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1919_03_22 It is taken with Love


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 It is taken with Love

(Sunday Lectures, March 22, 1919 Saturday, Sofia)

The Kingdom of God should be taken with love, maintained with endearment and upheld with Spirit.

This is the motto written on the door of the Divine Kingdom. Until now everyone wanted to take the Divine Kingdom with force but failed. From now on, everyone must get rid of this view, that is, free himself from the old shell of the law, from its bonds, and perspectives. The Kingdom of God is taken not with force but with Love. God loved the world, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish.

When it is accepted that God loved the world then the read verse becomes clear.  And so the first tone in Life is Love – Life begins with it. If you have this tone in yourselves you will have joy too. If you loose it, there is grief, which is a sign of this loss, as is with the singers who have lost the tone of their song - the harmony of their voices disappears and the song is not flowing. Love is a main tone and Force. A man who loves is omnipotent, he doesn’t know fear. The Love I am talking to you about is the same love that is acting in you but you often change its tone. Under the word ‚kingdom’ it is understood space, incarnation, manifestation of the human soul.

In this Kingdom, all members ,i.e. the stones that it is built of are alive. God’s Kingdom is not something dead, it does not consist of rules and laws but of living beings who live in one continual relationship. Every home is one kingdom in a miniature - the father, mother and children form a small kingdom. When there is harmony and Love between all members of the family, this kingdom is manifested and its members taste its fruits.

 Now, God’s Kingdom should not only be taken with Love but should also be kept with endearment. Under the word ‚holding’ it is understood  the internal holding, which is done by the Spirit.  This is why, the Divine Kingdom is held with Spirit. Do not think that the words ‚Love’, ,Endearment’ and ‚Spirit’ are related to the Divine Kingdom only.   They refer to our ordinary life too as no young girl and man can take their companion without Love. Besides, you cannot buy any object without Love while, beforehand, you need to desire it, to fall in love with it. If you go to a pub to eat or in a butcher’s shop to buy something you will still get this, which you love. Endearment is an inner force that holds everything in order, and the Spirit surrounds that, which we have. When we place Love in a relation towards our Spirit, Endearment to our soul and the Spirit to our body, we will uncover the mystery of the great Life that rules the Earth.

 The Spirit is the unity that manifests in all people. He is one whole indivisible in itself and all beings, and therefore we need to love it with the same Love.

The Spirit cannot be divided, He is holding the whole Kingdom. You can cry, you can  pour many tears but if you do not have Love, God’s Kingdom is far from you. You can fast the whole life and constantly repent but if you do not have Love, God’s Kingdom is far from you. By repenting , I understand to open your heart and accept Love inside it, I don’t understand another repenting.

According to this great law, you have to equally love both the Good and Evil – there is the power of  man. Love does not know evil. You may say this is hard work. Others will say that the children enter the Divine Kingdom. They enter but they cannot take it.  These old perceptions about ‚it can’ or ‚it cannot’ are one misconception. If you wrap a rope round your legs, you will not be able to walk, but that does not indicate that you can not really do so - there is only one external obstacle that prevents you but which you can remove. Every person whom you call with Love to help you will come, because whenever you invoke the Spirit, he answers. Evil in the world occurs when we cease to love the Spirit, that is, evil is the absence of Love to the Spirit. Someone says he hates this person; it means that he hates himself and that is why he will always be unhappy. 

 Now, in today's order of life, you can imagine a lot of hardships: today's culture is a rope wrapped around your feet; today's political science is the second rope wrapped around your house; today's religion is another rope wrapped around your children. The new religion that comes will be a religion without ropes, without symbols, without priests and preachers, without judges and teachers, without merchants and farmers, without men and women. The future culture will be the kingdom of fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. Probably you wonder how it will be possible without teachers. Then there will be one teacher, one judge, one man and one woman and not as many as there are now for the world is suffering from the many ones. If you ask me how to understand this, I will tell you to understand it as you please, I will not explain it to you. The Spirit that is descending to the Earth comes to elevate the human soul, which is alive and as I said is the most important and precious. The Spirit flows into the soul and brings Love. When the latter flows into the soul, she loves the Spirit. Then the spirit and the soul flow into the body, which is their child. Then the Spirit will support the Kingdom of God, which is the whole body. You are all the Kingdom of God on Earth and that’s why Christ Himself specifically says, " the Kingdom of God is in your midst." This is a fact that can be verified by everyone. Let any of you go into a desert, let him be isolated from all beings, stay alone and let him tell how happy he is. All living beings - from the greatest to the smallest - feel the need for communion. Everyone lives, sighs and says: "Conquer us by Love, keep us through Endearment, hold us with the Spirit." Everyone - whether children or adults - are looking for this. 

At a time when God created the world the sun rays decided to come dow to the Earth, they dressed in their most beautiful light clothes and descended to visit it.  These beams were seven sisters. When they came down to the Earth what their astonishment was when they saw that their garments from light have turned into seven other colours - red, orange, green, yellow, light-blue  dark-blue, and purple. Every sister could see the change that has happened to her and asked between themselves: What happened with us that our clothes got so dark? The difference between you is also due to these seven sisters who have come down to the Earth: one of you is red, other- orange, a third one- yellow, fourth one- green, etc. As soon as they found themselves in this miracle, the sisters wrote to their father: “ Dad, when we came down to the Earth, the clothes which you gave us changed so much  that we hardly recognised ourselves, this initial light does not exist  between us anymore’. The father then responded to his first daughter “My daughter, your red colour  indicates that you bring Life on the Earth and to the people who tied themselves so much to these laws that they are dead today. Tell them that your light turned into Life and therefore you are red”. In this way, this first sun daughter gave Life to the children and this is why all went to plunge, began to fight and pluck their hair out about who should take more. 

 The father wrote to his second daughter “My daughter, tell the people that you bring them breath ,Divine Life, tell them that they have to work and therefore your colour is orange”. People, however , did not understand what work was  and started to work and struggle ...Today many of us are in this situation. If someone gets ill we quickly call for doctors  or we start stuffing him with food as though the doctors and the lots of food will keep his life.  This is a misconception. Do you know how the Angels eat? Do you know how the child feeds in her mum’s womb – does she eat on her own or is she fed by her mother?...

The father wrote to his third daughter: “My daughter tell the people not to keep their eyes directed downwards, not to search for wealth but to look upwards and their souls to grow with the centuries, to be ever green like your colour ”.

 He wrote to his fourth daughter: “Tell the people that after each growth there is ripening, there is a harvest, and that the harvested fruit must be common to all. What grows, I give it to all in common and equally, and it must be divided into fraternal, that is, everyone should take only as much as he needs”.

 The father wrote to his fifth daughter: “Daughter your clothes are blue because your carry the Truth, you carry the way in which people will not catch colds , i.e. the way how to keep the Divine warmth in the soul of people”. Therefore, Truth means  to have this inner method  by which you can never catch a cold. Check in practice and you will see that the hatred is always a cold, the dissatisfaction is also a cold and all contradictions in the world are all colds. Conversely – every harmony is a Divine warmth and is one Truth. The Truth is a method, force for maintaining the Divine warmth in the human soul.

I will skip over the sixth letter addressed to the sixth daughter, i will not unseal it and will leave it to you to puzzle it out. Because the fellow of the sixth daughter is not here, while I am not talking to one person  but to two. I will turn to the amethyst colour. The father wrote to his seventh last daughter: “Daughter, tell the people that the Divine Kingdom is taken with Love, maintained with endearment and held with Spirit, hence your clothes are amethyst”...

Today’s day is symbolically related to the future: the future culture will be a culture of love, culture of the Endearment and culture of the Spirit. Love is a force that heals all illnesses and defects, there is no better doctor than it in the world. Everyone who wishes to cure or acquire something has to have Love in herself. Do not aim to uncover what Love is, do not peck it, just try it. The unraveling is a mechanical act. Often do you ask the children how much they love you  and they show with hands by opening them more or less widely  according to the degree of love – they show half a finger for their brother, they indicate more for their bigger sister , they show even more for their mother – while when they show how much they love their father, they completely open their hands , i.e. they show they love him lots - as much as the whole world. The widely spread hands of the child show that their love is like the whole universe. Children love their father most for the father means God, i.e. ‚father’ and ‚God’ are synonymous words. If you see God and not the human in your fathers and mothers this law will immediately become clear to you. While now you say: “ This one to hang – that one to hang-this one is a thief - that one is a lier” and etc.  The question is not solved with this.

These seven sisters have initially come down to the Earth, afterwards  have gone back to the Heavens but now they are coming to the world again but in a different form. “Wonderful Dawn is dawning”.The  Dawn of what? “The Dawn of a new, light life”. If there is a dawn, there will be rays, which are already coming. They too should find you in the position of that young and beautiful ancient king who went hunting in a forest and somewhere after the tenth day a very beautiful bear-feet virgin, chased by villains stood in his way. When she saw the young man she asked him  to save her without realising that he was a king.  The king took her to his tent, he made a bed for her, set her to bed, then she turned to him and asked him: “Will you not do any harm to me , would you not misuse my trust, which i have for you?” He responded: “ Be calm, you are completely safe in my tent”. In this way, this girl didn’t wish to marry the king’s son and on the next day, he sent her with all honours. This is a mystery in the world. How many would have treated this young girl so nobly if she came in their tent? How many would have had the valour of not touching her? This is the question you need to resolve. The virgin is your soul, which you need to keep pure in yourselves. You who are studying the Christ’s Teaching  and are listening to me, hear one thing but understand another. As soon as you see the virgin, you say: “"Can she not become a concubine, can she bring money from her father, does she have means?" No, this virgin only tested the king's son, but they both passed the exam. Therefore, Christ says, "The sons of the resurrection neither marry nor do they think of marriage." That means not raping the girl when she enters the tent. And if you ask me why you can not comprehend this teaching, I am answering you: because you have raped this virgin.Without blaming you, I am saying that there is no man who has not raped his soul.

A porter in Varna  was saying to his soul : ‚ you will either work or I will make you a shepherd and if you don’t want to do this too, i will put you to clean rubbish”. There are thousands and thousands of people who have sent their souls to do such dirty work. The soul is neither a porter nor a shepherd  nor a servant who cleans rubbish. It is a soul that upholds the Divine Kingdom with Endearment. While the Kingdom of God are your sons who will come in the future, i.e. the Sons of immortality. Do not think that I wish to blame you. Today, I love evil as much as the Love; I love the thief as much as that one who doesn’t steal. For me, both are good- this one who lies and who doesn’t lie. What is a lie? It has its reasons and is a lie only under certain conditions.  For example, if there is nothing a man can take from you  would he lie or steal from you? However, if you have money, precious stones or something else, he will lie to you. Or if he was born in your home and you give him everything and if he has at his disposal all your fortune and you say to him: “My friend, all this is yours”, what necessity would he have to lie to you? Therefore, the lie stems from the inner restriction of the human soul,i.e. restrict the man and you will create the lie. For example, a mother says to her child not to touch somewhere, but he touches and in order to cover his deed, he lies. Do not restrict your child but tell him: “You have everything at your disposal”. I do not talk about your current children but about you ,i.e. about how you have to think today. You say you have to fix the world. There is nothing to fix, the world is you.

 “The Kingdom of God is taken with Love, kept with Endearment and held with Spirit. While the old translation said: “The Kingdom of God is taken with force”. And indeed, today, Bulgarians, and the English and Germans and the French- all want to take the Divine Kingdom with force. And the Bolsheviks likewise want to take it and say, "We have to hang and kill all the criminals to make the world right." Okay, but who will remain then? The world is full of thefts, of all kinds of sins, and full of gibbets. And the Bolsheviks will not put to right anything, they will only break down even more and destroy. I have nothing against them, but it must be understood that the future culture is only in the people who take the Kingdom of God with Love, who keep it with Endearment and hold it with Spirit.

Here is the panacea of all your misfortunes. Under these conditions you will be able to recover your homes for one day and be able to resurrect every day. Today is the day of Resurrection.  You will ask me whether you could resurrect. The sun says: “ You can”. There should be no cry, no grief! Crying is a remnant of the old culture – the old people cry, while in the New culture  there should be no trace of crying. Do not allow any sorrow within yourself , feel it as the steamer feels the waves that hit its boards only externally, while be quiet and calm internally. Manage your ships with Love.

Now, the women  will ask what should they do with their men when they don’t leave them on peace. Who is your man and where is he? Your husband is in another ship, leave him to look after himself. While you are in a completely different ship. You ask yourselves what will happen to the ship of the other one, you are afraid it doesn’t sink. Some say: “ I will fix the other ship from my one”. And they start to fix each-other  In what way? They fix each-other with grenades– they throw one, two, three and more grenades at the ship, until it turns down, until the Love and Fondness pour out of it  and after that they say “is this why we got married?” This is the old culture of the marriage. God has nowhere written people should get married.  The words‚ jena (woman)’ and ‚Jig’[1] stem from one and the same verb -  ‚jigosvam’ (gibbering)’. People gibber at each-other but this is not a marriage.  The Scripture says “This which God has united/married should not be spoiled for it is an inner marriage/unification.  Often do you say about the young ones “To get them married”. You can get them married , there are various marriages – christian, muslim buddhist  , i.e  but  in all of them people gibber.  Then they start to search for the truth as to which peoples is the most noble. There is only one noble peoples in the world – the peoples of the Divine Love, Divine Endearment and Divine Spirit. You will probably ask me which people do the Bulgarians belong to. When you study the occultism  trace back and see how the first races have formed and after that how the Bulgarian people have appeared. All races represent one humankind. One race is not the whole humankind but is a transitional stage like a ray of light.  And every race, every ray carries within itself some germs, which it can develop. Therefore, every soul passes through seven stages and this which is contained in it is in the whole humankind and vice versa. In other words, when you study your life, you will also study the life of the whole humankind. You will say that this is a very easy job. It is not very easy but it is not a very difficult job either. You can and I trust you have understood it.

And so, if you have understood all this, invest this Love in you. However, not the ordinary love but that one which under these big misfortunes in the world will bring new Joy to yourselves. As soon as this Divine Love arrives, it will cleanse everything. Now , you are asking what would they decide at the conference[2]. Don’t worry about that, I will tell you what: This, which they will decide there will be an old culture. However, today God makes a decision too and says: “The Kingdom of God can be taken with Love, kept with Endearment and held with Spirit on the Earth. And that people who have My Love, My Endearment and My Spirit will be the great people in the world. That person who has My Love, My Fondness and My Spirit will be the greatest person in the  world. Thus saith the Lord, with all the angels, saints and great spirits. Therefore, if we become fond of God, we will be the greatest and most noble people in the world. Great in Love, Endearment, strength and power. The Kingdom of God comes for you. Today, I would like to break all chains, which you are enchained in and throw them away. I would like to turn all prisons in temples, into which the Divine Spirit – God of all completeness descends. All the Power comes from Him, the Word manifested in the world through Him and the world became a man. You will say, ‚here is one anarchist’. Yes, anarchist who wants through the Divine Love, Endearment and Spirit to destroy the old world  and build a new one. What exactly? I will destroy every hatred and lie in all of you. When I meet someone who knows to lie, I say: “My friend, I love you because you are capable of lying”. If a person doesn’t tell me the Truth , this shows that I do not love the Truth so much. Every messenger should speak the Truth for God does not tolerate lies  and will free the people from them. The Lord has written on his banner "Freedom, equality and fraternity for all - from the smallest to the greatest beings." Today, all the barns will be dissolved, everything will be distributed equally and everyone will be able to develop. And he who does not obey the Divine law will be cast out of the boundaries of the Earth. Remember this and tell it to everyone - all this will come true. All of you who are listening to me today will witness this great Divine work.The Lord has said this and His words are unchangeable. The Lord, who created the world, who spoke through Christ and all the prophets, will bring down falsehood and deception. (They say: Amen!) "Amen" is for the one who has Love, Endearment and Spirit. This, interpreted in your language, means a person who has a man, a woman and a child. In your language, women and men have become laughable: 

The man complains from his wife, the woman- from her husband, the children - from their parents, etc. Then I ask what is this love, endearment and spirit?  In order to resurrect, put/invest the Divine Spirit in yourselves.

Now, I require at least three things from you: Some to stand up, others to become alive, while third ones to resurrect. Only in this way, will you forget your old culture according to which you start well and finish badly or start badly and finish badly.  Now you need to comprehend the following to start bad and finish well or to start well and finish well.  In contemporary Christian language, this means that there are four categories of people: first, that believe in God, but do not live by God; second category that do not believe in God and do not live by  God , third ones who do not believe in God but live in God  and fourth, ones who believe and live by God. I am leaving aside the first two categories  which are the people of the old culture for in the future I need the last two categories ,i.e. these ones that believe in and live by God and these ones that do not believe in God but live by Him. We need proselytes who do not believe, start bad  but finish well  and people who start and finish well. I would like that you are in one of the last two categories.  I would like you to cast out from your souls, hearts, minds and heads all old beliefs that have been making you distant away from the God of Love until now. And then my words will become clear to you. And then you will experience a moment of Divine Love, which costs much more than all the knowledge you have, though having been acquired for thousands of years. This experienced moment contains the wholeheartedness of the universe, while the knowledge you have is nothing but little benefits.

 From now on, i don’t want you to disturb me with your sorrows, tell me about what has happened with you, what quarrels you have had and what misfortunes have come to you. If someone is thirsty, hungry or sorrowful, I will give him water, feed and comfort him but to listen to what receivables-donations he has had is not my job; leave this for the servants of the old culture. Money, shirts, socks and shoes, please do not bring me anything and get rid of the thought of bribing me with these things of yours. I can work like each of you, do you see these hands – I can acquire my bread with labour. If you can do this with Love, I don’t mind at all – I will accept with all my heart, I will meet you, I will kiss you and will say to you: “Welcome to God’s Kingdom”. Otherwise, I will tell you: “ My Friend , you haven’t entered through the door of Love”. If you can fulfil everything in the name of the Divine Love and Fondness ok but I do not exist out of them. This is the Divine Teaching in an allegorical meaning. I would like to present you this, which once upon a time, the Great God has said to the first man in the Paradise and then has spoken through all prophets and Christ. Some of the prophets have understood God but others  have not understood Him and have distorted His words and today, they are not transmitted in the way they have been given the first time. For many prophets have lied but we thank them for their lies. They have had reasons to lie.  For example,  the prophet is afraid  that he will be imprisoned or hanged and hence he exaggerates things in order to be followed: “God says that Bulgaria will become great and will conquer the whole world”. No, my friend, this prophet is lying. I will prophesy to you like that: If the Bulgarian people can take the Kingdom of God through Love, if they can keep It with Endearment and hold It with Spirit, then they will be the greatest people and their king, regardless of who he is will also be the greatest. The last Bulgarian, a shepherd or a cattleman may be positioned as a King but I will have the greatest respect  for him if he can apply this.  This is how the following question should be looked into: everyone who was born and inspired by Love, Endearment and Spirit, royal blood flows in his veins. I would like that such blood flows in all of you. 

I would like you to forget yesterday, I am not there anymore. It is 9th March today, I am out of the grave, the shroud is not on my head anymore  and I am ready for everything. Do you understand well? When the Bulgarian wants to say that he is ready for everything  he says that he has already loosened his belt. While this in Divine language means that instead of people lying to me, I am starting to work. If there is still evil in the world, this means that I have not yet done my job, i.e. I have not given as much as is needed from my Love and Spirit. The world would not have fallen  had I given these to it. Someone is complaining from a misfortune while I am telling to myself: “Dunov, did you understand what you have done? This man needed to be given more”. And therefore, from today, I start rectifying all my mistakes of thousands of years.  You will say: “How good Mr Dunov is!”  Do not talk about goodness but only about Love, Endearment and keeping of the Spirit. Do not think that I am different from you – no, there is no difference between you and me. If there is such, it is only external, while in essence, by inner contents and origin of the Divine Spirit, we are all the same. Your sorrows are mine too but because I do not  anymore recognise sorrows and hatred in the world (apart from that they exist as shadows), then you too have to give up on them. What is a sorrow and hatred , i don’t know, I only have a feel for them. For example: Someone suffers from a  toothache and says he will never forget this pain but his tooth heals, he forgets everything, only a memory of the pain that is an illusion of our mind remains.

Today, God is talking to you in simple language, it is only necessary for you to wish to understand and listen to Him. It is possible that when you go home you ask yourselves: “What can I do?” Do not think what you can do. When you go to the railway station, do you ask what you need to do about the locomotive, whether it needs water, coal or oil?  No, you are only asked whether you will travel.  Enter the wagon and do not think either about coal or water  or the oil of the wheels. When the train stops at the next station, come down and then think what you need to do next for the Kingdom of God. I say this in your language. Open your souls. Instead of opening them you break them like someone who cannot open a bottle and breaks it down. Everything has a special way for opening. Open your mind and heart and this which you have not understood for thousands of years, you will understand now.  You are all very rich, you don’t see how much you have in your safes - you are covered in wealth but are watching how rich the others are. I will send a commission, which will inspect the condition of your safes and see what flour, oil, olives, sugar and other things you have in your stores! Therefore, I say: make friends from the wealth of injustice. Translated in your language  this means to wash the clothing you are wearing and is already unpleasant to you in order to become pleasant for you. In today’s hard times, people took out their thrown clothes from their storerooms and renewed them. This is what to make friends from the wealth of the injustice means. And so, the Kingdom of God  is taken with Love, kept with Endearment and held with Spirit.

Now, calm down for I notice a hypnotic state in you. I, however, do not want to hypnotise you. Calm down and do not hurry, I would like you to think seriously. The Kingdom of God, Love, Endearment, the Spirit never hurry. We anyway have to manifest this which God wants. We are even late with its manifestation –  we have used a big part of our life for unimportant things, which God doesn’t want, therefore, the suffering and misfortunes have come. However, today, I am turning a new page and I will write on it about the woman in the following way: if you find your husband under the weather, tell him that you will become fond of him for you haven’t been fond of him until now. Your God is in your husband: love Him and then tell Him : “God, I will love your Spirit, I will become fond of Your soul and body”. If your daughter is under the weather, tell her the same. Turn to God and say: “ God , I would like you to help me break all old chains”. I would like from all of you to give a hand to each-other and to start working everyone as they know. Create as many societies as you wish, preach where you wish- in churches, Stugdi[3] (squares), schools and other places, work in whatever way you wish, i do not impose on you any restrictions, discipline or law. If you do not have the three things , which I spoke to you about – Love, Endearment and Spirit, the old law is in you, but if you have them, you will do miracles. Today, the whole Bulgarian nation can say to Europe: “This slavery is enough!” The Lord who we worship says that the Kingdom of God can be taken with Love, kept with Fondness and held with Spirit, and we have decided from now on to take It with Love. Until now, you have wanted to be only spiritual people. No, be public, political, cultural and spiritual people. I recommend this rule equally to men, women and children. This is the great law of the Freedom. Do not ask whether time has already come. You have slept a lot - pull the curtains, open the windows and you will see that the Sun has risen long ago.  The shutters are closed in some of you and you say: “it is not dawn yet”. Until you wake up, the Sun will set while you will continue thinking that it hasn’t risen yet, you will lie down  and will miss the new sunrise too. The Divine Sun has already risen. Hold on to the Divine rules, work reasonably and you will never fall down. Tell your brother: “I love you my brother, I will hold you with my spirit and you will be safe on my bed- no hair will fall from your head”.

And so, yesterday’s bills do not count anymore, the Divine law does not recognise any bills or charges. You often ask whether the Covenant will impose a contribution on Bulgaria. If you follow the old law, you will be imposed big contributions, which you will not be able to pay back for tens and hundreds of years. If you follow the new law, if you apply the impulse of taking the Kingdom of God with Love, keeping it with Endearment and holding it with Spirit, there will be no contribution. They can tell you : “Despite everything, we will impose a contribution on you”. It doesn’t matter, we love you. Always keep this verse in your mind and the future will be good for both you and the whole Bulgarian nation. If the Bulgarians accept this verse if they follow and believe in it, this is good but if they do not accept it , it is still good because one or two nations will always accept it. This is the motto of the doors of the Kingdom of God. This is what Christ has taught and all His followers have studied once upon a time.  This is why they were took for anarchists and suffered.

Today, everyone is saying that the Earth is a rueful Ydol[4]. No, a rueful ydol is the human life. The Earth is our blessed mother that gives us all goods. Why do we cry against it?  The Earth gives us colours, fruits, all sorts of foods, it cuddles and comforts us. It is not the Earth that is sinful but us who do not understand this great law, we have tarnished it and have tarnished our mother. If you ask me what your future will be, I will predict that if each of you accepts the Divine Love, Endearment and Spirit, s/he will become a king or a queen in the future. So, if you are all listening to me , I will make you kings, queens or princes. If you comprehend  what i recommend to you, you will not be stupid people. Do not say as David : “My mother conceived me in sin”. Today, you will be conceived by the Divine Love, you will be elevated by the Divine Endearment and will be resurrected through the Divine Spirit. I would like that each of you calls God. It is said in the Scripture: “Call upon me in the day of trouble”. I say: Call upon God in the day of His Love, Endearment and Spirit and He will give you everything you want. Then, there will be no more sorrow and every tear will be wiped from your eyes. Now, you will ask me why you are sorrowful. Because you live in the Old Testament. Everyone who has grief in himself, he is in the past and not the present day. In the present day, there is no sorrow because God reigns in it.

And so, today, some of you will be conceived in order to wake up, others will be conceived in order to live and third ones will be conceived to be resurrected. Each of you will fall in one of these categories. Open your mind for the development of your soul and you will understand the greatest secrets; you will have a communion with the Angels and saints, you will understand what is above, you will pass from glory to glory, from one sun to another from one planetary system to another. I do not allow any doubt! When you go back home, don’t ask yourselves whether all this is true. Doubt is yesterday’s old man - do not believe him. There are two types of faith: to believe in the lie or in the Truth. The worst birds that have made the nest on the tree dirty have been gathered in the contemporary faith. If you believe that there is death, illnesses, that there is nothing good in the world, this is Lucifer’s faith. Believe in the Love, Fondness, and Spirit, in everything good, which God has created. I don’t want the old to be young and the young- old, but would like all of you to be clever and wise. The young man presupposes a strong man  while the old one - a wise man. That is why, the old will tell the young one: “I have knowledge while you-strength: come brother to work”. And now the young people say: “When I become older, i will work then”.  You don’t have to become old, you are anyway such.  The mother on the other hand says to her child :“If you become better, I will love you”. Do not lie to your children – love them even if they are bad. If they are good, they will not need your Love. It will be funny for a doctor to arrive  in order to heal me when I am healthy but when I am ill ,I will accept him. You say: “In order to love someone, he needs to be pure”. No, now you love him in this state because he needs you today.

As I see, today you need massages and I make them – I rub off hands and legs. You will say: “How you rub off with a masterhood!” You will excuse me but today, I am a doctor in a hospital and am making surgeries. Some say that Dunov is against the surgeries. The Purulence must be cut and the health needs to remain. As soon as you come out of the hospital, I will come to your home but will not bring my cures or measure your pulse, I will not look into your eyes, but will kiss you in a Divine way. There should be Divine kisses on the Heavens only  but not on the Earth because there are viruses here. Here men and women start in a divine way but finish in an earthy way. While they are young, they give each-other many kisses but when they get old there are no kisses.  It should be acted in the opposite: to first start with one kiss per year, then one kiss per month, a kiss per week, a kiss per day, a kiss per hour and to increase it gradually like this. This is how the law of Love should be followed. It is said in the Scripture: “Kiss each-other with a holly kissing”. When the women listen to me, they will ask themselves whether a stranger man can kiss them. Pay attention that I do not recognise men and women, virgins and boys but recognise only humans. And every person is your brother, sister and friend and etc. And if your brother meets you in the Kingdom of God and does not kiss you, he commits a crime as it is a crime today if a stranger man kisses someone’s wife. Today, such men are cast out while in the Kingdom of God is the opposite – when you enter without a kiss, you are cast out and ask you to go down to the Earth. You say it is nice to be on the Earth.  It is nice but only when the mortal is dressed in the immortal, while the impure - in purity. Therefore, I tell you to undress the old garments, beliefs and habits. And do not think what Dunov has said, what someone or another have written. Look at whether this which someone says is true or not. And if it is true, accept this person and kiss him. If it is not true, tell him that he is trying to kiss you in a bad way and show him the way. When you read a novel and a bad thought comes to you, the author has kissed you in a false way. Then tell him :“Out!” If you can resurrect someone, if you can feed a hungry one or give water to a thirsty one , kiss him, give an excellent kiss to his soul and spirit. Do not diminish the meaning, I do not talk about chastity and I do not want a false chastity from you. Today’s chastity  of mine is false but so is your one because we are not yet pure, we are not in the Kingdom of God. However, we can become pure in a moment. According to the law of reincarnation, the purification can take place for a thousand of years but can also happen for a moment. There are cases when a man falls immediately but there are also cases when a man immediately elevates himself - both are true.

Now, I would not wish any blessing to you because a blessing without Love is a lie. Go back to your sorrowful brothers, sisters, friends, servants and tell them: “ The Kingdom of God is taken with Love , kept with Endearment and held with Spirit ”. I would like you all to scatter around Sofia and give talks – this way you will put the whole city in an alarm. As I didn’t call you at this assembly by force or with special invitations, so do you meet someone and lecture him. In this way, you will create a great Assembly. Love him and find out what a great thing the human soul is. I say to the women: “Become fond of each-other!”, I say to the men: “Love each-other!”, I say to your children: Hold each-other with Spirit!” I say to the grannies: “Become fond of each-other!”, I say to the grandfathers: “Love each-other!”, I say to their great-grandchildren: “Hold each-other with Spirit!” Every young woman to take an old grandfather, every young man to take an old grandma because the king’s daughter is hidden in these old grandfather and grandmother. When the old grandmother undresses from her old rags, she will come out like a beautiful butterfly and will say: “I am not a grandma but I am the royal daughter  you are searching for”. When the grandfather takes off his old garments, he will say: “I am not an old grandfather, I am a levent boy, I am the royal son who was only hidden in this shell”. Search for and you will find your Love, your Endearment and your Spirit.  The Love you will find in the grandfather, the Endearment in the grandmother,  while the Spirit in the grandchildren. Or you will find Love in the men, Endearment in the women and the Spirit - in the children. In every virgin and young man, you will find the Love, Endearment and Spirit.

And now I set the motto of your future life on the Earth  to be virgin, i.e. to have Love, Endearment and Spirit, to stay above every faith, religious societies and perceptions, to unite with God and say: “God, we will serve you with Love, we will keep your Kingdom with Endearment and will hold it with the Spirit.”.



Sunday Lectures

22.03.1919 Saturday, Sofia


[1]  Jig (arch.)- scar made with hot iron on the skin of the cattle (red line)

[2]   This word is used for the peace conference, convened in January 1919 and culminating the signing of the Versailles Peace Treaty between Germany and the Covenant on 28 June 1919

[3] Stugdi, (arch.)- Square

[4] Yudol (arch.)- the valley of suffering

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