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1922_11_01 Tuning of Forces


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Tuning of Forces


Year 2, Lecture 5 of the Youth Occult Class (Special Class)

given by the Master Beinsa Douno

on November 1, 1922, Sofia






Fir-fur-fen  Tao-bi-aumen


Silent Prayer


The disciples essays were read on the topic "The Distinctive Features of Life".


What is meant by the word coordinate in mathematics? (Coordinates are mathematical constructs which determine the position of points in a coordinate system.) Imagine that you have the four coordinates of a point. Do they relate in the same way to the centre of the coordinate system? No, they don't. Therefore by coordination we mean correlation, tuning of forces.


Picture a point in space; this point is alive. Since it is alive, it is in a state of motion. If there are two points, they will form a straight line. This straight line will have only one dimension, that of length. Therefore, when two points move consciously, they form a straight line, which has a concept of only one dimension. The two points can move only along this line and only in two directions: upwards or downwards. If two points, A and B, move in opposite directions, they will meet in one point after a period of time, but they will not be able to pass by each other. If you asked these points if the beings from their world could pass by each other, they would say, “According to the laws of our world, when two beings meet in one point, they cannot pass by each other. In our world all beings can meet only face to face and when they part, they turn their backs to each other.” So, when they are coming towards each other, they face each other, and when they turn around to go back, they have their backs to each other. Why is that? Because they cannot pass by each other. However, in the world people live in, they can go and come back always facing forward.


Therefore, all relations amongst beings are like mathematical formulas that we need to translate so that we can apply them consciously. So, if two beings move only in a straight line, they will know only one thing, the point. In their mind, the line is but the sum of multiple points, and they will never even suspect that all these points form a straight line. If you asked them if straight lines exist in the world, they would say, “A straight line may exist, but it is not a part of our world.” Therefore, according to these beings, the point is the measuring stick for figuring out the world. They view the point as an infinite unit, i.e. as 1 π. The number π cannot increase infinitely because, at a given moment and at a given occasion, a given thing in the world can only be measured by a specific unit of measurement. Different things are measured with different units of measurement. For example, the concepts and objects of the one-dimensional world can be measured using linear metric units. However, can a plane be measured linearly? No, the plane, being a part of the two-dimensional world, can only be measured in square metric units. The plane is also a living, conscious being that has its own unit of measurement. When the beings from the one-dimensional world ponder the question of right, they reach only relative conclusions. For example, those beings who move only in a straight line say about themselves that they are the only beings who are right. Why? Because the only movement they know is that of the straight line, they do not recognize the curved line. If I ask these beings, “Could you stab someone in the back,” they would say, “Not under any circumstances.” “How about in the chest?” “This we can do.” “Why?” “Because, in our world, there is only a front but no back.” If one of the wisest beings of the one-dimensional world finds a way to bend a straight line to form a circle and thus manages to leave the conditions of the one-dimensional world, created by the straight line, then when beings A and B move towards each other, they will eventually touch their backs. We call this movement falling. These beings will be bewildered by the fact that they can touch their backs. This is the situation of the fallen and sinful people in the world. They do not face each other but have their backs towards each other. The sinful people are people of the one-dimensional world. He who knows the laws can make these people pass by each other. However, this is something impossible to do for the beings from the first dimension.


Now picture the point on which one of these beings stands. Here is my question: can this point move in a right angle, i.e. can it move perpendicularly to the line to which it belongs? No, it cannot do that. Why is that so? It is so because this point can move only in one direction. If you could photograph the movement of the beings from the one-dimensional world, you would see this movement as a straight line. However, the individual shifts of the beings themselves would be marked as individual points.


If the points that make up the straight line start moving perpendicularly to themselves, they will form a plane. How is a plane different from a line? The line is the border of the plane. The line has an infinitely remote point and the plane has an infinitely remote line. What lies behind this line? Nothing. However, this nothing marks the boundary of reality; it marks the boundary of what has been manifested. This, which has been manifested, lies behind this nothing. This nothing does not imply at all that it is impossible to manifest that, which has not yet been manifested. You wonder how nothing can beget something. Well then, how can the imaginary unit, which is a nothing in itself, become a real one when raised to the fourth power?


Now let us put aside the one-dimensional world and move forward to the world of two dimensions. Let us imagine that I meet two beings who are at two opposite poles and I ask them if they can meet; I ask them if they can unite the two ends of the straight line into one point. Their answer is that this is impossible for them to do. This means the following: two beings who are of opposite opinions cannot share the same place by any means. This statement is true about their world. However, we can prove to them that this is in fact possible to do. How? By forming a circle. Therefore, the two ends of the straight line are the end boundaries of the broken circle. These two beings - who have been thinking, until now, that their views are diametrically opposed to one another, and as a result, they cannot meet in one place - can under certain conditions, form a circle and meet in one point. If you ask the beings from the two dimensions if there are planes in their world, they will tell you that in their world there are lines, but no planes. According to these beings, the world is made only of points, and lines. I ask these beings, “If the lines of your world move perpendicularly, what will they form?” “We do not know,” they answer. “This knowledge is transcendental, and is beyond our consciousness, and experience.” They have no idea that if the lines are connected in a perpendicular direction, they will form a myriad of worlds, similar to their world, and that all of these worlds together will form a plane. If the plane moves perpendicularly to itself, it will form a cube.


So, if the line moves perpendicularly to itself, it will form a plane. If the plane moves perpendicularly to itself, it will form a cube. A cube is a three-dimensional shape. People belong to the three dimensional world. We asked the beings from the first and the second dimensions what they thought about movement in their world. However, we will not stop at that. Now we would like to know what they think about the movement of the beings from the third dimension. I ask the following: is it possible to bring together all the points and all the borders of a cube? How many sides does a cube have? Six. How many edges does it have? Twelve. Is it possible to bring together all the edges of a cube? It is impossible to bring together the points, the boundaries, or the edges of a cube. Picture twenty-four cubes with differently coloured sides. One of these cubes is positioned in the centre of all the rest. If the central cube changes its location, the rest of the cubes will move, too. Can you tell, in this case, how each cube will be positioned in regards to the central one? Even when the cubes are repositioned like that, you will notice that neither the points nor the sides of these cubes can be converged into one point. The four-dimensional shape that is formed by eight cubes is called a tesseract. The cubes within this tesseract move from the periphery towards the centre.


And so, the four-dimensional world is characterized by its four coordinates; it is the world of time and space. That is why simple people say that time can fix everything. The tesseract is a shape of the fourth dimension. The four dimensions determine the relationships among all beings. These dimensions are used in mathematics, as well. They can also be applied in people’s actual life. For example, people cherish certain moral views about what is right; they have the notions of positive and negative, and they judge things with those views and notions in mind. Some people maintain that the negative cannot be turned into positive; this, however, is not true. The negative can turn into positive under certain conditions. Take, for example, a man who owns a small sum of money, but needs another ten thousand leva. He goes to a banker and gets a loan of ten thousand leva from him. Now, this banker who used to have a hundred thousand leva available is now, having lent ten thousand of it, left with a hundred thousand minus ten thousand leva in his safe. On the other hand, the man who started with a small sum has now added ten thousand leva to it, and thus, his sum has grown. However, the time comes when his payment is due and he has to pay back the loaned money. After he has paid back his debt, he is left with a sum that is minus ten thousand leva. In this case, the money in the banker’s safe increases by ten thousand leva.


When it comes to monetary exchanges, people come across a number of crimes. What are all those crimes about? He, who lends money, creates conditions for crime. Why? Because he, who has borrowed the money, has to resort to lying when he cannot pay it back on time. The one who returns the money on time passes for an honest person. On the other hand, the one who lends the money passes for a benefactor. These are all external appearances and one cannot judge people’s character based on those things. Imagine that you have ten thousand leva in your safe and you depend on it; you build your happiness based on this ten thousand leva. An acquaintance of yours comes by one night and pilfers your money. As soon as you learn that this person has robbed you, you say a number of bad things about him. A few days later, this same person comes to your home disguised as someone else and starts conversing with you. One thing leads to another and you finally come to the topic of the ten thousand leva, and you complain that you have been robbed. “No problem,” he says, “I can help you by giving you another ten thousand leva. I am a rich man and I have a lot of money at my disposal; I won’t even know that I have taken money out of my safe.” “I am extremely grateful,” you say. “I have never met such a generous person in my life!” I ask this now: are your conclusions in either situation correct? The person who robbed you and the one who gave you the ten thousand leva are one and the same man. Is it possible, then, for one and the same man to be both a criminal and a benefactor?


We can draw the following conclusion from this example: in their relationships and their actions people can be both good and bad but, in essence, they are neither good, nor bad. What does this indicate? It indicates that a person may be working with the positive at a given moment, and then at another moment that same person may be working with the negative. With this in mind we can define the bad as something negative, which creates suffering for people and the Good as something positive, which brings joy to people. However, in Nature both the negative and the positive have the same value. This is not so for us, though. Why? Because we apply different measures to qualify things: one person’s measure is not the same for another person. In this case, in mathematics, we speak of the so-called incomparable values where we are dealing with unrelated constructs. For example, what is the formula for the area of the circle? The area of the circle equals π.R2 where π equals 3,14…, i.e. it is an immeasurable number. The letter R designates the radius of the circle and it can be a different figure. The circle is an emblem of something related to the notions and concepts of the fourth dimension. The circle designates time. It can be measured by using different means and that is why we speak of the quadrature of the circle. If this is so, you should know that in Nature there exists one absolute measure and that this absolute measure can be applied to everything. When moving, this measure exists everywhere simultaneously; it is everywhere with all its points no matter how intangible those might be. People cannot comprehend this measure and it will always remain incomprehensible to them.


Therefore, the circle represents the ideal world for the first dimension, the cube represents the ideal world for the second dimension, and the tesseract represents the ideal world for the third dimension. The tesseract is formed by eight cubes. It cannot be drawn, i.e. it cannot be represented on a plane. The same way a plane marks the boundary of a cube, a cube marks the boundary of a tesseract. Can you imagine a tesseract and picture the way it will move in space? This is impossible for the common mind, but the impossible in one world is possible in another. Therefore, it is possible for two people to make peace with each other; it is possible for hatred to turn into Love; it is possible for falsehood to turn into Truth; it is possible for injustice to turn into Righteousness.


What is the modern people’s concept of lying? Imagine that someone borrows ten thousand leva from you and promises that he will return it after a certain period of time. However, he does not keep his promise after that period of time has passed. The period is extended for a few months more and then that person appoints a new date by which to pay his debt. This date arrives and he is unable to keep his promise again. What does lying come down to in this case? It comes down to an inability to keep time. How do you define time; what is it related to? How do mathematicians and philosophers define time and space; how and with what do they define the projections of these forces? They use a clock to measure time and certain measures of length to measure space. Mathematicians often calculate the intensity of certain forces, which act on certain energy lines. (Time, in physics, is measured according to the quantity of performed work.) In mathematics, one letter is multiplied by itself, which shows that certain values can grow. To what degree can they increase, i.e. to what degree can they grow? They can grow to an infinitely great degree. This is growth! Every impulse, every urge is part of time; every expansion is part of space. Therefore, time and space are manifested in one and the same moment. When energy passes from one state into another, we call this transition time; the expansion at any given moment we call space.


Now, Good and bad can be given new definitions from the viewpoint of time and space. In general, Good and bad are two processes that are manifested in the conscious life of man. That, which simultaneously grows and expands, we call Good, and that, which simultaneously moves and shrinks, we call bad. In this sense, bad is a process of division. When people are divided, when there is division and subtraction amongst them, this is the bad in the world. When there is addition and multiplication among people, this is the Good in the world. However, in Life, as it is in all of Nature, these two processes take place simultaneously. For example, when we speak of expansion, this implies that a body or a shape used to be small once. In that case, even the smallest expansion is noticeable. Therefore, if one wants to expand a body, one needs to make it small first.


A verse of the Gospel says that the righteous will resurrect and the sinful will disappear. This means the following: the righteous will grow and the sinful will become smaller. Many think that this is impossible, but it can be proved. For example, the ground is covered with ice and snow in winter and you consider this to be real. However, you do not see the little seeds hiding in the ground. Therefore, you do not see the Good that is hidden in the ground. Since you do not see the Good, you do not consider it real and you say, “For years we have known this condition of the earth, the way it is all covered with snow and ice. If we want to remove this cover from it, we need to break through it with hammers.” This is how you think in regards to evil. However, as soon as the Sun comes out, this age-old ice and snow starts to melt, then it turns into water and sinks deeply into the earth. Where did your reality go; where did the evil in the world go? However, the activity of the Sun does not end here. It continues to grow and under the influence of its warm and bright rays, the seeds that were hidden in the ground start to sprout. Before long, the earth is covered in grass, trees, and flowers. Where did the evil go? The evil had to go down, melt and disappear in order for the Good to come in its place.


If you look at the Earth from the fourth dimension, you will see that it is covered with a huge layer of ice. You are the Earth. There is the following line in the Lord’s Prayer, “Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Therefore, the Earth has the ability to fulfil God’s Will, i.e. everything that is planted in it has the ability to grow and develop. Since people represent the Earth, they, too, can fulfil God’s Will. Some think that people will be able to fulfil God’s Will only if a new social order is instituted. However, the social order is only a shadow of Life. Therefore, the shadow is something changeable and the fulfilment of God’s Will does not lie in variables. Every object casts a shadow, but the shadow itself is not a constant as it comes and goes. If this is so, then the social order, being the shadow of Life, may exist or may not exist. For example, the shadow of an object is largest in the evening, smaller at noon, and very small or non-existing in the morning. Man represents the Reality of things and everything else is fictitious. You might say that man is influenced by economic conditions. I ask you this, was there man before any kind of economic conditions existed? Yes, man existed before any other conditions; it was man who created all the conditions. It is ridiculous, then, that the creation could influence the creator. Man should not be fooled by claims that economic conditions are a factor in human life; hence, man should not be influenced by those conditions. Man is above all conditions. Religious people might say that it was religion that created man. This, too, is not true. Man existed before religion and before all economic conditions. Scientists, on the other hand, say that science will fix the world. Was there man before science?


Therefore, man, who has created religion, and science, and economic conditions, has the ability to change everything himself. This is the idea that should remain in the minds of all people and become the foundation of their life. The human Spirit is the main factor in Life. If the human Spirit makes a decision, everything - religion, science, and conditions- will change. When this happens, people will act according to Nature’s laws. And now, people act according to their own understanding, and beliefs. Someone writes a maxim about Life, and everyone tries to act according to this maxim. This maxim is a personal view; it is not Nature’s view. For example, most people today pass as Christians because they believe in Christ. This is true, they are Christians, but Christ was not a Christian? Why? In order for him to be a Christian, he should have believed in someone else, someone outside of him. What do we know about Christ? We know that Christ preached about Love and fulfilled his Father’s Will. Christ never preached Christianity. The heathens created Christianity; it did not exist before Christ. What is Christianity? Christianity is a collection of formulas and rules that are imposed on people. We believe in the Absolute measure of things; we believe in one principle that regulates all manifestations of Life. Every teaching that is based on Absolute measures, on Absolute principles, is outside religion, outside science, outside any conditions, i.e. such a teaching is above religion, science, and conditions and can change them at any time. When the human Spirit moves parallel to God’s Spirit, it can be the master of everything in its life.


Today some people argue amongst themselves about who is orthodox and who is not. Others, on the other hand, argue about communism. Was Christ orthodox? Was Christ a communist? He preached the idea of Love that has existed before time and will exist for all times. You may say that communism, too, preaches love among people. True, communism also preaches love, but this love is still misunderstood. This love cannot give people what they need. Religion, science, and economy represent mathematical relations and coordinates. Religion is an upward movement; economy is a downward movement and science is a horizontal movement; these are three coordinates that are in a certain relation to each other: they have one common point. Since they have one common point, they also have common interests. What do their common interests lie in? For example, if a factory makes icons, what determines the number of icons that it must produce? This number depends on the number of pious, religious people who believe in icons. If the factory depended on people who do not believe in icons, it would have gone bankrupt. If the rules of a religion state that people should not eat meat and butter, before long a number of butter makers and butchers would go bankrupt. What will the butchers and butter makers do after that? It is science, then, that will come to their aid, “The latest scientific data shows that the doctors recommend that the consumption of meat and butter should increase.” Right away, the condition of both the butter makers and the butchers improves.


Now, we can use one of the mathematical theorems of Pythagoras in order to define economy, religion, and science in scientific terms. Let us say that one of the sides of a right triangle represents religion, the other side represents economy, and the hypotenuse represents science. Then we can rephrase the Pythagorean Theorem like this: the possibilities of science contain the possibilities of religion plus the possibilities of economy. Therefore, science, i.e. the hypotenuse, will solve the religious and economic problems. The delusions of the religious people are in the fact that they think that religion will fix the world. The world will be fixed only when we look at religion as one factor and at science and economy as another two factors and we find the relationship among these three factors.


Now, let us demonstrate this idea through the equation a2+b2=c2. These parameters are religion, economy, and science. So, the sum of the squares of religion and economy equals the square of science. Two other equations can be derived from this first equation: a2=c2-b2 and b2=c2-a2. What can come out of these two equations? Here the mathematicians have the floor. Religion, economy, and science are concepts of the mind. In that case, we can talk about another way of reading the Pythagorean Theorem, namely, we can say that the possibilities of the mind plus the possibilities of the heart equal the possibilities of willpower. Then we can come to yet another application of the Pythagorean Theorem by saying that the possibilities of the mind plus the possibilities of the heart plus the possibilities of willpower equals the possibilities of the soul. In this case, we reach the equation for a sphere. Finally, we can talk about one last application of the Pythagorean Theorem: the sum of the possibilities of the mind, of the heart, of willpower, and of the soul equals the possibilities of the Spirit, i.e. a2+b2+c2+d2= Д 2


These are forces and relations that you need to work with. Therefore, willpower is an equal force to the mind and the heart; the soul is an equal force in relation to the mind, the heart, and willpower; the Spirit is an equal force in relation to the mind, the heart, willpower, and the soul. Besides these several equations, we can form one more equation, namely, that the sum of the possibilities of the mind, the heart, willpower, the soul, and the Spirit equal the abilities of God. This can be expressed in the following formula: a2+b2+c2+d2+ Д 2= Б 2. We can form yet another philosophical equation: the sum of the possibilities of the mind, the heart, the willpower, the soul, the Spirit and God equal the abilities and the possibilities of the Absolute, of the Infinite. This we can express through the formula a2+b2+c2+d2+ Д 2+ Б 2=A. Through this last formula, you enter the boundaries of the transcendental realm. These mathematical formulas will help you make calculations in astrology and some other sciences.


Let us assume that you take the mind as a given factor, as a given force. Let us say that this force is placed within certain conditions and possibilities where it can manifest itself. What are these possibilities that we are talking about? They are the Signs of the Zodiac. Let us say that the mind has manifested itself on the night of the first day of March. Given these conditions, it is already predetermined what possibilities the mind will have to manifest itself. Likewise, it can be determined what possibilities the mind has to manifest itself if it has appeared on the second, the third or any other day of March. These are all mathematical relations. When you do these calculations, you should record precisely when the mind has appeared. You can do the same about the heart, if you decide to pick the month of July for its manifestation. The human mind and heart never manifest at the same time. The mind comes together with the physical body. First comes the body, then the mind and finally, the heart. When a child is conceived, the extremities (legs and arms) form first, then the rest of the organs are formed (the liver, the respiratory system, etc.) and finally, the heart is formed. The heart is formed at the moment when the activity of the willpower in the child is manifested. It is manifested at the moment of birth, when the child cries. When the child takes in its first breath, its heart starts beating, i.e. it manifests itself. Therefore, when a man manifests the Conscious life, this shows that he has already left the uterus of Nature. When a man manifests his consciousness, this shows that he has left the limiting conditions of Life and has started to live freely. This is the day of birth. The first thing a child does when the willpower is manifested is cry; then it lifts its arms up. When it lifts its arms up, this signifies that its willpower has manifested itself and has started to act upon the child’s consciousness. When the hand starts to regulate precisely the direction of its movement, this shows that the child is already manifesting its conscious willpower. It is a different story if these movements are harmonious or not; what matters is that the child’s willpower has started working within the child. Only a correctly manifested willpower yields harmonious movements.


What did you understand from everything that has been said tonight? (That every world has its main unit of measure for defining and measuring things.)1 Truly, when we say for a man that he has a limited mind, i.e. that he is limited in his thinking, this means that he moves in the one-dimensional world, in the world of the line. For example, the miser lives with only one idea in mind; he thinks only about money. In his mind, the coin forms a centre, a point around which everything else revolves. In this respect, he is a man of the one-dimensional world. On the other hand, someone else may only think about building a house, getting married, finding a companion, and having some children; such a man lives in the two-dimensional world. Wherever he goes, he speaks of the two selves - me and you - he lives in the plane. Will these two people be able to live harmoniously, should they get together at one place? When two people get together at one place, this means that they will go in a new direction.


Picture a deep well with a thousand steps leading downwards. There is a person sitting on each step and there is a big, sturdy pole in the middle of the well. All the people, who live in the well, look up through the opening and say, “I wonder what is up there, in that world?” The life in the well is arranged in such a way that they give orders to each other while being unable to raise each other further up; everybody just sits in their place and will not move from there. The one, who is on the highest step of the well, is only ten meters from the opening, but he does not realize it; he thinks that he is far from the opening. All the people in the well have been in this situation for years and none of them has been able to rise even a step higher from their situation. After a while a wise man comes along, looks down into the well, and seeing all the people in it, asks them, ”What are you doing down there?” “We are sitting in one place.” “Can’t you move?” “No, we can’t.” “Will I be able to help you?” “It is very unlikely that you could. We have been sitting here for years and we have been firmly planted each one in our own place. This pole here has been sitting in the middle of the well for a thousand years.” Then the wise man brings a rope with a hook on one end and lowers it into the well. Everybody watches to see what will happen. What happens is that the hook catches the person on the highest step by his clothes, and without realizing it, he finds himself outside the well, in the bright, wide world. The rest wonder where their friend has disappeared, how come he just vanished from before their eyes. The absence of the man on the highest step creates a small movement in the well. The second one immediately moves up to the place of the first one, and in this way, everyone climbs a step up. The wise man asks them probingly, “What is happening down there?” “One of us has left the well and the rest of us have climbed a step up.” This is what we call evolution. “Can you move now?” “We can’t.” He lowers the rope into the well again and catches the next one. The rest move again and climb another step up. The wise man lowers his rope this way into the well 999 times, each time pulling a man out until there is only one man left in the well. This man says, “By now I have travelled 999 steps up. I am ready to leave the last step I’m on.”


I ask this now; can this gradual climbing from one step to another be culture? This is no culture at all. Is there anything important about the ladder you have been climbing? There is nothing important about it. The important thing is in the rope and in the hook. This is where the world’s culture lies; you lower the rope into the well, catch someone with the hook and fling him outside the well. Evolution, on the other hand, is all about the gradual climbing of the steps.


It is about time that the Fifth race should leave the hole of this well. By the word hole, I mean the thick matter. I will use an example to explain to you more clearly the meaning of the well. There is this rich farmer who owns millions of wheat grains. Come spring, the farmer goes into the barn and asks the grains, “Are you comfortable in here? Do you have the opportunity to expand?” “No, there is no room in here. We are too close to each other and have no conditions to expand, and as a result we cannot stand each other.” The same way people enter each other’s space and think that they are happy. The farmer picks up a grain and holds it in his hand for a while. The grain looks happily up at him and feels free. Then it asks its master, “What do you plan to do with me?” “I plan to put you into better conditions.” The farmer picks up a scoop of wheat grains, takes them out to the field and seeds them with a sweep of his arm. Each grain falls onto the ground and into a little hole that feels like a big well to the grain. This well is no deeper than fifteen centimetres; not many grains can fit into a well this size. When it finds itself alone in the well, the grain starts crying and complaining that here, too, is not a good place. The farmer tries to convince it that it is going through this process for its own good and that soon a hook will appear that will bring it up to the ground surface. Before long, the moisture starts working on the grain and tells it, “Come on, go out of the well already so that there is room for other grains.” The little grain starts climbing out of the well little by little.


Therefore, the well, i.e. the restrictive, limiting conditions of Life that one enters, represents the thick matter. The same thick matter also envelops the human consciousness. If one wants to crack open this layer, this shell of consciousness, one needs the help of moisture, light, and the New life; one needs the help of Love, too. God’s Love, being a supreme force, will sweep over these conditions and will give a new guidance and a new direction to one’s consciousness. In order for this to happen, one ought to pass through several phases; one ought to leave the barn and then enter the well, i.e. the soil where one will be covered with more dirt until one grows out of it. The process of growing is but the action of the intelligent forces of Nature; the forces of warmth and light which are like the rope in the hands of the wise man of the previous story who pulled the man out of the well. Half of your brothers – the roots - will stay behind in the well, waiting the day of their salvation. One day, they, too, will leave the well and others will climb up to their place. Most people today need to leave the last well they are in; the well of the flesh. When they start moving consciously, they will leave this well, too.


And so, Righteousness, the Absolute measure which we apply to Life, is neither in the one-dimensional, nor in the two - or even the three-dimensional world. It is in the four-dimensional world, in the world of the fourth dimension. It is in the world of time and space that good and evil are defined. When you apply time and space correctly as a measure for things, you will feel a deep Joy and harmony inside. If you do something wrong, immediately you will feel grief and disharmony inside yourself. Then you will know that the world, in which you move, is not harmonious. However, the world of the fourth dimension is harmonious. No crimes can take place there. Why? Because this world has round, circular walls.


Imagine yourself living in a world that is like a cylinder. At the base of this cylinder are stashed all treasures; all the gold is there. If a thief enters this world, he will take some of the gold as soon as he sees it and he will start climbing up the walls of the cylinder. If he decides to rest for a while and put the gold aside, it will slide right down to the bottom. It does not matter how many times the thief will climb up and down to take the gold from the bottom of the cylinder, for, at the end, the gold will end up in its place. For this reason, there are no crimes in the four-dimensional world. One may get robbed time and over again, but his money will find its way back to him in the end. That is why Bulgarians have a saying that where water has flowed before, it will flow again. In this case, where money was once, it will come back again. So, each thing that has been lost or stolen in the Divine world will go back to its place. This is the law. There are no crimes in the Divine world. There the desire may exist for crimes but no conditions exist there for realizing such desires. The people from the second and the third dimension have the habit of stealing but as soon as they enter the fourth dimension, they find out that all crimes are pointless. What is the point in stealing something if it is going to return to its place right away?


The same law is applicable to ideas, as well. Let us say that you are sitting quietly and peacefully when an illuminating, elevated idea comes to your mind. You feel happy and want to remember it, but you realize right away that this idea has disappeared without a trace. What is the reason for this to happen? This idea was not yours. It was someone else’s idea, which happened to pass by you on accident after which it returned to its owner. Therefore, all ideas, all desires, all feelings that you forget easily, are not yours, but someone else’s; those are stolen ideas and desires. Sometimes people lose their love. Why? It was a stolen love. All things that are lost easily are things stolen. You should be thankful that you live in a world with superior and intelligent Beings who continuously correct your actions. If you lose your love, you should know that it was not yours. Nobody can take away what is yours. Remember this: the Real, the Divine is never lost. When Love comes to a man, it cannot be taken away by any being if it belongs to this man. Moreover, Love does not change; it always remains the same. If you lose your love or if it changes, then it is not yours. Being disciples, you should be aware of this. Once you know this, you will neither apologize nor deceive yourselves.


The young always speak about Love. If so, why don’t you define only one of Love’s properties? If you cannot define one of Love’s essential properties, then I will tell you one of those: Love gives Freedom. Therefore, when you feel love for a being, the first thing you will do is give freedom to this being. If you feel love for an ox, you will take off its harness and let it roam freely. Love has the desire to free every living being, so it can freely use Life’s goods. Love gives Freedom to all living beings and this is its essential quality. You need no other philosophy. There is a way to tell if the ones, liberated by Love, have understood this law; the way to tell is to see if they, in turn, have the desire to liberate those who are still enslaved. That one, who does not have this desire, this aspiration in oneself, has not understood Love yet.


Therefore, being the disciples of the same School, you should not limit yourselves. Limitation is not a manifestation of Love. When you speak, you should give everyone the right to say what they think. When one of you speaks, the rest should listen. You should instil it in yourselves that every person's thought is right. If you do not think so, you suspect that this man is being insincere. You should wait patiently for the others to finish what they are saying.


When you write your essays, you have the desire to write a lot to demonstrate that you are learned. This is a false situation. You might write a whole thesis about Love and its qualities but when it comes down to applying it, you fail. I will give you the following task; if you see someone bound in ropes, go and free him. When you go closer to this man and notice that the rope is tight, you will need a knife. Buy a knife and cut the rope. You might object, “Yes, but this knife is expensive and all I have is a hundred leva in my pocket. I need this money for food and drinks; you should send someone else to free this man.” If you say this, it is a sign that you have no Love. What you do not know is that this man is a millionaire and he will thank you for freeing him. Indeed, if you free him, he will say, “Thank you, my friend, for freeing me. Many people passed by me, but no one stopped to free me. I will thank you because you did this big favour for me. You freed me physically and I will liberate you financially. You want to learn, to develop intellectually. I am at your disposal.”


And so, he, who has Love, is free; he, who has no Love, is roped. If you have feeble faith and weak willpower, you are roped; you need someone to come along and cut the ropes to free you. New methods and application are necessary for a man to become free. Just reading is not enough; rather, what has been read and learned should be applied. There exists a certain relation between reading and applying. There are mathematical relations in everything in Life. For example, how is the physical body related to the Etheric, the Astral, the Mental and the Causal bodies? According to esoteric science, each one of man’s bodies represents a certain entity. The Physical body is one entity, the Astral body is another, the Mental body is a third one, and the Causal body is a fourth entity. These four bodies represent four coordinates. Each of these bodies has its own energies. You should be able to understand these energies so that you can transform them and translate them from one world into another. Once you have achieved this, you will be able to correct your mistakes easily.


Now when I observe you I notice that some of you often put one or two hands up to their temples. Why? Too much energy has collected around the temples, due to which the mind cannot think properly. When you put your hands over your temples, what you do is take away part of the excess energy that has collected around these centres. But you should place your hands conscientiously. First, what you need to do is polarize your hands in a higher field of activity, so that when you pass this energy through your hands a few times, your mind should become clear right away. Sometimes the energies in human hands are connected to lower fields and then he will not only be unable to help himself, but he will even make his situation worse. If this is the case, it will be beneficial if you call someone else, whose hands are magnetic and has good energies and this person should massage your temples. Therefore, do everything consciously. If you follow all the necessary rules, you will achieve results fifty to ninety-five times out of a hundred. However, you must know why you are doing something and how you should do it.


You should remember that the essential properties of Love are that it gives Freedom and that it sacrifices everything. God gives everything and never thinks of Himself. People do the exact opposite; they think only of themselves and give nothing. In fact, the situation needs to change in the sense that God should think of us and we should think only of Him. In other words, we should take in God’s Love, we should work for its sake and apply it everywhere as a specific, strictly defined measure.


Now, let us close the well!

Secret prayer




1 Whenever the disciples in the audience respond to a question posed by the Master throughout the lecture, their comments are transcribed in italics and placed in parentheses.



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