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1919_01_19 The Great Faith


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The Great Faith

“Your faith is great.” (Matthew 15:28)

One of the important verses in the read chapter is about the faith. Christ turns to a woman who was a Canaanite and says: „Woman, great is your faith!“. The faith Christ is talking about  represents a great, immeasurable world. For many, faith is as comprehended as are the words God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. These words are so familiar to a man as he alone realises the situation, which he is in. Whoever knows what the beginning of things means, he understands the words God the Father. Whoever understands  the two opposite beginnings in the world – the spirit and matter, he knows the meaning of the words God - Spirit. Whoever understands the son’s relationship to his father, he knows what the words God the Son mean. When talking about the son’s manifestations to people, we understand the meaning of the words Son of the Humankind. Finally, when we talk about the connection between the manifestations of the Son to the human mind, we understand the notion reasonabe light.

„Woman, great is your faith!“ Therefore, there is also a little faith. The big and little faith represent the two poles of the human mind. Both the gtreat and little faith are needed in life-as the case may be. These are contrasts, which it is impossible without. They also exist in nature. You will see big and small mountains, big and small rivers, seas, lakes, big and small towns, countries, etc. everwhere. For Christ to say to the woman that her faith is great, it shows that He has put her to a test.– Why did he have to put her to a test?– In order to understand whether her daughter could be healed. If someone buys a lot of land and starts to cultivate it, the first question, which I will ask him is whether he has water at his disposal and what quantity. A lot of water is needed for a lot of land. If there is a small amount of water, it is better not to start cultivating the land. Faith presents a special kind of energies in the human life. The greater the man’s faith, the more energetic he is and the greater the work he can do. Christ asked the woman a few questions and after she answered wisely to all of them, He said: „It is not good for someone to take the bread out of the children and throw it to the dogs“. While she said: „ Hey, God, however, the dogs also eat of the crumbs that fall from the table of their masters“. Then Christ told her: „Woman, great is your faith. Let it be according to your faith!“

Count on that woman or man who pays attention to the small things. Whoever does not pay attention to the small measures  is a spender- nothing good can be expected from him. The small magnitudes lead to the big ones  that can be used for the benefit of all people. It is right to go from the small to the big and not to the opposite. This shows that certain order exists in both life and nature.  Therefore, it is said  that this order exists in the application of the Divine laws. If you are curing someone in a divine way, you will apply such methods  that correspond to his body, i.e. there should be certain consistency between the methods you apply and his energy. Besides, you will start from the weak methods  and  will gradually move towards the strong ones. The principle is one and the same but the methods are different when healing in a divine way. What method will be applied to a given person will depend on the degree of his development. Some treat themselves with medicines, water, powwowing, while others with faith.
 What is the reason for the illnesses?– the weakening of the life energy in a man, in the process of which it turns into a potential or passive energy. Therefore, the curing of the ill one envisages the transformation of the potential energy into a kinetic one. This is achieved through different medicines or actions  that incite the passive energy. Sometimes, the Bulgarians heal the people with fever by pouring cold water over him. In this way they produce a strong reaction in the organism  and if the passive energy turns into an active one, the ill person is cured. If this doesn’t happen, he cannot heal. Regardless of how the ill one is being cured, it is important that a certain connection between him and God exists. The  Canaanite woman, who was asking Christ to help her ill daughter needed this connection. In Christ’s face she saw the man who made the connection between her saul  and God and her daughter was cured at the same time. Sometimes, a man makes this connection himself and sometimes he needs someone’s help. As the surgeon bandages and adjusts the ill man’s broken leg so is Christ the connection between the human soul and God. Whoever cannot make this connection  will long walk around the ill one without helping him. 

Why do people suffer? – Because their bones are dislocated. I am using the words ‚dislocated bones’ in the sense of misplaced thoughts and actions. You can be good, sincere but still to suffer from a misplacement of the thoughts and feelings. – Why?– Because you don’t start your work on time and with the requisite understanding.  At the  end of the day, when you find yourself in difficulty, you say: God is almighty, He can do everything. – He can do everything but according to His mind and understanding  and not according to your one. People are wrong to think that God will teach them how to act, without themselves thinking on their actions. They turn to God only when they are in need without asking themselves whether God is available to answer them. Every thing must be done in its own time. The Canaanite woman understood this moment and used it. When Christ told her that she could not take the bread out of the children and gave to the dogs, it immediately occurred to her how to answer.  – Who are the dogs? – The people who only think about eating and drinking. The Canaanite was a humble woman. She came to Christ in order to only take the surplus from the masters’ table without reaching out to their share. She was aware that she had the right to live and benefit from the wealth of life even though it fell from the masters’ table. Christ was astonished by this faith and answered: „Woman, great is your faith!“ From this moment , the life of the Canaanite changed and Christ said: „Let it be accoring to your faith!’ And her daughter was cured from this hour. This transformation in a human’s life is called‚ „acqusition of inner, Divine peace“. When the ill one is cured, his soul is filled with peace and calmity. You will say that you know this state .i.e you understand everything that you are told. This is possible too but there is a difference between the understanding of all living creatures. Evan the smallest animals have their understanding but their perceptions are radically differenet from the ones of the humans, while the human ones from the angels’,etc. To a certain extent one animal has more correct understanding than the human being but in most cases, the perceptions of the human beings are higher and more correct than the ones of the animals. Study the qualities and the manifestations of the animals and copy the good in them. Look how the sheep are obedient to their shepard. Shouldn’t people too have to be obedient to their Father? Look how the silkworm becomes gradually smaller until it wraps up in cacoons and spends some time in sleep until it turns into a butterfly and flies away in the broad world. Shouldn’t the human being also learn the art of diminishing and increasing when the conditions dictate to him the one or the other situation. 

By listening to this, many will object that they are a free and thinking creature independent from the conditions. Indeed, the human being is a thinking creature but he is a master of the conditions only when he thinks, feels and acts right. Otherwise, he is a slave and servant of the conditions. The right thought, the right feeling and the right action are related to the Divine beginning. So did the Canaanite woman do. She started with the small and acquired the big. Many of the people of today start with the big desires, they want to shine in the world, everyone to talk about them. You hear someone saying: I will make a feast for my close ones so that they can all remain astonished. Afterwards, I can fast for a whole week but  show off at least once. This means to start well and finish badly. So have many people and peoples begun but after all, they all ended up badly and left alone, disappointed. Regardless of how you start well or badly, you will always learn something. Nature uses everything and ultimately turns the evil into good. As all people are not at the same level of development and their actions are different. The mistakes in man’ life come as a natural consequence of his freedom as he is free in his actions. However, one thing is asked from him: rectification of the mistakes.
Who rectifies his mistakes? – the humbled one. One of the woman Canaanite’s qualities was the humility. Every human being must acquire humility. Nothing can be achieved without it. Both young and old, all have to humble. Some humble voluntarily, others – by force. The wise man foresees the evil and avoids it, while the stupid one cannot foresee it and encounters it. The wise man humbles voluntarily while the stupid one- not by his will. When he is forced to humble himself, he says: There is nothing that can be done, i have to obey. Isn’t it possible to live wthout humility? – No, it is impossible. You need to humble at least once in your life. The humble one looks for the reason of his failures and misfortunes in  himself and not from outside. In this way, he increases his humbleness and becomes internally strong and rich. A real human being is the one who increases his gifts and abilities. He works consciously on himself and is not misled. He does not think that his faith is great. He does not think that his holliness is great. Some parents think that their children are genius and understand everything. A man can understand things without being genius. The genius is an advanced spirit who has completed his development on the Earth. While you live on the Earth, you cannot be genius. You will come close to the genius without being a true genius. This is why it is said in the Scripture that no disciple is superior to his Teacher. It is enough for the disciple to be like his tecaher. Until the disciple reaches his teacher, the latter has already surpassed him. 
A Christian thinks that he has a great faith, a lot of of knowledge, but as soon as his child gets ill, he goes in despair , cries, suffers - he cannot help her. Didn’t you have faith, knowledge, why do you fall in despair? The strength of the man is recognised in the trials.- My child will die while she has to live.- If she has to live she will live; if she dies prematurely , be glad that she has done some work on the Earth and after a while she will come back amongst you in order to continue her work. – Is this true? – If you are a  believer your will check this for yourself; if you don't believe you will suffer without reaching out to the truth. Death does not presuppose the end of life. You are born, which means you are mobilised; you die - you are demobilised; You take off your military clothes and dress those ones which you came to the earth with. The mobilised man is a restricted one, while the demobilised one is free like a butterfly. 

What does the general represent when he gives orders to his regular soldiers and the mobilised ones?- Teacher. He gives them different lectures in the military art and discipline, while they listen and agree with everything they are told. The general talks while they confirm: That’s right Mr General! Whether their perceptions are always in accordance with the General’s ones is another matter. It is important that the military discipline requires order, orderliness, and a full consensus among the soldiers. This transmission is similar to punching nails in the board. The master beats the nail, and the last one says: That’s right Mr General! When he completes his job, the master says: I completed one good job. – It is good for you but it is not so for the nail and the board.

Even the Jewish thought that they were doing a good job by punching nails in Christ’s hands and feet, but the consequences of this whole work did not go well for the Jewish people. In the mind of man, there are negative thoughts that crush the hands and feet of their God. There are thoughts and feelings of temptation and lack of faith that connect with God in the man until they crucify Him. All negative thoughts and feelings in the human life must be eliminated, because no one needs wooden or stone crosses. The world needs thinking creatures, alive crosses without any nails. The contemporary religions are full of crosses, punched with nails. The future religion will be differentiated with alive crosses without any nails. 

„Woman, great is your faith!“ What is the relation of this woman’s faith to you? It could be seen from this that the strong faith cures. Every man has three ill daughters in himself - the body, mind and heart. The three daughters have three mothers, but only one of them searched for God and found Him, that is why her daughter was cured.

She trusted in God and her faith was great. Faith is a great thing. According to some, the faith is a result of good disposition. It is not so. Even animals have good disposition, they play joyfully, and jump but there is no way to speak of faith in them. The better and more reasonable life a human being leads the more his faith increases. The poor and unreasonable life leads to the cause of the weakening of faith. As faith is related to the mind so is the power of faith dependant on the light and purity of the human mind. If it dosen’t have these qualities, the mind becomes the reason for the misleadings of the heart. What is the reason of the Canaanite’s great faith? – Her knowledge of God and Christ. So she felt the inner power of Christ and trusted in it. Inwardly, she recognised Christ as a Son of God and bravely asked from Him this, which she will ask for from God. She has understood the verse where Christ says about himself: ‘My Father and I are one’. 

It is said in the Scripture: „ For just as the Father has life in himself, so also he gave to his Son the possession of life in himself. As the Father has the power to resurrect so does the Son have the same power.“ What is the reason for this? – Christ’s connection with God. He who loves his neighbour or himself more than God will always cheat his love. A man who loves a woman more than God can always cheat on her. Everyone is searching for something outside of themselves and when they find it, they are not content. Search for God in yourself, connect with Him in order to be always content and truthful to yourself and your neighbour. Therefore, everyone should say to themselves: „I know the alive God, Who is in me and I fulfil His will.“ God who lives in man, lives in all live creatures, in the whole nature. The manifestations of the God we call Son of God. The people of today cannot stand in their relationships; they separate and get disappointed with one another because they do not understand the laws of the inner life. As the external  life has its laws and needs so does the internal one have. Ones dressed in flesh, a man cannot deny it.  He can become its Master and not satisfy all its desires but does not have a right to destroy it. The flesh is a form in which the soul and spirit are placed to study life. The roots of life are in the flesh, while the branches - in the spirit. As the roots are directed downward, towards the centre of the earth, while the branches - upward, towards the sun, therefore the spirit and flesh move in two opposite directions and oppose one another. Thanks to the counteraction between the flesh and spirit, life is born. Thus, namely, the flesh and the spirit perform great work. Therefore, in order to have a balance in human life, the flesh must go down, and the spirit upwards. Many want to destroy the flesh in order to deny it. It is impossible. While on the Earth, the man needs flesh. He is neither an angel nor a saint, he does not have their knowledge. Only the angels and saints can live without flesh, but when they are in heaven. When they come down to the Earth  they too dress in flesh. All animals, all people are dressed in forms that correspond to their development. In this sense, each form performs a certain service. And the smallest creature, who performs its service properly, goes upwards to the branches. Conversely, if a person does not fulfill the will of God, he is in the position of roots that plunge deep into the earth. Therefore, it is not important what service a man performs, but how he performs it. 

 The contemporary people talk about Christ’s love but apply the old methods in their lives. They start well and finish bad. In this respect, they resemble the boys and girls that have fallen in love. While they are not married and their parents work for them, their relationships are fine. They are careful and gentle to one another, write love letters to one another but as soon as they get married everything gets destroyed. – Why? - Because the burdens of life fall upon them. The boy thinks he has misled himself – the girl - too, while after all, the fault is in both of them. They have only been thinking of pleasure and not about a conscious, reasonable work. Whoever wants to have pleasure, pays dearly.

 Christ has expressed this thought through the verse: „I cannot take the bread from the children and give it to the dogs.“ I translate Christ’s words in the following way: I have not come for people who want to only have pleasures. The Canaanite woman responded to Christ: „And I also want to enter the good path which you show to people.“ Christ said: „Woman, great is your faith! Let it be according to your faith.“ From this hour, the Canaanite’s daughter was healed and received God’s blessing.

All people - scientists, philosophers, musicians, artists, writers, have certain aspirations and ideals, which everyone achieves according to the degree of their faith. Someone becomes rich, a scientist, philosopher or a musician because he believed he could become such. It is noted that the great people are believers. They believed in the achievement of their ideals and have become strong and great people.  Whoever has a reasonable faith, overcomes all hardships and obstacles in his life. Christ shows people the way in which they can cope with the hardships. The first condition for this is a pure life, filled with love. The true Christian is distinguished with moral resilience. He is humble, loving and pure. Whoever hasn’t acquired these qualities, even if he becomes a Christian, he will manifest himself in the way he has been initially, if he was nervous, he will remain nervous; if he was generous, he will remain such one. A man needs to make big efforts on himself in order to transform the negative qualities into positive ones and to strengthen the positive qualities. The tussore cannot turn into a butterfly in a day.  This requires about 40 days. If the tussore which lives for such a short time needs 40 days for its transformation into a butterfly how much more time and work are needed by a man  in order to go from the status of a moth into a butterfly. Both animals and humans develop slowly, gradually, by following the laws of evolution. Any form presents a note from the Divine range of life. The note may be a whole, half, quarter, eighth, etc. It has its own tone and a certain amount. People think they know the alphabet of their language as well as the seven musical tones, but as they start to use them, neither their speech is a speech nor their song - a song. Few people speak and sing properly. 

Someone talks about love but his heart is empty. He talks about the truth without knowing it. He talks about love towards God but is not ready for any sacrifice. Whoever cannot self - sacrifice, he does not love God. After all that, he wonders why people do not understand him and his affairs do not work well. A man needs to understand that the Divine life works in him but to also know that every good is not only given to him but also to his neighbours. Everyone has the right to enjoy the goods of life for his development. The man, woman and children are conditions given to the human being in order to think, work for his development and not only to use one another. How to get rid of suffering? – Do not escape suffering but learn from it.  Every suffering is a musical tone that has to be clean, clear and soft. It has to be in hramnoy with the tone of joy. Only in this way will life develop well. As the tones in music have to be in harmony in order to form a correct chord so does the tone of suffering have to gradually rise until it brings harmony in life and transforms into joy. Therefore, suffering is the lowering of the tones of human life while joy - the increasing of the same tones. 

 Christ says: „Woman, great is your faith!“ This means: Woman, you sing correctly, in harmony with your daughter, because of which she will heal. The mother can cure her daughter, while the father - his son if they are in harmony with each other. If the mother sins, the daughter suffers; if the father sins, the son suffers. Parents need to live well in order for their children not to suffer. When the daughter gets ill, the mother needs to fight death like a female tiger in order to save her. Otherwise, both the mother and daughter stop their development. However, there are cases when the death of children brings some blessing to the parents but this is no longer death but migration instead.

 Terrible is the death that comes prematurely and deprives the man of the opportunity to realise his ideals.–  How can a man be saved from death ?- When he lives in full harmony with God. This means to keep his connection with God that has been made from the beginning of his life. Therefore, it is said: Do not sever your connection with God. Do not sever the connection of your neighbour with God.  If you cannot increase it then at the very least, do not sever it.  When they do not understand the laws of life, people tear each other’s threads of life and then they suffer. They tear their threads because their faith and light are weak. They will many times be born and will reincarnate until they complete their work on the Earth, i.e. until they connect the threads they have severed. 

The contemporary people stumble eachother in life because they compete. Everyone wants to be first. The layman wants to take the first place in society  while the religious one – wants to be near God. Neither the first nor the latter are possible. Whatever place you occupy in society there will always be a man who sits above you. As far as being close to God is concerened, this is a relevant concept. God is the sun of life, but it depends on the man as to whether he will be close or far from Him. If you break your connection, you alone go away from Him. There is no place, space and time in the spiritual world. These are values that relate to the material world.  You can be close to God in spirit but not in matter. The physical world is limited while the spiritual is unlimited. Therefore, we say: Two people cannot sit in one chair simultaneously, they cannot stir in a pouch or wear one pair of shoes, etc. While he is on the Earth, a man needs to understand the physical laws and comply with them. Initially, people walked without shoes but after the fall, climatic conditions changed, it became colder and the need for shoes appeared. Today, the birds do not fight for shoes like the people do.- Why do people fight and quarrel between themselves? – Because their faith has weakened. Until the man is rich, the woman believes in him; as soon as he looses his fortune, the woman’s faith disappears too. While the man is healthy and occupies a high position, the woman believes in him; as soon as he looses his health and occupation, she becomes faithless. This is not a faith that Christ is talking about. This is why some prefer to devote their lives to exploring and studying of the butterflies and insects rather than dealing with their own kind to whom they often become exposed to disappointments and afflictions. 

Christ said to the Canaanite: „Woman, great is your faith!“ This woman humbled and wanted to rectify her mistakes which she received the Divine blessing for. Many do not see their mistakes, do not want to recognise them and if someone shows the mistakes to them they search for a way to apologise. This is not divine. One is the Divine law and everyone has to obey it. Not all people obey the law in a similar way because they are not at the same level of development. In some people, the heart takes precedence, in others - the mind, and in others - the will.– Why don’t all people organise themselves in order to develop similarly? – This is impossible. Isn’t it true that there are a number of social organisations ? Are all people at the same level of development? Therefore, the real organisation takes place from within - outwards and from outside- inwards, but from the Spirit. This means the strengthening of the faith. In such an organisation, no one can rape the other. There is mutual help in the human organisations but there is also blackmailing. There is mutual help in the Divine organisations and no blackmailing. Here, the surplus is given without anyone keeping it. Everyone has the right to benefit from the surplus of goods, i,e. from their interests but in no case do they have the right to infringe the main capital or the mother of the given good. The mother remains as a foundation for the future construction. Give from your surplus without the rest knowing about it. You who use your neighbour’s good, thank for the received and do not ask for more than you are given. If you go somewhere as a guest do not stay more than three days without any work. On the fourth day, take part in the common work in order to show that you are a close one in this home. Do not blackmail your close ones neither do you test their patience.  Only God and Christ have the right to test people. Christ tests his disciples’ patience through the Canaanite. They wanted from Christ to either help her or make her go - they did not have the patience to wait for the end. 
„Great is your faith.“ Let everyone ask the question: Is my faith great in order to water my garden? – Which is this garden? – The human heart! Many think that they understand the human heart. They understand it as much as to cause suffering to themselves. The hens also understand each - other but give them food to see how they peck eachother. So do the oxen. When you feed them they poke and envy each other and are scared that lest one  has more food than the others.   

 When people expect from you, give food to everyone individually in order that there is no pecking or poking between them. Put food in everyone’s dish individually. If everyone individually fills their plates, define how many spoons they can take. If they take more than it is defined, the last ones will remain without food. In order to get to know a person observe how they eat and how they treat their close ones during eating. Whatever a man is when eating at the table, so he is in society. The Divine life we are called for is not a  life of pecking, poking neither a life of tearing strands. Instead of pecking, poking, tearing of the strands, and thereby interrupting the noble impulses of your soul as well as the ones of your neighbour, send your good thoughts and help. Everyone has an excess of energy, which he has to harness to work. If you are ready to give from your surplus, you can help the people around. The excess of energy represents a bandage for the broken leg or hand of your neighbour. When someone wants to help him, this means giving from the surplus of energy. The doctor will put a bandage on the ill one, he will adjust the broken leg but his neighbour must be ready to give from his surplus of energy,i.e. from his materials for bandage. Whoever is ready to give from his surplus of energy he can do miracles. 
 What is meant by the word ‘miracles’? The miracles are not random things. They are based on reasonable laws, which God manifests through. Therefore, when you turn to God for help, do not ask yourselves whether He will help you or not, but give Him only bandages and oil. He will adjust the leg, oil and bandage it. You will see the result in a few days and in this way you will experience God. If all man’s attempts in curing his close ones prove successful, should you be in doubt of Him? This is a science, art that everyone can apply in their lives. If you suffer or are ill apply your faith. The bigger your faith is the better your results will be. If your faith is great you will easily cope with the negative feelings in yourselves, for example – the hatred, jealousy, etc. Huge strength is required from a man in order to cope with the evil in him. I know one way to achieve this: The fulfilment of God’s will. I know one Teacher in the world: God. Whoever follows the Divine path he always fulfils His will. – Whom should we listen to?– You will listen to yourselves because God is there. Many do not succeed in their lives because they listen to many teachers. You will listen to only that teacher who fulfils the Divine will. He works well and his work has results. This is how every man who is connected with God works. And the shoemaker who works with love makes good shoes and satisfies his clients. He may not have taken a high degree  but he has love inside. Cherish and respect everyone for the Divine that is hidden in them. It may be a small sparkle but it will increase and become a big fire with time: Everyone can help with the blowing of this sparkle. This means people to help and understand each - other. This is how the musicians understand each - other in an orchestra. The audience sits, listens and applauds. And you as my audience represent musicians of the great life orchestra. You play, the angels listen to you and give their opinion. In order that they don’t strictly judge you,  I tell them that you have just now started to play. One day, you will become good musicians and will satisfy them. From the outside you are all good, pious but it is required from all inner piety and goodness. If someone has not yet become good, beautiful and pious let him enjoy these qualities in other people. Enjoy the good that lives in your neighbour in order that it can become the foundation of your life. Today, this is the teaching I am preaching to you about.: The good of one to be a common good and the good of all to be good for one. Where has this teaching been taken from? – From the sensible nature. Use the methods which she gives to you in order to improve your life. Everything is in its place. But you have to understand the ratio between things. When they do not understand these ratios , people are unsatisfied from one another and constantly grumble. In order not to be in this situation  let them remember the Bulgarian proverb: ‚I am not a sun that shines upon everyone“. Indeed, only God is a sun that illuminates the entire universe. A day will come when the Divine light will penetrate people’s minds and they will become stronger than they are today. So that if you are strong know that God is working through you. Give way to God in yourselves in order to create a true culture, which everyone will be happy about. If you close the path for the Divine in yourselves, you alone expose yourselves to suffering. Therefore, go from light to light. This is how you will know God, yourselves and your neighbour. What is this teaching that frees you up from one type of chains and throws you to another one? The Divine teaching represents uninterrupted line of light which illuminates things gradually. This is exactly how the connection  between the different phenomena can be seen.

„ Great is your faith, woman.“ With the example of the Canaanite, Christ drew the attention of his disciples to the humility. This woman said that she is satisfied with the crumbs of the Lord’s table. Humility is a great thing.  Few people today get satisfied with the crumbs. Most of them want to sit in the first place. It is said about Christ that he came to the Earth, dressed himself in a slavery image and humbled. If Christ had to humble how much more needed is this for the ordinary people. All have to humble, to come to a point when they are equally happy when executing a high or small service. Until the maiden is free she dresses well, washes herself several times a day; she doesn’t work a lot in order not to make her hands dirty so that she can keep her skin soft and white. When she gets married and becomes a mother, she washes the nappies of her child, washes him, works the whole day – studies the law of humility.– How does she study this law? – Through love. 

Remember: a man learns about humility through the law of love. Through the same law, he becomes satisfied with the crumbs of the master’s table. The people of today eat the crumbs that fall from the angels’ table. Their surplus is our abundance. The creatures that are below us eat from our surpus. Therefore, all live creatures on the Earth eat only crumbs. 

 I wish you that in the future your faith increases and whoever from you meets Christ to tell Him: „Great is Your faith “.

I wish you to learn the law of humility and apply it. 
 I wish you to be satisfied with the crumbs and use them wisely.
 I wish your daughter to be healed too.
These are not only wishes but things that you can achieve.
 Then you and your daughter will be healthy.

Sunday Lectures 
19.01.1919 Sunday, Sofia

Translated by Proletina Dragoeva-Jones

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