings living power like a welling spring. Each word is in its place; whatever you may think, it is a power, the power of light. Sing now silently "The sun is rising." (We all sang.) In the words "Zoun-mezoun" is to be found the secret meaning. In these words is the inner meaning of all things. "The sun rises, it brings light", these things are far away from us. In the words: "living power, welling, flowing" we can experience the power from within, but the light we can try to experience only through our eyes. Therefore the first part of the song is the preparation; a man must be prepared and this takes a long period of time. For this reason this exercise is not yet completed. I am interpreting the music of the occult into modern language, We are moving in a reverse way. Before the words "Living power, welling, flowing" we must place other words, as does an artist, so that the whole exercise may be completed. The first part is the preparation, the second part is the part of action, it expresses that which does the building. "Zoun-mezoun" is then the meaning — the result of that which has been built.


When I was explaining to you these words tonight the weather was beautiful but now it has become slightly humid. The humid weather is not good for the music of the occult, it makes the vibrations slightly unfavourable. Now you can sing these four syllables: sy-mou-tou-sy and exercise with them. Have you remembered them? The tones are: sol, si, re, sol. If you sing these tones with their common sounds: sol, si, re, sol they lack occult significance. With the sounds "sy-mou-tou-sy" the meaning is different. Let's sing three times "sy-mou-tou-sy" and the fourth time we will keep singing the last vowel longer. Music is expressed through the same organs as speech, the same membrane in the throat which serves for speech serves also for singing. Therefore singing and speech are brother and sister because they come from the same center. For this reason this membrane must be used constantly for singing. The first thing that happens to a man who comes in touch with the Black Lodge is the harshening of the voice. When the voice becomes harsh the membrane becomes altered, the character of a man changes also because these vibrations are very sensitive. Place in your mind the thought that you are mobilized and say to yourself: "I am mobilized by divine music and I cannot sing but according to all the regulations of divine music." Implant this thought in your mind because this is most valuable. Do not permit anyone to get hold of your throat. When you sing you must be very free. Do not pay attention to what people may say. You may stop and sing even in the center of town. People may think that something is wrong with you but you say to yourself: "I do not care what people say because I sing according to the divine way. If people are courageous to sit in taverns and drink beer, I will be courageous to sing in a divine way. Why should I be the fool and you the right one." This is an important decision. Some among you may think that a certain decency must be observed. I agree that in the world there are certain rules but we have left the frame of common decency. We do things which are very decent. Go to a place where there are many people, where you have friends and start singing. Maybe now you have in your mind certain second thoughts but after ten years you will go out into reality and sing. When you decide to do something the sacrifice which you make must be worth it, it must bring respective fruit. This is an exercise for you to become courageous. You are afraid but this fear must disappear. I would recommend to you to go into the woods to loosen up and sing as loud as you can. Give expression to your emotions. Now when we sing somewhere you think what will this man say, what will the other man say. We can sing also very silently. I am for the inner spiritual freedom. Every one of you must have spiritual freedom. When you sing do not raise your voice, rather listen to yourselves to be sure that you take the correct tones. I have a second violin which I have been lending to different violinists but they said that they cannot play it. I will bring it with me next time to class. I must put into it a certain element of softness. When I put this vital power into the second violin this violin will not play well, because I will take this vital power from this violin and put it in the other violin. In the violin as well as in everything we can put this vital power and it will become alive. We can put into a violin our double and it will penetrate all the pores, at will penetrate into the whole violin. This way the violin has a special voice with fine vibrations. Great violinists and pianists do this. Singers that sing well bring into their larynx, into their soul this special softness. If you could put into your voice this element of vitality you will have a perfect voice and everyone will like to listen to you. But our soul must enter into our larynx. The soul must go everywhere. If the soul enters into the larynx we will sing well, if it enters in our head we will think well. You must know how to tell your soul where to go and it will listen to you. Say: "I want you in my throat." — Good, as you wish, what is your next desire? — Go into my mind I wish to think well. Yet you say "Please, if you wish go into my mind." No, this is not right. You must say definite words, for example say: "Go into my throat to sing for me a beautiful song as you know how to do this." It will sing such a song and you will have a recollection from the past. The soul sings. And now, when the poor soul wants to sing you interfere, saying: "I know that you have the desire to sing but my son is sick and you may disturb him." No, if the soul starts to sing your son will be cured. But you say to your soul: "Please do not sing because my husband is not well disposed." Do not interfere with your rational soul in its manifestations! Every desire, every impulse must be sacred as are sacred the thoughts and desires of God. There is no exception. Because the strivings of the divine soul in us are sacred, and every impulse, whatever it may be, is sacred, too. In the soul everything is noble. You cannot have any doubts. All the soul's impulses are noble, sacred, pure, holy. To every sacred impulse in the world there is one exactly opposite, a reverse impulse. A man has two souls. A noble desire appears in a man and immediately comes the so called evil soul. It will make you walk in the opposite way. This has been proven by experience. I believe that of those who are here every one has made this experience.


Therefore, in the school of the occult observation of the laws is required. You must keep the divine laws. When you come to them you will say: "This is a law!" After you have made an experiment and have attained the result you may contemplate, you may ponder over this result. When you have made something you may explore to find what it is made of. But as long as it is not accomplished do not touch it. You can take your watch apart and see how it is made, but as long as your watch is not ready yet you are not supposed to touch it.


And so, music is one of the great resources in the world. With it you can attune yourselves. We will use music as a weapon, artillery, machine-gun fire. We will not use music for enjoyment only but as a protection. What does the psalmist say? "Praise the Lord with guitars and with cymbals." I would add to it: with violins, with trumpets, with zithers and all the instruments that are now available „When the Bulgarians see a violin they think that only the devil can play it. For them the bagpipe is more honored and the bagpipe-player has a higher esteem than the violinist. I do not know why, but this is true. There is also this saying that the violinist cannot take care of a home. To me this is right, because the violinist who does not look after a house is a violinist! He is devoted to his violin. If he would put his mind into the home he would not look for the violin. Being absorbed in the violin he says: "Let someone else look after the house, I will make people happy. Those that are sad I will make joyous, those that are sick I will cure." For this reason, we, too, need music. These are short remarks about music.


Let's now read some of what you have written on the crying of little children. (Some of the papers were read.) Not all of you have written your paper. Nor did you write a resume on the works of the class. Write only on the core of the theme — on the crying — only the basic aspects, but all of you must write, even maybe only two words, but they should be written. Someone may say: "I cannot write." Write two words even if they are nonsense, but write. If you say that you cannot write you remain in a negative position. Some of you come to the class without having written their themes. This is not right. Here in this school such disobedience is not accepted. The crying is the first exercise in music. This is enough. But it must be true crying, because I have observed some children that do not know how to cry. A child that cries truly makes the first exercising in music. A child that only whimpers and does not know how to cry wants to say: "How should I begin this song?" when it brings out a tone it is not musical. True crying is the first musical exercise! In this respect the tears help. Some children scream, get red but do not shed tears, their eyes bulge out, they try and cannot come to true crying. If the mother is not there this attempt for crying can come to a true crying and after a while they fall asleep. In fact there exist songs and exercises like for example this with the syllables "sy-mou-tou-sy" if they are sung in a monotonous way one can fall asleep. Variety is necessary. One must sing with small interruptions (the master sings stacatto) and then legato. As soon as the vibrations become monotonous one can fall asleep. All states must interchange. The tone "si" is a soft tone. When God sent Moses to Pharaoh what did he say to Pharaoh? —"Sy", "symou". When you say "mou" this tone is very strong at the end. In it there are two movements. The "U" in the occult science has a double movement, one movement is downward and the other — upward. What is the difference between "mo" and "mu"? Have you noticed when you sing the sound "mou" which organ of the throat participates, and which one for the sound "mo"? (The Master sings the exercise "sy-mou-tou-sy" separately but very silently.) You must sing with zeal (ardor). Make observations upon your own condition. For example if you are mentally ill-disposed, make an analysis. Take your watch and start to repeat this exercise and see after how many minutes this condition will change. Sometimes your mood must change and sometimes not. Yet when this energy comes to a point close to bursting and collects in one part of your body we must then stop this explosion, we must give a way of this energy to be used for the accomplishment of some work. Modern men suffer from accumulation of energy. Sometimes this energy gathers in your mouth, sometimes on the tip of your nose, sometimes in your ears. If you only touch such a man's nose immediately this energy will manifest. You could touch such a man everywhere else but not his nose. Others accumulate energy on the upper or lower side of their hand. When this energy collects it may cause explosion, a morbid state. Often certain diseases are caused due to such accumulation of this energy. It is rough and it causes these depositions. The depositions are due to the electrical currents. When the vibrations are coarser this semi-organic matter collects around the joints and when the weather changes the muscles contract, as a result we have at that point occurring some pressure, some friction. These semi-organic matters being solid when they pass through the tissues create friction, gradually inflammation, a chemical reaction occurs and as a result we have swelling. I would proceed to explain to you these processes but I feel that your minds are too critical. For example if I give you a password: "Could you give us another formula?" No, you need will power in order to fulfill an experiment. A friend of mine, a healthy, young man told me the following: "I was given the assignment to write on a certain problem but suddenly I had acute pains in my appendicitis. I had such pains! I started looking for a doctor but from within I listened to something telling me: 'Say to your appendicitis that you are mobilized, that you serve God and that the pain must leave you, that the time was not proper for it to manifest, since it is my time now for that.' Half an hour later the pain disappeared." Who was the cause of that? If he did not speak to the pain in such a resolute way he would have been sick at least for three weeks, with all the complications, the visits of doctors, etc You must say to the disease when it comes: "Listen, friend, I am mobilized! This is it! I live in a divine world where all "beings live in harmony what do you want from me? Go out!" The sickness is a being. Modern doctors are funny. When a swelling occurs they immediately cut it. Now, these things which I am explaining to you should not be taken into the outside world because to those people things must be explained in their own language and according to their concepts. We cannot speak to modern men of science about rational worlds, or rational powers because superficially they act mechanically, automatically. If you should tell these people that you understand these powers you will not be considered an intelligent person. They say: "This is not true." These people cannot believe us. When you go deep into understanding man you will see that two currents flow mostly through the feet in and out. Sometimes the toes are open, or rather in the ethereal double which is connected with the physical body there are certain openings. Some beings can enter through the feet and move in one way. There are currents that enter through the nose. For example a being enters in you to investigate your body and after that cannot go out. When it examines your body it finds a nice place, it likes it there and builds for itself a little home and says: "I will not leave this place, it is nice and I will make for myself a little home." It starts to break up your substances and as a good mason it knows what to use for building its home. You must say to it: "Listen, friend, you cannot build here. Have you asked for permission? Have you mobilized yourself? You must stop with the building! In the name of the great divine law which governs the world you have come as a guest and must leave „ If you do not obey I will find ways to dispose with you according to all the rules which I know." And it goes. Yet we are afraid when something like that happens. How? We call the doctor and when he examines the sick he shakes his head indicating that the condition of the patient is very serious. Modern men are hypnotized. How? The sick man sits and looks at the doctor. The last one checks the pulse. Again he shakes his head and says: "The pulse is irregular."—The poor man wonders what could this indicate. "There is a heart failure," — Failure? He is all scared and his heart begins to beat even faster. The doctor gives a prescription and immediately someone rushes to the pharmacy.


This is funny, heart failure! There is no such thing. I can make everyone of you to have such a heart failure. There certainly exists the danger for heart failure. In occult medicine the true symptoms exist which indicate if the heart has a certain organic damage or not. He who studies the occult medicine will find this out. The symptoms appear by themselves on the nails. For example when one becomes sick from tuberculosis there are certain signs which appear on the nails, also. Correct diagnosis of the character of a disease can be made also within one hundred and ninety days. Now comes the doctor and checks the tongue, it is white which indicates that the stomach does not function well. He checks the eyes, they are yellow. This indicates that the liver has a malfunction. The tongue, the eyes — not normal. The third method for checking is counting the pulse — irregular. It indicates also some irregularity in the function of the heart. Well, what is wrong with the heart? The nerve which regulates the heartbeat is defective. There is a break there and sometimes this break slows down and another time it loosens a little and the heart starts to beat fast and one can become afraid. You must say to your heart in this case: "Listen, friend, it is a law that the heart of a man must make seventy-two beats in the minute and you must be obedient." You will repair the break and will not permit any more beats because in the present conditions of life in which we live seventy-two beats are enough. When you meet a man who loves you, you will say to him "Friend you can loosen your brake and make your heart beat seventy-four times a minute." When a person comes to your house whom you love you will say to yourself "Let my heart beat seventy-five times in a minute, even more." You will inform it that when the heart beats more often accumulation of energy will occur at certain places. At present the human heart does not pulsate regularly. You have not made experiments to observe how the heart pulsates and how many changes there are in the way it pulsates. This is a whole science! If you made some research in this you could notice yourselves the changes but when you do not understand this science there is a chance that you may get afraid. When you make your observations you will find how many kinds of currents there exist, how the pulsation of the whole cosmos occurs, how the flows of energy occur in nature. The heart indicates the pulsating of the whole universe. And, according to our heart we may define what kind of flows occur at a certain point on earth. This is a whole science. For this kind of study one must be very sensitive. At the end of the fingers exist certain swellings in the form of tentacles. These must be developed considerably to become very sensitive so that they may notice these flows. When the sensitiveness of the nervous system becomes excessively developed little swellings, very fine organic swellings are formed. With such refined sensitivity one can feel with the slightest touch these currents.


Let's now return to music. You must begin to sing in order to be able to tune yourselves. After that we will proceed to the second exercise which is "Venir-Benir."


At this point I must warn you to keep separate the songs of the occult. You must not mix the occult exercises with ordinary music. These exercises are to be sung at special occasions. There is certain time when these exercises will be sung so that you may have respective results. You cannot sing them all the time. You must be very serious about the singing of the occult music. With the ordinary singing it does not matter when you sing but when you sing occult music your consciousness must be awakened, there must not exist any splits in the consciousness. If we sing this way we can achieve in one year very good results. You must protect these exercises.


Now I am presenting to you the following theory and we will apply it experimentally in the most elementary things. Sing the song "The sun rises, it brings light," Singing with the necessary concentration as I indicated above our sun will come to rise. When I say that our sun will come to rise I do not imply the external sun but there exists another sun that brings inner light. We do not sing to the physical sun. When our inner sun rises it brings us its light that brings joy to our life. Then comes the living power, that wells up and flows. These are symbols. They indicate that you enter the world of reality.


If it was a question to criticize, there is not a stricter critic than I am. I have noticed that when I speak some criticize my way of expression. If we would "begin to criticize precisely I would come with such a criticism about the Bulgarian language that maybe only 250 will remain. Only two hundred and fifty words will remain and these will be the roots of the language with which something rational may be expressed. Now we can use a number of words and will achieve no results at all. Many preachers and clergymen speak but where are the results? They cannot have any results. For this reason when a translation is made of the Scripture a man must understand very well the language of the occult to understand the words in their deep meaning. My intention is to interpret exactly according to the original. In the Scripture some ideas have been translated to such an extent literally that if the prophet or Christ would appear they would wonder about the inventiveness of the mind of these interpreters, how it was possible for them to distort the thoughts and say that which none of these men have ever dreamed nor have these things come to their minds. And modern men say: "This is the most accurate translation according to the original." The interpreter has translated it wrong and then comes someone else after him, reads the Scriptures and says: "Thus has been written in the Scriptures." — Have you been able to verify the translation with the original? — "No, but the Spirit has told me." The Spirit has spoken to him yet he continues to cite the same wrong translation. This is not right! Even I have been thinking sometimes what other word to use instead of love. The only powerful word in the Bulgarian language is "blagost" which is sweetness, the natural sweetness of honey or fruit. When something is sweet it cannot be bitter. Yet what is love? This word has no roots, it has no symbol. What means love we do not know, where it derives from, we do not know. The Bulgarian word equal to love "obich" has also no root. We do not know wherefrom it originates. The word "blagost", something sweet, is a very strong word. When we find such words about which we have experience, in us are generated such thoughts and ideas which function rationally.


For example in music there are certain tones (the Master sings "the sun rises", "izgriava sluntseto") which are very harmonious, after that follow such tones in the song which are not that harmonious but this is because of the nature of the language. The other tones come because of the words. Each word must express an image. "The sun rises" —this is a festive, ideal moment. In the occult exercises there is always an image.


All European languages, whichever you may take, lack important elements for the interpretation of the occult exercises. At present there are some musicians in France who make experiments to interpret the ordinary music into occult. They begin to compose occult songs, but the last ones are arranged in a very special way. After some time we will have occult music which will bring something completely new.


Now you must be ready! Such musicians exist and in them the occult music will be born. You must study theory of music.


Silent prayer.




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