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1919_06_15 Master and Lord


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The Book - The Salt. Beinsa Douno


Master and Lord


"Ye call me Master and Lord: and you say well; for so I am."1


The words Master and Lord2 apparently contain nothing new, they are so ordinary. But in the world these two words - master and lord are two opposites. In Bulgarian the words gospodar, gospodin, gospodja or gospodjitza3 refer to people who are masters of their situation, to ruling people of high rank. However, in the original language these two words denoted two great principles which built human life. The situation of the master and the lord must be defined, the latter being used here in the sense of Lord. The word Gospod (Lord) was employed in a plural sense in the protolanguage in the meaning of lords. The first principle, Master, has relation to the human mind and will, while the second principle Gospod (Lord) has relation to the human heart and soul.


Bear in mind that every word has a special sense in what I am going to speak about. When I use a word, I try to find what its vibrations are, for words are determined the same way the sunrays are. You cannot produce a certain color if you do not produce the corresponding vibrations. Therefore, if you speak about virtue, for instance, you should produce vibrations corresponding to virtue and then you will understand the corresponding sense of this word. Only this way can you have an objective, real truth expressed in life. There are unexpressed truths in the world as well. The earth is full of wealth hidden in its core, but that wealth does not interest you since it is concealed - you are interested in the riches the safes or the wealthy, the gold in the crowns of the kings and so on. There is knowledge hidden in the sun, but of what interest is it to you, since it is not revealed, but is only a supposition? The wealth in the written books satisfies you. I am speaking to you of knowledge revealed in the Master. When I speak about the Master, I mean a being who attunes the universe, i.e. He attunes His disciples, for the universe is a sum of thinking beings who are the atoms of this great rational word. When you ask what the spiritual beings are, you should know they are thinking beings. Some consider the spiritual man as an opposition to the worldly one. You will say that the worldly man is known by his fine clothes, cylinder, special ties, collars and gloves and his furniture is of a special kind. Is there anything bad in the worldly people? There are evils in the spiritual world as well. Where disharmony reigns, there are evils. Then I ask myself the question: if the spiritual world was free of sin, and if we come from God pure, how is it possible for us to commit sins? This question would remain unexplainable. So in the spiritual world there are also possibilities of making mistakes. A possibility for mistakes and such for sin are two different things. I shall explain this thought. Let us take two circles with different centers. The compass will draw one circle at a time, so that each circle will pass though the center of the other. If these two circles represent two rational worlds, or to put it in more scientific words, if one represents a positive and the other a negative electric current, when these two currents begin to function so that the power of the negative current passes from the periphery towards the center, and of the positive - from the center towards the periphery, at a certain stage the two circles will cross each other at two points and what will happen is exactly what is happening today on the earth. What is happening today is nothing other than the circle of the spiritual world passing through the center of the physical world and the opposite. You will say, "This is a great contradiction." Yes, this is a contradiction for those narrow minds who understand neither the past, the present, not the future. From the standpoint of a higher spirit, there are no contradictions in the world. People want a world without suffering. They are strange - this is no philosophy of life. There are always sufferings in contradictions, but in harmony there is a germ of suffering as well. Your happiness in the world rests on the sufferings of those small beings who serve you. You, who pass for very noble beings, ask what those little beings think of your nobility. All the sheep, oxen, lambs, hens, ducks, all small birds in relation with you have their own special opinion of people. All smaller beings say in one voice that person is a terribly cruel being. If you ask the trees, they also say, "How awful and merciless a person is!" Then you ask, "Why did God create such a world?" God created a very good world but we, as well as the people before us, spoiled it. This spoiled external world is reflected in us as well. The world is made in such a way that when the master suffers, the servants also suffer and the other way around. Christ says, "Ye call me Master and Lord: and so I am."


In order to explain my idea - Master and Lord - I shall tell you the following example. Long time ago there lived a young king at the age of 33 - an age only of the wise and prudent people. He wrote a famous book about how life must be lived. Two royal daughters fell in love with him. You will say, "How happy he must have been!" When I see two young people in love, I say they are pleasantly amusing themselves. None other amusement is more pleasant than love. So when I see people loving each other, I say, "They are amusing themselves." You will object by saying love is something very serious. Do you think that when a great violin player performs a musical piece, he is doing something very serious? I consider serious situations such as when you own a debt to your creditor, or when a surgeon lays you on the table to operate on you. You often say, we must be serious. I call serious people those who have debts. You cannot understand the Word of God in its deep sense until you are freed of your debts. When you go to church and your creditor comes and reminds you of your debt to them, will your seriousness be of any help? The first royal daughter who fell in love with the king’s son expressed her love by carrying his picture everywhere, kissing it all day long, making a chapel for it so that people might light candles and censers to him and so on. The other royal daughter took "the book of life" written by the king’s son and started studying it and applying all its principles out of love for him. She started visiting the poor and the suffering thus testing all that was written in the book. By doing that she became more and more fond of the king’s son for she could see the good results of his teaching.


These two royal daughters formed two different cults. You can see the cult of the first daughter displayed in all the temples of the world: all Buddhists, Brahmans, priests, the Turkish hodjas and all the Christian clergy. The other teaching is deep in the hearths of some people who only apply it, unconscious of serving any cult. The former are the-so-called orthodox people who think Christ will come in flesh and expect that image. What do you think: who of the two royal daughters has understood the royal son and has given him a better expression of her love of him? I call the first culture a culture of egotism when a person wishes only to possess and dominate someone. Today a young man and a young woman who are in love want only to possess and dominate one another. While they are young, they say such nice things to each other, but after marrying five years have hardly passed and all their love has evaporated, nothing remains of it. When I speak to you, I do not wish to be understood the first way: I would wish you to understand properly the second principle and to apply it to life.


Therefore, the Master has a relation to the human mind and will. He bears in his soul those vibrations which can give an impulse to your mind and will. You send your daughter to school to study music with a teacher, but she falls in love with him and this prevents her from receiving the impulse the teacher can give to her mind and will. Music and poetry are dangerous engagements for some young men and women, especially if they have a weak character. When students fall in love with their teacher, they start taking flowers to the teacher and do not learn their lessons. This way your daughter will never graduate in music. If her teacher is not married and can marry her, that would be good. But if he is already married, what then? Polygamy will take place which can be seen everywhere in the world. By polygamy I mean a split in life. Splitting is always harmful to unity. A disciple who goes to his/her teacher must learn the essential principles, understand the qualities of the laws and powers, their mind, stomach, lungs. The stomach, the lungs and the brain have their own requirements. When you have stomach ache, you send for the doctor to inject you as soon as possible. But what does your rational stomach want to tell you by its disorder? It is a rational being. Sometimes you feel a tightening in your chest, or stomach, and you get worried. There is nothing dangerous in these tightenings, they are nothing but a change in energies. There are two opposite currents of energy in the world which produce two different results. One energy contracts the forms, the other expands them. Thereby life is manifested. This can be observed in nature too. Without dwelling on present day theories, I shall make an explanation: in order that rain may be produced, two opposite currents are necessary - warm and cold. For dew drops to be formed, the negative energy should raise them, heat expand them and render them gaseous. The positive energy keeps the water drops on the earth. Therefore, the negative energy of the earth and the positive energy of the sun are mutually attracted and where these two energies, these two circles, come in contact, a contrary process begins as a result of which rain is produced falling again on the earth. This is a philosophical consideration of the question. The evaporations which take place in nature are performed at the same time within us.


In accord with nature your brain takes the place of the sun, your stomach that of the earth and your lungs are the connecting link between the earth and the sun. The two currents - arterial and venous - pass through the lungs. In nature there is also a venous current which ascends and an arterial one which descends. The venous current of an upward movement is directed toward the brain, i.e. toward the sun. First the venous blood must pass through the heart and lungs to be purified and then move upward. This is a necessity taking place in us, as well as in nature. The blood must be ozonized and its vibrations thus raised. All impurities in the venous blood must be purged away and thus the vibrations in the world will be raised. All illnesses in the world spring from a misunderstanding of this great Master who teaches us. At times you feel a pressure in your head. Your mind tells you, "You have impure blood, send it up to be purified." Sometimes your stomach aches. It says, "You have impure blood, send it up to be purified." But since you do not know this, you take some pills or medicine to stimulate your stomach and to stop the ache.


The same thing happens in family life. When a man and a woman start life together, one must be a teacher and the other a disciple. But you start struggling for priority. If your husband has the necessary vibration for raising your mind, give him the place of teacher. The wife will say in such a case, "I do not like to submit." Do you know what the word submission means? To submit is to receive and cultivate the energy you need. That is culture. This is what it means to cultivate something. A violinist or an artist prepares his/her composition for hours that s/he may cultivate their theme in their mind. By the same law, I think that every teaching limits you or submits you. That is why you should not conceive the word religion in a limited, but in a broad sense so that you would have results in your personal life. Whoever carries a religion or a teaching as a portrait in themselves and only looks at it from time to time, will never benefit by it. I am not saying you should throw this portrait out of your mind and memory, but rather that you should look at it once a year or a month and apply more. Why does the Lord keep us at a distance? He has chosen such a high place, because He knows we are going to disturb Him. The Lord says, "I want you to do My will and live in the world the way I have ordered it so that you may be happy." Some ask, "When shall we go to heaven?" When you learn to live according to the book of this sage - the king’s son; when you come to the second culture and learn the laws.


Thus, the word Lord implies the mother. The Master is the father. The Master, i.e. the father, is an interpretation of a great idea. God turns into a father and has a relation to us. The master is a number raised to the third degree, it is the cube of life. The master is a rational entity who regards things three-dimensionally: along a straight line, a plane and a height. You will say, "Of what importance is in what direction or line one moves in life?" This is of great importance. If you pass through the world only in straight line what would you understand of it? If you should take an excursion through the whole solar system by an express and move with the speed of light, you will need 31,000 years to pass along this straight line. After having moved at such a speed and return to earth, what knowledge will you have? None. You will say, "It is wonderful, magnificent," but you will give only general impressions. You have passed by the sun with lightning velocity and think you have crossed the whole universe and know many things, but in fact nothing has remained in you. I say to such a philosopher that he knows very little, because hey moves with great speed. In order to investigate this world, you need a number with ten zeros at the end - these are the necessary years for that work. You will say it is easy to put zeros to a number. Yes, but for me these zeros are of great importance. If we, for instance, would write one, two, three zeros after the number one, there will be a great difference between these numbers. I make a difference between the first, second and the third zero. The second zero shows that the number ten is in square; the third zero shows the cube of number ten. If there is a fourth zero, it shows the fourth degree on number ten; the fifth zero shows number 10 to the fifth degree and so on. I shall not go to the fifteenth degree for that is not for the human mind. The human mind can discover the secrets of nature only up to the fourth degree. Geometry may solve problems only as far as the tesseract is concerned. The tesseract is a small figure of which we study only the separate parts. The cube is a small segment of the tesseract. These lines, plains and cubes have a relation to our life.


If we examine our face, we shall see that it is composed of many straight lines, plains and cubes. In geometry the definition of a straight line is that it is the shortest distance between two points. I define the straight line as the smallest segment of a circle. This is not a contradiction. You will say, "The diameter of a circle is also a straight line." Yes, but it is a small segment of another larger circle. The same way our present life is a small segment of a larger circle of our past. Therefore, your future life will also be a small segment of your present life. There is descending and ascending in your lives. By the law of descending you learn to decrease, but by the law of ascending, you learn to increase. Therefore, we should know simultaneously how to decrease and increase. People today suffer because they do not know how to increase and decrease. A merchant who cannot balance correctly suffers losses in his accounts. For instance, he has only 1,000 effective money in gold, but writes 100,000 and makes his business transactions on that effective money. Everyone must put down only the quantity of money they have in their safe. Nature does not tolerate false accounts. If you do not check what effective money you have at a given moment, you fall under the criticism of people. Knowing you have written more than you really have, you start thinking that others have done the same and you do not believe in them. We people today are like that, we recommend ourselves as having more effective money when in reality we have less. When you cross out a few zeros, you will come to the plain truth.


Christ says, "Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am." He spoke very important things not registered in the New Testament. Christ came to teach you how to live. Some say, "What Christ spoke is sufficient for you." Yes, but it is sufficient for your salvation^ but not for the way you should live. And John says that Christ spoke so much that if everything were written down, all the books in the world could not contain it. I know that a very small fraction of what Christ said is written. I draw my principles from a very large book of which every pebble, leaf, branch, blossom form the alphabet. I constantly interpret this great book. When I take a leaf of a tree, I begin to examine it and read upon it under what conditions that leaf was formed; where that tree was growing; why it grew old; what kind of people had lived during its lifetime; what were their conditions of life; what the condition of the solar system was and so on. I read all this by the marks on every leaf and branch. But you stop by the trees, look at them and think they have no experience of their own, that they do not speak or see. How beautifully the flowers and the trees speak and see! Every leaf has its eyelet and reads all your thoughts when you sit under a tree to meditate, every one of your thoughts leaves its marks on the tree and the separate leaves. In the future you will be able to read your life and that of your predecessors on the trees. How many times, stopping under a tree, I have been told the story of different philosophers, priests and other people who had sat under that tree! We should know that everything is open before God, there is nothing hidden in this world. You say that trees are speechless beings in nature and only person speaks. I am against this idea for there are no speechless beings in nature, only their manner of speaking is different. Everything speaks to me. When I say "to me" I do not mean that son of the king whose picture is in the hands of the king’s daughter, but the other one who bears the divine truths for this world.


Christ says, "Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am." But Christ is not a master like Moses who preached "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Today you serve Christ, but you serve many other masters including Moses. You say, "I am a Christian, an Eastern Orthodox believer," but if anyone should offend you, or hurt your feelings a little, you immediately sue them. This is the old teaching we apply in life, while we are speaking of the New teaching. When we speak of materialism I understand we are serving this world, we fall in love with the picture of the king’s son and say that only what we see is the real in life, but what is really actual, the truth in life, we cast away. All relations which are much more real and contain the sense of life can be tested. Speaking of meaningfulness, I do not mean what you can perceive. I can always test how you perceive things and often amuse myself by calculating what percent of you will understand me, how many will listen to me and how much you will apply. I have in view where you come from. You listen to me and say, "Now we understood you!" And I take down in my book, "I, too, understood you quite well." When people understand, I understand, too; but when they do not understand, neither do I understand. When you visit my restaurant and I nourish and receive you well and you pay and thank me, then you understand and I understand you. If you go out and do not pay me, I remain without money and do not understand you. Misunderstanding is an empty purse and an empty stomach. Every purse, every bag and your stomach are relations in the world which do not exist. You are exposed to suffering, torment and persecution, but why? Because your purse is empty. If no one receives you in their house, if all people forsake you, I draw a bad conclusion about you. This means you have not behaved according to the law of love and have set the whole world against you. It shows you have not heeded your Master and the Lord has left you to study by your own experiences. You will object to this, saying, "I have studied so much mathematics, know so many things, so many formulae and theorems." I ask you, "If you have learned so many formulae and theorems, can you apply them by building your body according to them, or according to the theorem of Pythagoras? You will say that there is no connection whatever between you and these things. There is a great correlation in all this because your life is a circle which can be calculated since it flows from two quantities - a larger and a smaller one. The larger quantity is that of the spirit which functions outside your life and cannot be calculated. We may say that this power is a fraction proceeding to infinity. But a day will come when you will be able to calculate it. Such is the law by which this power functions. Under the present conditions it is beyond your life and you can not calculate it. However, this does not prove that a day will not come when this fraction will be calculated.


Christ says, "You call me Master but I am not a Master like Moses, for I teach you the law of expansion while Moses taught you the law of shrinking." When you unite these two laws into one, you will find a way for freedom. Christ says, "When they hit you on one side, turn the other also; if they take your outer garment, give the undergarment too." What did Christ mean by undergarment and outer garment? This applies to the physical and spiritual world. This means that if your outer garment is heavy in summer, you should throw it off and leave it somewhere. If your fur coat was necessary to you in the winter, throw it away in the summer. You will say, "But what shall we do in the winter without a fur coat, if we throw it away in the summer?" Are you sure you will still be alive next winter? Throw the fur coat away under these conditions. By casting away your outer garment Christ wants to say that you should not be in touch with people who want to become rich. Besides, there is no winter in the spiritual world. Someone wants to have two or three houses; another wants to study; still another wants to become beautiful and so on. Do not make contact and do not obstruct such people; who want to get rich - give them what you have, help them to build their house, to study, let them become beautiful, leave them do what they want to, encourage people in goodness. Originally all our aspirations had been good, but later they became perverted and became bad. For instance, you are in a forest and start reciting, singing and dancing freely. If you do the same thing in the city, people will consider you crazy. Here is an example of how your original impulse in the forest, expressed in the city becomes warped. If you sing and dance in the forest among the trees, they will not criticize you, but when you go among the cultured, talking people, they will not allow you to raise your voice. When you are in society, to speak you must raise your hand so as to form a curved line. Then people ask, "Is there any sense in this life?" Many times when I come to speak to you, I think: if I start speaking in a loud voice and wave my hands, people will come to me immediately and say, "What are you doing! Don’t you know that it is not proper to speak like this and wave your hands in society?" Then I start calculating how to speak and how to hold my hands so as not to offend anyone. Do you know how difficult it is for a person to determine the direction of their movements? These calculations are difficult to make until we come to a sensible speech. Many who are listening say, "If I should make a speech, it would be better." Then we are in the same state as the old and the young horse. An old horse was pulling a cart full of earthenware. Since he was walking on a downward slope, he walked very carefully. A young horse watching him said to himself, "If they gave me this load to pull, I would go down at once, but that old horse is barely moving." In a short time the young horse was harnessed to drive the cart of the earthenware. He had to pass the same way. However, he did not walk carefully like the old horse whom he considered silly, but ran swiftly down the slope breaking to pieces all the earthenware. Some say to me, "Tell us something more serious." Do you want me to act like the young horse? If I am going down a slope, I shall be serious and move slowly; if I am going up, I shall groan and walk with difficulty; if I am on a plain, I shall philosophize. Knowing this, try to calculate these two states in life - when you must move upward and when a chance is offered you to go down.


I shall resume my previous thought. I said that there is much energy stored in your brain. The wife gets angry and says, "How long shall I be a slave to my husband? I want freedom. Did I marry only to cook for him?" The husband is also discontented and says, "You do not understand me." The servants are dissatisfied with their master and want to get rid of them. These are cases of the two positive energies in the world which repel one another and cause all the misunderstandings and fights in life. People warn such a couple not to act contrary to the evangelical rules. There is no need of such a warning, but you should rather turn one energy into negative and the other should stay positive. You will ask, "What will come out of that?" Rain will be formed. When a woman weeps, she should be thankful for her tears, for the moment is most favorable for her to turn her energy into negative. Let her say to her husband, "I see, dear, that you are right." But in life usually both are wrong. If one is right, the other will be wrong. That is why you should look for people whose energy is opposite to yours. That is how things stand in the world: half the world is right, good or positive, but the other half is wrong, bad of negative. The bad people are a blessing, they have a store of conserved energy and bear the conditions for the future culture. The good people will come in the future; they will become negative and start cultivating the energy they have. A good poet coming into the world will create new poetry out of the bad life of people; a scientist will create new science; a musician - new melodies. Thus, the foundations of the new culture will be laid. When you see a suffering person, if you are a poet, you could create such lovely poetry, which will inspire people’s minds and hearts for noble and sublime deeds.


Christ says, "I came into the world to teach you to recognize the good in evil and the evil in good." The good has its bad side just as the evil has its good side. Until recently the sun was considered completely pure, but it is known today that there are black spots on it. The sun, too, is spotted. Do you know what alarm is raised at times on the sun? The alarm on the sun is always reflected on the earth. When it is quiet on the sun, it is quiet on the earth too. Therefore, half of our earth is turned to God, it is nearer God and the sun lightens it, but the other half is dark. That half facing God is collecting its energy. Each one of you can come to such a state. When you say you cannot do anything, you are in the positive energy of the earth. When your earth turns to the sun, you are in the negative energy of the earth and then culture comes. You may ask, "How is it that one and the same solar energy is sometimes good and sometimes bad?" In the morning the solar energy represents mother love, but in the afternoon, after crossing the meridian, the energy is perverted and becomes bad. In the evening this energy affects us still worse that is why murder and quarrels, etc. take place then. Why do these things happen with people? Because only positive energies get together. In order that such things may be avoided, the wife must require as a law of her husband to return home two hours before sunset. If he returns after sunset, he will have trouble by all means.


The same thing happens in us as well. When we make up our mind to do something nice and noble, we are in the negative energy, in the light side of the earth, however, if we intend to do something bad, we are in the positive side of earth, in the positive energy. The Lord is positive. But when you turn to God, your energy is negative, conscious. If you start fighting with a stronger being, you will be smashed. The Lord opposes proud people. When you say you will oppose Him, the Lord will give orders that you should be tied up and taken to a hospital; you will say you went to fight for your country. You have not fought for the liberty of any country. Your country is to be liberated by other means. Pull out your sword, i.e. your will, and see if it is tempered well so that it could set people free. When you are offered two bags of gold, you are tempted and start saying there is no sense in fighting, it is not human and so on. Why? Because the bag of gold is behind your back. This is no ideal, however. The rich say, "There is no sense in fighting, we must live in peace." Why do they talk like that? Because they are rich and lack nothing. Many poor people say, "We want to fight," because they are in need. Christ says, "I came to solve the problem which troubles humanity. I am the Master and will show you how to recognize your master and your lord within yourself." If you listen to your Lord deep within you, you will be able to do something, but if you do not listen to your Master, you will be in contradiction.


People must know both their Master and their Lord. There is a Lord in every person. You often interpret my words wrongly. You want to manifest yourselves by which you make many big mistakes. I am giving you a positive teaching which you can apply and I can make an experiment with anyone of you under the condition that you are sincere. This is the advantage of my philosophy - it can be applied to life. My greatest wish is that everywhere in all homes there should be relations like those among the teachers and the masters, that the children should be both good students and good servants. The students should listen to their teacher and the servants to their master. If you teach this to your children, if you imbed this idea in them, the daughter will listen to her mother and the son will listen to his father. The daughter cannot listen to her father and the son cannot listen to his mother. In order that the son might listen to his mother, he should become a woman in the next generation. The same thing applies to the daughter. In nature the energy must be converted. I may be positive in relation to your energies and negative in relation to other energies. This is a law. Energy is a great power which penetrates us and builds life.


For 2,000 years it has been preached that Christ is a great Master who came to save us from sin so that we may repent and become good members of the church. In fact, you have members now - sons and daughters who becoming 21 years old tell their parents the latter have become foolish. What kind of students are your sons and daughters? You think that you know much. Often the Lord gives you headache saying, "Give this problem to humanity to solve. Why do they have a headache?" You answer, "We have overeaten." No, that is not the real reason - your head aches from knowing too much. Sometimes you have stomachache. It shows that the Lord gives you this problem to solve. They who do hot know what headaches and stomachaches are due to, as well as all other illnesses, do not know anything. A stomachache shows that the energy in your stomach which is positive must be turned from positive to negative. A headache shows that the energy in your head which is positive must be turned into negative in relation to the other energies. Your mind must be engaged with sublime thoughts. When you have a headache, go to a poor woman to help her. Whenever your head or stomach aches, begin to work. Thus says the lord. You say, "When my head aches, I cannot work." Your head aches exactly for the reason that you do not work. Therefore, a headache is a stimulus forcing you to think and to work. If the doctors hear this, they will say, "This is a dangerous theory - to work when you have headache." The doctors explain only the effects of illnesses, but they do not know what precedes illnesses. Doctors of more modern times say that uric acid is the cause of headaches when it settles in the organism, in the brain. The blood thickens, the organism begins to act with greater effort and so on. But the doctors cannot explain what caused this uric acid. They cannot explain a number of causes which preceded the appearance of the uric acid. Therefore, the cause of each illness must be explored very far back. If we lived the divine way, a day would come when our body would be cleansed immediately of any sediments which cause illnesses. Some physicists say that if the human organism is placed under 10-20 or 100,000 volts of electricity, it would be rejuvenated in a very short period of time and acquire its childlike state of youthfulness. Then we would say, "Thank you, God, the kingdom of God has come to earth." The Lord sends death and says, "Call this aged child and put it on the disc of death in order to be rejuvenated and start a different new life." Then the wheel of life rotates at 100,000 volts and in less than 50 or 100 years the same person returns rejuvenated already with new energy and a new name. This is the law o£ reincarnation - a change of energies. The soul can assume thousands of forms. You have not studied the human soul. If I would say all I know about it, that would be the ninth wonder in the world - there are so many things to be said about it.


Christ says, "Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am." As you read the chapter further, you will see why He calls Himself that. I want the two words Lord and Master to remain in you. The master is a positive energy. Every disorder or disharmony in thoughts and desires is a positive energy which must be transformed into negative, since only the negative energies in the world can create. This is true of electricity as well. If you are a clairvoyant you will see that light appears only on the negative pole. If people consider someone attractive, it shows s/he has negative energy in him/herself - that is magnetism. Such a person can both give to people and take from them. One should not only be nice to people, but every word they say must be full of meaning. Never utter empty words. Some ask, "Why don’t you tell us you love us?" Since I have invited you to my table to nourish you, it means I love you. If I tell you many words but I do not nourish you, do I love you then? If I invite you to beer and sweets that is not love. We should live only on bread, wheat and all kinds of fruit.


And Christ says, "Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am." When this Master comes there will be harmony, music, poetry in your home, everyone will be in his/her proper place, there will be no discord between the man and woman, between the servants and the masters, between the daughters and sons, between the teachers and students. Christ is not in the world now. Some will say that Christ has come. No, He does not come, because He already has an experience with people. If He comes today among humanity, He will be crucified again. He who has hung on a cross knows what those nails, which nailed Him there, mean. Christ is asking His followers now, "Are there any more nails?" "Yes, there are." "Then the time has not come for me to visit you." The priests preach "brotherhood and love." Christ is not fooled by these words and asks again, "Are there any nails on the earth?" "Yes, there are." "It is not time for me yet." Some say, "Manifest yourself to us, Master, we shall recognize and prize you!"


Yes, you have prepared your nails and want the Master to come in order to nail him. This is what I see every day. You take everything you can from people: I see two young people talking in the garden and a few lambs are near them who say to themselves, "These people are cultured, but nothing will stop them from stripping off our skin at any moment." They know very well the intentions of their masters. Now you will say I am speaking very well. Yes, I speak well and you listen well. But I wish there would be teachers in Bulgaria to teach kindness and patience. I have not met patient people in Bulgaria yet.


I have met people who bear their hardships, but I have not met patient people. Patience implies will power and a good mind or knowing the causes and effects of things. But impatience gives rise to suspicion of everything and everybody. I have not met people whom I could convince that there is nothing suspicious in our cause. The Bulgarians have no patience that is why suspicion never leaves them. The second thing to do is to get rid of prejudice. Everyday we struggle with unclean thoughts which attack us like wasps. Consciously or unconsciously, everywhere I see an atmosphere of suspicion and, after all that, people want to be considered cultured. We must fence off these thoughts - they are a harmful remnant from the past and we must get rid of them. Suspicion has penetrated your mind, heart and soul and you must dispense with it and purify yourselves. What is there to suspect? Someone comes to me and tries to deceive me somewhat, but I say to him/her, "My friend, if you did not try to deceive me, I would have done more for you, but now I shall do less. Yet, I ought to do something for you at any rate." By this I do not want to say that I am good, but that I am obliged to do something for everybody. Why should you represent things as they are not? That is why sometimes I do not receive visitors. "Why don’t you receive visitors today?" "Because I have not arrived at anything and can give you nothing." The same law applies to you: If you are not in good disposition today, do not receive visitors. Say, "I have to solve a problem the Master has given me."


Now keep two things in mind: patience and doing away with your suspicion. I see suspicion inscribed on the eyebrows of the Bulgarians and some have it at such a great extent that a whole lifetime is necessary for them to get rid of it. This sign is in its place - the Lord has put it there. Suspicion is the absence of selfless love and gives rise to all illnesses. When you meet people, you say, "This person is bad, that person is bad," there are no good people for you. Think that all people are good, but they have only positive energy, which you cannot use, that is why you should stay away from them and let others use it. Two men who have positive energy repel each other. Today there are magnetizers who can transform the energies. I visit a home where the husband and wife are fighting and raise my hands then drop them again and the man becomes positive, but the woman negative. After a while they begin to excuse themselves to me for having made a mistake. They have not been conscious of the law by which one becomes positive and the other negative. And actually after their energies have changed properly into positive and negative, they stop quarrelling. I say, "Friends, one must be up, but the other down." When a magnetizer starts healing someone, they pass their hands from the head down which means: the woman must be down and the man up, or in other words: the man should break the stones and the woman should build them. This is what Christ also taught people. Christ says, "Ye call me Master and Lord." The Master is up in the mountain, while the lord is down and he is building there. Therefore, if you want to build, you must come down. If you understand this rightly, there will be no contradictions for you.


While listening to me, you think I want you to deny the world. I am not teaching you to deny the world, but rather to turn your energy into negative and to start building. When you are troubled, raise your hands up them put them down. Then tell your stomach, "Listen, my friend, let the brain be up, but you be down sending it material to work with." In general, where there is headache, the stomach suffers too and conversely. This shows that always - this law is right - there is a close connection between the stomach and the head. You can test this. Those of you who have a strong will can heal yourselves the following way: turn to the Lord and pray to Him as a Master and Lord to teach you how to control your head and your stomach. You will say, "I do not need a stomach and head, I want to have the body of an angel with a guitar in hand and to play and sing in heaven." This is a wrong conception of Christ’s teaching. You must understand it right. This is a form, but you must have a certain result. I do not want to create antagonism between those who understand rightly the teaching of Christ and those who have no right understanding of it. And I shall not say that the former are on the right and the latter on the wrong side, but I say that those who do not think right are of positive energy. So long as suspicion takes hold in you, nobody can set the world right. Before we depart we must fulfil the will of God. The Bulgarians have a future as a nation, that is why they must become patient and do away with suspicion. The Bulgarians are not so good, but they have in themselves the conditions for a good life and where there is a condition for life, God is there. Something will come out of the Bulgarians, but not of Bulgaria which is the retort in which experiments are made and as such it will fulfil its role. The content of the retort - the Bulgarian nation - is the creative power as well. When the Bulgarians go to live among Americans or other nations, they are polite and pleasant, but as soon as they return to Bulgaria, they become rude and discontented with everything. This discontentment is due to the small land they possess. The Bulgarians have a creative spirit that is why they feel confined here. Give the Bulgarians wide opportunities, much work and they will work. One day as I was walking by the seminary, I met a colonel riding a horse. All of a sudden his horse stopped and refused to go on. When the colonel got off the horse, it started to walk. By this the horse wanted to say, "I shall walk without a colonel, but if he is on my back, I shall stop." Every Bulgarian has this feature. Christ says, "I came to teach people how to give wide space to every soul and to encourage every good impulse in every single thing." If everyone should give freedom to their neighbor as they have need of the same, there will be wide scope to all actions and thoughts.


If you would apply the laws hidden in my words, you would understand many things. I take everything in nature and interpret it. All the laws of nature I have tested are 75% true and only some 25% remain for me to test. Deposit this faith in yourselves and know that everybody bears something great. Someone wants to become an angel, but even as an angel s/he would see only the beginning, not the end of things. You will see only your head, but you will not see your tail; you become an atom whirling only around a circle, in order to acquire balance. But circling round a center shows that a person has lost his/her balance. Since we have become free from the periphery, we should study these two worlds - between the Master who is up and the mother who is down. What is true of the Sun and the Earth, is true of the brain and the stomach, of the spirit and the soul. Apply patience, i.e. develop the mind and the will, get rid of suspicion and substitute it by creative love. Be so strong that no matter what insult may be cast upon you, it should not touch you and you will become free of it in a short time. There is no greater art than the ability to rise above all insults and to substitute them by good thoughts. All of you can do a great deal of work and perform great deeds of goodness. What the teacher is playing at a given moment can be learned by the student too. Those who want to be something more than the others, must unite with the living Lord - with that great bond of harmony and study the law of silence. All the occultists say we should be listeners to the Great Master who is speaking. There is nothing better than silence. I would wish to be in your place - you should speak and I would listen, for I shall understand everything you say. Now when people hear something, they not only refuse to pay, but also criticize what they hear by saying it is not good. Christ says, "I am the restaurant keeper and came to feed people." Christ’s teaching shows us that we have conditions to become saints, angels and geniuses. But what are we now? We are the beloved children of God Who loves us not because we are so good, but because He is merciful to us. And this is the greatest thing in the world we can be christened by. We must justify this love, become worthy of it and never pull each other’s hair before His face. As soon as we hear that the Master, the Father, the Lord is coming we should immediately stand still.


By today’s sermon I want all who have positive energy to turn it into negative and all who are up the mountain to come down and start building, while those who are masters should become servants. There is no need of masters. The Lord says, "I am tired of masters, I want servants who should put order in the world." Christ says, "Now the world will be set right by the students, the sons and daughters, not by the mothers and the masters. The students, the sons and daughters are the future of this world." The mother is engaged in fashionable clothes, the father drinks, but the sons and daughters see that their parents do not follow the right path that is why they set about serious work.


Now take the position of sons and daughters, of students and servants, but do not say you are teachers, priests, mothers, fathers, kings, princes and the like. May the Lord keep you from such sins! May the Lord keep me from this sin, too! And may He make us students and servants of this Great Master and servants of this Great Lord in the world. For He is a Living Lord!


Sermon held on June 15, 1919.


1 John 13:13

2 Lord - "Gospod" in Bulgarian (transl. note)

3 Gospodar - Bulg. Master; Gospodin - Bulg. Mister; Gospodja - Bulg. Missis, Gospodjitza - Miss (transl. note)

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