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1922_10_25 The Distinctive Features of Life


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The Distinctive Features of Life


Year 2, Lecture 4 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class)

given by the Master Beinsa Douno

on October 25, 1922

Wednesday, Sofia





Fir-fur-fen Tau-bi-aumen


Secret prayer


The disciples' essays on the topic “The Distinctive Features of Life” were read.



Contemporary people say that Life is motion.


Do you agree with this? How do you understand Life?



The following verse was read:


“A kind word on the tongue is the key to people's hearts.”


What is the most important phrase in the above verse? – “A kind word”. Where does the kind word originate from, and where does Love originate from? Can we say that Love originates from Life? Can the cause originate from the effect? You might say that Love creates Life. No, Love cannot create Life. Why? Because Life itself cannot be created. The process of creation is a mechanical process. You can create, you can build a house, but you cannot create Life in that sense. Then you might say that Life doesn’t exist. Life is without beginning and without end. Can you say that something that doesn’t have a beginning and an end exists? In its original sense the word exists was in an ascending state, but gradually it started to descend and today in the Bulgarian language we see it in a descending state. The word exists stems from the root “са” (Bulgarian for "are"), which means manifestation, expression. That is, Life manifests itself.


I’ll ask you several more questions. Can something that manifests run off? If your answer to me is that each thing that manifests runs off then I’ll ask you, where does Life remain? What do you make out of the word life? When you read your essays, I notice that you strive to write something beautiful, using beautiful phrases for this purpose, however, you aren't concerned as to whether these essays contain the Truth. In this respect you resemble those fashionable ladies who wear beautiful and expensive clothes to present themselves before the world, without paying attention to whether their clothes are warm or comfortable. However what is allowed to a worldly man isn't allowed to an occult disciple. When a worldly man is hungry, when he has travelled for several days without bread and has no relatives whom he can address, he will beg from this or that person. He will appeal to their nobility, to their benevolence that they might give him something to eat. But if an occult disciple finds himself in such a situation, he isn't allowed to speak as words are unnecessary. He should only say, “I am hungry!” – Nothing more. A third word would be irrelevant. Whoever hears him, will say, “The man is hungry; let’s give him something to eat.” Everyone knows what hunger is. If the hungry man starts to explain why he is hungry, how long he has been starving for, everyone who passes him by will say, “Never mind, don’t listen to him, this man isn't hungry.” Hunger is something powerful by itself. Each explanation would make it powerless.


Let’s come back to the question of Life. What is your opinion – is it possible to define what Life is? Some people say that Life is consciousness, i.e., that outside consciousness Life doesn’t exist. The word consciousness is composed of a prefix meaning "with" and a word meaning "knowledge" – it means something accompanied by knowledge. Our Life doesn't include the whole of Life in existence, consequently Life cannot originate from consciousness. Consciousness cannot embrace our life even, let alone the entire life in existence. If we assume that Life is motion, the very motion itself is embraced by consciousness. This means that it is even less appropriate to view Life as motion.


Now let’s trace out this thought further. What do you think – is consciousness something permanent? No, it isn't permanent. Is it possible then to measure Life by such an impermanent measure? If consciousness is something permanent, let’s subject it to a ten-day fast and see if it preserves its form or changes it. In this situation we will notice that consciousness, which initially was bright, gradually starts to darken. While your consciousness is bright, you are quiet, calm, and content. As soon as it starts to darken, you become nervous, discontented, and not able to control yourself. Consequently, if consciousness is a permanent, constant measure, it can be said that Life is consciousness. But it is impossible to compare Life with such an impermanent, changing value as consciousness. An artist draws a beautiful picture and he is glad at the sight of it; what is his joy due to? Is it due to the picture itself, or to something else? Can someone be delighted with an object in which there isn’t any Life at all? Can he feel delighted at the sight of a precious stone? Man cannot feel delighted with a picture, or some precious stone. The Delight is a result of something else. A young man loves a young lady; if this young man finds a precious stone and gives it to his beloved as a present, he will be glad. Yet his joy wouldn't be due to the precious stone but to the fact that he has given it to his beloved. If she didn’t exist the precious stone wouldn’t have any value to him.


So, let everyone answer to himself what his Life consists of. Reflect on this topic. Consider especially the word life and watch closely how you will feel it deep inside you and how this word is connected with you. Don’t look into what philosophers or scientists have said about life. The important thing is what this word means to you. Pronounce the word life in syllables, pronounce it in a drawling voice, as a song, while observing the impression it will make on you. At first sight this word seems simple, but it contains one of the greatest truths of Nature. You haven’t asked yourself the question whether you are alive in order to feel how interesting Life is.


Now you pass for disciples from a special class. But suppose that you take all your essays about Life and read them to a seriously ill person. Do you think that your essays would be able to awaken the Life in him? What are your essays like? Let’s say that you go to bed in the evening and in the morning you start telling others that you went somewhere and you met a lot of people. Would this be true? Your body was in bed, your legs and your arms didn't move from their places – how did you walk then? Were you awake, or were you asleep? You were asleep. If you had been awake you would have remembered where you went. Such is your state in your everyday life too – you think that you are awake. No, you aren't awake. You are still sleeping, but it is time to wake up. I am not the only one who says you are sleeping – you say it yourselves too. When some new idea enters your mind, you say, “I woke up! I wonder why I have been sleeping until now?” As soon as you find yourselves in greater light, you say, “Now I can see, I feel like I am awakening from a deep sleep.” That you are in a sleeping state can be seen from the fact that all the objects around you and all your notions are scattered and disconnected in your mind. When I am saying that you are in a dreaming state I don’t mean to criticise you, but I do want to give a new direction to your thoughts.


What does the word "sleeping" mean? Imagine that you go to a music teacher and you want him to give you lessons. The teacher shows you the violin, the bow, he opens the sheet music and he watches closely what you do. You see a violin, a bow, some dots, some lines – some of them going up, others going down – and you leave. This is not music yet. You are intelligent and capable, you have the desire to learn music. The next day you still want to study music so you visit your music teacher again. He shows you the same things, but he also gives you a sheet of paper and a pencil and watches closely what you do. You take the pencil and you start describing the function of the violin, the bow and the notes etc. Again this isn't music yet. On the third day you go to your music teacher, you take the violin in your hands and you start practicing. He shows you how to hold the violin and the bow; he shows you how to play. Day after day you continue in this way until one day you are finally able to play on your own. All the notes need to enter your mind, your consciousness and then you can say you know what music is. Life is something similar. While you didn't know how to play you were asleep as far as music is concerned; as soon as you learn how to play, you become awake for music. Have you tasted Life? You say that Life is joy. Have you tasted joy? There is a lot of grief in life. Have you tasted this grief? Human beings haven't tasted real grief yet. Is the grief of the sheep that loses its life and that of the man who loses his hat one and the same? What kind of grief is that of the man who has lost his hat? This isn't grief at all – it is pure illusion. There is one single kind of grief that I know and it is the grief upon the loss of Love. There is no greater suffering for a human being than to taste Love and then lose it. This grief is true; it is real. Consequently, it is possible to grieve only for the Real and not for the illusions in Life. When does a man rejoice? When he finds what he has lost.


There are two important things which Life requires: food and water. This means that hunger and thirst are two strong factors which can deprive all beings of Life. When a human being is hungry, the Life in him manifests and demands food. Unless he eats some food, he feels anguish, unrest and suffering; the minute he eats the food, peace and contentment fill him. This is the way simple, uneducated people understand Life. You might ask, “Are only food and water necessary for Life?” Life requires a lot of elements. I’ll give you the following example: imagine that they lock one person in a room and from time to time they bring him bread and water. He stays in this room for a year or two and everybody knows as he himself knows that he is alive and he is living in this room. After a time they take this person out of the room and place him in a beautiful garden. In this garden he is able to walk freely, breathe fresh air and enjoy the light. He says, “Now I am alive.” Shortly after they take this person to a rich library and let him read whatever he likes there according to his preference. He starts feeling satisfied and happy and says, “Now I live much better, I am beginning to understand the meaning of Life.” As you can see, in the first example this person is alive, but he lives as a prisoner. In the second example he is also alive, but he lives like a free man. In the third example he lives with all his inner and outer needs met.


Life should be understood in all its most subtle manifestations, in all its most subtle requirements. A person who experiences Life in its most subtle and meaningful manifestations is always satisfied, because the sphere of his activity is widening. He experiences the pleasant feeling of growth, the feeling of life in his mind, heart, and soul. I am using the word "soul", but this is something obscure to you. The soul is outside of time and space. What are time and space in reality? They are two temporary measures which are used to define things in the material world.


Life causes a warm and pleasant feeling in man. Once someone has experienced this feeling, he can never forget it. Imagine that you are climbing a slippery cliff; you go slowly, carefully, but accidentally you slip. At that moment a friend of yours grabs your hand and prevents you from falling. This change in your feelings, the horror that you experienced and the support that you received awakens a tender, warm feeling in you – a feeling which is a manifestation of Life. No matter what trials you undergo in life, you will never forget this feeling. The stronger your friend's love was, the stronger this feeling is in you. He supported you at the risk of losing his own life. Analyse this feeling inside you in order to understand at least the external side of Life.


What characteristics do people attribute to Life today? Some people say that Life brings joy, grief, and motion. Others say that Life is a state of the soul in which the soul becomes aware of itself, i.e. a state in which the soul is aware that it lives, that it is in harmony with itself and with the great law of Nature. Being in harmony with yourself means that everything inside you should be in complete order. Imagine that you have a nice and well-arranged garden; imagine that all its pathways are covered with sand and you are walking along the pathways, satisfied and happy. Inadvertently, though, you forget all the things you carried with you on the pathway – a jar here, a small chair there, scattered stones somewhere else. In the evening you go home satisfied that everything is organised and in complete order. It happens that the very same evening while you are deep in your philosophical contemplations, you decide to go out to have a walk in the garden and get some fresh air. While walking on the pathways, you stumble over the jar and you wonder who has left this jar in your way. Then you stumble over the small chair or a stone and you wonder who has left these things in your way. You have forgotten that you yourself have left these objects on the pathways of your garden. After stumbling over one object after another you finally say, “It is really strange how the world has turned upside down!” Who has turned the world upside down? You yourself have turned your world upside down, you yourself have put these stumbling blocks in the way of your life and now you wonder who has put them there. You stumble over some object and you start grieving. Do you really have to grieve because some small chair has been overturned? Should you feel sorrow because you stumbled and fell on the ground? You should feel sorrow if you learn that some enemy of yours has put this stumbling block in your way. But if you know that you are the only reason for this, then there is no need for sorrow. And then nothing else remains other than to reach down, pick up the obstacle and put it aside.


Therefore, when studying Life, start with its most essential and simplest manifestations. As regards the essence of Life, this is an issue that you will never solve. Understanding the essence of Life means understanding what God is – in His fullness. It is impossible to understand God in His complete fullness. You cannot even understand the brightness of His consciousness. He is constantly alert, His consciousness embraces everything, and He is sovereign - unlimited and powerful in his ability do whatever He wants to. To you this is incomprehensible. Within yourself you become aware that you cannot do whatever you like, and so you feel unhappy. There is no need to suffer because your growth lies namely in your helplessness. Today you are filled with joy, you are jumping, singing, you think you can achieve everything; tomorrow you see that you cannot achieve anything. Today you are ascending, tomorrow you will descend, but you don’t know why you ascend or descend. It is exactly in these contrasting states that you grow. If someone asks you why you have come to this world you will not be able to answer. If someone asks you where you have come from – again you know nothing. Some philosophers, some scientists say that you have come from the outer world, but you don’t remember this. Do you have some memories from the outer world? Not only you don't have such memories, but you don’t even remember anything from the first year of your life. Do you remember anything from the first year of your childhood? You don’t. You don’t remember anything from your second or your third year even. Perhaps only in the fourth year of your childhood did your consciousness gradually start to awaken and as a result of this you have preserved some memories from that time.


When you reason and analyse things in this way, you will see that there are some issues which are difficult to solve and which you'd better set aside. For instance, what would you write on the topic: “What is God?” Some would write that God is the Primary great force, which has created the world, which pervades the atoms and the molecules and which sets them into motion – this force has created the whole Cosmos, all the worlds, all the oceans, all the seas, etc. This isn't God. Others would write that God is Love. What does this Love consist of? When God, that is God’s Love, penetrates in man, he feels inside a warm, expanding feeling towards everything that is alive in the world. Such a person isn't narrow-minded, he sees things properly. Nothing is able to disturb his balance. They might rob him of his millions, they might deprive him of his houses – he wouldn’t wince. He knows that the warm and great feeling he has inside is worth more than any wealth in the world. When they rob him, he penetrates those who have robbed him and becomes a master again.


When a certain form disintegrates, Life takes on another form, but this feeling remains. There is no form in the world that could limit this feeling. The problem is not that the form might disintegrate, but that the person may lose this feeling, that Love may abandon him. Anyone who has this feeling in him will remain quiet and calm even if he meets a bear on his way. Why? Because he would penetrate the bear with his consciousness, and the bear will surely step back. A person who has Love knows that the One lives within all beings. As long as you look at all people and all living beings as something separate from you, as something separate from your consciousness, you will always suffer. Then bears will attack you and people will cause you harm. You should look at all living beings as consciousness through which one and the same Life flows. There is one Life; one consciousness penetrates all living beings.


Now I will give you one task, one experiment to do: to transform one of your sorrowful states into a joyful one. Imagine that you get up early in the morning and deep within yourself you feel a great sorrow. You feel like working – you don’t feel like working, you feel like talking with someone – you don’t feel like talking, you cannot stand anyone, you don’t love anyone. Your grief continues to increase and you reach a state of great despair. What should you do in this situation, how can you help yourself? Here is what you can do: for a moment remain quiet and calm within yourself and go over your sorrowful state in your consciousness. After that, try to transform this state of yours using the laws of harmony. If you succeed in achieving this, you will notice that a small amount of Joy penetrates your consciousness and your grief gradually weakens until it disappears completely. It means that Joy penetrates grief, so it disappears completely. Then you find out that there is no need for sorrow. If the opposite happens, then grief penetrates Joy and drives it away. Everyone has experienced this: today he wins one hundred leva and he is delighted, tomorrow he loses one hundred leva and feels sad. These weals and woes are temporary and transient but with their help people grow and evolve.


These are experiences that each of you has passed through and continues to pass through every day. For example, you are a disciple in an occult School and you have thought of something nice and you are glad, you are satisfied with yourself. Then your Master comes to you and tells you that you don’t know a B from a bull’s foot, that you know nothing; immediately you believe him and you become disheartened, your mood changes. I am asking you – should the disciple get discouraged at once? If he has knowledge, can this knowledge disintegrate because of one word coming from his Master? Imagine that on your back you carry a rucksack with forty kilograms of gold; suppose that you meet an acquaintance of yours and he asks you: “What do you carry in your rucksack?” – “I carry forty kilograms of gold.” “You are mistaken, you haven’t got any gold in your rucksack.” – “Don’t I? I’ll prove it to you right now.” So you take your rucksack off your back and you start counting the gold. I say: this is what true Knowledge is. The one that has Knowledge cannot have doubts in it. So when they tell you that you know nothing, you should get your rucksack off your back and start examining your knowledge.


The task of the occult School is to free disciples from the outdated views which have deposited in their consciousness from the past. The value of contemporary people’s views is similar to the value of paper money, of the banknotes that they use. For instance, at present gold is hidden and people use primarily paper money whose value decreases every day. So there is some uncertainty in the lives of people – some uncertainty which they should free themselves from. The same holds true about knowledge too. Some thoughts and ideas are stored in human subconsciousness which aren't real and which don't have positive value. For this purpose your consciousness should be stirred into action, so you can free yourself from your unreal knowledge and keep with you only the knowledge that comes from life experience. If you cannot help yourselves, then ask some friend of yours to help you. If he understands the laws, your friend will change your state and you will see that this knowledge which you used to attach great importance to before, is worth nothing today. We call these changes in your states occult massages. Contemporary medicine recommends massages. Occultism also recommends them, but under the condition that the disciple’s mind is focused and concentrated. Whatever experiments you do you should know that not all of them will be successful. If ten experiments out of one hundred are successful, they are enough to add something to your belief in the laws of Intelligent Nature.


Let’s come back to our main idea - Life. Many people say that Life is motion. There is motion only where this pleasant inner feeling is at work – the feeling of Love towards all living beings. Wherever this feeling is at work, there is Life. When you get up in the morning you should experience this feeling inside you, so you can be positive, active, and have an impulse for work. This is what it means to feel the impulse of each living being, irrespective of whether it is higher or lower than you.


The first law of Life is the law of polarities. This signifies that the circle, which represents the entirety of Life, is geometrically divided into two equal halves. The letter "ж", with which the word “живот” (Bulgarian for "life") begins, is composed of the two halves of this circle, which have been turned with their back sides towards each other and joined by the diameter of the circle. This movement continues to infinity. These curved lines are called parabolas. If a body moves along such a curved line, it will go to infinity. When a body starts from the right thumb and moves upwards along the forefinger, one year, ten years, one hundred, one thousand or more years later, it will come back through the left hand, descend along the forefinger and reach the thumb of the same hand. If you join the tips of both thumbs and both forefingers, they will form the shape of the human being. These two semicircles which form upon the opening of the thumbs and the forefingers of both hands represent the polarization of human life. Consequently, man has originated from the movement of these two circles. The circle itself represents the Divine consciousness in which the human being moves. This consciousness is a common centre for all movements.


The second law through which Life unfolds is the law of descending and ascending. During descent a reduction takes place, whereas during ascent widening and increasing take place. At these two points the warm and tender feeling in a person diminishes at one moment and at another moment manifests itself again, i.e. at times it decreases, at other times it increases. This pleasant feeling lasts for one moment only, but when it is lost, a certain gap remains in human consciousness. Even the smallest reason is capable of bringing a person to a position where he loses this pleasant and beautiful feeling. However you can gain this feeling in the same way that you have lost it. Consequently you should conceive Life as a moment – it manifests itself within the realms of time and space, but it is beyond time and space. Therefore Life cannot be embraced - it can only be felt. That is why a person can only note that a certain feeling has appeared, or another one has disappeared, but he cannot define when exactly it happened. The moment in which Life manifests itself is beyond time and space.


If you draw a straight line over the middle of a human face, the letter "ж" will be formed. This shows that the human face gets polarized, that it can be divided into two halves. In one of them feelings occupy the first place and thoughts are second. In the other part of the face it is exactly the opposite – thoughts are in the first place and feelings are second. When we talk about the human who is made of flesh, i.e. the human who descends, we mean that his feelings have gained mastery over reason. When we talk about the spiritual human, we mean that intelligent Life has supremacy over his feelings. This can be seen from the very face of a human. When someone's lower feelings take over his thoughts, the lower part of his face gets harder and broadens; if noble thoughts and feelings prevail in him, then the upper part of his face narrows and gets more delicate. This can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine the direction in which somebody's inner life moves.


For one week you should make the following observation on yourself: when you wake up in the morning, observe carefully if this pleasant feeling is present inside you. It is a constant feeling and it is present in everyone, but you have to watch yourself, perceive it properly and distinguish it from other feelings. As long as you focus on yourselves, try to feel this pleasant feeling of Life, observe it without criticizing. Some of you will notice that this feeling manifests in your mind, others – that it manifests in your heart, while others still will notice it manifesting in their consciousness. If it is in their consciousness, they will perceive it as a small, tender, pleasant light. It comes out from the centre of their consciousness as an intelligent force. Even the lightest touch of this light, of this intelligence is enough to transform a person and make him perceive things with greater wisdom. This is what awakening of consciousness and wise living mean. When you fall into a gloomy state, this light centre gradually starts to darken and small black dots which are in constant movement begin to form around it. While they are moving, they cast a shadow over the bright beams of this centre.


Now I wish for you as disciples of the occult school to live and to make use of your own experiences – not the experiences of other people. As long as you use your own life experience, you will sit on the Eternal cliff where no dangers or surprises are possible. If you don’t have your own experience, then everyone will be able to deceive and fool you. You might say for some things that they are real, and for others that they aren't real. I am asking: are you alive? If you are alive, if you are on the eternal cliff, everything is real there. This can be proven easily. How? Take the candle of your life and see if you can read with its light. – “I can't read.” Since you can't read, then you aren't inside Reality. Come to me now and see if you can read with the candle of my life. – “I can read.” Since you can read then both of us are in Reality. This Reality never changes. Martyrs, who have a well-developed sense of Life, never change. Tortures, persecutions and suffering aren't able to shatter them or make them hesitate – they always preserve their feeling of Joy.


Therefore, when it comes to Life, you shouldn't look for it anywhere on the outside – neither in Space, nor in the Sun. Where is Life? It is inside you. If you want to find Life you need to concentrate on yourself. This feeling of Life that occultists call Divine consciousness moves with a very high speed. It moves with such a high speed that in a single moment you can go wherever you want to – the Sun, Sirius, Venus etc. Because this movement is absolute, it seems that it absorbs all remaining movements while its own movement remains unnoticed. Those of you who haven't had such an experience would say, “It might be so, but it might also not be so.” Some day, however, when you find this feeling inside you, then you will see how high the speed of its movement is. Then you will feel that the whole Universe, all living beings – from the smallest to the largest, from the tiny flies to the Angels are within you. This movement manifests everywhere – it is Life itself. I wish that this feeling manifests within you and that all of you recognize the Life inside you. Do the following experiment: watch yourself for a whole week and see if you can discern this feeling within yourself. You will surely find something. All the ancient schools have taught us that man cannot know the lives of other people unless he gets to know his own. You shouldn't think that your present life is bad. No, it is the best life that you can have now. For the time being you cannot be given a better life than your present one.


Next time I will subject one of you to a test to see what he has learnt from the lecture. The disciples will use words to offend him, and we will see if he is able to transform these words. It is not easy to pass such a test. Of course, those who will be subjected to this test should have a strong back and be able to endure. Don’t think that you will do without such tests. All of you will pass through a sieve. This test is scary! It is a whole operation which requires great composure.


When they want to put somebody to the test they place him in a retort and there the tests begin. Once they see themselves in a retort, or lying on the operating table, many of you will say, "We never thought that these people who are so noble could treat us with such cruelty.” You should know that in the occult School the following morale is applied: they start badly and they finish things well. As long as the end result is positive, then the actions are considered moral. For us it is the end results which are important. You shouldn't think that we want you to give up your life. Not at all - we just want to show you the shortest route; we want to set in motion everything that has been deposited into your souls and remained there as potential for ages; we want all the seeds and forces within you to be developed and cultivated. If this is not achieved, then given the way you are living now, at some point you will stumble and come to a halt in your development. This is the reason why the occult schools have been kept hidden from people. Why? Because without understanding the laws, due to their curiosity people have caused them great mischief. They have done what some people still do to blossoming trees today: some person passes by a tree in bloom and without thinking much reaches out and breaks off a branch. After ten people break off a branch each, the tree becomes crippled. When a person does experiments there is a danger that after several people pass him by, each of them might break off a branch and cause him some harm. That is why Christ was telling His disciples that they should beware of swine. When the trees are blossoming, enjoy their scent from a distance, but don't touch their blossoms. Such is the great law of Nature.


Now here is an analogy: when a school or university student is interested in the subject his teacher or professor is teaching, then the latter behaves especially well; if the student is careless about his lessons, then the professor is careless towards him, too. In the same way, as soon as we show an interest in this important psychological moment in Life, the Beings who are superior to us and who have completed their evolution, begin to show interest in us and to help us. An inner connection is established between their consciousness and ours. These Beings are close to you, but in order to feel them your consciousness needs to awaken and the tender feeling of Life to manifest inside you. Then you will feel that there is Life where you haven’t even imagined; you will feel that this Life is intelligent – something you haven’t thought of so far. Intelligent forces will then begin to flow in from places you haven't expected. This will be the result of your first experiment.


In that case if you have decided to go, let’s say, to Musala, one of these intelligent Beings will start talking to you and determine the programme of your trip. It will tell you what time you should start, what paths to take, it will even tell you where you will meet a bear, so that you don’t get scared, etc. You start for Musala and everything happens as you were told. After that you will be told that you will meet an old man who will stop you and start a conversation with you; further on you will meet a beautiful young woman who will only smile at you. So you keep walking and indeed everything happens as predicted. When you get back home you remember all this and say, “Does anyone really talk to me?” Yes, of course someone talks to you. This Being makes a second attempt, then a third attempt with you; it says, “You will go to such and such a place, you will dig there and you will find a treasure. After that you will go further into the forest and after walking for ten kilometres you will dig in the soil at this particular place and you will find a valuable manuscript. You will find out the key to this manuscript and read it." I am asking now, is this an illusion or reality? – Whatever it says to you always comes true. When the spirits talk to you, however, nothing happens as they say – nothing comes true. When the intelligent higher Beings talk to you then everything turns out to be absolutely true without any exceptions.


Finally, after you have done these experiments, your friend will tell you; “Be careful in your life because we see everything. Be careful in your thoughts, wishes and actions, because we know everything.” Then you will believe in this feeling inside you and will have gained valuable experience. And again you will hear the voice of your friend: “Always be cautious!”


Secret prayer



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