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1919_05_11 The Light of the Body


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The Book - The Salt. Beinsa Douno


The Light of the Body


"The Light of the body is the Eye: if therefore thine Eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light."1


What did Christ mean by the words, "the Light of the body is the Eye"? According to present day conceptions the eye cannot be the light of the body. Christ expresses a deep idea by this thought. People who have not studied the structure of the eye have a vague idea of its nature. I also say that even l/1000th part of the structure of the eye has not been investigated. If I would try to describe the eye, I would come into conflict with all scientists. The first function of the eye is to absorb arid spread the rays of light. It absorbs them from the outside and spreads them inwards. When this process in life is reversed, disharmony takes place in the human mind. You have two eyes that is why you will ask me, "Which eye is Christ talking about: the right or the left one?" And in fact Christ does not say, if your eyes are pure, but he says, "If your Eye is pure." By this we can see that Christ speaks about one Eye which is inside the center of the brain. This Eye is called the pineal gland, but I call it "the Eye of the Soul."


Christ takes the word "Eye" in a single sense as a collective principle which includes everything in it. When we speak of God, we think of a unit including everything in it. When we speak of this unit divided and multiplied by itself, we understand all its manifestations in the world. People give different interpretations to this division: the scientists call it laws, cause and effect, evolution, thoughts, feelings and so on. Christ says that the Inner Eye is, at the same time, the Sun of a person. When a person loses their Sun, they die. In other words: when a person becomes spiritually blind, they die, but when they begin to see spiritually, that they come to life. The truth of this thought can be seen in the words of Christ, "Those who hear the voice of the Son of Man shall rise." It may seem strange that it is not said that those who hear the voice of God shall rise. The Son of Man is the Voice of Wisdom. This resurrection is not what the church means by it; it is a resurrection by which knowledge is attained for the comprehension of the laws governing the world and developing life. The thought of contemporary humanity is single and collective. Life has begun with the formation of the Eye. When God made man, He first created the Eye and then the rest of him. Some may object to this, but I shall prove it to you. Before a mother gives birth to a baby, people set the house in order, warm the room if it is winter, and so on. Therefore, those who say that a person may live without an Eye maintain that there is no intelligence in nature. Christ says that the human heart corresponds to this Eye. There is a close bond between the Spiritual Eye and the human heart. This is not merely theory, but statements which can be verified every day experimentally. Those who are not on the right path lead a life of sufferings and misfortunes. If anyone wants to know why we suffer, I would answer that the sufferings are the result of our being in contradiction with the spiritual eye. Christ says, "If your Eye is pure, your whole body will be full of Light." And actually, if your Eye is pure, you shall see all objects. Often our eyes are spoiled by the food we eat: if the food is not sanitary, it pollutes the blood and the polluted blood spoils the eyes so that it is necessary to have operations. Why? Because our life is not in conformity with the divine laws. If in the physical eye there appear dispositions, according to the same law similar dispositions appear in the Spiritual Eye, causing misfortunes not only to the individual, but also to the family, society, the nation and all of humanity.


Someone will say, "God will save us." All people speak of salvation. God need not save us for He has created us saved. It is the silliest thing to say - that God will save us. When we say we want to be saved, it shows we are running away from the divine salvation in which we find ourselves. What is salvation? It is the luminous life of order and decency, but as soon as we abandon it, we shall not be saved anymore by God, but by the people. Then we shall not be born of God; and when we continue to sin, we shall be forced to reincarnate in flesh and blood. You will then follow then some woman or man and beg them to save you - create a new body for you, but that will be only a preface to salvation. After living a few years on the earth, you will go again into space where you will stay for a certain period of time and come to earth again. The Son of Man will speak to you and say, "I created an Eye for you again, see that you do not corrupt it." I want you to make an analogy out of this for the present life and see what will remain of you when you cast off all your shells. Some say, "We shall die." You will die but then come to life again. When a walnut is on the tree it has many garments, but after it is sown, it casts off all its outer garments in order to be able to sprout again and live. The casting off of these garments does not mean death, but rather shows that you are closer to life. Then I define life in two ways: the physical life constantly undergoes modifications and changes, while the spiritual life undergoes modifications without changing. Everyone who undergoes modifications and changes is within the bounds of the flesh, of the transitory, however they who are only modified without changing, are in the bounds of the spirit. You will say, "How is it possible for a person to undergo modifications and not change?" Imagine that I am a nobleman who is supposed to meet different people several times a day. That will require from me to change my clothes several times a day in accordance with the kind of people I am supposed to meet. In the morning I put on a black suit, black hat and black gloves - official clothes. After coming home from that interview, I have to meet some ordinary person in the afternoon so I put on a white suit and hat and go out that way. Whoever meets me that day will ask, "Who is that gentleman with the many suits of clothes who is constantly altering his appearance, but not changing?"


It is the ability of the human spirit to alter, but not to change. However, when we come to that inner state to change inwardly, we lose our individuality, we lose what we have gained. I call this a law of fall. Projected as certain energy and falling on the earth, the rays remain on it for many years until a day comes for them to return to their Father from Whom they came forth. Why do these rays come out of God? Because they, too, have sinned. If they were not sinful, you would not feel this heat and burning, but they would produce only a delicate light and pleasant warmth. Thus, fallen once on the earth, however bright they may be, the rays have their eye somewhat blurred. These rays are alive and you will wonder how it is possible for the light to be alive. I shall leave that question for you to resolve. People themselves are Divine Rays. Contemporary biology describes the phases people have passed through before attaining their present state. They have undergone many changes and their cells have been multiplied, divided and changed before this present form was reached. All this has been done under the incentive of this Living Light. If you would study human development closely, you would see how costly our structure is and the materials out of which our body is made and you would never sin or admit an evil thought or feeling to enter your mind and heart. There is no greater delusion than to think that when a person sins, they do not harm their salvation. What does sin consist of? Sin consists of our thinking that the things we have attained can give us greater happiness. However, thinking this way we limit ourselves and envy becomes our companion.


All Christians of the different schools want freedom and money, but then live at the expense of others. At the beginning of the 19th century the French Revolution gave freedom to the nations, but what freedom do they have today? Can this be called freedom? We speak of freedom, of the upliftment of women intellectually and in society; however, what is this uplifting of humanity during these 2,000 years equal to? It is equal to 1/50 millionth part of the millimeter. Such is the result of the strenuous effort of all humanity. Knowing this, calculate what your active input in this general development is. Raise this number to the 10th power and thereby find the factor of your consciousness, of your culture and of development. This is the only way in which we can examine divine entities. This sun, i.e. the divine stomach of the solar logos (this is the theosophical term), shines and provides all our heat. By the same law, every person has their own Sun within them which rises and sets. It happens sometimes that it is winter outside, very cold, while inside your own Sun is in its spring time; sometimes it is warm in the physical world, but your Sun does not correspond to it and you feel a certain iciness. This can be explained in different ways. Sometimes you are in low spirits; then I say that your Sun is not in its place. At times there are spots in your Sun just like in the physical sun. How do you explain these spots? Scientists of today maintain that at one time in the past a dark belt was formed on the sun. It lost all its heat and the result was the beginning of the ice period on the earth. I do not support this; this is only a scientific theory. According to this theory a certain change took place in the sun: its crust cracked and the sun started its present activity, great floods were caused and the present world was formed. The flood was caused by the melting of the ice layers. In the future you will verify this.


Christ says that the Light of the body is the Eye and if your Eye is pure, your whole body will be full of Light. When Christ says that your body will be full of Light according to the purity of your Eye, He is saying that Divine Life will surge forth in you, creating all the conditions for your development so that you will not be petty-minded. People today are like small bugs, thinking they are very learned and strong. When one’s purse is full, they solve important questions; but when they lose their money, they also lose their power. Some criticize, with their own small brain, everything God has created saying things are not well made; while at the same time considering as good, what their own small patch of earth (their head) has made. Do you know how long and wide is the patch of earth (the head) of a Bulgarian person? Its length is at the most 21 cm and its width is 16 centimeters. Now then, with this size of mind the Bulgarian person wants to reconstruct the whole social order and to speak of all great mysteries! This is true of all other people as well. Why do people die? They die of little mind, of scanty food, of scanty air and scanty blood.


By the word blood I mean the divine life. To have blood is to have this pure and unspotted divine life which must be neither bitter, nor sweet. If a person is bitter in one incarnation, they will be sweet in the next one and if in this life they are sweet, in the next they will be bitter. In a spiritual sense I compare heat to affection, light to the truth and air to human thought. As air enters the lungs to purify and oxidize the blood; by the same law, thoughts enter the mind and purify human desires which correspond to the human blood. When we begin to understand this science, we shall be able to apply it correctly to the structure of society and by so doing, eliminate all evils in life. People say that everything has its causes and consequences. I ask you: "Which are the incentives for certain causes?" Some say, "So and so killed someone out of great hatred." Perhaps, but why did they hate him so much? Others say that it is caused by loving someone so much.


Why do they love so much? If the cause of hating or loving someone is one and the same, then it comes from God. If it is not one and the same, it does not spring from God; but is the consequence of some other life. People speak about laws in nature and society and say that this is a world of laws. Among the laws there is a certain correlation, but they show that the beings ruled by laws do not live in peace. Not only we, but higher beings than us in the solar system, do not live in peace either. That is why God has put certain limitations, certain distances among them so that there should not be disputes. Between the system of Alpha Centoris and our system there is a distance of 25 billion miles. This space is so enormous that 3,000 more systems like ours can go into it. In this way they cannot quarrel. When God wants to make people good, He places them at such great distances. If anyone should ask me, "What should be the distance between a man and a woman?", I shall answer, 25 billion miles. The number 25 is composed of 2 and 5 whose sum is 7. The number 7 is perfect, implying the Law of Harmony; but people today, with their doctrines, have to a certain extent torn down all barriers which God has placed between the beings. Why? The woman wants to appropriate and dominate man; however, how would she be able to dominate him, if he were 25 billion miles away from her?


Today people are trying to find ways of influencing one another. Yes, you can influence, but you can never dominate. Everyone who tries to do this can dominate only themselves. The desire for domination can be seen in some religious societies as well. A new movement strives to dominate and assimilate another movement. A nation wants to dominate another nation. People die because of this very greed - the desire to have much. Those who want much do not understand the Divine Laws. We must not want much, because we have more than we need. Although people have such a small brain - 16 cm wide and 21 cm long - they have not cultivated it sufficiently. A person’s patch of earth has not been cultivated. In the Bulgarians for instance, only a space of 6 to 7 cm in the front part of the brain is cultivated and they think they are bearers of a great culture. I ask you, what can you build on such a small space of 6 cm height and 12 cm width? Therefore, we all live in the Law of Illusions, thinking we know everything. You say, "We do not need any philosophy." That is not right, for there is one philosophy - the Philosophy of your Eye, of your Soul, and you must all remember this. What does the understanding of this Law imply?


When a person projects a thought in a divine way, it already creates in them. Accept a divine thought without any self-seeking purpose; give ear to its instructions, and you will acquire all you wish. By saying you will acquire all you wish, I mean that which undergoes alterations, but does not change its nature. You will then live with in constant contact with Love. When I speak of Love, I do not mean your human love. Your love is like that between the cocks and hens. When some wheat or corn is given to them, they all get together to peck it, but when one or two grains remain, the cock chases the hens away at once and pecks the last grains himself. Their love lasted until the last grain - no more. All societies, be they religious or worldly, live like cocks and hens, in peace and love, but when it comes to the last grain, they say, "Now off with you!" The cock crows and says, "Hens, away from me! You must know how to sing like me!" What is singing? To sing is to be able to think. So long as we believe in the false promises of people, our condition will be to be driven away from the place where we had been formerly invited. This way young men and women deceive each other. A young man starts deceiving a girl that he will buy her this and that and that they will live well and so on. The girl believes him. In another place the girl deceives the young man. In contemporary society we do not speak a real language. When we return home we say, "That one must not be very sincere, and we should not believe them." You must be a person who lives as God taught you to live, not expecting any benefit from anybody; relying on God, on your Soul, then, finally on your neighbor.


When Christ says that if you Eye is pure, your whole body will be full of Light, He means that if your Eye is pure, you will first see God, then your Soul and lastly - your neighbor. If your Eye is not pure, you will start the opposite way - first you will see your neighbor, then yourself and lastly God; and because of that you will turn the whole world upside down. I ask those of you who have gathered here, "Who gave you life? Your father or your mother? Have you inscribed their name with gold letters? Shall I find anything of them if I visit you, or will you have only some clothes and a portrait?" In this respect we are like the Jews of old. They tortured and killed their prophets, cut their heads with a saw, but after their death they raised monuments to them and glorified them. They did the same with Christ also, but today they build monuments to Him and sing songs to Him. In the churches also they are always singing songs about Christ, but outside the church nothing is heard of Him. We also sing about God, but when it comes to considering our neighbor, we at once prefer ourselves. when the master treats his servant badly he creates relations between bourgeois and proletarian who do not understand each other. God has not created any bourgeois or proletarians, but people. By speaking I do not wish to moralize you, for moralizing is not a good thing; it is simply a training of a person. I am talking to you about a Divine Law so that you should know how to bear your children. When you call them here on earth, you must tell them everything truthfully. Do you know how people were born before the fall? The man and the woman led a pure virgin life at that time. The man knew only one woman and the woman only one man; they did not marry several times as people today. Some will ask me, "If that is so, how many children must we give birth to?" Only one. Why? Because God has only one, unique Son. God says to people, "If you want to live well, your son must be ready to leave the world and to help his brothers and sisters just as Christ sacrificed Himself for humanity." As sons and daughters of your mothers, you are not ready to serve humanity. You will say, "You, who are preaching, are not ready either." You are right, I am preparing myself now. A work is not ready until it is thoroughly completed. For the work I am doing now, I need at least 10 million years to bring it to some end. I need that many years, but you need as many too so then the work will be completed. You will say, "What a long period of time is necessary!" It is a short period. This time is only a pleasant walk for the human spirit, because time and space are related only to this limited life.


A saint who lived once in a monastery thought a long time about the other world and said to himself, "What will people do in heaven? They will spend a year or two pleasantly, but after that what?" One day a very beautiful bird flew to the monastery and the saint wished to catch it. He started chasing it, running after it, but then remembered his duties. When he returned to the monastery, he found great changes - the people had changed and no one recognized him. This saint lost four or five hundred years in chasing a bird, but how many years will be necessary for the accomplishment of some great thought? Therefore, when life has meaning, one never gets tired of it. When you are waiting for your loved one, time moves slowly, but when you are awaiting the set time for your hanging, it flows very quickly. We experience things according to our inner state. Christ says that if your Eye is pure, you will not notice how time passes. You will be happy. In what is your joy today? When you roast a pig, a hen or a turkey, set a jar of wine on the table, the merry clinking of table silver begins and toasts are drunk to your health and to the world’s well-being. Yes, but those hens and lambs are displeased with your happiness, they do not share it. Your joy is their sorrow. Some day the relationship will change. Out of your feasts, grass will grow which the sheep will graze upon peacefully. This will be their reward for their meat you have eaten for numbers of years. Such is the great Karmic Law. Christ says, "When we begin to understand life this way, misfortunes will vanish and life will be light." You do not know why sheep eat grass. This is a temporary method; for in the future, food will be absorbed by the pores of the whole body and not chewed.


"What must we do?" Always keep open, bright and pure the Eye that God has put in your Soul so that you can always be warmed by His Heat and Light. Do you know why worldly love exists? When someone marries, the Bulgarians say that they were caught by the "Blind Sunday." Why do people speak that way about love and marriage? This shows that this love does not proceed from the Spiritual Eye, so it is blind. That is why I call worldly love "a love of blind people." Often a young girl and a young man walk arm-in-arm. What does that mean? This shows that one of them is without an Eye and that is why they need someone to lead them by the arm; but if both of them have this Eye, they are not permitted to walk arm-in-arm. If your wife is blind, you will lead her by the arm, but if she has an Eye, you will say to her, "Woman, there must be a distance of one meter between you and me," this is the safe moment in life. Therefore, if our Eye would shine well, we would never allow anyone to come close to us. If we should ever come close together, we would be turning our Eye coming close to darkness. Thus we shall have to form a nation. The nation, in my opinion, is a great condition for the Soul. we shall take advantage of the conditions in which we live and never criticize a whole nation, or a whole society. Society, the nation, humanity are conditions created by God, and we must take advantage of them. We can criticize separate individuals, but not a whole society. We must utilize all conditions which this Eye offers us, but it is in close contact with the human mind, heart and will. Christ says, "If your whole body is full of Light", which means if you use sensibly all your endowments, you will become Son of Man and be in complete harmony with the Son of God. There can be no culture, there can be no noble world until people today develop in themselves this Inner Eye. I can prove this to you using examples from nature. All plants owe their life to the sun. In the same way, for our thoughts and desires to grow and develop, this eye must send them its heat and light. This Eye is inside our brain. If we find this Eye, we shall find our Sun as well. Do not think the heart is an organ performing a definite function. The heart is a society of most intelligent cells that fulfill the highest function - they do the work of the Soul. I recommend to you to develop this Eye of Light so that you do not make mistakes in life.


I compare sin to the nucleus of the egg hidden inside within its shell. The egg contains all the conditions out of which the future life can develop. In order that this life should develop, it is necessary to put the egg under the hen where after staying for 21 days the mother hen will begin to cluck, saying to the chick, "When the time comes for you to come out, crack the shell." The chick makes a hole from inside and the moment of its salvation arrives. This process is effected from inside out. We are waiting for others to save us. Do not allow others to crack a hole in your egg. By this Eye, Christ means the Eye in motion, i.e. the Soul of every person containing within itself all the prerequisites for regular development. If your Eye is pure, you will be able to solve correctly all problems thanks to the Light you have. Our life is connected with the past and the future. What I am telling you will not work to save you if you yourselves do not work. My sermon is only the clucking of a brood-hen. Therefore, I say: those who are close to being hatched should use their small beaks to pierce the egg-shell and should make the last efforts to put their heads out. When all the chicks are out, the brood-hen says, "Cluck, cluck," and starts leading them around and teaching them how to peck grains. This is the Divine Natural Law. We want the Lord to come with us, but He is only preaching. Every preacher is a brood-hen. There are brood-hens that preach, but nothing comes of that, because they have no eggs. If you are a brood-hen without eggs, pray God to set you somewhere. Every mother and father are brood-hens. Christ says, "If your Eye is not corrupted, it will fill your body with light, you will understand the sense of life and be in contact with the past, present and future as well as have an incessant bond with Love." But the love dominating the world today is something to beware of! The worldly love is like a muddy stream watering the peppers, the cabbage and other vegetables; however, in time this muddy stream becomes filtered and purified. Nothing unclean, however, should have a place in your egg. Make no compromises if you are to have a shining future. For at least one year, retain the following thought, "I want my Eye to be bright and pure, so that my whole body should be the same". In such a state you will profit much more than if you would listen to all preachers in the world. That sunbeam coming from above produces much better results than all the stoves in the world. Such is the Divine Law.


Now direct your mind, your thought, your will and heart to this Eye and ask yourself, “in which day of the hatching am I at the moment?” If only ten days have passed, you will say, "Mother, the time has not come yet." When the 21 day comes, you will say, "Mother, it is time." Thus I say to you: “Cluck, Cluck,” but in this respect I am ignorant; not knowing in which day of the hatching each one of you are. You will know this by your impulses, desires and thoughts. If from today on, all preachers, priests, teachers and judges in Bulgaria and in all Europe should start thinking about this Eye, you would see what a good result there would be. If the Bulgarians first make this experiment, they will see that in a year’s time there would be betterment both intellectually and spiritually. Think of the Eye Christ spoke about, for it is in all of you and by thinking of It, you will obtain Divine Thought, Love and Goodness. When you find this Eye, you will all be immortal – as it brings you to life. This is what Christ was saying. Everyone who wants to be immortal should find this Eye. This is the thought Christ was revealing by this verse.


Sermon held on May 11, 1919.


1 Mathew 6:22

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